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Hotel industry
Business skills
Inventory management
Inventory management skills
Management skills
Hotels and motels are not only places to obtain great food and comfortable rooms; they are also the guts of community life, with facilities for reaching, entertainment, communication and personal service. Their stock in trade has always been hospitality and service, and hotel and motel have made a skill of dispensing comfort, satisfying the palate and creating an atmosphere of home for guests. As considerably as job opportunities are concerned, in United States by themselves,..
Supply chain
Supply string
String management
Full total
Full total value
Inventory management
Supply string management and seller managed inventory
Part 1:-Methods of inventory management Introduction Success of a listing management process entails the total amount of costs of inventory with the advantages of the inventory (Alison et al. 2005). Inventory in business is one of the tangible and obvious components of a business. Inventory management is the work of keeping and putting stock in a company. Many businesses have problem keeping the inventory. Every single service provided anywhere can be involved with..
Tata Motors
Inventory management
Credit control
Tata Motors Significance Of ERP Automotive Sector
Tata Motors Ltd. is a multinational company, based in Mumbai, India. It really is area of the Tata Group, and previously known as Tata Anatomist and Locomotive Company. Tata Motors is the largest auto company in India, with consolidated earnings of $ 20 million in 2009-10. Tata Motors is number one in commercial vehicles and among the best players in the sector of traveler vehicles. Tata Motors has produced small cars, segments of mid-size vehicles and power. The business is the..
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