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Local community
Getz 1991
Jago Shaw
Jago Shaw 1998
Economic And Social Influences Of Lakemba Block Festival Travel and leisure Essay
tivity and hospitality field, the term 'event' is employed to describe an array of event categories a lot of that have quite different characteristics. According to the article ââââ. "Such happenings add the Olympic Games at the mega-event end of the range to small local festivals. " Jago and Shaw (1998, p. 29). Other good meanings could be utilized including, (Getz 1991; Jago & Shaw 1998; Arcodia & Robb 2000). Relating to Jago and Shaw (1998,..
Travel leisure
Developing countries
Local community
Expanding countries
Goods services
Inclusive Resorts And Ecotourism In Conditions Tourism Essay
The role of travel and leisure in facilitating financial development in the producing world has been a paradox. Today, tourism is considered as a nice-looking and essential tool for financial development more specifically in the producing countries because of its potential to generate foreign exchange earnings, increase income and work. Although, travel and leisure has helped many developing countries to move from a dependency on agriculture and manufacturing (Tooman,..
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Local community
Gcse business studies
GCSE Business studies Unit Two: People and business The role and need for stakeholders The Company I've chosen to research is Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's was founded by a man called John James Sainsbury and his partner Mary Ann in 1969 In London. The business started to grow and broaden until it became the largest grocery merchant in 1922. Sainsbury's store is recognized as the third major chain of supermarkets in the UK. Sainsbury's is in the Retail industry, the tertiary..
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Drinking water
Local community
Academic institutions
Community outreach
Study On THE CITY Outreach
The modern man caught in an environment of crashing values has turned into a area of the madding crowd. He's wholly, ignorant of his capacity to form his own destiny and this of society. Only those who have developed their own potential can donate to the welfare of others. History is replete with types of folks who cultivated their features of head and heart and soul to be able to help their fellow countrymen. Their life is judged by how it touches the life span of others. Community..
Management team
Vacation resort
General public
Local community
Text messages
Wolf 1989
The Stakeholders FROM THE Vacation resort Management Essay
Sandals Whitehouse is being acquired by a new management. Even though the new management has guaranteed to keep the status quo; this obviously has created some certainties on the stakeholders of the vacation resort. This research study looks at four stakeholders, It is vital to require all stakeholders, and specially the local community, in the look process for ecological travel and leisure also design to cope with each uncertainty...
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