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GAP Inc Case Study Strategic Management
Keywords: gap tactical management, distance swot, space pest Strategic management is a vibrant process of aligning strategies, performance and business results; it is focused on people, authority, technology and procedures. Effective combination of the elements can help with strategic direction and successful service delivery. It really is a continuing activity of setting and preserving the strategic course of the company and its own business, and making decisions..
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Marketing planning model analysis
Marketing planning is the technique by which a business or a firm analyses the marketing conditions, market segments and clients, choose after the span of marketing action and perform those outcomes. Kotler (1999) state governments that good marketing planning energies the business to heighten its goals and standpoints leads to a greater level co-ordination of company endeavors and allows clearer implementation standards for control. Marketing planning is very significant..
Marketing audit
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Marketing audit - The first formal step in the marketing planning process
MARKETING AUDIT The first formal step in the marketing planning process is that of conducting the markerting audit. Ideally during producing the marketing plan, this will involve bringing together the source material which has recently been collected throught the entire year. Within the normal work of the marketing department. Kotler define marketing audit at lenght as a systematic, independend, comprehensive and periodic study of a company's or business units markerting..
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