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Neglected parents
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Children they
Children are a Blessing from God
Keywords: children and religion Many have heard of "yuppies" but perhaps you have heard of "dinkies"? The first type refers to those young urban professionals who are fiscally secured. Dinkies (two times income but no kids) make reference to those married couples having no intent or unwilling to acquire children. Look at mother nature - birds, bees, trees, crops and all the living things created by God. Will there be a specie that does not reproduce? Every God's creature,..
Romantic relationship
Interpersonal attraction
Dating couples
Study Of Love And Marriage
Since the 20th centuries, love was also studied scientifically by psychologists. Lots of ideas and studies regarding love had been established. Regarding interpersonal attraction, it's been suggested lower self-esteem (Reik, 1944; Walster, 1965) and proximity (Bossard, 1932; Newcome, 1956; Heider, 1958) facilitate social destinations. Similarity in personality (Reader & English, 1947) and behaviour (Newcomb, 1961; Byrne & Nelson, 1965) also correlate..
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