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Attract customers
Customers investors
Indirect marketing
Consumer buying tendencies and patterns
You have been appointed as the marketing director of something organization. The managing director has asked you to definitely make clear the impact of consumer buying process and its applications to a professional. Introduction: What is Consumer Buying Tendencies? Consumer buying behavior is imply that process by individuals search for, select, purchase, use, and get rid of goods and services. Internet entrepreneur need to comprehend and discover consumer action,..
Olympia College
Your business
College university
SWOT research for a new college
This project is talking about a new university is opening up in my own city. The new college must know how to price their programs competitively and execute the SWOT research of competitors in that market. A fresh college must really know what people needs and want in education. Thought should provide what programs in new university. Build a creative slogan. Doing marketing research have how much opponents in market. Determine the different rivals SWOT and incorporate other..
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