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Magnetic field
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Power supply
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Cellular charging
Electric energy
The Cellular Mobile Charging Of Batteries IT Essay
The charging of batteries of Mobile device like Mobile phones, Notebook computers, PDAs, Sensory Devices, Mp3, Cars, Robots etc without needing wires to hook up to the power supply. 1. Introduction Almost all modern home appliances a method or the other use electric energy as power source. Factories use electricity to run large machines, in our day to day routine we encounter electric machines which range from small earphones and pieces to large machines like automobiles..
Power supply
Uninterruptible power
Electric power
Regulated power
Uninterruptible power supply
Types of power supply and their applications
Types of POWER and their applications Power resource is a device used to supply the electric energy to operate the devices operating on electric power. It offers many special ways to provide electric energy to a specific system "it is mother of the machine" ( Dark brown, 2001, p. 1 ). The basic features of power supply is to convert Alternate Current voltage to regulated Direct Current voltage required by gadgets. A typical power supply has four different modules all of them..
Sensor network
Power supply
This paper
Electric meter
Advanced Metering Technology
Abstract: This paper describes about the development of advanced metering and the energy management system. Energy conservation is the very important one in the planet scenario. We need energy to do anything nowadays. The demand of ability is growing quicker than the transmitting capacity because of the increase in populace growth and can also increase in coal, fuel costs. To beat the lack of power supply, this paper has an overview of wireless sensor network by managing an..
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