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Integrated assesment
HNC Social Care Integrated Examination 2 Catherine McAvoy Values are benchmarks and principals where we live our lives. These criteria are many and frequently depend on people`s qualifications e. g. Culture, category, religion, gender, era. Values are extremely individual behaviour that immediate people`s responses to the planet around them. Amongst a few of the ideals I live my life by and value are personal privacy allowing me to obtain space to myself and respecting..
Social worker
BASW 2012
Potential risks
The Principles And Ethics Sociable Work Essay
Social staff are confronted with making decisions about dangers whilst controlling the stresses of limited resources such as a lack of interpersonal workers and society's view of cultural work (11). This can cause a interpersonal staff member to be risk averse and be more worried about avoiding risk to safeguard themselves instead of taking action that may be befitting the service consumer. 88% of social workers have expressed a concern that slashes in services can put people's..
Health insurance
Health insurance social
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Working partnership
Partnership in Health insurance and Social Care
LO3 3. 1 Evaluate possible results of partnership doing work for users of services, specialists and organisations. In all partnerships doing work for users of services, pros and organisations, effects are negative and positive. Positive effects: Partnership can result to situation where in devoted employees will deliver better services to the services users which will consequently improve their wellbeing. Positive results are to improve services, empowerment,..
Health insurance
Health insurance social
Insurance social
Social care
Health care
Partnership In Health And Social Care Evaluation Sociable Work Essay
The concept of partnership in health insurance and social care and agencies need to be involved in supporting Mr. Smith and his family From the scenario it is clear that Mr. Peter Smith is facing different type's troubles at the same time like financial problems, sociable problem, physical problem and mental problem. According to Fletcher (2006), Glasby & Littlechild (2004), the partnership working is the main theme at the moment to ensure best results especially in health..
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Mental health nurses
Role And Contribution TOWARDS THE Interprofessional Team Medical Essay
I am a second year university student nurse studying at Canterbury Christ Cathedral University; previously I have been working in care and attention of the elderly setting and also have been put in a medical home and heart stroke unit for treatment and serious service users. I have also acquired the chance to work in mishap and emergency that i found very strenuous but also quite exciting. During this time around on placement I have already been able to witness and participate..
Bladder control
Bladder control problems
Control problems
Health care
Management of BLADDER CONTROL PROBLEMS in Principal Care
Introduction Incontinence is a condition that affects 1. 4% of the general society aged over 40 years old and in 1998, the planet Health Organisation (WHO) reported that bladder control problems affected more than 200 million people worldwide. Prevalence of bladder control problems in women that aren't institutionalised is 10-40% while for those moving into organizations the prevalence is as high as 50%. It is estimated that 46% of women and 34% of men over 80 years suffer..
Service user
Service customer
Care attention
Care plan
Service End user And Care Involvement Analysis Public Work Essay
This review will consist of an introduction, aims of the review, and methods of data collection, findings on a series of questions and answers on the degree of service individual participation in the discharge process, conclusions, and possible suggestions for change. It will conclude with a reflection piece. The following review will discuss the problem of service user participation in the discharge/transfer procedure. The review was compiled by the author in just a..
Tidal Model
Mental health
Information Group
A Model For Recovery The Tidal Model Social Work Essay
My family have used mental health services for three decades. I experienced my first hypo-manic occurrence in 1981 whenever i was writing up my doctoral thesis. In the past twenty-four years I have had sixteen shows that have led to hospitalisation. I first satisfied Teacher Phil Barker in 1983 when he had just adopted the Couch of Psychiatric Nursing Practice at Newcastle College or university and I had just launched myself as a Consumer Specialist under the name of Section..
Communication skills
Care attention
Catherine Lodge
Many Factors That Have an impact on Communication Sociable Work Essay
Interpersonal skills, majority of the managers decided to go with interpersonal skills as their ideal strength. Managers must have a good communication skill in working with their stakeholders. In Catherine Lodge, our director has effective communication skills in working with the complete situation with regards to resident's needs if it's being met, staff, and resident's young families. A good company wouldn't have a very strong foundation without a team that helps..
Anti-oppressive practice
Service user
Council Wales
Social staff
Social staff member
Social Worker IN THE Welsh Context
Social work is an occupation established to market and secure the wellbeing of people, children, parents and the encompassing communities. Sociable work in Wales is controlled under the direction and legislation of the Attention council for Wales. This information is governed with a code of practice which all Sociable staff are to adhere too. Anyone choosing to use the name 'social staff member' must be recorded with the good care council for Wales, or any other council for..
Mental health
Vocational rehabilitation
Service user
Relevant information
The role associated with an Occupational Therapist
The following essay will give a vital evaluation of the role associated with an Occupational Therapist (O. T) within vocational rehabilitation in the private mental health setting. Firstly the article will describe a crucial analysis of vocational rehabilitation and the added value of an O. T within this setting. Secondly it'll analyse the tendencies within vocational rehabilitation and how these relate with O. T philosophy and main tenets, finally an examination of principles..
Holistic approach
Emotional social
Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Care
Zekiye Hamit M1: Review the benefits to the individuals and professional staff of going for a holistic approach to planning support. D1: Analyse reasons for working with professionals from more than one agency when planning support for individuals Introduction In this assignment, I am going to interview a health insurance and social care professional practitioner to examine the huge benefits to service users and practitioners of taking a holistic method of planning..
Mental health
Risk assessment
Older people
Health needs
Health service
The Section Of Sociable Work Social Work Essay
The needs of the elderly are almost never considered beyond their age-related health problems. Community services remain geared towards younger era more specifically children and teenagers, while elderly people's needs have a tendency to be regarded peripherally. A question that springs in your thoughts is how risk is evaluated in an more mature person with mental health issues. A starting point is to take a look at a description of risk. Risk can be defined as 'the opportunity..
Young person
Young people
Needs young
Young women
Support Worker Job Worker Sociable Work Essay
I am a support employee/project employee in a backed housing unit in Nottingham for thirteen female young people between your age range of 16 -25 years who are usually referred from Housing Help. The service users are homeless, some with a background of domestic break down and some have recently come out of the care system. The essential needs of the service users were addressed in an interview. After recommendation from Housing Help an initial assessment of need is performed,..
Customer requirements
Exceed customer
Quality improvement
A Successful Business Depends. . .
A successful business will depend on the skills and market understanding of its management team. It's important to have the right managers in place to drive the services. The management team needs strong project management and customer-focused skills to oversee all areas of the service including sales and marketing, procurement, operational issues, finance and personal matters. To be successful management team needs to understand the importance of customer service...
Service delivery
Anti discriminatory
Anti discriminatory practice
Discriminatory practice
Conflict APPEALING And Discrimination In Diversity Social Work Essay
Basically, is a pointer to the sensitivity nature of the job and the methods that is required to proffer appropriate and correct health care service to support and accept individual's beliefs, values and culture and of course practitioners among other things must take cognisance of individual background to assist in anti discriminatory practice in service delivery. When implementing avoidance programs to curb any form of discriminatory frame of mind, a few of the cogent..
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Domestic Abuse Case Study
Abuse can be explained as "to take care of wrongfully or harmfully". There will vary categories of mistreatment which have been accepted and in your research study there is apparently two distinct kinds of abuse, domestic abuse and child abuse. These can be sub split into terms of physical misuse, emotional /psychological maltreatment, and non-organic failure to flourish. Physical abuse is the intentional inflicting of physical injury or harm or deliberately not preventing..
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Service customer
Social staff
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The Code Of Practice Social Work Essay
For the goal of this assignment I am discussing the overall techniques, skills and guidelines of the analysis process. I'll then discuss these with regards to Rhain from my case study, together with any relevant legislation and plans. Additionally I will show my knowledge of the Code of Practice, the account of ethical issues and anti-oppressive practice within the Welsh framework. Assessments are carried out by social workers within their role and obligations of their..
Cultural work
Mental health
Public workers
Service user
Social worker
A Study And Statement On Community Work
Social work is definitely considered as a hard and complex profession, with a complicated and perplexing platform. This is because of its different settings accompanying different responsibilities. An inevitable part of social work is its worth and ethics and the questions and debates that surround its framework. Although values can be considered as personal and individualistic, additionally it is possible for a group with the same values to share the same ideals, such..
Quality service
Medical home
Health care
Managing Quality In HEALTH INSURANCE AND Social Care Public Work Essay
1. 0 Launch to the Case In this task I will use a nursing home for elderly residents, both male and female with both dementia and various medical conditions like diabetes, Parkinson's disease and hypertension. A number of the service users in this medical home are foundation bound while others are mobile or personal dependant. It includes two floors with 42 bed capacity. 1. 1 What quality means to the next stakeholders Service users - They are residents or clients inside..
Social workers
Social worker
21st century
Social services
Challenges Social Work In Scotland Today Social Work Essay
'Doing more of the same wont work' (Changing Lives: 21st Century Overview of Social Work, Scottish Executive 2006) Why is this? Consult with reference to some of the challenges that face social work in Scotland today. The role of your social worker has become a 'grey area' and subsequently undergone necessary scrutiny to determine what needs to be done to enhance the use of a social personnel time, the relationships built between your service users and providers, as well as how..
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Cultural work
Politics ideology
Social policy
Consider How Changes In Political Ideology Impact Sociable Work Essay
Social policy is approximately social well-being and its policies are designed to promote this, communal well-being is for everyone and it's to ensure that everyone gets cured impartially and regarding to their needs. This may include areas such as cover, education and sociable care. Based on the HM Treasury's spending review 2010-11 almost all money was allocated to Welfare and Health this illustrates that these two sectors especially welfare are major factors within our..
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