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Baua Devi
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Looking WITH THE Storys Behind Indian Art Cultural Studies Essay
I intend to do research on the Indian folk art work forms, their styles, different symbols and varieties as well as the context and social backgrounds. I am going to focus on "MDAHUBANI PAINTINGS", a folk art comes from North India. This research will help me understand the characteristics of the art forms, that will motivate my animation account and aesthetic style. The storyline of Indian fine art is also the story of one of the oldest and most resilient cultures on earth. Throughout..
Baua Devi
Example Appendix
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Introduction To Indian Folk Arts Cultural Studies Essay
The somewhat lesser-known customs of Indian painting will be the so-called "folk" paintings seeing back to a time that may be known as "timeless". They are living traditions, intrinsically associated with the local historic-cultural settings that they come up. It comes with an age-old heritage that may be traced back again to the start of civilization on this subcontinent [1]. It started out with cave paintings, with the natural dyes so strong they can still be seen today on..
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