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Literary Research Research Dh Lawrence English Literature Essay
D. H. Lawrence grew up in a lesser class mining town in England with a father who possessed little education and functioned as a coal miner, an occupation his mother, the daughter of any engineer and a university teacher was not pleased with. The impact of Lawrence's upbringing can be seen in his fiction. An example is "The Rocking Horses Winner, " a tale which focuses on a boy's marriage with his mother. Lawrence explores the evils of capitalism and greed as observed in Paul's tragic..
Analysing The Rocking Horses Winner English Books Essay
A careful reading of the text shows that there are two clear themes operating side-by-side in this storyline. We will discuss both in this newspaper. The major and much more predominant theme is that of greed and desire to have material prosperity in the modern society of England with the exclusion of any moral beliefs or parental duties. The other is the oedipal framework of the story. The protagonist in this tale is Paul, a young and high strung son, who's the eldest between three..
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