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Writing essays is hard work for most people but for an online essay writer it is a craft. When you order an essay from us, your order will be placed in the hands of a writer that specializes in your subject and is actually passionate about it. This means that your essay is not only written by a professional writer but someone who actually embraces the subject. This always shows through in writing and research. If you wish to know more about the journey a writer takes to produce your essay, you should carry on reading. In this article you will learn:


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If you have been given an essay to write and you are staring at the questions but nothing is coming, you may be inclined to go outside to play football or visit the cinema or the pub and think that you will do it later. Later on, when you sit down at your laptop and you are still facing an empty screen, you may promise yourself that as you are tired, you will write your essay tomorrow. However, when you stare at those tortuous questions, your stomach seems to flip over and you feel like you’ve eaten forty doughnuts one after the other.

When you go through this type of experience, it is normal to imagine that this happens to everyone. However, although, it may happen to many students, professional writers are disciplined to produce essays and dissertations. It is like any other profession, knowledge and experience guides the professional writer so that they simply get down to working on your essay. As soon as they read the title, their minds will start working on how they are going to write a superb essay for you. So you can relax; a writer’s journey begins as soon as the essay title is delivered.

Obviously, there are many different types of essay that require different types of research and all academics and writers have their own tried and trusted methods. However, one thing you can be sure of is that the professional writer that is creating your essay will know exactly where to get the best evidence to cite in your essay. Professional writers usually have subscriptions to huge bibliographies and newspaper archives. This means that all the best articles are at their fingertips waiting to be cited in your essay. They also know exactly which texts tackle the subject in a way that can create strong critical analysis and usually own a large collection of theoretical works themselves.

The problem when you are writing an essay as a student is that it can be difficult to get the books that you need out of the library because there are never enough copies and the waiting lists are longer than the National Health Service. You probably don’t have a large collection of books of your own to refer to or have access to subscriptions either. This usually means that just conducting the research you need for your essay becomes stressful. All this is taken away when you have a professional writer researching on your behalf.

It can be difficult writing an essay when you are a student because you are often stressed and this makes it harder to fight against distractions. You might have done some background reading but your head is pulsating and your thoughts jump around as you try to formulate a plan for your essay. This is quite normal and it is nothing to beat yourself up about.

When a professional writer writes an essay, knowledge and experience start taking over as soon as she or he has seen the essay title. As the writer does the background reading, ideas start to germinate as to how they will present an argument that will be backed up by this evidence. The writer will quickly identify patterns and connections as they read. This will lead to them developing a hypothesis or an argument that they will either prove or disprove in your essay. This will be noted and then they will consider the points that they will use to make the essay structured. Whilst they are planning, they will reflect how they can use each point to build on the argument to make the essay a coherent whole.

  • Introduction. For many students, this is the stumbling block but a professional writer will have a hook to make the reader interested in what he or she is going to state. After that, the research question or hypothesis will be declared and then the main points of the essay will be briefly announced. It can be tempting when writing an introduction to either write it as quickly as possible and be left with a bland description or to give half of your essay away in a long drawn out explanation. Your professional writer will never do that. Your introduction will be clear and concise but it will also be a tempting set of words that lure the reader in to want to read more.
  • Main body. This the bulk of your essay. However, rather than viewing it as one mass, a professional writer will have it cut down into points so that maximum clarity is achieved. Each point will build up the argument and critically analyse any evidence that is cited. This is one of the benefits of using a professional essay writer, as a stressed out student you may not realise when offering evidence that you are simply reiterating what the theorist is suggesting, whereas an academic writer will critically analyse each piece of evidence. This is how better grades are achieved.
  • Conclusion. This is another part of the essay which many students struggle with. It is not unknown for an undergraduate to simply paraphrase most of what has been written in the essay. When you order an essay from us, you can see how a conclusion concisely brings together the main points of the argument to answer the research question or hypothesis. Long rambling conclusions do not get good grades. This is the last part of the essay that your professor will read and this is most likely what will stay with her or him so it needs to be memorable.

Once your essay has been written, your online writer will carry out a series of checks before submitting it. These will include:

  • Argument and structure. The essay will be edited to ensure that it has a tight structure and that the argument is coherent and flowing. This is essential for an academic essay.
  • Citation. Your essay will be screened to ensure that every idea and argument used by a theorist is cited properly.
  • Bibliography. A full bibliography will be written and checked through to highlight the background research that has gone into writing your model answer.
  • Writing. The writing will be checked to ensure that it is to the highest standard. This covers repetition, homophone check, grammar check, spelling check and also conciseness.
  • Plagiarism. Once your essay has gone through all those checks then it is screened by software for plagiarism. All our essays are specifically written for our clients.

Being a student can be a great deal of fun as you enjoy all the new experiences that it has to offer. However, the pressure at times can be too much and this can have an effect on your ability to concentrate. You may be trying hard to study for exams but every time you open your text books, the dreaded deadline for the looming essay dances around in your thoughts because you feel that you should be writing your essay. You then go to write your essay but you can’t seem to focus on that either because then worry about taking exams and not writing a word starts to smack you around the head – well, it feels as if that is what it is doing. The point is that you are not alone, so many students feel like that. It is essential, therefore, not to feel bad about yourself.

A simple way to give yourself a break is to take some of the pressure off by letting an online essay writer create a model answer for you. We provide made to measure essays, dissertations, letters, speeches and even proof reading and editing. Give yourself a break and get in touch with us. We are a purely confidential service so you never need to worry that anyone knows that you’ve had that little bit of help.

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