What is a psychology essay example for?

If you are a psychology student, you will have been asked to write a psychology essay. This may be a problem for you because although you understand the lectures that you attend, you may have trouble actually getting your ideas into a logical order and then down on paper to make a cohesive argument. This could be causing you a great deal of stress and even sleeplessness. However, it does not have to be that way, the reason for this is that if you had a psychology essay example to refer to, it could demonstrate exactly what you needed to do. In other words, if you had a model answer to your essay question, you would understand what was required of you.

Don’t worry because help is at hand in this article. In it, you will learn:

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If you have to write a psychology essay; you will probably have a list of questions to choose from. Choosing the right question will make your life easier. The reason for this is that you need to choose a question that is on a subject that interests you. For instance, if one of the questions refers to the concept of intelligence and just reading those words causes you to glaze over then that is not the question for you. Likewise, if one of the questions is concerned with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and you are not that clear on the concepts of it, you should also avoid that question. In essence, you need to choose a subject that you understand clearly and it also needs to interest you too. For instance, if you have a special interest on how play affects child development and one of the questions is based on that, then that is the question for you.

However, if you look at your essay list and you really cannot choose a question to write an essay about, it could be because you are not interpreting the questions adequately. A good exercise to do this is to re-write all the questions in your own words. This will give you clarity. A word of warning, however, do check with your tutor that you have interpreted the questions properly. The reason for this is that if you haven’t, you may not even answer the question that has been set for you. It is essential that if you order a model answer to refer to that you give the exact question as set out by your university.

You may wonder why it is so important to have the best question for you if you are going to have model answer to refer to. The reason for this is that when you receive your model answer, you want it to be about the topic that most interests you in the list of questions so that you will have a better understanding of your essay.

When you order a model answer for your psychology essay, the first task for the professional writer will be to do the background reading to answer your essay question. A professional writer will:

  • Have a large library of academic texts to refer to. Professional writers use academic texts constantly and so over the years build up a decent amount of research material. Unfortunately, this is not so easy for students as often waiting lists for books in university libraries can be too long. In other words, by the time you get your hands on the text you need, your deadline date has passed.
  • Have subscriptions to bibliographies, newspaper archives and other research archives. Professional writers have a huge amount of research material at their fingertips because of this.
  • Know what the latest research and theories are on your psychology subject. They will also know which theories will back up your argument and which won’t offer as much weight.

A professional writer does not write a word of an essay until they have a fully thought out plan for it. The reason for this is that if you start writing without a plan, your argument can go off on a tangent and bring in lots of irrelevant details. For instance, if your psychology essay was about childhood abuse, meaning sexual abuse, and you hadn’t structured a tight plan, you could wander off into other areas of neglect that could affect the child psychologically. With a tight plan this would not happen. The professional writer’s plan would consist of:

  • Introduction. This would include both the hypothesis and the points the essay would cover.
  • Main body. This would include all the points to be covered in separate paragraphs and a list of evidence to back the points up. These would have evolved from the research and background reading done prior to creating the plan.
  • Conclusion. This would bring together the argument and suggest how the ideas might be useful in the particular psychological area that is being discussed.
  • Professional writers critically analyse for a living. They understand what they are looking for in research material and can either give the argument credence or rip it apart. This is where the marks are in essay writing. Often students find it difficult to distinguish between description and critical analysis. A professional writer will offer a strong, structured argument. For instance, if your essay is about psychological addiction in gambling, the writer will use the most potent theories to back up the essay hypothesis and demonstrate whether the theories have flaws or not.
  • Your writer will start your essay off with a hook in the introduction. This is what will make the reader want to find out more. Sometimes people imagine that academic essays are just a load of old facts and theories that are churned out. This is not true. The writer that develops your model answer will be aware that the essay they are writing needs to be lively as well as academic. It will be written so that the reader wants to keep on reading right up until the end.
  • The essay will be tightly structured and each point will offer a statement of intent and then this will be backed up with the evidence which will be cited. Each statement of intent will be clearly defined so that there is no room for ambiguity and the reader will easily be able to follow the argument. This will make up the body of the essay.

Professional writers follow a checklist when they have written an essay. This means that your model answer would go through stringent guidelines before it was sent to you. There would be checks made:

  • To see that the argument was logical. If the writer was not satisfied that the argument was strong enough, a redraft would be written.
  • To see that all the citations have been correctly used.
  • To offer up a bibliography.
  • To check that the hook is the strongest that it can be.
  • To listen to the voice. It is important that the academic voice is formal but not pompous. Voice is one of the main problems for student writers in that they don’t have the experience of balancing the academic voice with the lively voice. In essence, essays can either come out as stifled or too colloquial. The model answer will demonstrate just exactly the right pitch to hit for essay writing.
  • To check for missing words. Often when student writers are working hard at essays, they can get to the stage where they miss words out because they become too close to the text. A professional writer checks for those type of mistakes.
  • To check for spelling errors. The problem when writing a psychology essay is that you may need to use lots of terms that are difficult to spell. If we add this to normal spelling errors, it becomes a lot to check. However, this is all taken care of with a professional writer.
  • To check for grammatical errors. The English language is notorious for flaunting rules. This means that it is easy to conjugate your verbs incorrectly. A professional writer checks that no such errors occur before sending an essay in.
  • To check for plagiarism. All our essays are tailor written. After they are finished they go through a software check for plagiarism. You can rest assured that your model answer is specifically that.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to decide whether you need a psychology essay example. In essence, it may have helped you to understand the steps needed to write a psychology essay for yourself. However, if you are overworked and suffering from anxiety, you may need some help. This is nothing to worry about and our services are all purely confidential. We offer a full range of services that include essay writing, dissertation work from research to writing, cover letter writing, speech writing, editing and proof reading. Make yourself feel better and get in touch with us today. You may be glad that you did.

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