Tips on how to do effective internet research

There is a wealth of information online, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all good or reliable. When you try to do effective internet research, there are a few basic points to remember.


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  • You need to be analytical and critical. Don’t blindly accept that what you read is true. Of course, sites don’t deliberately try to mislead people, but sometimes this happens for a number of reasons. First of all, if a post has been translated into English, the translation might be wrong. This could be because English has many words that have very different meanings. A wrong translation could be disastrous when you are doing research for an academic essay or other type of writing. If your writing is to be assessed, you need to meticulously check your sources.
  • Don’t use Google translations (or those of any other search engine). They often don’t make sense to an English native speaker.
  • Understand how to recognise whether a site is reliable. If it has ‘’ in its URL address, then you can be certain that the site is reliable. Other sites with ‘.edu’ should also be reliable. Typically, they are department sites. They could also be the web address of an academic research centre. However, some may be students’ sites, possibly their blogs, and these are not so reliable. The university’s server is used by all who have access to it.
  • Don’t use sites that are commercial for your research project. These are sites and are set up for the purpose of internet marketing on the whole.
  • Beware of bias in articles. You need to read balanced ones or read obviously biased ones that put forward differing points of view.
  • Remember to check the date when the article was published. You need the most up-to-date information, and you won’t find it in an article that is a few years old.
  • Check the links in the articles you read. If the article only links to blogs and not quality sites, the information it contains will probably not be reliable. Reputable sites ink to each other.

Many academic institutions don’t allow students to cite from Wikipedia. That’s because a lot of the information contained in it is unreliable. Check with your educational establishment to find out if quotes and references from Wikipedia are allowed. You will find that it is stated on Wikipedia, that it isn’t a reliable source for students doing academic writing. The site is so vast that editors can’t check all the information presented in it.

Wikipedia does have its uses when doing internet research, however. At the end of each article there is a list of sources, some with links. You can copy paste others with no links into your search engine box to find the source material used. This means that some of the work you need to do has been done for you; so there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel.

A quick point to make here, is that other wiki sites also sometimes contain somewhat dubious information, so it is best to steer well clear of these too.

The problem with all these sites is that users can change the information contained in posts. The people who give the information, or change what was originally written, may not be reliable because they aren’t experts. When you write an academic paper make sure you only quote experts, not run-of-the-mill amateur bloggers.

It isn’t a good idea to simply rely on one source when you are doing internet research. The great thing about the internet is that it has scholarly articles and journals as well as quality news articles. There are materials to download that can assist you in your research. However, exercise your critical thinking to decide if the materials are good or bad. Also, you should only use sources that are useful for your immediate writing project.

When looking at newspaper articles, avoid the tabloid press. For example, a quote from Britain’s daily newspaper ‘The Sun’ would not be suitable for inclusion in an academic piece of writing. Instead quote from the Times and the Guardian which often give different opinions and slants on world news.

Visit a library to find magazines that you would need to take out a subscription to if you wanted to read them online. Internet research is valuable, but don’t totally ignore printed sources of information.

You can find sources at the end of academic articles (and other reputable ones), which will help you widen your research.

  • Don’t just look at the first three pages on Google’s search results to find information. Sometimes a lot of the first page which comes up in your search contains advertisements. Go through the pages, at least until page 7, until you find what you are looking for.
  • If you can’t find the information you need on the Search Engine Optimization pages, try Google Books.
  • If you need help, remember that there are community groups on the internet who can, and will help you if you have a specific question relevant to the group’s area of interest. You can utilise their message boards to contact member of the group.
  • Google Scholar is a useful resource for students. You can search it for all research papers and articles, old and recent. You’ll find peer reviewed publications there and sometimes it’s better, and quicker to use this resource, than trying to find something in the search engine pages. This site will notify you if there is a new publication on your research topic, if you ask. It can be set to do this on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Change the wording in the search box if you don’t find the information you are looking for or add a clarifying phrase. Think about the keywords you are used for your search and then play around with them until you get the desired results.
  • For example, the title of this article incorporates the adjective effective.’ To find more results, you could change this word to ‘best,’ ‘constructive’ ‘efficient’ and so on. Use a thesaurus to help you find appropriate synonyms.

No one can be expected to get superb results every time., and beginners need to hone their internet research skills until they become more proficient.

When you read an article, make sure you make an electronic note of the title, author, publisher, and date of publication.

If you are serious about your studies, you should also summarise the main points of the article. These can be made in bullet points, or if you prefer, summarise them. If you do this, it will be easy for you to find and refer to the article when you come to write your essay or academic paper. Another good idea is to keep a list of quotes you could use, remembering to add page numbers.

You can copy paste information and save it to a file so that you have everything you need to eventually write your essay.

Organise your material and make sure that all your sources are listed. Plagiarism is penalised, so quotes should be clearly indicated. Don’t ever be tempted to pass other people’s work off as your own.

If you started off with an outline of what you proposed to write, update it as you continue your research. Look through your work and identify any gaps in it. Also make sure that each paragraph, section and subsection is totally relevant to your topic.

If you download material, remember to add the date you downloaded it. This makes it easier when you come to write your bibliography.

Keep a detailed record of the sites you visit and don’t rely on your browsing history to supply you with this data. The best way of doing this is to copy paste the page URLs into a Google document remember to save the document each time you add a URL. It’s very frustrating if you forget to do this and your valuable research time is lost. When you add URLs to your bibliography or paper, make sure to check them. You don’t want to have your tutor trying to find the paper for him or herself. This creates a bad impression of your work.

If you have to write an academic essay or any other piece of academic writing, you may not be feeling completely confident about writing it. If you contact us we can help. We can write your work for you, and we don’t regard this as cheating. That’s because we think that if you have a good model task to work with, you will, with perseverance become a better, more confident writer.

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