Knowing how to write an invitation letter – a great skill

Knowing how to write a letter is an important skill. Though many people consider letters to be superfluous these days, they aren’t. If you want to put on a great event, whether for a company or for yourself, it is important to understand how to write a proper invitation letter. They can be highly useful in both your personal life as well as the world of work. Therefore, the ability to write a letter that is both courteous, interesting and engaging is something that we should all master as we never know when we may need to use it. However, it may seem as if this is a difficult task that is impossible to master. You may be wondering how on earth can you write such a letter for your special occasion when you don’t know what the correct way to write such a letter is? Don’t worry, this article will explain all the tricks and important elements that will ensure that you know exactly how to write an invitation letter.


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The opening of your invitation letter is very important because it will set the tone of the letter. To ensure that your prospective guests accept you have to be sure that each letter you send out will be perfectly aimed so that they will be most likely to come to your event. You have to understand that tone is everything with letters of these sort; if you address a particular guest in a way that they are not used to or don’t like then you will be unlikely to get that guest to accept your invitation and come to the event you want them to come to. Therefore, when writing the opening to your invitation letter it is vital that you consider not only who the guest sare but also how they want to be treated. For instance, if you are sending a letter to a diplomat to invite them to a dinner in which they will be asked to speak, there are several different ways you can possibly address them in the opening of your letter. Before we deal with those, here is how you shouldn’t address them:

“Hey Hump man! I was totally hoping you could come down to this digging party I’ve got going on and would love you to speak at it! You’d be totally rocking at it bruv and it’ll make my day if you say yes.”

For a start, this type of address is incorrect as you are using informal English – you shouldn’t do this when inviting someone, particularly if they are a diplomat, to one of your events. Secondly, the message of the opening is lumped together, therefore making it difficult for the reader to ascertain what exactly is being asked of them and thus causing further difficulty in ensuring that you achieve your object. Let’s look at another way that you could possibly open your invitation.

“To whom it may concern,

This invitation is on behalf of ACE Chemicals for the night of the 23rd of June 2016. We hereby extend our warmest invitations to Sir Humphrey and Lady Appleby to attend the “Transpacific Intelligence Dinner.”

This is a better way of opening a letter of this sort – it is clear what the person writing the letter wants of the recipient, it is clear that the recipient will understand what date the event takes place and it automatically obvious what the invitation is for. However, there are still some problems with this as an introduction – for a start, if you know the name of the recipient then it is better to put their name rather than “to whom it may concern” as obviously it will concern the people that the letter is sent to and directly refers to. By not using the name of the person you are writing to, it may seem impersonal and, therefore, the recipient may feel as if they are not being treated as they feel they ought to. Though the example we are using is that of a diplomat, it doesn’t matter what the person does for a living – be it a civil servant, a plumber, a fire fighter or a limbo dancer it is important when writing an invitation letter that you make sure that the person you are addressing understands the relationship between you, will like the way they are addressed and will accept your invitation. Therefore, it is highly important that you understand how best to write the opening to your invitation letter – it will help determine whether the person who is receiving your invitation will accept it or not. Let’s now look at a better way of opening your invitation:

“To Sir Humphrey Appleby,

You are cordially invited to attend the Transpacific Intelligence Diner on the 23rd of June 2016,”

This opening is much better than the first two – it automatically identifies for the recipient that the author knows how they are and is inviting them to an event that they would like them to attend. It also gives them an idea as to what the even it about and when it will occur. These are the sort of qualities that you should ensure that are in your invitation letter as without them, your letter will not be as likely to have the same impact as you think it should. Therefore, it is vitally important that you carefully consider how you want to address your prospective guests in your letter and whether you want to vary the introduction from guest to guest. This may prove time consuming but it could also ensure that your guest feels a more personal touch to each of their invitations and are, therefore, more likely to attend the event they are invited to.

Now, let’s think about the main content of your invitation letter. It should be clear that your letter must contain a good deal of information regarding the event that you are inviting your guests to. They have to be aware as to what will be happening at the event, what will be expected of them and whether they need to bring anything or not. There are a number of different way of conveying this information, some which are better suited to particularl events than others. We’ll examine the different way that you can present the information in your letter.

  • The Traditional Method. The Traditional Method of presenting information in an invitation letter is by writing the information out in paragraphs as you would with any other letter. For letters aimed at people who prefer more traditional forms of invitations and prefer to be addressed in a more formal and official manner, this is the type of method you should use. It will allow you to ensure that the person receiving the letter feels as if they are getting a proper invitation and thus will feel like they wish to come to the event. It is important that you ensure that your use of this method is clear and elegant, to allow the reader to feel that they are important and that they will be treated courteously at the event they are being invited to. If you are trying to attract a younger audience, this method may not be as advisable; it may seem too stuffy and formal to be taken seriously and thus they may not attend the event that you are organising. This highlights why it is always important to know what type of guests you have coming to your event and tailor the invitations that way.
  • The Quick Method. The Quick Method means that, rather than attempting to spend an entire page inviting your prospective guests to an event, you use bullet point to get your point across quickly and with ease. This will ensure that your letter is easily understood, and the reader knows what you want from them. This is a particularly useful method to use when addressing younger guests or if you are attempting to be less formal and more relaxed.
  • The Mixed Method. The Mixed Method is a mixture of the above two methods and allows you to have a degree of formality whilst also being able to get your information across in an easy to understand manner. This is perhaps the best method as it means that you are ensuring that the guests are given a feeling that they are important whilst not also spending too much time writing a letter that will only be looked at once or twice and won’t be considered after the event. If you are attempting to stage manage a major event, then this is the best method to use.

Once you have thought about how you want to open your letter and how you want to present the main body of it, it is time to check everything to ensure that your letter is of the highest quality.

Hopefully, this article will have shown exactly how to write an invitation letter. If it hasn’t helped you to understand everything, then perhaps we can help?

Our writers are trained to ensure any project is of the highest quality. We provide services for invitation letters, CVs, essays, dissertations and much more. So why not contact us today and see how we can help you.

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