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Writing a photographer cover letter

Photography can often be, as the eye is sometimes described, the window into the soul. The ability to capture a moment in time or a person perfectly forever is a skill that is much sought after in the world of work. Whether for a magazine or newspaper or for a business, good photographers are in high demand. Anyone can take a picture but only the true artist can freeze a person or event so perfectly that looking at it can often seem as if you are stepping into another world, a world that has vanished. Yet, in this competitive world that we live in you cannot simply get a job as a photographer by being imaginative and excited with what you do – you must also be able to sell yourself. In this digital and international world age, it is important that you can engage with potential employers in such a way that they will look on you as a prize asset that they have to employ.

One of the most effective and easy ways to do this is to send a cover letter. Unlike your CV, which details your history of employment, your photographer cover letter can be used to persuade your prospective employer that you are the right person for the job and that they should hire you. This article will help break down what exactly you need to include in your cover letter and what you don’t and how best to make sure that you are as persuasive as possible and convince your prospective employer to give you the job your desire.

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When writing your it is important to keep in mind the key areas that you must mention to get across to the reader not only the seriousness of your intentions but also your ability and the quality of your work. You must be clear when writing that you attempting to convince someone that they should employ you and that you are worth employing. Don’t bring up your qualifications too much or go into too much detail as this isn’t necessary – you should send your CV alongside your cover letter, therefore, there is no need to overly dissect all your qualifications. You should be aiming to persuade rather than inform the reader with your cover letter. Try to make sure that you emphasise all of your positive points – your experience in the field, how enthusiastic you are about the job that is being offered, how your photographic ability fits perfectly with this particular job and how you will be able to achieve the job in a cost effective and exciting way. These are the type of areas you should mention when writing your photographer cover letter. You must endeavour to display all of your best features.

Once you have thought about what areas you should write about it is time to think about how to write your cover letter. There are certain key steps that you must take when writing it and it is important that you think carefully about each one to ensure that you can properly deal with them and ensure that your cover letter is professional, easy to read and will convince your potential employer that you are the right person for the job.

  • Planning. Planning your cover letter is important because you don’t want to seem as if you have dashed off your letter with no thought or consideration for the recipient of the letter. When planning your cover letter, it is wise to make sure that you don’t try to cram everything you want to say into your plan because that is all it is – a plan. In other words, there is no point writing everything you want to say out in your plan because you will be writing it all out in your letter so it will be a waste time of time to write it all out in your plan.
  • Persuasion. When writing you cover letter it is important to make sure that you are as persuasive as possible. Persuasion is the key to a good cover letter and if you letter is lacking in this then it is likely that you won’t be a serious candidate for the position you are applying for. The use of persuasive language allows you to encourage the reader to think on your application and abilities positively and be convinced that you are the right person for the job.
  • Linking. When writing the letter you need to be sure that you can properly link from the job you are applying for to the abilities you have and to your past experience. This will prove invaluable when endeavouring to make your list as persuasive and interesting as possible.

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