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You may be in a state of shock because you have actually done all the work on your dissertation and you never thought that you would get to this stage. You tell yourself that “it is a miracle” but then you look at your dissertation presentation and your stomach has a fit like a washing machine going into spin. You thought it was all over but unfortunately, it’s not. You have to take your pile of wet and mangled laundry and hang it out for the world to see. In other words, you need to ensure that the presentation of your dissertation doesn’t let you down. It would be such a waste of your time and effort if you lost marks because of bad editing, proof reading and presentation. When you have worked so hard on a topic, it is essential that it is presented to the world in its full glory.

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  • Take out any long quotations from the literature section. Cut them right down to just the relevant bits. They are not going to earn you many marks.
  • Don’t keep repeating yourself. Cross reference any sections so that you are not explaining the same thing over and over. Also, check if you have tables that you aren’t constantly using tables and then saying exactly the same thing underneath.
  • Don’t leave in sections that aren’t really relevant. This will muddy your argument. Keep to the point.
  • Make sure that your argument is logical, clear and structured.
  • Don’t have sentences that are so long that they become complicated and obliterate the meaning. The reader will not give you marks for having to read the same sentence three times to understand it. in fact, they may not read it a second time but simply lower your marks.
  • Proof read your spelling and grammar with a fine toothcomb. The English language is notorious for not following rules and it would be a shame to ruin your dissertation presentation because you have constantly used incorrect homophones. In other words, ensure that you are using the right were, where or wear.
  • Check that you have got the word count right. Don’t be tempted to think that more is better because it isn’t. Dissertations are marked purely on quality as opposed to quantity. If you went over the word count by too much, you may not get marked for it all.
  • It is important that this is kept simple so that the reader can quickly digest the information.
  • Each university had its own requirements so make sure that you are aware of these.
  • Normally, you would add the title of your dissertation; your name; the course number or modular number; which degree you are studying and the name of the university.
  • Don’t be tempted to jazz it up by adding patterns or symbols.

Incidentally, when you’ve done all your research, it may be worth reviewing your title. The reason for this is that when you start off your dissertation, you have a working title but as your research becomes clearer, often you can pin down your title so that it actually works better. For instance, if you were researching “the parental effects of having a child with special needs”, you may wish to change it to “the effects having a child with special needs has on mothers in Oldham.” This will weigh down your topic more and also give the reader a further insight into what they are going to be reading.


It is your decision if you wish to add acknowledgements in your presentation. However, it is nice to thank those people that have helped you. You may wish to mention your tutors, the people who took part in your research and your family.

The abstract is occasionally required but in most cases, it will be your decision. However, if you want your dissertation to be the best that it can be, you should include an abstract because examiners like them. Place it in your dissertation presentation after the acknowledgements.

It is only approximately between 200 and 300 words but do ensure that you take your time to present an abstract that captures all the key points of your dissertation. Incidentally, the examiner should be able to read the abstract and understand exactly what your research is about. In other words, it has to be understood independently of your dissertation. If that sounds like a hard job, you need to use the following checklist to make sure that you have all the key points covered.

  • The main outcomes of the study.
  • A brief examination of the background of the study.
  • The research questions that you explored.
  • The methodology that you undertook.
  • Your results and conclusion.
  • How your work is important in its field and the further research that might be conducted as a result of it.

This is where being organized helps. Your dissertation presentation must include:

  • Chapter titles with page numbers.
  • Subheadings with page numbers.
  • If you have charts or illustrations these must also appear in the exact order that they are presented in your dissertation with their page numbers. These can be on the same page as the chapter titles or have their own page. Any appendices also need to be listed too

Before handing your dissertation in, you have to make sure that the format that your work is in looks professional.

  • Always use A4 paper.
  • Check with your university whether they want the pages to be double sided or not. Always make sure that the spacing is 1.5 at least. The reason for this is that examiners have so much reading to do that having cramped up spacing makes their job much harder.
  • Use a good margin all around, usually around 35mm on the left and 15mm on the right. The reason for this is not purely that it looks much better if it is properly spaced out, it is also again easier for the examiner to read.
  • Do not use a font size that is less than 12. Once again, it will make your presentation look professional but very small letters are not good news for the examiner’s eyes. This cannot be stressed enough.
  • Begin each chapter on a new page and make sure that you give it a heading.
  • Number all your pages, diagrams and illustrations. In other words, make sure that it all makes sense and anything that the examiner may wish to refer to is easy to find.

Writing a dissertation is very hard work and there is no getting away from that fact. This is why it is imperative that when you come to that special moment when you hand it over, it must look every inch the professional and academic piece of work that it is. It’s not always easy getting dissertation presentation right, especially if you have examinations still to come or more essays to write. This is not a problem, we offer dissertation services that cover proof reading, editing and presentation. We also offer research work and dissertation writing too. Get in touch with us and find out exactly how we can help you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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