What is a dissertation proposal example?

Being a student can mean new experiences both exhilarating and frightful. It all depends upon you, how you organise, handle and view your dissertation. A great way to start is by reading a dissertation proposal example written by someone else. This will help you to see what an overview of a dissertation looks like and also help to clarify what a dissertation consists of. At this point, if you are new to dissertations and yours is causing you sleeplessness, it could be because you have listened to other people’s ill-informed thoughts on dissertations and you are letting your imagination run wild. You don’t need to feel like that. Read this article and learn:

If you read a dissertation proposal example written by someone else, whatever, you do, don’t just read one. Read as many as possible that refer to your particular subject. When you have read through about five, see if you can distinguish between the better ones and the not so good ones. It’s no use guessing, you need to be able to analyse why they are well written or not. If you cannot tell, don’t worry. Learning about what a dissertation proposal is will help to inform you.

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  • It should state clearly and concisely what your dissertation is about. For instance, “The connection between lack of nutrition and exam results in families suffering from poverty.”
  • Your proposal would clarify your main research question and also the sub questions that you were proposing to research.
  • Your proposal would need to describe the methods of research that you would be using. Would it be empirical or non-empirical?
  • Title. The title at this stage will be a work in progress title. This means that you should be fluid with it right up until the time that you have written your dissertation up. At that point, your final title will be brief and to the point but be clear and precise.
  • Objectives. If we stay with the aforementioned nutrition and education example, you would be looking at ideas that would prove or disprove your main research question. For instance, “Do teenagers on the Softgate council estate get lower GSCE results because of their diets than teenagers that live in the affluent area of Green Pastures?” Your sub questions could consist of “What are the typical GSCE results in the two areas?” “What is the average amount spent on groceries in the two areas?” “What is a typical diet eaten by the two groups of teenagers?” In other words, if your research question is your overall goal then finding the answers to those three questions will help you to achieve your objectives of: comparing the two sets of GSCE results between an affluent area and an area that suffers from low finances. Understanding how much money is actually spent on food out of the overall budget. Deciphering whether that food is nutritional or not.
  • Context, literature or background. Your title for this section will depend upon the type of dissertation that you are researching and writing but it will be one of the three mentioned here in bold. The main idea in this part of your proposal is to mention the main schools of thought or theorists and the connection that they have with your own research.
  • Methodologies. For instance, if you stayed with the aforementioned model concerning exam results and nutrition, you would conduct empirical research because you would be collecting your own original data. Moreover, you would need to briefly outline whether you would be using qualitative data or quantitative data or using the mixed methods approach. Quantitative data would be used if you wanted to use statistics to compare the two samples that you would be researching. For instance, you might compare how many A-C grades were achieved overall by the teenagers living on the Softgate council estate over the last five years to how many were achieved by the teenagers living in the affluent Good Pastures area. Qualitative research is data that is collected that records feeling, beliefs, attitudes and opinions. For instance, you might conduct interviews that focussed on beliefs about the value of nutrition and how much money was spent on quality food. Essentially, you would be trying to discover whether finances dictated diet or attitudes to nutrition did. In your proposal you would briefly outline what methods of research you would use to make these discoveries, how you would conduct them and why you were using them.
  • Potential outcomes. Whatever you do, don’t at this stage suggest that you know the outcome. This would make your research questionable. What you need to do is suggest what it might be and also who might find your research useful.
  • Time management. Some universities ask for detailed time management within your proposal. This can be tricky and it can be tempting to be unrealistic with it in an attempt to make yourself look good. Avoid that temptation and be realistic about it.
  • Bibliography. Find out if you are required to attach a bibliography for your proposal and also how big it needs to be. Even if you don’t need to attribute one, it is always worthwhile doing one so that you have constant references to what you have read. Searching for a reference later on when you are doing your actual dissertation can be stressful, especially if the dreaded deadline is looming.

First of all, it is essential that you should find out whether your university requires you to submit a proposal. If you do, then you need out find out what the required word count is. It is often between 500 and 1,000 words but you do need to check with the particular university that you attend. It is also essential that you find out when your deadline for it is.

If you are not asked to write a proposal, don’t see this as a lucky escape because you should still write one. The reason for this is that it will help you to clarify your thoughts regarding your dissertation and provide you with a type of map to guide you through your research journey. Furthermore, it will impress the powers that be. Also, if you write a proposal, your supervisor will be able to ascertain whether you might have problems with your research and give you some useful feedback.

Hopefully, you’ve read a dissertation proposal example to see what is expected and now you have read what you need to do to write your own. The problem with writing a dissertation proposal is that you have to almost prophesize what you are going to do before you do it. This causes a lot of angst with students as it seems like a foggy mess of ideas instead of anything concrete. If this applies to you then you may need some help.

We offer a wide range of research and writing services to help people like you that are struggling to juggle time and energy that is being depleted by stress. We write dissertation proposals and also we can do the research and writing for your dissertation too. We write model answers for essays, letters for job applications, speeches, proof reading and editing. If you need a break, be kind to yourself and get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

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