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Choosing what topic to write your essay on can be a tricky business. Essays can sometimes feel like beasts that cannot be tamed and it may feel as if they are looming over you, ready to devour your soul if you don’t get them done as quickly as possible. Therefore, understanding the best way to choose persuasive essay topics to write about can not only be confusing but concerning. You may spend hours going over which topic to pick and whether it is the right one; considering all the possible pitfalls that might lie between deciding on your topic and writing your persuasive essay in that topic. It can sometimes feel like a gruelling and never-ending process that will just make you feel as if you want to give up all hope of finding a possible solution. However, don’t worry, this article will demonstrate how to easily and carefully choose persuasive essay topics for you to write about to ensure that you write them to the highest possible standard.


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Considering the Topic

When think about which persuasive essay topics you want to choose, it is important to spend time actively considering what you want out of a persuasive essay topic. This may seem like a strange thing to say but taking time to properly consider what your objective is in choosing a persuasive essay topic is vital to properly understanding whether you will do well in writing the essay or whether you will have problems with completing it to the highest possible standard that you can. There are different ways of considering what you want to gain from writing this persuasive essay and whether you should consider certain factors above others to ensure whether you are making the right decision as to which persuasive topic you should choose. These are the particular elements you have to consider when deciding which persuasive essay topics, you want to pick to write about. It is important to consider that you mustn’t feel as if this list of reasons to consider a particular topic are in anyway binding; they are merely an indication of what are important things to think about when choosing a topic:

  • Interest. When considering what topic, you want to chose to write a persuasive essay about, it is vitally important that you consider whether you are interested in the topic or not. Interest in a topic is particularly important if you want to write a persuasive essay because if you cannot persuade yourself as to whether the topic is interesting or not, then you won’t be as likely to convince the person reading it that it is not only engaging but that the argument you are expressing is correct. Therefore, being able to demonstrate that you are interested in the topic you have chosen is paramount to deciding which persuasive essay you want to write. Interest is also vital in ensuring that your argument is engaging; if your piece is boring because you are dulled by the brutal lack of enthusiasm you have for the subject then you will be unlikely to complete it to the highest possible standard meaning that you will not be marked as highly as you would if you otherwise has enthusiasm for the topic and demonstrated it in your writing. This is why being interested in your topic is vitally important.
  • The Future. Another important aspect of choosing your essay topic is to consider the future. This does not simply mean the future of your education but also the future of your career. When you are planning what you want to write your persuasive essay on, it is wise to consider what sort of future career you want for yourself. For example, if you want to work in medicine, it might be wise to write your persuasive essay on that topic rather than writing it on something you may be interested in but don’t see yourself going into as a profession. This can be useful as writing a persuasive essay about the subject might help you decide whether you do indeed what to pursue this particular topic as your career or whether you are simply interested in it and not necessarily engaged with doing it for years to come. Being able to write persuasively about your own job is a skill will become useful in the future when you are applying for a particular occupation and need to write a cover letter for prospective employers, to see demonstrate you are suited to the job you are applying for. This is something which is an important consideration and one you must think about carefully when deciding which essay topic you want to pick.
  • Knowledge. Knowledge of the topic you are going to pick is extremely important because, though you may be interested in it and could see it as a future career, if you don’t know enough about it then you will not be able to argue your points astutely enough to get the marks you need to ensure your essay is of the highest possible standard. It is also important because if you aren’t aware of the topic as a whole you may pick it without considering whether you can write a persuasive essay convincingly enough to ensure that the person reading it is impressed with your work. It also means that, when producing your argument, you may feel as if you don’t have enough supporting evidence to ensure that your argument is not only convincing but also persuasive because it doesn’t use enough evidence to help convince the reader that the argument you are putting forward is correct. This is why knowing about the essay topic you wish to pick is so important, as if you don’t know enough, you may pick the wrong topic for you.

Now, let’s consider the different topics that you can choose from to write your persuasive essay. Understanding the variety and breadth of the different topics you can do is important to fully understanding what sort of topic you want to do – rather than thinking that you should do a topic because it sounds different and won’t be done by many people or that it may be easy. It is better to engage with the choices you have and to be sure that you pick one that is to your particular taste. It is also worth remembering that you are choosing a topic to write a persuasive essay about, therefore you must be sure that you can persuade the person reading the essay of the argument you have relating to the question in the topic. This is vitally important as otherwise you will simply be writing an essay about a subject you like and not attempting to persuade the reader that the subject is not only interesting but that you are right about it as well. It is this type of attitude that you should have when choosing which topic to write your persuasive essay about.

  • History. History is a fascinating and at times complex topic that often, even in essays that aren’t solely persuasive, relies on persuading the reader that your interpretation of events is not only correct but supported by the historical record. For example, if you are writing an essay about the history of the Anglo Saxons, then your use of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle can lead to a discussion about the nature of persuasive writing in an earlier period and how this may reflect on the way we write persuasive writing now and the line between propaganda and persuasion. History can, therefore, be seen as seen as one of the best topics that you can choose to write a persuasive essay about. Of course, as with any other topic you might consider, it is important to think of it based more on what you feel comfortable with and what you are particularly interested in. It should be stressed that you shouldn’t attempt to write a persuasive essay for a topic that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with as this will only ensure that your essay ends up not being as strong as it otherwise might have been.
  • Literature. Literature is another area where writing a persuasive essay can be particularly engaging and interesting if it is the topic that you are particularly interested in. As a great deal of literature focusses on the opinions of the writer about the text or texts they are writing about, there is a great room for persuasion and an ability to convince others of your interpretation of the text. Interpretation in writing is highly important as it ensures that the reader can be convinced as it is difficult to prove that the individual interpretation of the text is wrong as most texts are open to such interpretation. Therefore, it is vital that when choosing your topic, you consider the ability to interpret the texts easily as a means of being able to write persuasively. This shouldn’t mean that you should pick literature because you consider it an easy option or because you think it may be more suited to you than other topics; you should decide which essay topic you want to write about based on your ability to master that particular subject rather than whether or not it is the easiest option you have presented to you.
  • Geography. Geography is, unlike the other two, a much harder topic to write persuasive essays about. This is why it is important to consider whether you can write a proper persuasive argument in the topic you desire – it is possible to write persuasive essays in areas that are more scientific, but it is more difficult than writing persuasive essays for topics that are more open to interpretation. This is an element of your decision that you must consider.

It is important to consider how best to approach choosing your essay topic. To make a clear choice, it is wise to consider all the various factors that will influence your decision – your future career, your interest in the topic and what options you have been given. It is best to consider what you will not only find the most enjoyable but also the topic that you will be able to do to the best of your ability.

You have worried about it, you have considered all your options and now it is time to consider the final choice. Which topic will you choose? That is ultimately down to you, though, hopefully, this article will have helped you understand how exactly to choose persuasive essay topics. However, you may still feel worried about it or concerned that you aren’t sure how exactly to do it. Then perhaps we can help?

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