Enterprise Rent AN AUTOMOBILE Case Analysis Business Essay

With a massive network of over 6, 000 local rental locations and 850, 000 automobiles, Organization Rent-A-Car is the greatest rental car company in america. In fact, based on these statistics by itself one can evaluate Enterprise as a success story. Indeed, the business offers a unique and customer friendly service such as picking right up customers and taking these to the rentals office. Enterprise has developed many assets offering competitive advantages, such as proprietary computer applications. The company carefully cultivates and trains its employees in a methodology that is highly useful for its business while also receiving accolades from peer organizations. By focusing on local rental opportunities, Organization has successfully continuing growing its business against rivals such as Avis and Hertz, while keeping up with current trends. At the same time, the business has had the opportunity to open up more opportunities through its recent development of the car sharing market. Additionally, the business model that Venture goes can be regarded typically successful as it has been able to accomplish many of the goals that Enterprise has generated.

Moreover, as popularized through its now famous advertisements, "We'll choose you up" Venture has been able to demonstrate its idea to its customer foundation. This slogan obviously suggests that at its key, Enterprise is all about customer service, making local rental easier for its customers by picking customers up and taking them to the local rental office. Yet this only scrapes the top in terms of understanding the extensive and effective customer service programs that Venture employs. In fact, through considerable research, Venture has found that customer commitment was motivated not only by simply the idea of client satisfaction, but by ensuring that customers were indeed completely satisfied.

This difference between satisfaction and complete satisfaction was as consequence of Enterprise's customer support researched that revealed local renters positioned evaluations for completed satisfaction based on three requirements such employees' frame of mind and helpfulness, acceleration of the deal as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle. If 70% of the customers were completely satisfied (checking off all three standards) then such customers were considered as completely satisfied and apt to be repeat customers where as if the satisfaction amount was at 22%, this designed these customers are less likely to be repeat customers of Organization. Thus in this way, complete satisfaction intended do it again business for Business. In fact, a total determination to complete customer satisfaction is engrained within the Organization culture, and is most beneficial exemplified by the Business Service Quality Index, a proprietary evaluative tool created by Enterprise to evaluate client satisfaction.

Enterprise also offers sought competitive benefits by growing tools and belongings that its competition failed to duplicate. Actually, from early on in its background, Business has chosen to give attention to local rentals, departing airport leases as the emphasis of a huge volume of its rental rivals. Business has dominated the insurance hire market not only by applying for and becoming preferred providers, but also because the business has provided its clients' insurance companies a direct interface into Enterprise booking system, empowering the insurance firms to make reservations for his or her customers. Thus, in this manner, the business essentially has spent heavily to make its clients' insurance companies their own proprietary software booking system, allowing them to provide you with the specific features most needed customized to their needs while also preventing the licensing fees and other obstacles associated with a third party software program.

The company is very choosy with the types of employees it hires, and considers its employees and training curriculum to be of critical importance. The training of personnel by Enterprise starts at recruitment, with an expectation that all employee will slowly but surely surge through the ranks of the company by generating each step they take. This gives the employees with a complete understanding of how Business prefers to do business and a complete commitment to the eight founding beliefs of the business. There's a clear promotion route that is organized before them, so employees understand at all times they have a future with the business as long as they are willing to work for it. Employees are empowered at Business, as the business views each branch location as a separate, semi-autonomous little company of their network. Although a higher turnover rate would be of concern to many companies that experience the level of turnover that Organization does, the Organization business model is such that because the business places its employees in such a competitive environment, higher turnover is expected which is accounted for through additional recruitment work. Thus Enterprise seems that makes its employees more powered to succeed, therefore attaining higher degrees of performance because of this.

From a competitive standpoint, both Avis and Hertz have made efforts to enter the local car rentals market that Business dominates. It really is hard to observe how both of these companies can be practically as successful in this market as Enterprise as a result of company's unique placement with insurance firms as a preferred provider. So long as Enterprise maintains this position and continues to utilize new progress strategies such as shared car rentals, it should be successful in retaining its leadership status within the neighborhood local rental category.

In addition, car sharing is an ongoing growth market that many companies such as Venture and Hertz and spending into to be able to grow. A couple of multiple things to consider that explain the eye of this portion to customers, such as environmental factors of reducing car possession, less charge for renting a few hours versus days, and convenience for those who do not wish or need to have a car full time. In areas such as large metropolitan areas or college colleges, the charm is clear and significant. With the largest network of local car local rental offices, Enterprise must have easier access to this new market since the may easily offer car writing option as an added service to customers off their existing locations. In fact, both Hertz and Business are developing agreements with universities, corporate and business campuses, and municipalities. Therefore, Venture should keep on with this expansion to be able to attain a leadership position within this rentals category.

In order to properly measure the Enterprise Rent-A-Car business model and determine its success, the Venture Service Quality Index (ESQi) was developed through comprehensive customer research. ESQi evaluates each location branch in its capacity to provide complete client satisfaction. This index offers a specific measurement for each location branch through surveying of customers. In this manner, the branches are essentially put into competition with one another, and compensation is based partially on performance criteria. Enterprise strives to accomplish balance across its branches to stay consistent with respect to customer service. The primary goal of the company is to increase the amount of customers who are referred to as completely satisfied. Therefore, predicated on both criteria, Venture is considered to work in its customer service efforts. In fact, inside a ten 12 months period, the ESQi index increased from 67% to 80% for those customers considered completely satisfied. Furthermore, the gap between your best service and worst service branch locations slim from 28 things to nine items over the same time period.

Moreover, tools and belongings can be assessed predicated on the success of sales and achievements of client satisfaction. Human resources methodology such as hiring and training were also evaluated through worker retention, industry accolades and employee achievements. Furthermore, Venture has continued efficiently in forging in advance in the local car segment predicated on the company's market expansion and penetration. Certainly, how effective Business will be in the growing car showing market remains to be observed, although at this point the success rate may easily be dependant on what has been achieved, and how well Enterprise is positioned to move forward. Based on the existing evaluation, the company has been successful so far in these areas as well.

Other tools and investments that are considered to get made a difference at Organization such as linking and empowering insurance companies that use Business as its preferred service provider to the company's reservation system, proprietary software that runs the Enterprise booking system, and the company's focus on customer support through proprietary applications. Enterprise supports a prominent position in the insurance car market, allowing insurance companies to better provide their customers. The proprietary software better services customers as it is totally personalized to the Organization business design. This proprietary software also provides additional services to the insurance companies by providing immediate access to the position of repair work on vehicles, notifying them when repair work is complete and cutting down their car lease expenses because of this. In these ways, Organization has indeed effectively come to its target.

Employee retention is a potential issue for Enterprise. As the company does compensate through additional recruitment work, twenty five percent of new hires leave the business after half a year, absolutely increasing recruitment costs. Alternatively, Enterprise is considered among the very best 50 companies to release a profession by Businessweek magazine, and the company has articulated a definite career track that provides employees with knowledge that there is another at Enterprise. Another important concern is employee achievements. The company does provide many honors and popularity for those employees who are considered to have achieved excellence and it is notable that lots of of the company's service innovations were created by branch professionals and their groups. One such development that was created in the field is what arguably Enterprise is best known for, which is picking up customers and having those to the rental office. Enterprise is known as effective in this category as well, though it will be a good notion for Venture to increase its performance by exploring ways to increase employee retention, perhaps through additional management training and performing internal surveys to determine the right plan of action in this world.

Additionally, Enterprise's continued success in the local car market is virtually ensured through its close partnership with insurance firms and position as a preferred provider. The additional services Venture has provided to the insurance firms, such as access to its reservation system and the capability to check up on the position of car vehicle repairs, augment their position in this market. Indeed, in this way Enterprise has a simple strength in the local car segment and its own business design has been very effective.

Moreover, the car showing market has proven to be a location of progress for Organization, having successfully brought on dozens of lovers such as colleges, corporate campuses, and metropolitan areas. There are competitors such as Zipcar that are greater in this segment, yet such opponents are not profitable. Hertz is also growing in this area and they appear to have a more substantial presence at this point than Enterprise. Needless to say, although Organization has been effective at broadening into this new area if the company can continue to be effective still remains to be seen.

While not a direct part of the analysis, there are other tangible advantages within the business model of Venture. As the most significant rental car company in america, Enterprise likes the status of industry head, and perceptually there are benefits to this status. Historically Organization has maintained very low overhead in various kinds of expenditures, which is achieved through limited nationwide advertising and employee incentives to keep operational costs down. Finally, along to insurance local rental market, Enterprise also offers enjoyed a sizable show of the leisure discretionary rentals market. Enterprise's fleet management program is also unique and useful, as this program grips the sales of its used rental autos without being locked into a particular car supplier for new car buys like most of competitors.

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