The Work OF AN Hotels Front Desk Staff Travel and leisure Essay

When in a hotel there are careers for everyone levels where in fact the front office manager job and responsibilities, assistant professionals jobs and tasks, the front workplace representatives job and tasks, the night auditor job and duties, the cashiers jog and duties. If all the job and obligations are done correctly the hotel will be successful in the hotel industry. However if a poor job is done the hotel will face failure and bankruptcy there for it is important for the staff to achieve there job and duties to secure an effective business.

Front Office Manager

The prominent office manager manages maintaining a higher degree of efficiency among all the front office personnel, to make effective decisions regarding reservations regulations and room assignments, and handle visitor problems and issues with courtesy and tact. The supervisor must also maintain an wide open communication between all other departments of the hotel. Leading office administrator must assign tasks to all workers of the front office. He is responsible for preparing every week work schedules and change assignments, scheduling regular staff appointment to be sure that staff know very well what they need to do and everything the hotel procedures. The manager must hire and educate new employers, regularly overview the performance of each the new staff members. The front office manager must also define the reservation policies and set quotas, aiming for maximum room occupancy. The manger must keep an eye on all arrivals, departures and cancellations. And arranging insurance policies for no-shows, early on arrivals, and over scheduling.

Assistant Entry Office Manager

The assistant leading office manager is there to aid the department supervisor who is responsible for coordinating front workplace employees, monitoring all guests' accounts and payments, and authorized inspections and credit procedures.

Also the assistant administrator may assist leading desk staff during high top periods. Other obligations of an helper manager are to review reservation for the day and organizing daily room occupancy forecasts. For any manager an front side office director may have have a lot of work to do so as a front office assistant manager he is to help the administrator with extra work that needs to be done. Along with supporting desk staff if the are to many customers desiring lodgeing. There for needing patience.

Front Desk Representatives.

Front desk representatives are the primary for who are always reminded to always show to the personality of the hotel to all the guests, to be always a front desk representative you must strong communication skills combined with the ability to work with people. Front desk reps must use diplomacy, courtesy, and warmth in order to efficiently make a visitor feel welcome. They must also offer with client's problems and claims. Also to directly use clients of the hotel. Working at the front desk they have got an important role of assigning rooms and maintain maximum occupancy. The front desk is accountable for verifying booking information, checking mastercard recognition and authorization, assigning rooms, and dispensing room tips. Other duties are to provide information about facilities and guidelines, handling special guest demands, such as photocopies, and surprise purchases. A leading desk representative must always be polite warm and understanding around customers. Giving there full focus on customers. A person does not like to be keept holding out. And also must focus on their experience in the hotel.

The nighttime auditor.

A night auditor has two jobs to do where first he must do all the careers as a forward office representative. Second she or he must prepare a machine balance statement. Typically, a night time auditors shifts run from 11 pm until 7 am. When the front table responsibility slackens usually the night auditor begins to audit or track the posting of the previous day's deals to verify their accuracy. The point is the night time auditor must compute the total charges owed to the hotel and incurred by friends during the prior day. They must determine the daily balance. To be a night auditor one must be good with figures along with having all the skills needed to be a front office staff. A nights auditor is one of the most tireing careers in a hotel. Because work is based at night until morning hours. For most people wont want to are a nighttime auditor.


The cashiers are accountable for checking out departing clients, submitting charges, verifying the visitor check, and handling payments. Cashiers may also be necessary to assist other members of the front desk staff in the performance with their obligations. And vice versa. Cashiers are in charge of verifying repayments from customers who are about to check out. Also they need to estimate the charges and delivering the guest check. They are believed customers of the accounting department who answer to the accounting director. And finally they may have other duties, such as sorting mail, handlingguest's marketing communications, and coordinating room status and studies. A cashier is responsible for handeling all the income for a hotel so its necessary that a cashier is knowledgeable about accounting. And also if asked to help the front office staff with their dutys so there for will need to have good people skills to be able to communicate sucessufly with a customer.

Being a cashier you must respecta customer along with getting your taskes fulfilled.


The reservationist is accountable for handling advance room requests, determining availableness, quoting rates, and documenting reservations. Booking systems range between simple varieties that are organized like desk calendars to computer-based systems. A reservationist will need to have good knowledge of the rooms, rates, and hotel insurance policies. In addition, arithmetic and computer skills may be needed. A reservationist is responsible for reciving all reservations and dealing with the accordanly. But mst ensure that all reservations are below 70% because that is the limit a hotel and reserve for customers. Because if a hotel reserves 100% of the hotel and most the friends don't come they'll lose customers and income. A reservationist must know how to approach a customer, say when when you're able to and know how to reject a customer if the hotel has already reserved 70% of rooms in the hotel.

Telephone Operator

A mobile phone operator is in charge of coordinating the utilization of calling system of a big hotel. An operator answers all incoming telephone calls and directs the callers to the appropriate guest room, office, or employee. In addition, providers may be asked to direct house calls placed from inside the hotel. Operators will need to have an up to date listing of the guest's room projects. This position requires dental communication skills, a competent telephone approach, and attention to detail. A phone must learn how to transfer calls to all rooms in the hotel and learn how to make house bound cell phone calls from within the hotel. A phone operator must answer the telephone with a teeth talk with a gental firmness to all friends. It's important that a cell phone operatormust have full knowledge about how to do his job.


The Work of a hotels front office staff is important they are responsible of first impressions and should always treat guests like royalty. To take action they need to always meet their careers critiera in which a front office supervisor is responsible for looking out on staff providing a weekly working arrangements, advanced of efficiency infront of all staff, have the ability to make decisions, and must always have marketing communications with all deparments of the hotel. A associate front office administrator is to help the manager with duties needed. Coordanating entry tables opperations the assistant front desk administrator gets the responsibility to train new employees. Leading desk representative are the one who serve guests, they need to continually be polite and hold a smile all the time. Being a forward desk representative you need be to in a position to communicate with customers successfully. The night auditor is accountable of 2 jobs first he's a forward dest representative when customers stop coming normaly around 1 he must determine all income from the day. cashiers will be the ones who package with the money that guest pay before check out. The can also assists the front office representative with the work. They are considered as associates of the accounting team. working under the supervision of the accounting administrator.

Reservationist are basicly the ones who package with reservations from customers. Determining availableness, quoting rates and documenting reservations. Calling operator manages handeling all telephone calls, and directing the cell phone calls to friends rooms, staff members or division. The also may have to direct house calls positioned from within the hotel.


Front office staffs will need to have certain skills to get guests during the first impression. Write about Front Office staff skill in guest relations.


Front office staffs will need to have certain skills to entice guests through the first impression. Write about Front Office staff skill in visitor relations.

When working in a hotel as a leading office representative you'll want special skills to get customers. From having the ability to have a good first impression, supplying a smile to customers. Good interpersonal and communication with customers. being able cope with stress properly. Having knowledge of phone lines, having knowledge of computer systems. Being polite and always exhibiting warmth to all customers. Being polite, being courteous, having perseverance with all troubleing customers. Being helpful to all the customers. When having learned each one of these skills it'll be easy to entice customers to the hotel. Being polite and warm to all customers. When all of these skills are being used correctly for certain that all Customers will feel desired and important by the hotel. Then wanting to come again on holiday. Producing a successful hotel. All of this is necessary for a prominent office staff.

When employed in a hotel customers would want to feel like they are simply desired by the hotel. Since customers are paying for their stay they will want the perfect service where all customers desire to be able to stay their visit to peace. To take action the staff should always show they are wanted.

A good first impression,

A good first impression can go quite a distance. How you dress, the way flowing hair is tied for girls, your hair style for men, how u say hello to a person. The way you present your self is important because a customer does not want to be served by someone who looks unpresentable. So dressing appropriately and using a decent hairstyle is important to attact customers. Therefor workers must always have the correct standard on and is presentable to all or any customers. First impressions can even be seen from how you greet a customer. A simple hello there and a laugh would be enough. And must remember regular customers by name. It makes them feel as if all of them are wanted and kept in mind by the hotel. So making sure that all staff are dressed correctly and learn how to greet a person properly. Good social and communication with customers. Again all personnel must be able to communicate with customers well. Ensuring the customers totally enjoy their stay. Being social and having good communication with all customers is important to possess in a hotel to make it successful.

Being able deal with stress properly.

Every employee of your hotels front office should always remember that they must not show their personal problems inside the hotel. If in an undesirable ambiance or if upset when a customer comes they need to not show their emotions towards them. As for a argument might escalate. However if one has a personal problem that is hard to regulate notify your supervisor to let u have a break or your day of. For personal problems are part of life and cant be helped. But if a small subject they wont. And you'll have to cover your feelings inorder to satisfy the customer. And when a troubleing customer comes that could be rude or disrespectful one must always ignore what he/she says merely to please the client. Hold your emotions. Until later when can release them easily. So having control over stress and emotons is important for leading office staffs. To make sure that customers are treated correctly and prevent any problems.

Being polite and always showing warmth to all or any customers.

When working in a hotel as a leading office staff it's important to always be polite to all customers, politeness is one of the key things to remember when serving a customer. Being rude will show that the hotel will not care about the clients. Even when the client is incorrect the staff should always respect the client and understand that the customer is always right. When exterior ad out of even you can say what you want. But when within the hotel or putting on the standard you must value all customers and continually be polite to all the clients.

Showing comfort to customers is important having the ability to show the customer that they are desired. Try void body contact a customers would not think well some somebody they don't know hugging them. A straightforward many thanks or a giggle would be adequate to show a person that they are wanted in the hotel.

Being courteous.

Courtsy is a form of politeness expressing that you for your stay will show your customer that their business is loved in a hotel. Remember that inside a hotel staff must always show courtsy to all customers even if a customer is rude or abnoixous nonetheless they are all customers of the hotel and then for a hotel to be always a success the hotel will need to have customers so being courteous is very important to a hotel. Every hotel must remember to make sure that their forward office personnel are show courtsy to all customers.

Having endurance with all troubleing customers.

Patience is important for every employee in a hotel. If its being patient with your boss or more importantly being patient around a troubling customer. A customer way be annoying, rude, disrespectful or maybe a standard pain. But it's the job of any front desk employee to make sure that the client looks forward to their stay. Persistence is the key for success as the saying goes. Every worker must be able to handle a person, have patience with troubling customers and learn how to treat all customers effectively.

This having being said every forward office manager must always remember to teach all staff with techniques to talk to customers to efficiently gain their business. Every staff shold be kind to all or any customers, chat in a very soft tone to every single customer

And ensure that the customer is delighted when checking out into room and looking into. Make sure that their stay is a plesent one.


Every employee will need to have a special set of skills to be sure a customers stay is plesent. So a manager must always ensure that the performing supervisor is coorectly training staff to handle customers effectively. By ensuring the employees all learn how to communicate with a customer correctly and efficiently.

Making sure all employees are warm and kind hearted to all current and future customers, enable to support current customers and catch the attention of potential prospects to the hotel. Making sure that customers have no problems with employees frame of mind,

A good first impression runs along way where all employees know how to dress correctly and look presentable to all or any customers for the hotel. Being presentable means having the correct uniform and a great hairstyle nothing to crazy.

Being able to cope with stress is important to for all employees where they must not show their unhappy feelings to customers. Customers don't want to see your attitude.

Being courteous to all or any customers is something every employee must remember. A person is the income for a hotel. And the reason why you work there. So always show customer courtsy.

Being in a position to manage troubleing customers is important. Time customers can be un-understanding, a employee have to be able to handel a troubling customer easily.


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