Water Air Pollution | Analysis


  • Introduction

Many people across the world can remember having walked on the street and seen smoke cigars in the air or having strolled on the beach and seen many pop cans popping in the fine sand. This common event is well known worldwide as air pollution which is described as the occasion in which the land, air, and water become filthy with several contaminants affecting the vegetation and other organisms that stay in these conditions. Lots of the contaminants mixed up in pollution of the environment are fertilizers, sewage leakages, using of fossil fuels and garbage. Although air pollution is a worldwide problem there are people and whole countries that are struggling against it with greener alternatives to cheap, electricity, and gas.

  • Water and Air Pollution

Two main areas that are seriously affected by air pollution are both water and air where we can easily observe the drastic effects that our influence has on wildlife and the environment. Among the issues faced are the serious rises of disease in marine and terrestrial life that has resulted in the extinction of several species. Water air pollution occurs more often today due to massive amount waste material that is dumped near water ways and the acid rainfall which has been the main source of contaminants for some fresh watered lakes. In drinking water pollution there are two types of pollutants the traditional and the non-conventional. The conventional pollutants are believed to be anything such as cans, newspaper, and plastic luggage. The key reason why these items and even more are dangerous is because these solids glide over normal water and blocks the suns rays, which then disrupts the carbon dioxide/ oxygen coversion process, which really is a vital process for the aquatic life food chain. Un-conventional contaminants are categorised as those pollutants that are dissolved metals including both dangerous and nothing toxic which can be more dangerous than the traditional pollutants mentioned previously.

Most of the air pollution we watch in daily life is induced by automobiles; electricity plants, small businesses, and house maintain products who release skin tightening and in to the environment which in turn leads to the forming of smog and acid rainwater. The pollutants causing polluting of the environment are also accountable for causing diseases which could threaten the lives of both humans and animals. Among the most typical diseases caused by such pollutants we will get bronchitis, lung tumors, and heart tumor.

  • Soil and Noises Pollution

Both dirt and noise air pollution are the least famous of all the pollutions; although they are not talked about as often as others they stay important. Soil air pollution, is one of the main of all the others principally because most of the things we eat and live from are somehow related to the garden soil and when the ground is contaminated we all are affected in one way or another. Dirt air pollution is any existence of synthetic products in the natural dirt environment. This sort of contamination spreads from one indicate another is by none of them point air pollution which plays a fairly big role in how contaminants are disperse from location to place. Just how soil is contaminated is normally by percolation of polluted surface waters, the use of pesticides, and the immediate discharge of commercial waste. When none point air pollution occurs also known as contaminated run off it drags contaminents as stated before affecting this way the vegetation that are in the area and this inflatable water ways near it will also be contaminated. Among the places where earth pollution is often found are those places that are around or near an engine oil refinery, nuclear electricity station, and chemical factories. Other less identified contributors to pollution are both domestic or industrial waste materials debris and both agricultural and farming techniques. When taking into account all the factors that have an impact on soil we must not forget chemical pollutants. The major chemical components affecting earth today are petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals.

Noise pollution is not very famous although its extreme repercussions are being thought and experienced by living microorganisms the earth around. Noise contaminants is the surplus human created noise which is emitted by many modern devices such as cars and other types of transport, bulldozers, jack hammers, and other constructing equipment. Because of this pollution the hearing sensitivity of young children decreases season by year due to the fact that exposure to high noises influences the hearing drum and such influences are serious at a developing years. Other auditory problems are hearing reduction that brings with it lack of sleep, heartburn, high blood pressure and indigestion all of which are common to most individuals that inhabit noisy and loud areas. Among other scientific tests on noises levels some experts have figured the noise of passing pick up truck disturbs neurological and cardiovascular functions in our body, and noise induced stress triggers severe anxiety in ones life which might cause visitors to be victims of any mental disorders such as stress, nervousness and many more. These disorders lead to increasing psychological medicine prescriptions and medicine dependency among metropolitan individuals who seek relief in medication because their outside the house world prohibits them from seeking comfort somewhere else.

  • Ways to stop pollution from getting worse

The increasing ratio of pollution round the world has created substitute methods that are commonly used to avoid the growing epidemic. Among growing increase of regular contaminants the environmentalists and other world organizations have invented the three R systems that stand for the three greener alternatives to polluting. The three are R's are recycle, reuse, and reduce all of which are aimed at reducing our effect on the environment around us. For more complex methods of reducing air pollution in situations where air pollution entails Non-Conventional methods it is strongly suggested that the city use Bio technology that involves genetically modified organisms that are aimed at lowering our impact through utilizing microorganisms that would in a natural way eat or produce a certain chemical element and by changing their genetic cosmetic we are able to produce bacteria that can tidy up engine oil spills or decrease the time that plastic requires to decompose by more than 100 years. A good example of this sometimes appears in the united states of Nicaragua who's being regarded as a place to conduct scientific experiments with genetically improved bacteria in order to detox the Xolotlan Lake of all the contaminants that it includes. The pesticides useful to spray pests away from crops are now being replaced with naturally modified pesticides offering the required results without completely damaging the land. An excellent alternative to the increasing polluting of the environment and gas shortage are the new alternatives being designed and created such as ethanol motors and biogas that is shown to be a realtor that releases considerably less toxins into the atmosphere then regular gas. We likewise have the option of buying a cross car that gets the motor of any motorcycle that practically recharges itself each and every time it is accelerated.

  • Conclusion

In realization I assume that I have already been able to communicate how sever the problems caused by air pollution can effect both the environment and the living things that inhabit it. Also I would like to remind everyone that if we don't stop now the influences of air pollution will intensify creating the effects of global warming also to increase and soon because of are irresponsibility the earth will lose over fifty percent of the new water left, and also various canine species even those that haven't discovered yet. With this survey I hope to own demonstrated how important it is by using alternatives in order save both entire world and ourselves.

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