How to write a poverty essay easily

Poverty is something that all of us have encountered throughout our lives, whether by seeing it on the news or experiencing it for ourselves. It is an important social evil that should be stamped out. One of the best ways to ensure that we all move forward in ending the blight of poverty is not only to know about it but also to be able to write about it. To understand the root causes of poverty and to then turn that into a strong and sophisticated argument to answer a question is one of the best skills that any student can have going forward into their future career. As such knowing exactly how to write an essay on poverty is an important skill. If you don’t know how to write a poverty essay then don’t worry – this article will explain exactly how to assess the impact of poverty, create arguments around and be able to answer any question put to you about the subject.


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The introduction to your essay is important as it will allow you to set the tone for it and to directly address your question head on. Your introduction must not only introduce your argument it must also provide a solution to the answer to the question. This doesn’t mean that your introduction should be your whole answer or that the response you give to the question should be the only way that you can answer your question – this simply means that you should set your answer out in the introduction so that you have a clear means of linking your answer throughout your essay. Rather than simply introducing the subject that you are writing about and then going into you main arguments, you must ensure that your introduction carefully weaves itself in with the rest of your essay, ensuring that the person reading it will understand that your essay is a whole piece and that it is not disjointed and leaps from one idea to another without any rational thought. This is how you will ensure that the person reading your poverty essay will understand that you can comprehend the subject and can display some authority in your arguments.

Your introduction should not, of course, only talk about the question at hand. To produce an introduction that will really stand out and ensure that the person reading it will give you the best possible marks, it is important that you present an overview of the subject you are writing about. An overview allows you to talk about the topic in a general way without seeming as if you are not focussing on the question you have been given. An overview can only really work in an introduction because the purpose of an introduction is to introduce your response to the question and as an overview presents a broad view of the topic at large, it would be inappropriate to attempt to place it anywhere else in the essay as the rest of the essay will deal with the topic in more depth and thus not want to refer to more general ideas that you would see in an overview. As such, it is wise to ensure that you confine your overview to your introduction.

It is important to remember that both your overview and your introduction as a whole should be relatively short. Whilst it is important to introduce your subject properly and to discuss it with clarity and conviction this doesn’t mean that you try to explain all elements of your topic in this section of your essay – your essay is meant to present a main argument, with a series of sub arguments that feed into your main argument which will give a strong answer to the question you have been asked about

Therefore, it would be unwise to attempt to respond to your argument fully in your introduction as this would either make the rest of your essay repetitive or make it superfluous – this is why you must try to make your introduction both informative and relatively short. This isn’t to say that it should only be a couple of lines – that would make it reductive and not serve its purpose of ensuring that your audience understand the complexities of the issue you are presenting and can clearly see how your argument lines up with the question set by the examiner. You must,therefore, attempt to balance between the length of your piece being not too long but also ensuring that it is highly informative and engaging. It may take you several attempts to get it perfect but if you can ensure that the introduction to your poverty essay perfectly balances those two elements then you are certain to have written an excellent piece of work.

When writing your introduction, it is also important to remember that you must try to make it distinct. Though all essays will be assessed based on their ability to make a convincing argument, it is also important to note that to really make an impact on the person reading your essay you should try to make your essay as interesting as it can possibly be. This way, the examiner will feel engaged in your argument and be more likely to give you good marks. However, this shouldn’t mean that you should try to simply make your essay interesting and not factually accurate; you have to ensure that it is both engaging and interesting as well as dealing with the subject you have been given and producing a fine piece of work. This may make the process of creating an introduction off putting and not as simple as you thought but to make sure that you write an introduction that is as good as possible you have to make sure that you put in the effort and desire to make it good.

Now that we have reviewed how best to present an introduction for a poverty essay, it is time to look at the different types of poverty that there are and how best for you to use them in. It is important to highlight that the choice of examples that you use in your essay will vary dependent on what the question is. For instance, if your essay question is about urban poverty, it is unlikely you will use examples of rural poverty to support your argument as they would simply not work well within the question, unless it was a question about contrasting types of poverty. Similarly, if the types of poverty that are mentioned in this essay aren’t the types you need for your own essay then don’t worry – the list you will see in this article will be useful for many different types of poverty essays but it should not be seen as an answer for all examples of poverty that you might need; it is worth noting that doing as much research about the subject as you can will ensure that you are fully prepared for whatever question you might get.

  • Historical Poverty. This type of poverty will mainly be used in poverty essays that focus on the past and discuss how poverty then might be different to how it is now. This will usually be see in sociological or historical essays about poverty and will discuss not only the history of poverty but also the ways it has been dealt with in the past and how that contrasts to the measures we put in place to eliminate poverty now. When writing a poverty essay that focuses on historical poverty, it is important to remain anchored to the historical fact; speculative attempts to discuss how the people who endured the poverty at the time won’t help you gain any marks and will eat up the amount of room you have left in your essay. As such, it is important to be thoroughly analytical when answering a question on historical poverty as it is easy to be dragged into the emotion of the injustice that individuals will have gone through in historical times. Therefore, you must make sure that you endeavour to be as precise as possible in your assessment of the facts. If your question regarding historical poverty is a sociological question, then it will more likely than not be a comparison. When writing a comparison essay, it is vital that you ensure that you give equal time to both sides – in this case historical and modern poverty. This doesn’t mean that your argument regarding the two should be balanced; if you believe one argument has more strength to it than the other, make this clear to the examiner – judgement is a key value when you are writing an essay such as a comparison poverty essay and as such you must demonstrate that you can make it.
  • Global Poverty. Global Poverty is the comparison of different types of poverty around the world – for example, a comparison of poverty in America to poverty in India. Both are examples of poverty but due to a myriad of reasons there are differences between them and as such it is interesting to discuss them and to tackle them in an essay. Global Poverty relies on the writer understanding the difference between countries so if you are set a question that relates to Global Poverty it is important that you ensure you know as much about different types of poverty around the world as you can.
  • Urban or Rural Poverty. Poverty essay questions that deal with Urban or Rural Poverty are interesting because, in contrast to Global Poverty, they often deal with poverty conditions that exist in the same country but are different because of their geological distance from one another. They are combined in this article as, often in essays, they are compared and contrasted to assess what the writer understands about the similarities and difference between the two types of poverty. It should also be noted that Urban or Rural Poverty is sometimes combined with Historical Poverty to discuss how poverty changed during the Industrial Revolution; rather than being spread across the countryside the rural poor would often flood into the booming towns and cities and then end up as the urban poor, often leading to their conditions of poverty being much worse than they had been when they had lived in the countryside. These are important elements to remember and consider when writing your poverty essay – poverty comes in so many different forms it is sometimes difficult to remember that in many ways it is all the same thing but with certain differences.

Now it is time to think about the assessment element of any essay. When writing an essay, it is vitally important that you consider not only how-to assess the facts that you will use to support your argument but also consider how your own work will be assessed. As you will be writing your essay to fulfil a task set for you, you may only think of it as a job that you just want to get over and done with. However, if you think of it as an intellectual dialogue between your teacher or examiner and yourself, then the essay will not seem as strenuous or as uninviting to you. If you get yourself in the correct mindset for writing your essay you will find that you will not only get it done much quicker and also that you may even enjoy it.

Once you have considered all the elements of your essay, thought about all the points you want to make and written them, it is time to conclude. Make sure that you check your essay for any spelling mistakes to make sure that your work is without error and is of the highest quality.

Hopefully, this article will have demonstrated exactly how to write a poverty essay. However, if you have any problems with any element of it or want some help with yours, perhaps we can help?

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