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Writing an evaluation essay example

Evaluating something or someone can be a tricky and time-consuming job that does not always pay off. Yet the skill of being able to evaluate something easily is one that we should all have and something that can serve us well during our time in employment. Therefore, knowing how to write about evaluation can be a necessary and important tool to success. Evaluation essays are an excellent means of testing the metal of any business student who wants to succeed in their field and climb to the top of the business ladder. Yet, if you can understand evaluation but aren’t sure how to write about it in the form of an essay then you could feel stressed and worry about your ability as a business student. Don’t worry, this article will break down for you exactly how to write an evaluation essay example and make sure that you can write as many evaluation essays as possible to the highest standard you can write to.

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When writing an evaluative essay, the first things that you must decide is what topic you should select. Selecting your topic can be a tricky task given that there are such a wide range of topics you could choose to write your evaluative essay on and it is something that you must consider carefully. There are large sections of business and commerce that you could evaluate and consider their viability but to narrow it down, you must consider how it fits in with your course. Think about what areas of business or economics you are interested in and aim to choose a particular industry or company within those sectors to evaluate. This will help you to develop your skills as an assessor of different economic areas but also as a writer – it will help develop your skill of understanding which topics you can find that you can write about with clarity and be able to critique the most effectively. Judgement is an important part of writing an evaluation essay so you must be able to demonstrate this from the very beginning of the process and ensure you choose the right topic for you.

When writing an evaluative essay, it is important to establish the criteria for evaluating. The criteria for evaluation ensures that when you are writing the essay you are not simply expressing your opinion about the business or industry you are evaluation. Regardless of what the business is ,you should be able to set out particular standards as to what any good type of business in the field you are researching should be like. For example, if you are evaluating a delivery business you need to set out what sort of criteria there should be for a good delivery service. For instance, you should be able to discuss the quality of vehicle used to deliver the packages, the type of time scale any good delivery service should have between the ordering of the package and its delivery and how the delivery service should interact with its customers. To be even more sure of where you stand, it may be a good idea to check your criteria against the things customers particularly like about popular companies and compare which companies the best to those that do the worst. This will help establish a series of rules that you can follow to help guide your writing and make it as impartial as possible. Once you have established your criteria it may be wise to write down some questions for the particular company that you are looking at and, evaluating the data you have on them, try to answer them. Once you answer the questions you will be able to tell how well the company is doing – this will give you some solid and reliable information to use when writing your essay.

  • What do the company do? This is important because it helps keeps your line of inquiry focussed but also means that you aren’t attempting to compare it to other more successful companies in other fields – you are only comparing it to your criteria and other examples of companies in the same area as it.
  • How much money do they make? Knowing and understanding a company’s overall turnover can help you assess how well they are doing and come to some conclusion about the state of their company. You may not be able to find out the exact figure for how much turnover the company makes but an estimate will do just as well. In other words, what is their next profit?
  • How cost effective are they? This will further help in your analysis and ensure that you endeavour to be correct about the state of the company you are evaluating. The company may make a lot of money but if they aren’t cost effective then this could damage their standing and not help them be fully successful. You have to be certain of this particular aspect as it will help support your argument in your essay and ensure that it has strong evidence behind it.
  • How do they compare to their competitors? This question is particularly important because it will help you evaluate the company in comparison to its competitors and fully understand where it stands in the market place it is operating in. Combined with these other questions this will allow you to make a clear and valid analysis of where the company stands.

The judgement is the analysis of whether the particular company you are researching reaches the criteria you have established for what a good company in that field should offer. This allows you to fully appreciate whether the company is an excellent example of a delivery company or if it falls bellow the criteria for that particular company.

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