A Case Study On Dyson And Its Products Marketing Essay

d on expanding his idea of using cyclonic separation to make a vacuum cleaner along with his Ballbarrow concept that would not lose suction as it found dirt. Furthermore, Dyson launched the 'G-Force' cleaner in 1983 even though there was no producer or distributor would unveiling his product in the united kingdom as it would disturb the valuable market for substitute cleaner-bags, so Dyson launched it in Japan through catalogue sales (www. forbes. com) and acquired the 1991 International Design Fair award. He also obtained his first U. S. patent on the theory in 1986 (U. S. Patent 4, 593, 429).

After failing woefully to sell his invention to the major manufacturers, Dyson create his own processing company. In June 1993 he opened his research centre and manufacturing plant in Britain. In early 2005 it was reported that Dyson cleaners possessed end up being the market leaders in the United States by value (though not by variety of units sold) and finally became the speediest selling vacuum cleaner ever to be made in the United Kingdom.

Following his success the other major manufacturers began to market their own cyclonic floor cleaners. His manufacturing plant moved from Britain to Malaysia, for economic reasons and because of difficulty acquiring land for development, leaving 800 staff redundant. The business's headquarters and research facilities remain in Malmesbury, UK.

Dyson create the building blocks in 2002 to support design and engineering education. The Adam Dyson foundation aims to inspire young people to study anatomist and become designers. To solve the 21st Century obstacles. It encourages visitors to think differently and also to make mistakes. The foundation facilitates medical and medical research by collaboration with different charities; it specially helps classes in Wiltshire. It achieves this by funding different resources such as the 'Education package' where students are to have a part the Dyson DC22 Telescope is used apart and reviewed. Another way the foundation inspires young thoughts is the James Dyson Honors. The James Dyson Award is an international design prize that "celebrates, induces and inspires the next era of design technical engineers" (www. jamesdysonaward. org). It is arranged and run by the Adam Dyson Foundation charitable trust, and it is available to graduates (or recent graduates) in the fields of product design, professional design and executive.

Research, Design and Development reaches the primary of Dyson. 1 / 3 of individuals at Dyson are designers and experts. Their experience in fluid, mechanised, electrical, EMC, thermal, chemical, acoustic and software anatomist allows them to design services as well as problem and improve existing systems. Dyson has over 1300 patents and patent applications for over 300 different innovations (March 2010). Dyson's RDD investment has quadrupled during the last 5 years with ideas to double designers in the foreseeable future.

In October 2006 Dyson launched the Dyson Airblade, a fast side dryer. The Dyson Digital Motor unit produces an air stream flowing at 400 mph (640 kilometres/hour). This unheated air is channeled by way of a 0. 3 millimeter distance. A sheet of air functions like an unseen windscreen wiper to wipe water from hands. It is now commonly seen in many general population washrooms throughout the united kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

Dyson has recently turned its ground breaking range towards ultra effective hand dryers and today desk admirers (without external blades which is named 'Air Multiplier') to market and sell those to 49 countries all over the world and become market head in high-tech impressive products such as in the united kingdom, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe these days. In the end, Dyson in addition has taken operating profits of 190million for 2009 with sales climbing to 23% due to strong demand from overseas with incremental sales progress following the recent release of its bladeless office fan: Air Multiplier and new handheld vacuums (a robotic version). Dyson is now trying to penetrate another potential marketplaces with an enormous consumers in Asia like China, India, Japan, and other countries.

The recent sales development and development of Dyson's products, especially Air Multiplier, appears to condition a significantly incremental and profitable market stocks. Besides, Dyson attempts to carefully permeate Asian markets that have a particular demand not like in European countries tend to be homogenous. Quite simply, Dyson's are in the merchandise growth level and looking to the next vital steps of technology adoption (Crossing the Chasm) to be able to successfully penetrate in to the mainstream market and be a leading organization in high-tech products and services.

Vision, Quest, and Objectives

Starting from his specific perspective where his company was well-influenced by his personal notions, there are directives that bring Dyson company way to exist and increase within the market competition as following criteria:

His Inspiration

Dyson realized that problems were inevitable and people can invariably get irritated with things that are cumbersome to use in life. Dyson's annoyance with the vacuum cleaner he used in his house provided him the inspiration to invent the world's first ever cyclonic vacuum.

On Innovation

Dyson came set for a whole lot of compliment for the way he brought development and improvement to already existing products. Through his impressive notions, ideas, thoughts, some analysts considered his product one of the marvels of executive.

A Clever Marketer

Despite the merchandise market such as vacuum cleaner being flooded with several well-known brands, Dyson still noticed an opportunity niche market to establish his unique products in the complacency of the existing players in the market, where others did not.

Management Style

Unlike the stereotypical organizations, Dyson got a flat organizational structure. He's using direct communication and steering clear of communicating with others through e-mail or on calling which he presumed will be more effective and efficient in directing and providing his impressive ideas.

Organizational Structure

Brand and Retails

Product Characteristics

Electric fans had not changed given that they were created in 1882. Different materials, new control keys and the addition of grills, but still the same problem - the blades chop the environment before it strikes you. That's why they cause annoying buffeting. Take the rotor blades out, and the buffeting stops. But how can a lover work without cutting blades?

By using Air Multiplier technology idea, the smoothness of the resulting airflow was examined and proved using an optical technique called Laser Doppler Anemometry. An incredible number of tiny particles projected by the fan reflect thousands of readings another, plotting air speed and route.

Unlike any desk admirer the Dyson Air Multiplier works together with unique bladeless design high energy efficiency and activities a perfect stylish profile. Dyson's Air Multiplier technology allures air and amplifies it 15 times to form a smooth continuous stream to produce a good and a comfortable cooling system. Furthermore, Dyson Air Multiplier fans work in another way from conventional enthusiasts. They use Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it - from 15 to 18 times, depending on model. Without cutting blades or grille, they're safe and easy to clean. Plus they produce an continuous stream of simple air, with no annoying buffeting.

Drawing air in at the bottom of the supporter using an energy efficient brushless engine mid-air Multiplier then expels it by using a 1. 3mm wide slot developing a cone of amplified invigorating air up to 119 gallons every second. Using its iconic shape and advanced technology the Dyson Air Multiplier trumps the traditional lover on so many levels rendering it the safer healthier easier eco-friendlier and perhaps the most relaxing fan available:

Safety: With its bladeless design Dyson present a harmless desktop cooling device allowing anybody to put the hands things and even the minds through the round hole safely because it is safe!

Health: It attracts less dust when compared to a conventional enthusiast is much easier to clean and stands as a strong benefactor to creating a wholesome living and working environment.

Features: Rather than possessing a finite range of strength settings as a conventional fan does indeed the Air Multiplier is totally controllable by using a dimmer transition and can be placed to oscillate smoothly laterally. It's also possible to tilt the enthusiast to the appropriate angle.

Energy-Efficiency: Whilst driven by electricity the Dyson Air Multiplier was created in such a way as to naturally draw in extra air from at the rear of and around the device through processes known as inducement and entrainment optimizing its chilling efficiency.

Strategic kind of Dyson's Supporter in Korean Market

There are four types of Strategy that Dyson usually takes in the Korean market, and those are Product Leader, Fast Follower, Customer Romantic, and Operationally Excellent.

Regarding to the Korean market, it is clear that Dyson's new product, The fan, is a really innovative product available before. This is why why the ground breaking company, Dyson should take Product Innovator strategy in the Korean Market.

Dyson had its own intellectual property under the Patent Assistance Treaty(TCT) on 12 March 2009, and this is an essential advantage for taking Product Innovator strategy in the Korean market. This intellectual property will be activated as a hurdle maintaining success in the competitive environment, and get this to new type of product progressive.

Based on the intellectual property, Dyson must make a new kind of market differentiating regular fan market. They need to concentrate on PR to make profit even though enthusiast market is so older.

Below will be the characteristics of Product Leader strategy that Dyson uses.


Forecasting of Market Probable of Dyson's Fan

The idea of market potential refers to the utmost amount can be derived from sales level of any given service or product in a given existing market prior to the service or product eventually reaches the period of market saturation. To market the product of service and also to know the level of market potential which a new/existing vendor can permeate and the part of market share may be accomplished can result from a proper forecasting.

An correct market forecasting can provide a proper value to marketing experts trying to promote and market a fresh product or service, particularly in a high-tech market; where there is usually no historical data can be obtained and can face the unstable potential client for demand and opportunity due to forecasting future demand of high-tech product and service is actually tough for many reasons. Surveys to customers, conjoint examination time series are a few of the many techniques employed by new high-tech product marketing: Dyson, to forecast the market potential for a fresh consumer product. Therefore, this analysis tries to assess the type of forecasting techniques are properly used for and find an correctly predicted solution can fit the questions appear in forecasting the market probable of Dyson's product: Air Multiplier Enthusiast in another potential markets within the next years.

Forecasting the potential of a high-tech product market is very important for Dyson who is planning to enter in another potential markets. This is an important process where it is able to estimate the market charm can be offered for retailing its products or services in order to avoid irrecoverable negatives through carefully examining specific factors in those market segments such as customers' culture, manner, choices, and their determination to purchase products and so forth.

Regarding to data customer and market specific factors can be produced through major and secondary options which classified into quantitative and qualitative forecasting methods (Figure 1. 2). One of many related forecasting examination software tools can be employed and have surfaced for forecasting is using Conjoint Analysis for predicting incremental impressive products' market talk about (Shape 1. 1) with which it doesn't have a proper and prior sales background, especially in new global market segments where there are many domestic companies who produce simple and good enthusiasts. In order to result a better forecasting, certain criteria in conditions of accuracy, sturdiness, flexibility, availability of statistical indexes, demand patterns, should be satisfied.

FIGURE 1. 1 Aligning Market Research and Aligning Forecasting with Kind of Advancement ("Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations", 2009).

Segmentation, Targeting and Placement of Dyson's Fan

When some products are launched, Segmentations, Targeting and Positioning are the most important factors gaining profit. These factors should be analyzed very differently compared to other global market especially Western european, or American marketplaces. Usually the Korean market has its particular design and shape based on its people.

Before speaking about Segmentation, Targeting, and Placement, we will describe characteristics of the product first. This shows characteristics of the merchandise.

No buffeting

The blades on conventional followers cause annoying buffeting because they chop air. Air Multiplier technology gives an uninterrupted blast of air that doesn't distract


With its simple loop the Dyson Air Multiplier supporter is quickly wiped clean with a material. Fans with blades are nigh on impossible to completely clean, with dirt and dirt building up inside the cage. Precisely the same dust and dirt is then billowed into that person when the enthusiast is switched on.


Unlike top-heavy conventional fans, the Dyson Air Multiplier lover has an energy-efficient motor reaches its base, meaning it has a minimal centre of gravity and doesn't topple over.


You have to utilize two hands to put a admirer with rotor blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier supporter adjusts easily with a touch of the hands. It pivots on its low centre of gravity and keeps put.

Variable airflow

Fans with blades have limited options. The Dyson Air Multiplier enthusiast uses an energy-efficient brushless motor unit, which means air rate can be exactly altered up or down. The air flow control transition control allows people to opt for their perfect airflow.

Oscillation control

To oscillate a typical lover you have to hold it steady, move the toggle watching it judder. Oscillating the Dyson Air Multiplier supporter through 90 is simple.


The Dyson Air Multiplier admirer is constructed from hard Acrylontride butadiene styrene - ABS (C8H8 C4H6 C3H3N)n). Abdominal muscles is a tough thermoplastic used to make light, rigid and moulded products. It has shock absorbing properties and can be used to make car bumpers, crash helmets and modern driver heads. It's found in Dyson floor cleaners and Dyson Airblade side dryers too.

These characteristics are standard technical specs of other global market. We will add more function to enter the Korean market very effectively. That is designing function shown by household props. LED lighting will be outfitted to light up itself automatically sensing light. This function is promoting the sensibility of consumer, and combines cross sectional function between establishments.

Then, Let's talk about the main issues of product, segmentation, focusing on, and positioning.

The market segmentation of admirer products is divided by two categories. Those are good deal product and high quality product. Dyson enthusiast should be segmented in top quality product. As the price of Dyson admirer is 300 us dollars in the US market. This says us that Dyson fan is the most expensive fan in the Korean market, and this is expensive more than six times compared to other Korean lover.

At this aspect of view, the key target of this lover has two groupings. The first is the category of the family who has kids. The other is the item for shop, such as restaurants, bars, and etc. The prospective years of family group is from past due of 30 to late of 40 nurturing about the security of their newborns very much. They want to increase their kids in the safe place though it costs bunch of money. Therefore the commercials should give attention to the newborns and protection. The other group is the shop masters who really value beauty functioning as ornaments. On this perspective the design concept of the product is more important than its function.

Next, let's move on to product setting. Dyson admirer should make another terminology instead of fan. Whenever we try to acquire admirer, we won't pay more than 300, 000 won. So we ought to build up the new brand and terminology indicating new concept of product. The brand positioning should be a advanced brand, and high quality with high price.

Dyson is the world's leading company in vacuum cleaner industry with its strength in technology and innovation. James Dyson, the creator of Dyson Company, presented innovative vacuum which eliminated the necessity for both carrier and filter. However, as big vacuum produces refused to permit for his technology, Dyson made a decision to develop his own manufacturing company. Fortunately Dyson was able to sign a package with Japanese company, which funded him in research and development. Dyson was able to continue producing his invention of new models and ideas in this matured vacuum industry and got dependable increase of market share worldwide. Lately, Dyson is extending into washing machine industry with new technology called "contrarotator" and with catchy design. Although the first washer model was not a great success, Dyson persists to invest greatly in research in development to identify themselves from their competitors.

Vacuum cleaner market is already matured and the demand is derived mainly from replacing purchases by the end of the product cycle of 8 years. In unsaturated marketplaces, demands for floor cleaners are extremely low scheduled to national preferences for floor tiles alternatively than carpets. Differentiation is the key in saturated marketplaces, but Dyson's unique bagless technology is imitated by other manufacturers with lower price. Therefore, Dyson need to create new ways to identify themselves.

Dyson could increase their stocks in countries using floor tiles by carrying on word of mouth marketing strategy. Presently, China and India aren't high in demand for floor cleaners, but with their economies growing 10% per season, more consumers will become affordable and demand soon will expand. Although most Japanese properties are made from tiles, Dyson shows strong sales in Japan likened its competitors. It is because despite its high price, consumers who have used Dyson's vacuum

How to mix the chasm

Starting with its bagless vacuum cleaner technology in the 90's,

Crossing the Chasm is meticulously related to the idea of lifecycle that consists of five main stages: innovators, early on adopters, early bulk, late majority and laggards (Moore, 1991). Moreover, the companies that are in the beginning going to market their products should give attention to one segment band of customers at a certain time, using all of them as a base for marketing to another segment group. Thus, the most challenging issue here is making the change step between visionaries (early on adopters) and pragmatists (early majority) where the chasm is laid down. If a company can successfully develop a bandwagon effect where enough momentum advances necessary influences onto types of communication; media and interpersonal marketing communications leading to the prospective audience which can derive a greater impact on early adopters, the merchandise can successfully penetrate the selected market and finally become a definitive standard then. However, Moore's ideas are inapplicable for adoptions of continuous innovations in support of disruptive or discontinuous improvements instead which are still better described by the original technology adoption lifecycle.

Figure 1. 2 Dyson's Lover Adoption in South Korea ("Crossing the Chasm", by Geoffrey Moore, 1991).

The secret to be able to crossing the chasm gap of marketing high-tech products in Asia countries i. e. South Korea (Dyson's products appear to slowly get into and penetrate Asian Market, yet they have got the predominance and well-established features as depicted through Number 1. 2) is how to properly understand one key difference between the new player/marketer and existing players who market and sell the conventionally much cheaper electric supporters (with cutting blades). Moreover, the big electronic manufacturers such as China, Japan, and South Korea are continually developing and increasing their products to meet market requirements. Thus, the top strategy is to build an acceptably complete and a more customized product that can meet and satisfy consumers' needs instead of only for a specific market portion. When enough partial segments have been sent on each board with their entire product respectively, the company will then be in the right position to slowly but surely leave the chasm and be ready to maintain the product development for the mainstream.

Some additional considerations for high-tech marketing strategies to Dyson's Air Multiplier:

Avoid an excess optimistic factor in advantages of Dyson's enthusiast as a fresh high-tech product which can steer with an imprecisely prior market forecasts. Nevertheless, continue attempting to sophisticated the potential purchasers who afford Dyson's lover adoption.

Consider the entrenched product position and loyalty in consumers' mindsets by setting up the right marketing strategies and more customized products/services within either cost control or differentiation in order to effectively maintain and finally improve product market talk about in the future.

The dependence on Dyson's marketers to understand in online marketing strategy within early on market level (early adopters) and main stream market level (early bulk). In the first market phase, visionary consumers need more customized products with subsequent technical support, while individuals are more pragmatic to get whole-product (product integration) and end-to-end solution in the mainstream degree.

Branding technique for Dyson's Lover in Korean Market

Before we consider the Branding technique for Dyson's Admirer, let's think "What is brand?". Brand is a term, name, signal, sign, design or a combination of these, used to identify and differentiate the goods and services of 1 retailer from other. Nowadays, when we buy and drink coke of coca-cola, someone says "we drink the brand. " Actually, other coke might be sweater, better appetizing and so on, but we do not buy and drink others. We only drink coke of coca-cola. This is the royalty of customers. Due to brand, we imagine the coke has good quality, tasty etc. Therefore, the Branding strategy is absolutely important to believe and realize the fan is good product.

In that case, what sorts of branding strategy do we use? The most important attribute is bladeless. In general, a lover needs blades to make wind flow and convert them. However the lover uses the new theories to make wind, as I stated. Therefore we think Component Branding is best branding strategy. You'll be able to use the similar Element or characteristics branding.

Dyson made advancement from Bladeless admirer, because no one can think bladeless supporter to make breeze. As we already know the ad of the supporter from You Pipe, we focus on this characteristic. Inside the advertisement, the enthusiasts stand in collection and the balloon go through them.

It looks no wind, however the balloon goes by through all the fans. It is the really good ad. to present the characteristics of the supporter. Also we have to emphasize safe practices for kid. Because the fan does not have the blade, so the parents feel relieved when they turn on the admirer.

Therefore we advertise the lover against parents with youngster and emphasize security for kids. And then, they realize the lover has good quality, basic safety, design and so forth.

Types of development Dyson does (define their invention strategy: Radical, Incremental, Vertical, Horizontal, Disruptive, Open, etc)

Many companies including Dyson, Inc. try to create something with an increase of value-added or higher impressive products/services through focusing on the sorts of improvement that maintain a product, brand or company name in the prevailing market. They tend to be linearly come across over product extensions, new product packaging, new much better materials and details, etc. Actually, many expertises concluded that most of enhancements claimed by the buyer products industry were nothing more than packaging advancements. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly intermezzo that increases most of the competition experienced in virtually any industry where will combine all types of advancement.

The Dyson's air multiplier bladeless enthusiast can be an entrant to the global lover market by coming up with an innovative patterns and types of a typical table-top lover using the excess air generated by the Airblade's interior mechanisms; nothing like the ordinary electric enthusiasts. The mechanisms will enable the lover to blow air stream without interruption through the slot machine game onto a marginally angled tier of plastic material. The supporter also creates a suction-like impact that escalates the airflow and gives a easy waft of air, alternatively than choppy bits of wind. Furthermore, because the admirer is a bladeless air, it is better to clean and safer (Dyson's Bladeless Lover Air Multiplier and Bladeless Enthusiast).

Although Dyson provides different types and uses different strategies in making use of their product types to the global markets, the Dyson's air multiplier is apparently applying Incremental Advancement strategy where it focuses on evolving the merchandise itself and bettering it from either its previous experience or journey dependence.

Current situation (problem, income, competitive position, etc)

After about three years to build up progressive Air Multiplier, Dyson has recently sold desk admirers to 49 countries all around the world and be market innovator in high-tech ground breaking products such as in the united kingdom, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries these days through their special global branches. In the end, Dyson in addition has taken operating earnings of 190million for 2009 with sales climbing to 23% credited to strong demand from international with incremental sales progress following a recent start of its bladeless table enthusiast: Air Multiplier and new handheld vacuums (a robotic version). Dyson is currently trying to penetrate another potential markets with an abundant consumers in Asia like China, India, South East Asia countries, and even South Korea.

The recent sales expansion and development of Dyson's products, especially Air Multiplier, apparently seems to condition a significantly incremental and profitable market shares with an extended selection of merit. However, though Dyson naturally derive a profitably significant cause US, European countries, Australia, and even Japan, they attempt to carefully penetrate Asian markets that have a specific demand, not like in previously penetrated countries, tend to be homogenous. In other words, Dyson's are in the merchandise growth level and looking to the next essential steps of technology adoption in order to successfully penetrate into the mainstream market and become a leading firm in high-tech products and services.

The Dyson's air multiplier bladeless enthusiast is still leading in sales without significant opponents in term of innovative products. Nonetheless, if Dyson fail to speed up what they have achieved, competitors might be taking wise risks to dominate the position and Dyson can get kept far behind. Therefore, Dyson have to learn how to constantly build and keep maintaining a culture of technology to achieve success.

How to beat with what sorts of development and marketing strategy?

In order to secure market Growth, what could possibly be the good invention or marketing technology?

(Any idea (Product notion) to build up with open advancement?)

Before we talk about innovation strategies, we need to think of characteristics of product type and technology itself. Actually, Dyson's technology in their product is not cutting-edge but a standard technology in the vacuum cleaner product. They just lengthened their engine technology in to the supporter market, and regarded as the product very progressive.

In this perspective, Dyson implements two types of innovations in the fan market.

First is horizontal advancement. As I mentioned earlier, Dyson expand their business utilizing their existing technology to gain profit. In the vacuum cleaner market, this engine technology is very prevalent and also, they possess intellectual property functioning as a entry barrier in case other supporter producing firm is trying to imitate their product.

Second is convergence strategy. Dyson converged the traditional admirer market with home prop market related to furniture market. Lover can be utilized as children props decorating housing with LED lamps. This is often a medium increasing product value in regards to to the profit. With convergence strategy customer can become more satisfied with the merchandise compared to the admirer itself.

Dyson can use both of these types of strategies to get into the Korean market efficiently performing as successful factors.



James Dyson unveils two new Air Multiplier machines

As a lot of the U. S. minds into the summertime, Dyson gets the answer for sweltering temperature ranges with the latest Dyson Air Multiplier fans: the AM02 Tower and the AM03 Pedestal. Designed for larger spaces, the floor standing up machines produce a far greater airflow than the previous iteration - AM03 Pedestal creates nearly 50% more airflow at maximum than the AM01 Table fan.

Dyson first created Air Multiplier technology in October 2009 offering the first proper technology in more than 125 years. Dyson's trademarked technology replaces fast content spinning blades and uncomfortable grilles with loop amplifiers. The machines pull air in at the bottom through a combined circulation impellor - a combination of the solutions used in turbochargers and aircraft engines.

Unlike conventional enthusiasts with limited options, Dyson Air Multiplier supporters can be infinitely adjusted up or down. The new tower and pedestal supporters offer precise air flow and oscillation control and can be altered remotely. Air Multiplier technology is easier to clean and a safer way to keep cool come early july.

Both new followers feature a remote control, which is magnetized to quickly find itself on the device.

"The new machines are built to circulate smooth un-buffeted air in much larger rooms. They draw in and multiply nearly 50% more air than our desk fan, " says Wayne Dyson.

Dyson AM02 Tower supporter specifications:

AM02 Tower is slender and running trail formed to take up limited floor space. Drawing in nearly nine gallons of air per second, the device amplifies air 16 times creating a smooth and chilling airflow.

Dyson AM03 Pedestal enthusiast specifications:

Offering the most air flow of all Dyson Air Multiplier enthusiasts, the AM03 Pedestal takes in almost nine gallons of air per second and amplifies mid-air 18 times. Unlike other pedestal enthusiasts, which use an uncomfortable clamp to fix the elevation, AM03 Pedestal runs on the frequent rate Tensator springtime to easily drive or pull the loop amplifier to set the elevation and angle. The device extends practically nine inches for use in larger areas including living spaces and offices. It has no spinning blades, is simple to adjust and tilt.

How Air Multiplier technology works:

Dyson Air Multiplier followers attract air in via a mixed stream impeller - a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and aircraft motors. Only 7% of mid-air made by Dyson Air Multiplier followers actually passes through the impeller, 93% results from the inducement and entrainment of bordering air.

Air is accelerated through an annular aperture placed within the loop amplifier. This creates a plane of air which passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp and channels its direction. Encompassing air is attracted into the air flow in a process known as inducement and entrainment.

Conventional followers have limited options. Dyson Air Multiplier fan airflow can be accurately modified up or down and oscillated by control buttons on the machine or remotely for the AM02 Tower and the AM03 Pedestal.

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