A Assessment Between Hamlet And Othello British Literature Essay

William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the very most contributing writers in English literature. His way of writing usually targets the use of verse and prose. Hamlet and Othello are two of his most popular takes on and act like each other in some aspects, tragedy being their basic theme. In Othello and Hamlet there a wide range of forms of problem and evil carried out by the personas. He expresses different varieties of evil through interesting and creative ways. His design of writing permits the readers to see the action of the heroes and see how lays and deceit lead to fatality and despair. The main similarity in the two plays would be that the heroes Lago from Othello and Claudius from Hamlet both seem to be someone else when the truth is they are both dangerous and cunning and deeply evil although their methods may vary. Claudius is a jealous and confused figure and Shakespeare shows this area of him many times in the play. On the other hand Lago is an insecure schemer who will try to create misunderstandings between Othello and his partner (Shakespeare 1993).

In Othello, Shakespeare uses imagistic blank verse for the major people and prose for the lowborn characters. For the villain he runs on the combination of both which means Lago's flexibility in masking his true colors and motives from whomever he's speaking to. Shakespeare also strains the change in situations as the play grows by changing the shade of words he uses. In the beginning Othello's words is constant as he was a self-assured and commendable man who was immensely deeply in love with his partner, Desdemona. Down the road as the play progresses (acts III and IV) Othello's terms changes as he is manipulated by Lago to believe his wife was infidel. This causes Othello to become extremely jealous and his dialect there on becomes barbaric. Othello is essentially an ironic play taking into consideration the wide split that is accessible in what is apparently real to the heroes in the play and what appears to be real to the theatre audience. He uses several devices to get this done; most of all he provided Lago the best terms in the playwright's body of work. Hence Lago easily disguises his true motives and is apparently an appealing and trusted person.

In Hamlet Shakespeare, again through the use of dialect, portrays Hamlet's turmoil of identification management. A couple of two edges to him: one side is his insane behavior towards his family and the other part is his variance between deciding to do right or incorrect based on what he has seen and been told. He uses poetic diction using powerful phrases. There exists figurative vocabulary, imagery and irony used to produce suspense all through the play. Like Othello, in Hamlet also Shakespeare shows disputes between personas, betrayal and misjudgment. He stresses again and again on how people look like one person while inside they are simply another. Within the first work of the play Hamlet says to his friends

"How peculiar or unusual soe'er I keep myself,

As I perchance hereafter shall think meet

To put an antic disposition on"

(Act1. Scene5. Lines58).

Shakespeare enables his audience become aware of Hamlet's selection of disguising as a mad man, "antic disposition", in the first work of the play. He writes in ways by which the audience understands what is going on while the personas are still unacquainted with it. Another way by which he shows the factor of deceit and irony is when Claudius mourns the loss of life of king Hamlet and statements to be very stressed out about any of it while the truth is he is the one who murdered him. Down the road Hamlet will try to avenge his father's fatality many a times but moral issue triggers him to fail.

Another similarity between your writing styles for the two plays is the role of the protagonist: Othello and prince Hamlet. Both protagonists are superior men having great courage. But as the play grows up Othello is used by jealousy while Hamlet by revenge. The difference between them is the fact that Hamlet spends a lot of time considering things over and examining the situation; while Othello is irrational and works without thinking. Just like Hamlet, Othello is based upon the passions that drive the main persona over the advantage of insanity. Shakespeare creates in a way where we can see similarities between characters and the play as a whole, at exactly the same time there are obvious differences between the two.

A common component in both the plays is that there is no particular end to them. Both the plays end at a note of continuance. In Hamlet, Horatio assures the young prince that he will narrate the storyplot of Hamlet to the entire world, since hamlet asks him to "And in this harsh world get thy breath in pain, to see my storyline" (Function 5, world 2).

While in Othello, Cassio continues on for taking his armed service position in Cyprus and Lodovico will take it after him to return to Venice and associate the tragic storyline of what has happened to his countrymen. "Myself will directly aboard; and also to the country express, this heavy work with heavy heart relate" (Act 5, arena 2). From both these lines Shakespeare communicates that even though the plays attended to an end, the story still continues. There may be more to the ending than just tragic deaths, the storyline will live one. It will be narrated to the planet by those who witnessed it.

Shakespeare's writings tend to be based on general themes or templates, like familial betrayal and exactly how greed corrupts, as in the case of these two plays. He runs on the lot of imagery and poetic dialogue; however he uses unrhymed lines typically. The use of blank verse in his writing is quite typical. Till time Shakespeare has one of the very most unique writing styles.

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