A swot and BCG matrix of Morrisons retailer

Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organization's features and resources toward a precise task which leads the organisation toward sale advertising and goal marketing place. Marketing strategies are the combination of product campaign, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements; recognizes the firm's marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved, ideally in a explained timeframe. Marketing strategies are concluding the mark market segments, setting, marketing mixture, and allocation of resources.

In recent years, several conceptual frameworks have been developed to better understand the procedures of strategy formulation, and then for such processes, the term "strategic marketing" can be used to describe the decisions taken up to develop long-run strategies for success and growth

About Morrisons

We will be the UK's fourth greatest food retailer with 403 stores. Our business is principally food and grocery store - the each week shop. Uniquely we source and process most of the fresh food that we sell though our own manufacturing facilities, presenting us close control over provenance and quality; and we have more people preparing more food waiting for you than any retailer.

Every week nine million customers pass through our entry doors and 124, 000 acquaintances over the business work hard each day to deliver great service to them. With competitive prices and hundreds of special offers, we could proud to save our customers money every day.

Definition of Strategic Marketing

Marketing Strategy is an activity that makes it possible for a business to focus its limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and achieve a lasting competitive edge. (Baker & Michael 2008)

Principles of marketing strategies

People Oriented Marketing

The purpose of marketing strategies is to create the added good thing about the company. The strategies that are reinforced to the client orientation is the main one because the client is the king of market.

The Cost Of Something Is What You Give Up To OBTAIN IT.

Marketing strategies are prepared based on the pricing of their products. Company place their costing that are reinforced their products and customer will probably buy it.

Reward System Strategies

Strategies are prepared to satisfy the customer and employees. Benefit Cards, loyalty cards are the rewards that organisation gives with their customers just to keep them.

Competitive Advantages

Marketing strategies are prepared in line with the competitive benefit of the rival.

Marker Base Assets

Marketing strategies are supported to the brand name, brand image, company name and then cash them to gain advantage.

Vision of Morrisons

'food specialist for everyone'

Food specialist

We really understand food. . .

we know where it originates from;

we pack it and make it inside our factories;

we make it in our stores; and

we employ craft skills atlanta divorce attorneys store.

For everyone

Great food which is also:

great value; and

for every day, not just special times.

This eye-sight is recognized by our brand principles and strategic aims.

Brand value

Our brand beliefs are important to providing our strategy and underpin all our strategic objectives. Fresh, Value and Service are talked about in the right-hand container above.

SMART Research:

SMART is an acronym which instructs us that whenever ever we place any companies objectives they should be

, S =Specific

M= Measurable

A = Actionable or Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Time Frame

Morrisons strategy

Keeping things simple: Our vision to be the 'Food Specialist for Everyone' is currently well advanced. Our constant concentrate on freshness, great value and spectacular service is attractive to more and more people. And we're now nearer to more customers, having exposed 43 new stores this past year.

Morrisons show of UK grocery market

For the financial yr 2009/10 the grocery store market was worthwhile 90. 2bn, a rise of 4. 7%.

Morrison's market talk about continues to increase even as move from National to Nationwide.

Morrisons market show(percentage %)






11. 9

12. 1

12. 3

12. 6

Morrisons show of grocers UK 2010

(ratio %)



12. 6%


Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's (put together)

63. 5%


Premium (blended)

5. 8%


Discounters as well as others (merged)

Morrisons market show growth was higher than the full total market development year-on-year and as a result we grew market show. The very best four supermarkets merged accounted for about 76% of the marketplace.

(Source: Kantar Worldpanel)

Market share expansion in 2009/10

(Ratio %)

SWOT Analysis

SWOT examination in the technique to understand the internal and external analysis of the company that show companies durability, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of the company.


Market share growth in 2009/10

Store house development

Acquisition of co-operative stores

Opening of 34 new stores

Food specialist

Specialist in food

Owen resource chain

Own circulation channel

Morrison form for food

Owen packing factories

Instore preparation of food

Quickest turnaround time between order and delivery

Employees education program (MBA)


Lack of the customers trust

Very less amount of stores

Less Advertisement

Little tad high pricing


Home Delivery

extension of small stores to hide the more customers

start the home based business line as Morrisons pharmacy

Move into non-food retailing in the UK.

Entry into new retail segments, such as drugstores, department stores, speciality units

Increase the number of stores for the more inhabitants areas


Low rates of competitors

Communication is weak

High competition

Open market for going into new competitors

Purchasing of co-operative store are not maintain Morrisons standard

Uncertainty will have an effect on the deal and profitability of the company

Competitive Analysis

Competitive examination conducted for the contrast of company to the other different companies/ challengers. It tells the company that where their products are and where the other have, they may be in the nice position are their competition. Competitive research is explains to advantages and the weaknesses of the firms over the competitors.

Morrisons have strong competition with Tesco, ASDA, and Sainsbury etc.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix


High progress business or products that competing the marketplace where they have got competitive benefits/ advantage as compare to the competition. Normally heavy opportunities must exist on the market. Morrison might not land in this part of the matrix.

Cash Cows

Business progress is low or product having comparative market talk about. There is generally low business and little investment must retain on the market. Good leadership and strategies are required for growth. Morrisons is at this area of matrix.

Question mark

Business or product have low market share but exist in the high expansion market. Businesses in this field will be required high investment but they have potential to expand high. Management have to make some expansion strategies that Morrison did and today in the development position of the marketplace.


Businesses or products have low market talk about and unattractive market. Business fall in this area may make profit to seriously breakeven point.

Pricing strategies

There are quantity of rates strategies that companies found in according to their purpose that are fit and matched with aims and goals. The strategies are:

Premium Pricing

Economy Pricing

Penetration Pricing

Psychological Pricing

Skimming Pricing

Captive Product Pricing

Product Bundle Pricing

Promotional Pricing

Geographical Pricing

Morrisons are being used various prices strategies from the above mentioned strategies.

Economy Pricing

Morrisons are using this plan in their products that are daily use items. All most all the food items are under economy pricing scheme.

Psychological Pricing

Morrisons are also adopting this pricing approach just for mental health impact on the customers. For example 99P

Promotional Pricing

Morrisons are using this plan for promotional items.

Example: buy 1 get one free or two item 2 pound etc.

STP Strategies

STP is another type of marketing strategies that companies considered while formulating its marketing strategies. STP stands for

S- Segmentation

T- Target

P- Positioning







Company divided its area into different parts than these subareas are also split into areas. Morrisons have divided its UK market into 4 parts that will be the states then these are divided into towns and then metropolitan areas are divided its attributes like central, north, east, western, northwest etc.

Distribution and channel strategies

Morrisons have their own syndication channel that is use to provide its products to the shops for the finish use of customers. Fresh foods are taken from own varieties than they send out to the concern factory for packaging and finally send out to the shops effective and efficient use of the source chain management.

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