Advantages And Negatives Of Multimedia Computer Technology Essay

Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, sound, computer animation, and video recording, interactive electronic digital or digital means of manipulation sent to the user. Multi-media elements, including text, video, sound, graphics and animation. Used in the multimedia elements can be found. Multimedia is merely these elements are put together into a robust new tool. The marketing elements in the world's leading business and multi-platform multi-media services, video gaming and digital entertainment. Our work with our customers to provide the best solutions, while also providing the multi-media services they have to do this to be able to achieve its market. We can create an extremely enjoyable and interesting and innovative and cost-effective technology, and then sell the item. Therefore, multimedia continues to play an enormous role in keeping the attention and interest of the web advertising. . Interactive multimedia animation mode changed into a static image, therefore, to appeal to and encourage visitors to click on advertisings.

Today there are thousands of sites on the web, the competition for customers within an unprecedented elevation. What ideal can be segregated from your site will depend on the nature of competition has been registered on your site any multi-media elements. Multimedia system elements, such as through cultural media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So I wish to discuss about the multimedia system elements in Twitter. Video is one of the multimedia elements that may be promote through by Twitter. . Promoting videos includes embedding your links into several highly trafficked websites. People can certainly watch your company or product videos. Music helps your company or brand to easily connect emotionally with its consumers. Animated images can be used to provide product demonstrations and presentations of the award-winning. You may easily illustrate the features and benefits associated with your product and, therefore, to encourage consumers to try them out. Interactive video tutorial or image, but also to help your business build associations with consumers can observe your company's product advertisements and respond by submitting their views or comments. If you provide useful reviews, then you can easily establish long-term prolonged relationships with consumers. When firing video ads, images, or composer, you need to pay a great deal of attention. You must produce the quality of work, not only interesting, but also cited the induced action. If you cann't be supplied or the development quality of the multimedia system elements, and then work with a professional multimedia system experts, should be your next best choice. Media marketing to produce amazing results, if it's a correct implementation. Conversely, if you create a substandard video recording or graphics, in that case your company's image or reputation will be greatly damaged. Therefore, you need to carry out a thorough review, to be able to come up with creative multimedia principles, the interest of many consumers. Hire a creative multimedia company or corporate guarantee, provide you with high-quality multimedia ideas, it is possible to improve your web site traffic or sales.

Element in Twitter

Out of all elements, the most important text on the grade of interactive multimedia. In general, the text provides important information. The written text as a cornerstone of the tying of other multimedia elements.


The sound is utilized to provide emphasis or showcase the transition in one page to another. Sound synchronization display, so that professors can post a lot of information. Creative use of does sound to become imaginative stimulus; inappropriate use, it has become an obstacle or an annoyance. The distance between your two properties amount - the acoustic frequency in each peak height of these wave habits - (sometimes referred to as pitch) peaks. The higher the length, low voice. Representatives, through video tutorial visualization functions can be direct and powerful. While this is without doubt, it is how we see and the ability to interact with digital video tutorial content to the utilization of digital video recording education to provide a new and fascinating possibilities. The video tutorial can energize interest and if it's relevant information on the other internet pages, and not too much. Video of one of the very most engaging reasons, may be its dramatic ability to generate emotional responses from individuals.


The animation is employed to display position changes as time passes, gradually, to provide students with information to make sure they are in smaller blocks, it is soaked up. Animation, when a user enters a mixture, so that students can view different versions as time passes change, regarding to different factors. Animation is employed to prove a concept or to clarify a concept. Video recording is usually yes taken from the life, while the animation is based on the drawings on the. 2-D computer animation there are two types of animation cell computer animation - based on 3-D computer animation of moving things on the display along a predetermined way - on the changes, someone to the next avenue animation: 3D computer animation- the composition of a wide range of contour and 3D things and scenes computer animation - defines the movement of the thing rendering - to a thing, such as color, surface feel properties will involve three steps modeling of three-dimensional computer animation, and transparency3- computer animation amount: 3D computer animation image: from the media concept checking - the Adam Schuman3 3D animation special results: - the two images together some image warping - 3D animation results deformation distort an individual image of the electronic reality - Generate a user the encompassing environment, therefore, he or she becomes area of the experience.


Graphics to provide a learning period, the most creative opportunity. They can from the photographs, drawings, charts, spreadsheet, image from the CD-ROM, or from the Internet to pull something. Scanners, hand-painted work can be included. Position commented that the "picture reputation memory is almost unlimited. The explanation for this is usually that the images use a lot of selection of cortical skills: color, form, line, size, structure, visual tempo, especially the creativeness.

The advantages and disadvantages of Multimedia

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using multimedia in communication. I'm only going to a list a few important ones below. If you are interested to know more, visit one of the given websites by just following links.


This is a very user-friendly. It does not need the number of energy users, in this sense, you can sit down to watch the demonstration, you can browse the text and notice the sound.

It is a multi-sensory. It uses the senses of several users, as the use of multimedia system, such as hearings, see and discuss.

It is a comprehensive and interactive. Through different mass media in the process of digital integration. The likelihood of interaction easy responses are greatly increased.

It is adaptable. Digitalization, this marketing may easily be modified to adapt to different situations and audiences.

It can be used for a variety of audiences, which range from one person to the complete group.

Creative Sectors: the creative establishments, including advertising, advertising and reports, they use multimedia fun and interactive way expressing their thoughts. Corporation of advertising companies and other creative work across an innovative way of information, ideas and news. Path information in an interactive visualization of the ideas, multimedia plays a vital role.

The latest developments in the business: technology and multi-media environment has managed to get possible for business owners to create a wonderful company website or display, including information about their products and services to the interpretation of words, audio and training video.

Marketing: structure in the website text, images, video recording shows the general idea of the product is very popular. To explain the links with the advertising, cultural networking sites to promote our ideas is inevitable. Customers may easily visualization and connect to website, in a sensible way to understand the concept.

Telecommunications industry: Today, everyone is clear Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). This service can help you audio tracks and video content from our cell phones to send word. Recently, it was limited by only a certain quantity of text messages. Within the phone's multimedia applications area in 2012 is only going to increase with the daily development of the function, such as playing music, video games, watching videos, and our mobile information.

It is seen in the entertainment industry entertainment: multimedia use one. Using the latest technology research and technology, the annual multimedia range has been broadened. We prefer to visit a 3D movie in the theatre theaters and on tv - and revel in the movie special effects wouldn't normally have been no multi-media possible.

Running over a multimedia platform for video gaming. Multimedia range is the repeated introduction of a variety of new video game every other day. In a nutshell, it can be said that increased consumer support and positive opinions from the number of digital multimedia, and only increase in 2012. Is becoming more technology-friendly in the world. Network marketing, the level of popularity of the utilization of computers, cell phones and video games is expanding its door in 2012 of media opportunities.



Information overload. Since it is very easy to work with, it can contain too much information only one time. Information overload. Since it is so easy to use, it can contain too much information only one time.

It takes time to compile. Even if it's flexible, it needs time with the initial draft.

It can be expensive. As one of my past post talked about, and multimedia system using an array of resources, you can spend big money.

Too unrealistic. Large data such as video tutorial and audio effects, the time it takes to insert your presentation. By adding too much may imply that you must use a larger computer storage documents. If you wish to upload to the web, there are several factors, such as bandwidth and the user's ability to bear in mind.


Each internet browser can screen at least some subset of HTML. The wide-ranging support of multimedia elements. The best example is the truth of Apple's mobile devices, Flash multimedia. By mid-2012, the device still will not support Flash, resulting in the dependence of Adobe flash iPad and iPhone, the web site displays one. This problem applies to other styles of multi-media, as well. Utilize the Windows Multimedia format, multi-media content website will often neglect to work properly correct the user's computer, having less the Windows Mass media plug-in.

It takes time to compile. Even if it's flexible, it requires time with the initial draft.

It can be costly. As one of my past post stated, and multimedia using a wide range of resources, you can spend big money.

Too unrealistic. Large documents such as training video and audio results, the time it requires to load your presentation. With the addition of too much may mean that you must use a more substantial computer storage files. If you wish to upload to the Internet, there are several factors, such as bandwidth and the user's capacity to bear in mind.


Each web browser can display at least some subset of HTML. The wide-ranging support of multimedia system elements. The best example is the truth of Apple's cellular devices, Flash multimedia. By mid-2012, the device still will not support Flash, leading to the dependence of Adobe flash iPad and iPhone, the website displays one. This problem applies to other styles of multimedia system, as well. Utilize the Windows Advertising format, multimedia content website will most likely fail to work properly perfect the user's computer, the lack of the Windows Press plug-in.

Question 2


A, multimedia production team may require as many as 18 discrete tasks, including:

Executive Producer

Producer/Task Manager

Creative Director/Multi-media Designer

Art Director/Visible Designer


Interface Designer

Game Artist

Subject Subject Expert

Instructional Creator/Training Specialist



Sound Producer

Music Composer

Video Company

Multimedia Programmer

HTML Coder

Lawyer/Mass media Acquisition

Marketing Director

Game Designer

The work of game designers, training video and computer game design and development team. Game designers usually have a casino game design, computer executive or computer research degree. The game designers can enjoy the professional level custom made, production assistant, programmer, junior game designers and quality confidence testing. Work with a team of game designers to develop and design video games. The game artist is a thorough, coordinated complex task to create a new team of designers and developers of video games is an important part. Game designers, such as figure, multi-level, puzzles, skill and computer animation design responsibilities. They can also write code by using a different computer programming languages. According with their professional duties, may also be responsible for job management tasks and test an earlier version of the gaming.

Responsibility of Game Designer

The game designers have created the essential composition of the computer game, from story and setting, rules, characters, and a number of objects in the overall game, including vehicles, structures and weapons accountable for the design. They have to develop the overall game how that can be played to check and train game titles, to experience it in some tests, everything is normal.


An Animator is produce a multiple image structures sequenced collectively to quickly create an animation is called the illusion of activity. The images can be digital or hand-drawn pictures, models or puppets.

The animation is often in the two-dimensional animation, 3D modeling animation, stop body or computer-generated animation. Computer-generated computer animation has a strong film (to set-up special results or animation videos in their own right), as well as the work of television, the Internet and computer games industry in all respects of.

The artwork of animation, the computer animation of the basic skills remain dependent to a sizable extent, however the expansion of a cartoonist need to be familiar with specialized computer packages.

Responsibility of Animator

An Animator is responsible for leading and coordinating the computer animation team. Team contribution, they could also be recruited to ensure that the decided on artists the development of computer animation and drawing skills. They explained that, from the director, and other relevant departments of the brief, animation, and the exchange of information.

Marketing Director

Marketing Director, accountable for the business's marketing efforts and strategies. The concentration of the task may be mainly related to advertise segmentation, this is of the buyer the common interests of the complete, income, age, contest, or other factors. Director of marketing in the end seek to find these market segments, which will purchase the products or services of their business, as well as how best to present the products and services to specific target markets.

Responsibility of Marketing Director

Director of marketing, accountable for marketing, marketing plan, marketing budget, marketing, supplier management, business development and commercial communication activities related to monitoring the actions of management, marketing section, marketing repository management and development and the development of the many functions of business the models of the organization's requirements of his / her work.

Art Director/Visual Designer

Art Director is accountable for skill and design, advertising and shooting print and television advertising. They are simply policy makers, who are in charge of the quality of the finished product. The creative director of an photographer, illustrator, model, advertising any props. Artistic director, to create a rough layout, the use of personal computers. The structure of the screen copy and will use the fonts and colors, pictures look like. At this stage, the layout must be approved by the client. Once approved as a harsh design of the advertisements, Artistic Director of the utilization of most resources to create the finished ad.

Responsibility of Fine art Director/Visual Designer

The Art Director is responsible for producing or on-screen task, all the visual aspects. Artistic director, the process responsible for the development of visualization alternatives for a number of communication problems. He or she is assisting to build corporate personal information, promotional products and services; to enhance the books, magazines, newsletters and other magazines, and the establishment of the TV commercials, film and video recording creation, website.

Specializes in packaging, exhibition, or some specific areas of knowledge and experience in areas such as the Internet or art work director. All directors, even those with a professional backdrop, must be skilled not only design and illustration, and picture taking, computer, research, writing, and with the knowledge and guidance of graphic designers, photographers, writers, wording editing, and other personnel.


18 discrete assignments are essential job that were in multimedia inside our world today's. Therefore, responsibility of each 18 discrete roles is also useful and important in media and our life whenever we were having which employment that within 18 discrete roles.

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