An Over View FROM THE Costa Coffee Plan Marketing Essay

It has always been said that distinguish the correct market for a small business is very hard as well concerning gain sustainable interest from a customer as a steppingstone when you can find such a fragmented market place with many competition. Nevertheless the 'Costa coffee' campaign will make an absolute difference. It will emphasize the grade of the coffee and its own value of hanging out discovering your most liked coffee.

This will need devote shopping centre in Auckland City as well as on tv, radio and periodicals. This original advertising is sure to establish 'Costa Coffee' as a new brand name for the brand new Zealand Coffee Enthusiasts. Sending the meaning to our aim for consumers - both male and feminine aged between 18~45 yrs. old - that drinking Costa coffee can be enjoyable and worth experience than other brand outlet's coffee. When the mark consumers realise a good impact (benefits) the 'Costa Caffeine' is having on their daily life the merchandise is sure to be advertised through person to person. This original advertising is sure to establish 'Costa Caffeine' as a brand name for the best New Zealand Restaurant in future.

Coffee intake in Australia and New Zealand has increased massively before couple of years. It is straightforward to find several different cafes around that are open up and lots of men and women drinking coffee gradually inside and outside the caf. New Zealander is in love with drink espresso in their lifestyle and a 'Smooth white' is a good example. A 'Smooth white' is one of most popular coffee beverage dished up in Australia and New Zealand which created by New Zealander called Derek Townsend in the early eighties.

Coffee is actually one of the healthiest beverages that billions of people consume regularly and it is one of the most widely researched substances. The growing body of methodical research shows that coffee is safe for healthy people and can even have beneficial health implications as a part of a healthy diet and physically dynamic lifestyle. For instance, the most predominant simple truth is that regular consumption of coffee diminishes the risk of type II diabetes and many other health risks.

Therefore, the concept of creating healthier, pleasant and high quality caffeine drink of 'Costa Coffee' will be carried out. This idea revolves around the value of reinstating the worthiness of spending time with their favorite coffee beverage more effectively, and also the attempt to break right into the competitive market of Caffeine outlets (including private cafes) in Auckland City.

Costa Espresso is one of the largest and most effective growing coffee chains in the united kingdom. It was founded in 1971 in Italy by two Italian brothers - Sergio and Bruno Costa. Costa Company which introduced the first Costa restaurant in the UK in early 1980's acquired as a primary objective to produce and serve the best possible authentic Italian espresso. Costa became part of Whitebread PLC in 1995 and has implemented an expansion program, so to be accepted nationally. With over 1, 000 stores in the UK and over 400 internationally, Costa has savored a remarkable period of growth since it exposed its first store. Costa is now the primary UK branded restaurant with over 300 stores that now works in 25 countries (Costa Coffee, n. d. ). In addition, it opened its 1000th milestone store in March 2008 in Moscow (Whitbread PLC, 2010).

Costa Caffeine has a specially combined caffeine called 'Mocha Italia' that created by Sergio and Bruno Costa 37 years ago, manufactured from their own special mixture of coffee beans. It's a unique combination as it manages to incorporate the sweetness, bitterness and body needed to make the perfect sit down elsewhere. As for the mixture itself, that is clearly a closely guarded technique, but you can like a cup of its distinctive flavour and a warm Italian welcome at any of our Costa caffeine shops (Costa Espresso, n. d. ).

Just beyond the Mocha Italia, Costa Coffee provided variety selection of coffee beverage choices like other coffee shops have, it also includes non-coffee drinks (tea, drink and hot chocolate etc) and appetizers (sandwiches, muffins and cakes etc).

(Costa Coffee, n. d. ).


In the advertising plan, the target market would be divided into smaller segments as geographic, demographic and psychographic.

Firstly, geographic includes of the country, town, place or city. This advertising plan is designed for Auckland City, and it protects all central city area looked after including areas such as Parnell, Newmarket and Mission bay. Auckland Central city is known as a heart of Auckland; as a result, large populations are available because this is where most colleges and the business enterprise can be found. After a year, the target market can be long to other area such as North Shoreline, Waitakere City and Manukau City.

Secondly, under the demographic, both guy and females aged between 18 - 45 years of age is our product's target market, but it does appeal to everyone's needs. The reason for this is generally because the product itself is essentially for the individuals (business women and men). They often go to Costa at the office-going hour to adopt morning coffee prior to starting the work with lunchtime. Costa coffee is relatively high price is why working people take a bigger part of customers than students despite their similar using hour. However, it will also include university students who can afford to buy costed caffeine. Overall, our advertising will immediately towards to individuals who are interest to spend their money on espresso beverage.

Additionally, Costa launched the Kids menu for new target market - Family. As much Costa stores are found in high roads and shopping malls in UK, there is an massive potential for family target. To meet up this demand Costa has launched a particular range of food for children- Costa Kids, composed of just a little sandwich, new Smarties American style cookies, yoghurts and Robinsons Super fruit Shoot drinks positioned in special Costa Kids bags so that children can take the food with them (Costa Coffee, n. d. )

Under the psychographic, all internet users can be our marketplace. It offers students of final year in college or in university or college and young employees who could be Costa coffee's customers. Yet, not many coffee retailers offering free Wi-Fi, therefore, open 24 hours and providing infinite free Wi-Fi will getting those


Our advertising goals have been intended to be something that advertising can accomplish, for instance a shift in perception or to create awareness. To be able to kick off the advertising plan effectively, both marketing goals as well as the communications objectives are important to be looked at.

Marketing Objectives

These will be the marketing targets that Costa Coffee should achieve after starting the marketing campaign.

To raise the brand recognition

To increase product sales of both espresso beverage and non-coffee beverage

To generate regular profit over the next 12 months

To increase the market share by 10% over another 12 months

Communication Objectives

These will be the communication objectives that Costa Coffee should achieved after launching the advertising campaign.

To boost the quality of blended coffee drink and excellent customer service

To maintain Costa Caffeine as the preferred brand of restaurant among 50% business men/women and university student customers in Auckland city next 12 months

To build the awareness of Costa Caffeine among 70% of the mark audience within the next 12 months

To improve the brand and organization image in the consumers mind-set over next 12 months


Our campaign arrange for the advert of the 'Costa Espresso' mainly protects the facet of connection between customers and Costa Caffeine and exactly how this will ultimately effect customer's daily life. Definitely its focus based on the activity of customers hanging out at one of Costa espresso retailers for relax. Strategy is the means where we aim to achieve the goals (White, 2000). Our strategy is to encompass a significant aspect of advertising, incorporating components of the marketing mixture. As White claims that "enable advertising to fulfill its role in the entire marketing combination" (2000), it also includes the development of identifying specific goals that may be found by advertising.


It is recommended to Costa Caffeine to use the three types of strategy to achieve its marketing and communications objectives as mentioned before. Those three strategies that are recommended to execute are position strategy, communication strategy, and marketing strategy.

Position Strategy

Costa Coffee position for its product as high quality combined coffee drink which using affordable charges strategy. In order to make this happen position strategy, it's advocated to Costa Caffeine to highlight its quality and excellent customer service in all outlet stores. These will creates a trust and strong commitment on Costa Coffee and its espresso bean's quality and customer service. After the customers have trust and thought the quality and the services provided by the Costa Coffee, they will bypass talking more about Costa Espresso to others. Costa Coffee will be the first on to choose among other competitors, likely, Starbucks may be the second choice.

Subject matter Strategy

Costa Coffee might use a new theme or slogan called 'Costa Caffeine - Just a little style of Italy worthwhile longing for'. This subject matter conveys the customer who used to drink American style combined coffee beverage. To generate Italian traditions, interior of Costa coffee shop will provide the image of Italian history for his or her customers and a unique taste. It'll promise the customers' highest satisfaction.

Media Strategies

In order to achieve the objectives which was stated earlier, various types of advertising mass media will be use to converse the retailing theme to the prospective audience such as tv set, magazines, Internet banner, billboard and mags. All this media may increase the Costa Coffee Company's sales, profit and knowing of the product as it could deliver the note very wide to all market and leave a profound impact on the prospective audience's mind at the same time.


There are various kinds of media and direct marketing you can use for advertising campaign, each press has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, it is vital to choose the best media to attain the prospective audience. In cases like this Costa Caffeine may choose television set, newspapers, Internet, billboard, and Newspaper for the marketing campaign.


Television is the better media to advertise the certain product/service, however, it is relatively expensive than papers and magazines. The main reason for this is, it includes the combination of sound, visible images, movement and colours. It includes countrywide coverage where it can includes large amount of audiences within short period of times. Tv set does easily understand consumer's attention and create awareness about them. Through tv set, Costa Coffee will be able to achieve its aims by creating recognition on the consumers.

The advertising campaign will advertise equally in three most popular television channels such as Television set1, Tv set2 and Tv set3 and Sky Television set. The advertisements would advertise in every months over summer and winter. However, more ad would advertise on early on Apr, May, June, July, August and later September. The primary reason for this is, they are the weeks that New Zealand's autumn and winter season started out and ends. Theoretically, more people would preferred to drink hot drink especially in winter time. Moreover, this advertisement will advertise on daily on both the TV channels through the leading time, which is between 8. pm and 11. pm. This is considered the best timing because, most students and working people would again from universities or work, and this is enough time where they will be resting in front of the TV. However the length of ad would be 15 to no more than 30 moments.

1st picture - A guy with a almost all paper work in his office

2nd world - Several university students with plenty of assignments

3rd scene - It is morning tea time and two elderly people sitting down on the

couch in their living room and prepared to drink something with their snack

5th scene - Showing Costa Coffee with its slogan

'A little flavour of Italy, worth waiting for'.

6th field - Happy and satisfaction encounters of the working man, the

college scholar, and seniors with the eliminate coffee drink in their side. And in the bottom of the previous display the Costa Coffee's website and locations can look stating 'Visit today!'


Costa Espresso will choose two most popular newspaper publishers in Auckland religious beliefs; it would be The New Zealand Herald (The Aucklander) along with the Sunday Celebrity times.

According to the latest Nielson nationwide newspaper study, the both readership of the Weekend and Daily Herald were up highly in '09 2009 ("Weekend herald viewers expand", 2009). For Weekend Herald was read by an average of 618, 000 people aged 15+, up by 17, 000 from a year ago, and about 568, 000 people read the Daily Herald and as well as the merged print release and website readership was also up 5. 5 % to 685, 000 ("Weekend herald viewers grow", 2009). This amount clearly shows that THE BRAND NEW Zealand Herald is the best readership of any magazine in the country. Additionally, over weekly the Herald audience has increased by 52, 000, achieving 1. 15 million New Zealanders; six out of 10 Aucklanders read a print edition of the Herald or visit nzherald. co. nz every week ("Weekend herald viewers grow", 2009).

The Weekend Star-Times is New Zealand's only countrywide broadsheet publication with a readership of over 608, 000 (Murphy, n. d. ). Weekend Star-Times is a newspapers supplies the backgrounds reviews of national relevance, at exactly the same time providing quality leisure read for an audience which includes the perfect time to take it in.

Due to the, these two magazines are chosen in this marketing campaign. Newspaper advertisement would be done atlanta divorce attorneys month throughout the complete year. The advertising campaign would be done only on Monday, Saturday and Weekend, where it might be in full webpage in colours.

This is because on Mon all business people going back to their office. Naturally, Saturdays and Sundays are the days that people usually rest in their home and spend plenty of time to go through each and every web pages on the newspaper publishers. And furthermore there are several special editions on weekends about lifestyle and so on, which will catch the attention of many people, read papers. While going through the magazines, definitely they will come across Costa Coffee advert because it includes the full page with colourful image. Thus, this will generate awareness on the consumers.

Internet Banner

The Internet banners will be the best mass media for online adverts. The web banners will be promoted on the best New Zealand websites such as Trade me, Yellow internet pages, Products, TVNZ, and NZ Herald, yahoo!xtra and Google NZ plus more. Banners will show with the advertising campaign and it'll put for the 24/7, 12 months. It'll place at the top of the search machine or web sites, therefore target audience will be aware these banners while searching or browsing the internet. To be sure, all the banners should flash shifting from one screen to another and it'll only will go off when the user clicks to close it.


Billboards are usually put along highway and main roads to fully capture the followers who long on the highway or drive along the roadways and highways. The billboard advert will be for the whole year during the marketing campaign. The billboard use a poster panel form which is silk screened and published in mattress sheets to the billboard. It's important to make use of appropriated size of image and font so motorists are able to see the billboard while to operate a vehicle without the distraction. The billboard will be setup on the North, Southern and Western Motorway and high traffic areas in the central city. Therefore, it will create the brand reputation and product recognition by target audience, plus, improve the brand equity.


Magazines are among the best ways to advertise the branded Restaurant like Costa Coffee, especially the popular Coffee Fans. Normally, it includes fancy colours of pictures and photos to draw in their target audience. Decided to advertise Costa Caffeine popular, Food & Beverage and Restaurant related mags such as Dishes, Vogue, and Women's Regular. The Women's Regular magazine is the primary magazine media to market because it placed in number 1 advertising New Zealand Journals (isubscribe, 2010). The ad will be imprinted in each month throughout the complete year completely site with colourful image and a custom logo of Costa Coffee and simple communication will be add on.



The main strength of the 'Costa Coffee' is the made in UK Company has a strong existence with a good reputation for creativity and espresso in UK. Therefore, the strong connection between New Zealand and UK may impact to boost the Costa Coffee ingestion.

The second durability for the Costa Espresso is Italian Heritage. A lot of the branded Coffee shops are available American style or Kiwi style combined coffee drink. However, Costa Espresso is recognized as an Italian influenced culture founded on Italian expert knowledge of roasting unique coffee beans to make high quality handmade refreshments. As a person, it'll be great reason to encourage them to see a new style of coffee.

Lastly, the vast range of food (ie. Wedding cake, sandwiches, muffins etc) for both people and kids and unlimited free Wi-Fi web connection can be strong durability for Costa Caffeine.


The biggest weakness for the Costa Coffee is its market talk about in Auckland, New Zealand. Yet, Costa Espresso does not have any market talk about in the Central city of Auckland and no brand acceptance has been made. Therefore, it will be problem for Costa Coffee to build strong presence with a good reputation like in UK.


Expansion could be a key chance of Costa Coffee. For instance, opening more stores near the School campus, city council, immigration agency, banking institutions within Central Auckland City.

Also getting a wider population especially families with specific products for children. Costa Coffee's Youngster menu is the good example for this opportunity.


As a treat for Costa coffee, Auckland Central city could become saturated with different types of coffee shops. Therefore, this area is quite struggle for Costa Espresso to stepping into in and concentrating on the same market with existing caffeine shops - eg. Starbucks, Columbus, Esquire etc.

New entrants are also snacks to Costa Espresso. For example, increasing competitive hazards from donut and bagel chains as they consistently expand their retailers and increase alternatives of coffee product offering.


The desk below shows the budget allocation across different media of the advertising plan. The entire budget allocated for this advertising plan would be only NZ $4, 000, 000. As shown in the desk, it shows Tv set is the major multimedia spend almost all of the budget accompanied by the Papers. However, it is worth spending considerable budget on Television set advertisements since it does subjected to larger quantity of target market amazingly within short period of your energy. Thus, it may easily grasp the target audience's attention by use of mixture of visual images, motion, colors and sound effects. For Magazines, it also performs an important role, since it is cheaper than Tv but it also covers wide areas of marketplace and audience.

Communication Tools

Amount per time (NZ $)


2, 592, 000


3, 512, 832

Internet Banner

235, 200


222, 000


161, 000

Total (NZ $)

$ 3, 390, 116

The computation above is the utmost amount of the advertising campaign for your year.


Since Costa Coffee has been spending a lot of money on its marketing campaign, it is vital to know whether the advertising was effective or not. The effectiveness of advertising campaign must be assessed to avoid costly faults (Belch & Belch, 1999). In this case, pre-test can be utilized before the campaign is integrated and post-test is done after employing the advertising campaign. There are several ways or solutions to do these measurements, such as questionnaires/review, interview, observations and target group project or more. Questionnaires, survey and interview are the basic and most common methods to be employed by everyone because it is fairly cheap and easy to gather the people's opinion towards product/service.

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