An research of the Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola is the largest drink company of the world, and it provides consumers with more than 500 different brands. Coca Cola is the most valuable company of the world and it offers as products Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, Powerade, and Minute Maid (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010). At the moment the company focuses on the having sustainable community guarding environment and having good economical development.

Company is also called an organization and it is consist of composition, policies, commercial culture which all can become dysfunction in extremely changing business environment (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010). Manager can make changes in structure and policies which are difficult to change but the company's culture is incredibly hard to improve. Yet adapting to the culture is often a key to successful implementation of company's new strategies (Kotler & Keller, 2009).

Coca Cola is a carbonated drink which can be used by many worldwide (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010). The Coca Cola is Coke and it was created in nineteenth century by John Pemberton. The online marketing strategy of Coca Cola has managed to get dominant soft drink of the world. The Coca Cola is the most popular, best selling soft drink ever sold and best known product of the world. Today you will get Coca Cola in any area of the world.

Mission assertion is developed by an organization which states to share managers, employees, and customers. A and certainly thoughtful mission statement gives the staff member with a distributed sense of reason, course and prospect(Kotler & Keller, 2009).

Coca Cola's objective is to declare the purpose of Coca Cola. Coca Cola want to renew the earth and inspire as soon as of delight and cheerfulness. Coca Cola want to build its value and change lives on earth (Coca-Cola, 2010).

Coca Cola the product

Goods are physical goods make up of large of most countries development and marketing attempts. Each and every time of the year company's market range of caned, frozen food products, cars, tv, and machines are stronghold of the modern world(Kotler & Keller, 2009).

As economic move forward or develop the growing percentage of there activities get give attention to development of services, for instant USA current economic climate contain seventy-thirty services to good combination. Services for instant include employed in airlines, hotels, banking companies, doctors, and software developers (Coca-Cola, 2010). Many market consist of both offering of service and goods for instant fast food company offer both service and goods(Kotler & Keller, 2009).

The physical attribute of Coca Cola is to focus on the needs of the clients, and enter the market to listen or observe the customers. Coca Cola needs to process the entire world view and give attention to its place in market every day (Coca-Cola, 2010).

Brand name and trademark

Brand is name, term, signal, or design or a mixture of all of the to make or identifying of the goods and services of 1 seller or group of sellers to tell apart them from those of competition (Shimp, 2003). Brand is a make of the company unique designation which distinguishes its offering from other product category entries. Most companies have to apply for trademark subscription and some companies have solo name for subscription whereas other submit multiple labels. According to one survey three brands are rejected for each documented name(Shimp, 2003).

Coca Cola is the winning culture of today's world which is about the attitude of customer it would like to capture. Coca Cola want to become a leader of market insurance agencies excellent quality and brand. Brand image of Coca Cola is widely known which is composed of creativity, enjoyment, hopefulness and fun. Coca Cola desire to be a brandname which may the entire world for example if in blind test people favor Pepsi, however if the test is not blindthen they need to favor Coca Cola over Pepsi.

Coca Cola has popular trademark which is recognized by many throughout the world. The Coca Cola has very good business status and it offers very good position. The trademark of Coca Cola is very simple yet vivid and recognized to many.

Product packaging

Packaging of a brand is of course the box that helps to protect and sells the merchandise. Products which are available in the store on the selves are always enclosed, boxed or packed for some reason. The term offer can be used in present context a soda container is a package deal or jewel container of a Disc (Shimp, 2003).

Coca Cola is the main brand on earth and its condition was first listed as Coca Cola bottle. Packaging is considering most affordable type of advertising and every program is five second commercial, we can think deal as a silent sales man. Package tends to sketch attention of the customer, break through the competition untidiness, and justify the purchase price and value for the client. The business use varies packaging technique to focus on the customers one such mechanism is show in the diagram below.

Packaging must make sure that the product has best value and the beverage or the soda remains fresh during consumption. Uniformity and consistency in the merchandise are critical to accomplish for a business (Coca-Cola, 2010). Coca Cola should have highest standard of quality and security of the merchandise.

Benefit of goods

Coca Cola is a brandname which guarantees, and it guarantees to achieve certain result to deliver certain experience in certain way. That is guarantee is conveyed to the people by everything they see, touch, or hear.

Coca Cola as a brand touches millions of people's center everyday. At special event to formal appointment Coca Cola is part of our life (Coca-Cola, 2010). Coca Cola brand is the special part of people's lives. Coca Cola as a good has cherished in many lives and given exceptional youth memories to military action. Thousands of people share their tales of Coca Cola with Coca Cola. The goal of the Coca should be to provide people who have energetic and healthy lives by offering quality drinks.

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage, an edge over the competition which is gained by offering consumer the higher value, by either lower price or by giving more gain that justify higher price (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008).

Competitive advantage can be an ability of your company to perform in one or even more techniques the opponents cannot or won't match. A business will need to have a sustainable competitive advantage since it benefits the business in longer operates. Competitive advantage offers customer advantages for example if Coca Cola deliver its product better than any other competitors then customers will choose Coca Cola over others.

Target Market

Target marketing for a brand advertising strategy and related marketing program is define in term of demographics, geo-demographic, psychographic, or product use characteristic for instant for a blossom shop the mark market will be all customer who almost never or often purchase blossom(Shimp, 2003).

Coca Cola applies the demographic factor to accomplish its marketplace for example it advertise for youths to like the Coca Cola in new technology terms. Coca Cola need to raised understand the impact of Coca Cola business and its own value for the customer. Coca Cola works in large international string of retailers and other type of business to set-up common benefits. Customer look ahead cost reduced amount of Coca Cola and improvement of sales to provide better quality for diverse group of consumers.

The Coca Cola's carbonated drinks are essentially for any consumers but there are some areas where Coca Cola concentrate on specific consumers. For instants Coca Cola diet is targeting the consumer entire are more aged and between the age of 25 to thirty nine. PowerAde is focusing on the individuals who are incredibly fit and carry out healthy sports. Winnie the Pooh sipper cover is a Drink which is focusing on children of small get older such as five to twelve. Coca Cola company advertising aim for primary market of age between thirteen to 24, and secondary market is between ten and thirty nine of age.

Consumer thought of Coca Cola

Coca Cola in many peoples mind is the drink of youngsters, and it offers refreshment no other drink can provide. Coca Cola is well-liked by 200 countries of the world and each has diverse cultures.

Buy habits

Due to the large level of Coca Cola buying habit of men and women are diverse for instant more radiant technology want to drink it when they are with friends, and in family orientation in people festivities Coca Cola is extensively use.

Media preferences

Coca Cola is broadly advertising TV, radio, and newspaper publishers and mainly it take the attitude of customers and bring a affirmation about life-style of people. The price of Coca Cola is widely known thus it only must advertise life style.

Coca Cola has different price of different product and essentially depends after brand and size. For example Coca Cola old classic, Sprite, Fanta, is AED 1 of can and bottle 375ml. Coca Cola product are sold in petrol channels, shops and grocery stores. Pricing is defined by those the business provides to petrol stop and grocery stores usually sell Coca Cola at a fixed price, and in retail stores different stores apply different pricing strategy for instant with pack of six Coca Cola one Pringles free.

Target market segment

Surely the Coca Cola's marketplace segment keeps growing because it comes in every place in the world and well-liked by many people across the world. The market portion is also very steady because the Coca Cola operates in big countries like China and USA and they have diverse demographic to like Coca Cola as their soft drink.


Coca Cola operates in soft drink industry or beverage industry. Coca Cola have large show of the industry and it performs throughout the world. Soft drink Industry is dependant on new business innovation and it started out long time previously. Soft drink industry is large for instant in USA there are 500 bottler and one hundred eighty three thousand employees with retail deal of sixty one billion of sales. American uses average of fifty-five gallons of soda per person per time. In 2001 ninety six point five percent of soft drink industry was of nine leading companies and lead by Coca Cola by forty three percent, and Pepsi thirty one percent. Seven products or brands of Coca Cola account for two/third of its sales.


Coca Cola's main competition is Pepsi which almost sell the similar product and it is in direct competition around. Indirect competition are Red Bull, Vitamin supplements C, Energy refreshmentsetc.

Major competitors

There a wide range of companies that are competition to Coca Cola and cause some menace to Coca Cola but nonetheless Coca Cola is world number one soda company. Below is the united states show of the Coca Cola in soda industry.

In USA Coca Cola Company experienced net income increased eight details four percent which is world largest soft drink maker. Company share is likely to rise in one point five billion to two billion buck. The beverage quantity in USA rose by two percent and globally it increased by five percent. Coca Cola zero acquired double digit amount expansion and Fanta & Sprite were top performance. Although Coca Cola is number one soda company but nonetheless its CEO believe there is absolutely no victory in this however they are in process of stabilizing.

Pepsi is second to Coca Cola in sales but sometimes it out offers Coca Cola in some market segments. In Mexico Kola real is offering Coca Cola in competition, in France Island Corsica Cola is a significant competitor to Cola. In Sweden Julmust out sell the Coca Cola, in Scotland Irn-Bru was popular than Coca Cola, and in India Thums Up of Pepsi was a mind of Coca Cola in sales. United kingdom Qibla Cola and France brand of Mecca Cola are popular in Middle East than Coca Cola. RC Cola of Israel is inexpensive competition to Coca Cola.

Competitor's gain over Coca Cola

There are certain risk require in long-term success of Coca Cola company for instant people are becoming health conscience and want to decrease the amount of calories, so that it will influence Coca Cola for some reason. Addititionally there is competition in a variety of products of Coca Cola with other companies such as normal water and sports refreshments. Coca Cola is handling the risk in developed countries by producing Coca Cola zero products. Today Coca Cola deal in USA and Europe are sustain however in twenty years the Coca Cola expansion will maintain emerging market segments.

It is important reality Coca Cola products have been secure through the financial pattern for instant the price of Coca Cola didn't change when downturn hit the economy.

Coca Cola's advantage over competitors

Coca Cola is the number one advertising drink and it has been doing it for most generations. Coca Cola spend lot of money in research and development so it has survived on large economic scale. Coca Cola has brand collateral which means it is the favorable brand. Coca Cola has competitive gain on other company to enter into its market barrier to accessibility, for instant there are many companies which product similar product as Coca Cola. Coca Cola didn't file its patent whereas IBM did but both companies are successful. Coca Cola has competitive gain so that it is which makes it increase and bigger in conditions of sales and market share. Coca Cola reputation has also competitive advantage which is also chasing environmental friendly product. Coca Cola many products are recyclable and Coca Cola is also choosing the green effect.


Coca Cola's inside strengths

Strength of the Coca Cola is that it is more popular company and its popularity is durability itself. Coca Cola brand is easily accepted for instant its logos, color, deals, t-shirts etc. no other soda company compare to Coca Cola's level of popularity status and for this reason people buy Coke not because of flavor however they feel it is accepted and they feel they can be part of something big or unifying. People are extremely faithful to Coca Cola and 80 percent of Coca Cola revenues come from 20 percent of their faithful customers. Coca Cola has ability to sell the merchandise across the world and they will continue to buy what they like (Coca Cola).

Coca Cola's inner weakness

Coca Cola has limited range of weakness plus they need to correct the weakness if indeed they want to achieve the excellent or next level of achievements. Durability and weakness are part of any business because people prefer to say various things about the business and it generates an image of the business. Coca Cola has produce excellent or popular product such as Coke and Sprite but they have approximately 500 types of refreshments which are unidentified to many people. There is also some issues about health aspect of products of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola's exterior opportunities

Coca Cola has few opportunities in its business but it includes many successful brands which it should continue steadily to exploit. Coca Cola has opportunity to advertise less popular products since it has large income. Coca Cola is known to 90 percent inhabitants of the world and it includes opportunity to make it nearer to completely. Coca Cola has opportunity to increase the distance between them and their competition.

Coca Cola's exterior Threats

Despite the success of Coca Cola and its dominance in market it has yet to deal with dangers. Coca Cola must package with the threat of attitude on the drink as changing health awareness of people. Having habits can harm the sales of Coca Cola and reduce its recognition. Coca Cola also have to be carefulabout regulations suit it encounters.

Marketing campaign strategy

Coca Cola has most popular marketing advertising strategy because its brand is widely known. To make a successful marketing advertising strategy a corporation must analysis fads (interior and exterior), spending throughout company, identify customer and touch point for company and the brand and also to have innovation in its campaigns marketing. Coca Cola has been advertising on TV over fifty years. Coca Cola music and commercials are really popular and they have catchy mottos such as "Adds a refreshing relish to every form of exercise" (Coca-Cola, 2010).

Advertising, personal selling, sales advertising, publicity

Advertising requires either mass communication by Information paper; Magazine, Medias or direct communication is between business to business customer and only the customer. Both form of advertising are paid to different advertisers. Direct advertisement consists of traditional email, email has made expansion lately to target communication and computer has this possible (Shimp, 2003). Coca Cola is using advertising as main way to obtain consumer understanding. It usually uses tv to advertise Coca Cola product, but it also uses the platform of games such as Fifa World Glass.

Personal selling involves individual to individual communication by the sale person to see, educate and go after the buyer to choose the companies service or product (Shimp, 2003). There is large and experienced sales team of Coca Cola to symbolize the company to the merchants, this strategy sustains service and product commitment and this also display effective business.

Sales advertising is assortment of all marketing activities that try to energize quick buyer action or quick sale of the merchandise and service. Sales promotions are fond of trade, consumer or both (Shimp, 2003). Sales promotions are common for Coca Cola in retail market which also help Coca Cola to expand.

Publicity is like advertising and consists of non personal communication to mass people, but unlike advertising, the firms don't purchase marketing time or space. Promotion is usually assuming form of media item or article comment about companies' product and services (Shimp, 2003). Publicity is common in Coca Cola such just as 2003 Vanilla Coke was released in advertising as new briefing out coating the huge profit.

Coca Cola is most profitable company in the world, which is also number one soda company, and buying it is profitable. Coca Cola does the marketing in ways that people love the products of Coca Cola, and it sure has very long and prosperous history. Coca Cola profitability and recognitions result from just how it market its brands. Coca Cola is most well-known brand on earth and marketing performed a big role in that.

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