Analysis of John Green's 'Looking for Alaska'

Looking for Alaska


"The only path out of the labyrinth of fighting is to forgive. " John Green, the author of Looking for Alaska, writes a story about a group of adults, where we observe how love and friendship are special and how life can vanish in a moment. This publication shows how sometimes parents just do not understand or do not see how big situations are for young adults. Adults feel that teenagers think they may be unseen which somehow it holds true teenagers do feel just like they are invisible, but there exists a large picture in all this. Teens will will have friends that are always there for them. There will be always that someone that helps them continue and then camaraderie and live comes in. Life is a puzzle is a "labyrinth" and everyone must find their way out by themselves before life is fully gone. The young adult novel represents a combination of genres. It offers romance, enigma, and adventures which is because of how the individuals in the storyline live this crazy and ambitious experiences.


Miles Halter is a young adult who is fascinated by famous previous words. A long way leaves his family in Florida to begin boarding institution in Alabama. Mls would go to Culver Creek to get a "Great Perhaps" which will be the previous words of his favorite poet before he died discussing find the path of success. At Culver Creek, A long way start a very strong friendship along with his roommate Chip. Chip introduces A long way to his other two very good friends, Alaska and Takumi. Miles in company of Alaska, Chip and Takumi experience crazy adventures. One day Mls, Chip and Alaska acquired really drunk. Couple days later the school receives the news; Alaska had a vehicle accident and she died. Now Kilometers and Chip are set to investigate to know what really happened and when Alaska's fatality was intentional in her own way to get out of the "labyrinth". Finally Mls and Chip never reach know very well what really happened for the reason that accident however they understood that the only way from the "labyrinth" of life and fighting is to forgive themselves which was what Alaska possessed still left them after her loss of life. Boarding school was over, Chip acquired prepared to leave for getaway with his mom and A long way as well. A long way went home for holiday but he never forgot the meaning Alaska tried out to make him understand about how to get out of the "labyrinth".

Character analysis:

Alaska is one of the primary characters of the storyplot. She becomes a puzzle to her friends and to the viewers when she dies. Alaska has this bipolar kind of personality; she actually is funny, crazy, and mysterious, and she can sometimes be rude and mean but the majority of all she actually is very smart. Alaska has been tormented since her mother passed away when she was little, somehow Alaska seems guilty on her behalf mothers' loss of life. "She had fallen over. She was resting on to the floor, holding her head and jerking. And I freaked out. I should have called 911, but I just started screaming and crying until she finally halted jerking. " Despite the fact that Alaska has lived a very rough past, she actually is still happy and energetic; or possibly that is just how she would like others to see her. Alaska is the type of person who can be having a great time one day and the next one she actually is totally other person by being mean and rude. "I'm really not up for answering any questions that focus on how, when, where, why, or what. " Alaska is absolutely pretty or possibly is just Mls making her look good. "And today is really as good a period as any to say she was beautiful. . . I possibly could see her eyes-fierce emeralds. . . And not only beautiful, but hot, too, with her breast straining against her limited container top, her curved lower limbs swinging back and forth beneath the swing. " Throughout the history Alaska changes a whole lot. She evolves from being truly a comfortable and strong woman to an extremely lost and depressive one. After remembering what happened to her mom, she cannot stand the guilt she seems and she becomes a frosty person. Alaska dies in the storyplot and that is when the mystery comes since she kept everything to be persisted. "'This is so fun' she whispered, 'but I'm so sleepy. To become extended?'" Alaska always considered life as a labyrinth of hurting and she wished to know what just how from it was. She discovers that her only way to avoid it of the "labyrinth" of hurting was to forgive. Alaska was required to forgive herself for what took place to her mother and top getting all the guilt of something she didn't do.

Analysis and Evaluation:

In this book John Green was looking to inform how he views real life in a teen fiction storyline. John was looking to present the reader into the "labyrinth of life" and persuade us to look for our very own "Great Perhaps" (goal in life). John have a fairly good job gathering us into the labyrinth and making us consider what we really want. He hides the real interpretation; his thoughts in what he really considers life in the storyplot. He created a tale that might be easily relished by everyone that reads the publication and still gets the result he wished. Reading the book was very worth it. Now I have a different point of view of life. CAN CERTAINLY MAKE MONEY see life now could be as a casino game, difficult, a puzzle and if I find the way to win the game, surpass the challenge or solve the puzzle life will have a reward for me. EASILY find what I am here for I will be successful. As being a reader of Looking for Alaska, I'd totally recommend it to other viewers. I would not be a specialist of literature but of all the books I have read this book totally goes into the best ones. The booklet supports a lot of my values and thought process about certain things. One of the things that the e book helps me on is approximately devotion and love. "If you must express devotion, I always sensed, you must do it". This price really surely got to me because this is the exact same thing I usually says about someone who says that is in love with somebody else. If someone truly enjoys someone else the individual has to show their affection to the other person. Another thing that the publication and I've the same thought is approximately struggling with for what we really want. "'Sometimes you lose a fight. But mischief always is victorious the conflict. '" This estimate found my attention because this is really a very basic thought process and many people might think this much too. But I liked this offer since it reminded me of that time period when I could not do something and i quickly kept in mind what my parents always explained, similar to the quotation, that sometimes in life you will lose some fights but if you work enough you may win the war and become successful.


Looking for Alaska is a really good booklet. The reserve has a pretty interesting story. Even though there were parts in the e book that looked that something was missing it was child of the purpose; going out of the reader considering what was another event. The writer introduced the readers into this new perspective of life. Just how Miles understood just how out of the "labyrinth of life" everyone must find their own way to avoid it. Also besides finding the way to avoid it of the labyrinth folks have to find their goal in life so they no more live this life packed with emptiness asking themselves what they are absent.

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