Analysis of organizational behavior critique

The author starts by by using a research performed by Stanford College or university professors to prove that diverse communities in organizations are in fact beneficial rather than detrimental to them. She further talks about that diverse groupings in organizations improve group problem resolving skills or creativity including innovation and dispute image resolution. However, visible diversity including gender, contest or era may have adverse effects on organizations although this may be exploited to favorably impact the business. The author points out that effective management of diversity in organizations enhances teamwork since categories are more likely to solve conflicts effectively and embrace diverse viewpoints which foster creativeness within organizations (Hastings, 2006). Managers should therefore strive to periodically rotate composition of employees to adopt advantage of variety in the workforce. Another study by Phillips, a Northwestern School professor exposed that beginners in organizations function more efficiently when they have got similar capabilities with the group although on the overall the group develops least effective problem handling skills. However, beginners who are different from the team may at first develop conflicts but in the long run the group develops the very best problem fixing skills. The writer concludes by explaining that professionals should embrace variety among their labor force if they are to operate effectively. They also needs to take benefit of the many benefits which staff variety bring to the business so far as accomplishment of goals is concerned.

Article critique

The author uses different studies performed by different universities to prove that diversity is actually favorable to organizations. Most of these studies are undertaken by credible organizations although the research methodology is not given. The inability to give the study methodology makes it difficult to know the validity and correctness of the study. However, academics articles and literature on research keep a similar view which implies that the findings are accurate (Drucker, 2000). Although the writer discusses the relationship between group diversity and company dynamics, she does not discuss other dynamics of the business which may have an effect on group effectiveness. These include motivation, management and communication. The writer will not also discuss instances where diversity among groups is actually detrimental to efficiency of organizations. Future research should concentrate on these two perspectives ignored by the author. The article pays to for business managers who are keen on using diversity to exploit the opportunities available through problem producing solving skills amongst employees. This article is also great for business students who are keen on understanding the dynamics of modern organizational methods as well as how to embrace diversity.

The use of vitality in an organization

"The use of electric power in organizations" by Pfeffer, J.

Article summary

This article discusses the success history of Esserman, the Carol Franc Breasts Medical center CEO in effectively implementing changes in her company. The author points out that implementing strategies in large organizations is challenging scheduled to resistance at different levels. Although Essernam acquired feasible and sensible plans to boost service delivery at Franc Buck Breasts Care facility, there were several issues she experienced in putting into action change. Many of these troubles emanated from the distinctions in aims of different departments which made it difficult to align organizational goals to departmental aims. For instance, although had objectives of so that it is easier to identify and treat breast conditions, the financial division had challenges bringing up income needed to support these goals. However, through use of electric power, she could achieve these objectives and increase patient numbers handled each day as well as efficiency of treatment (Pfeffer, 2010). The usage of power also empowered the organization develop an online site where patient needs are linked to healthcare services needed. The scientific tests also increased and data management was made easier and effective. The author concludes by emphasizing the role vitality plays in putting into action organizational plans.

Article critique

The author talks about the role of vitality in implementing decisions within the business. She effectively uses a case study to support her views, which is a practical approach to teaching obstacles in modern business environments. Developing plans is seen to be different from applying them since there's always opposition to changes in organizations (Maier, 2007). However vitality sometimes appears to be an efficient toll used to counter this level of resistance. This is an effort facing many modern businesses where professionals have to implement change but are fulfilled with resistance (Bateman, 2010). In many cases, although professionals wield power, it generally does not effectively deal with the resistance which they experience from employees. The author shows that electricity may be used to encourage employees to be part of change also to meet the targets of change. However, the author does not discuss the exact strategies which Essernam executed to ensure the success of her ideas. As a result, it isn't clear how electricity can be used to affect change in organizations. The author should consider providing examples of how electric power can be manipulated to achieve the goals of the business in future to make the readers more informed on the issue. Although this is a powerful practical exemplory case of how power can be used to influence change, the shortcoming of the author to provide exact strategies used creates ambiguity and dilemma on the issue. This article is useful to all professionals who are keen on implementing change but face level of resistance from employees or other stakeholders since it shows how vitality can counter level of resistance. The article is also effective for business students since it discusses an important issue in modern organizational practice.

Organizational culture

"Leadership is a straightforward notion" by Kroeger, L.

Article summary

The author presents this article by describing that market leaders usually change their strategies with respect to the context which change is vital if they have to inspire and attract enthusiasts. In today's society, followers are seen to be up to date or even over-informed and unless leaders engage these followers closely. They will probably change their loyalty. Leaders have emerged to facilitate accomplishment of goals and mission of organizations through facilitating success of clubs and individuals (Kroeger, 2010). They also encourage idea posting and clarify goals arranged and the significance of the same. Over time, generations have changed and with development of technology, more radiant workers have embraced information and technology but have little experience engaging and socializing with other individuals. It is the responsibility of leaders to encourage, develop and indulge skills and understanding of younger employees as well as coach them. In order for leaders to reach your goals, they should debate, negotiate and talk to teams and individuals about values, vision and organizational goals. They need to use integrity when making decisions and directions plus they should allow employees to participate in decision making. Leaders should also aid communication since everyone comes with an area where they may have weak expertise. Leaders should study from experiences which too should be prompted for employees since increase of competencies and knowledge is useful for the organization as a whole. Finally, market leaders should inspire employees to meet individual goals. This can enable the business to meet its objectives and goals.

Article critique

The author talks about different aspects of authority and qualities of a successful leader. Different aspects of command including mentorship, motivation, communication and decision making are reviewed by the author in detail. Successful leaders are seen to be those who mentor more youthful employees, encourage communication within the organizations and the ones who require employees in decision making. Market leaders also needs to be ready to adjust to change through changing strategies depending on context and issues accessible (Bratton et. al. , 2004). The problems discussed by the author act like those portrayed by a great many other secondary research resources which discuss leadership. The role of motivation and communication in organizations has been greatly reviewed before and the author's ideas act like those developed by experts on these issues (Beach, 2007). However, the author may have used a study, research or research study to validate the conclusions. The study or research used could have proven these leadership strategies really work. He might have ideally used a business which has efficiently applied these strategies and achieved its objectives. This might have provided students with a specific and practical methodology in implementing different facets of leadership which were discussed. Future research about them should discuss in detail the partnership between drive, communication and leadership with organizational performance. This article pays to for leaders, and not just business leaders, but leaders in every spheres of life. The issues discussed aren't only applied in modern organizations however they are also appropriate in the political picture. However, business students and business leaders will find the article most useful since it talks about ways of motivating employees to achieve the organizational targets.

Job satisfaction

"Engaged, but not always satisfied" by Davis, N. M.

Article summary

The author starts by detailing that employee proposal and satisfaction has a significant effect on satisfaction of customers. Staff engagement is thought as intense thoughts and give attention to activities which employees perform. This definition was developed by Schneider, Modern culture for Human Tool Management award receiver. He explains staff engagement as concentrate with focus and urgency by employees in their activities (Davis, 2010). There are different effects which high proposal and satisfaction by employees have on organizations. These range from lower substance abuse, turnover and staff absenteeism. Three studies form the basis of his conversations and various components determine the definition of engagement and satisfaction in various companies. Included in these are significant work, fairness and trust. The researchers then compared the proposal and satisfaction scores among different companies with surveys on customer satisfaction and the ratings revealed that client satisfaction ratings were high for companies with high engagement and satisfaction results. This implies that where employees perceive their company as reasonable and trustworthy, this creates a host where commercial results and engagement is achieved. Managers are therefore suggested to develop careers which provide meaningfulness, record hearts and heads of staff, provide personal development and growth, and which can be difficult to employees. In addition, employers should prize employees, involve them in decisions making and offer them new opportunities. This will promote employee proposal and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Article critique

The author talks about the relationship between employee proposal and satisfaction and client satisfaction level. Different studies are used to develop findings on the issue and they show you that client satisfaction scores were high for companies with high proposal and satisfaction results and vice verse. These findings form the foundation of suggestions that employers should develop careers which provide meaningfulness, take hearts and intellects of personnel, provide personal development and progress, and which can be an issue to employees (Chaudhury & Jean, 2002). Although these conclusions are as a result of credible research, the technique used is not given and it is impossible to see the exactness of results. The test size used, sampling method, data research methods and others are helpful in deciding validity and accuracy and reliability of conclusions. Since these are unavailable, it is difficult to see whether there were issues which would have undermined the study findings. The explanations of staff satisfaction and employee engagement are also not yet determined and this may affect the message realized by visitors. Future research should provide technique and it will focus on debate of why high client satisfaction scores are favorably influenced by staff engagement and satisfaction levels and vice verse. This article is useful for business managers who are willing to improve customer relationships and satisfaction levels since this provides a competitive border to their products. It is also great for business students who are keen to become professionals in future.

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