Analysis Of Supersize Me personally Risks Of Fastfood English Language Essay

Supersize Me is a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock which emphasizes the communication of the problems of junk food and their results on our health and wellness. He got the thought of this movie from an instance of two girls who have been suing McDonald's for their weight problems. The judge ruled that there surely is no proof that their excess weight and illness is a result of eating from McDonald's. As an experiment, Spurlock decided to eat only McDonald's food for a thirty day period and look at the affect of junk food on his health. Through the entire movie, the audience witnesses the extreme changes that the junk food hadn't only on his physical health, but also on his mental health too.

Throughout the movie, Spurlock uses several techniques to grab the audience's attention to the documentary. He presents the facts in a way to seize the viewer's attention; additionally, he represents quantity and information by using vibrant, brilliant, and large fonts so that the viewer can grab the info easily. Also, the documentary isn't just beneficial, but also amusing as he represents his facts in ways where the viewers would be interested to view. Also, he uses sarcastic tone in some of the facts he represents. For example, Spurlock sarcastically explained "America has the fattest people on earth. Great job!" While expressing that, he shows picture and short snapshots of obese people sitting or eating, which is also another technique that he uses as he focuses on certain what to expose a certain subject matter. Morgan could have shown pictures of them walking or doing exercises but he specifically offered these pictures to imply that they are lazy and are obese due to the poor food they eat from fast food restaurants. He also includes songs that produce fun of fast food companies like McDonald's to help make the documentary more interesting. At the beginning of the movie, he shows a world of several children singing sounds about fast food restaurants such as "Pizza Hut", "Kentucky Fried Chicken breast" and "McDonald's" to imply how children are "addicted" to fast food. Moreover, Spurlock selected McDonald's as the fast food restaurant that he'll test his test from McDonald's as it's the largest string of junk food restaurants and everyone recognizes it well. A new technique that he used is enhancing the scenes throughout the movie. Though it is a documentary, it's very clear that Spurlock performed not only present everything he filmed at that moment; he edited everything to be shown at a certain amount of time in the movie. Morgan also focuses on including pictures that mock McDonald's which is shown between every field as a way to psychologically have an impact on the audience and cause them to hate McDonald's. Furthermore, he goes to three expert physicians to confirm his subjective observations and also to find the audience worried about them. He also uses these medical professionals so that the facts can be provided from an authoritative point of view and also show that he's serious and dedicated to his test.

The movie begins with children singing about how much they love junk food restaurants and a quotation of Ray Kroc, creator of McDonald's that says: "Look after the customer and the business enterprise will take care of itself. " I think Spurlock put this estimate showing that junk food industries are trying to show us their main intention is customer satisfaction when the thing they value is making money. Moreover, if indeed they really value the customers they wouldn't sell foods that are unhealthy. He provides with facts that reveal that "Everything in the us is bigger. " Therefore, cars, properties, food, and even people are bigger. One critical thing that we noticed throughout the movie is the fact that Spurlock talks about McDonald's as though it's a threat, in particular when he said "it is overtaking the earth. " I trust him that McDonald's is in ways taking over the entire world because it is nearly on every block in America; they can be found in train stations, gas stations, metro, bus ceases, schools, and even private hospitals of which point Spurlock sarcastically says "at least your close when the coronary kicks in!" As of this landscape he shows an image of the key cartoon character of McDonald's using horns as if he's a devil. Later on in the documentary, Spurlock appointments three doctors and a nutritionist where each of them tell him that he is in a great condition and his bloodstream tests are perfect for his age. I think he specifically centered on the actual doctors said about his health so that down the road in the movie he can explain that McDonald's has ruined his health. Among the techniques which i noticed Spurlock is using throughout the movie is requesting rhetorical questions to hook up with the audience and also to make them take into account the situation on their own.

After all the doctors notify Spurlock he's in great shape, he decides to begin the experiment the very next day. The night before the experiment he has "The past Supper" of a wholesome dinner which includes vegetables and fruits to show the audience that he eats healthy food choices on regular basis. In this picture, he also shows a picture of Jesus of eating McDonald's food as his last supper to create a love of life in the documentary. Additionally, whenever he goes to a McDonald's restaurant he talks to employees in a sarcastic tone by sharing with them: "get me one hot juicy cheeseburger. " I thought it was funny because the employee is happy and doesn't get the actual fact that he's being sarcastic.

One technique Spurlock used to persuade the audience to assume that fast food is detrimental is by interviewing a general surgeon who says that the excess weight is one of the main causes of death after smoking. He also interviewed a nutritionist which I think was effective because she confirmed how the sizes of helpings of Coke and fries in fast food restaurants have received bigger as time passes. She says that even car companies now make bigger holders inside the automobile so that big sizes cups can fit. The nutritionist even explains the impact and dangers that fast food has on children and exactly how diabetes has recently increased. Spurlock also suggests that one of why children love McDonald's is basically because it now focuses on children with hosting birthday gatherings, giveaways, using a playground in the restaurant and having the employees decorate like cartoon individuals.

One small test that Spurlock is when he acquired several children and exhibited them pictures of well known results such as Jesus and Bush to identify and pointed out that the children didn't recognize them. However, the information they did acknowledge were the cartoon people of McDonald's. I liked this test since it shows how McDonald's manipulates children and finally they become enthusiastic about McDonald's. On the other hand, it's not only the junk food industries mistake that children are eating harmful, but also the government's problem as children are fed with all sorts of processed foods in public colleges. Spurlock spoke with the meals coordinator in one of the public institutions and everything she had to state was: "we are available this kind of food so that they will understand how to make the right choice. " While interviewing this girl, Spurlock started to talk with her in a sarcastic tone to indicate her stupidity and to reveal that she actually is clearly lying and this she doesn't value the children's health. Also, another critical point that he brought up is that most public colleges do not enforce physical education as a compulsory course which is really important as a person must exercise at least one hour a day to stay healthy.

Another small test that Spurlock conducted is when he interviewed people on the roadways on the hazards of junk food and some of them stated that it does not have any effect on their health. He also asked them if they know what calories from fat are and most of them possessed no idea. I believe Spurlock asked them if about calories to show how ignorant Americans are about health and nutrition. I think this is a good way to connect with the audience since it makes them recognize that they are lacking important knowledge about nutrition and exactly how their health is at risk because of this. He also offers a short interview with the son of 1 of the founders of Baskin Robbins who discovered that as a kid he got ill from eating too much ice cream. Also, he explained that his uncle died of diabetes from eating too much snow cream as he used too much sugars. In addition, in an interview with Gene Grabowski, director of GMA, actually accepted that "we are area of the problem" of why the level of weight problems has been increasing for days gone by several years in the us.

One technique that I grasped Spurlock using is zooming in on specific things for only a couple of moments. For instance, whenever he switches into a McDonald's restaurant or moves because of it he always zooms in on their advertisements. One advert that he zoomed in on says "feeding billions everyday. " I believe Spurlock is trying to point out that people are manipulated by McDonald's in believing in the fact that they supply billions everyday is a good thing, which is not. They are area of the reason why fatness and diseases like diabetes are increasing among the populace. He also zooms in on soccer fields that contain advertisements of McDonald's throughout it making they viewer realize how ironic it is designed for a fast food restaurant that markets unsafe food to "support" athletics games. A different thing that he zoomed on is an organization of people walking on the streets wearing McDonald's t shirts which basically implies that it manipulating their customers by giving them free giveaways to move visit them again. Among the main tips that Spurlock makes throughout the documentary is the fact that McDonald's provides diet facts on the food online; however, a higher rate of Americans don't have internet at home so he made a decision to visit about ten McDonald's restaurants to check if indeed they have nourishment facts uploaded. He shows that almost all of them didn't and those that have are uploaded in places that individuals would not acknowledge such as behind the garbage bin.

Morgan Spurlock exposes to us how he feels after eating a meal from McDonald's. He uses laughter to make clear how he feels by saying things during his food such as getting aches which he refers to as the "McStomachache, " "McTummy, " "McGurgles" or the "McBrick. " He also starts off to sweating and instructs us that "I'm dying" because he's so full and "feels like puking. " Truthfully, at this area of the movie I sensed like he was exaggerating and he's trying to so difficult to make people feel gross. Furthermore, when he threw up, he zoomed in on his puke for a while so that the viewers would get disgusted and feel just like he doesn't want to eat McDonald's any more. Also, he found a wild hair in the sauce and zoomed in onto it for a while. In a single clip, Spurlock opened up the burger and began to make fun of how "oily" and "fatty" it appears which was yet another way to disgust the audience. Spurlock tried out to show you how his health started to decrease by showing us that he is stressed out for no reason and that he gets tired when he strolls the stairs. Furthermore, as a result, he started out having relationship problems with his lover. Also, his cholesterol went up, he had high blood pressure, and he gained almost 10 pounds only after the first week of his McDonald's "diet. " One of the doctors told him that his body has began to become dependent on the food he was eating as he always believed like he wanted more. Another doctor was furious when he read his laboratory accounts and urged him to avoid this test as it is needs to affect his liver organ. He also zooms in on the lab reports to show how the figures have drastically transformed. I think his main objective to the audience is to help make the audience feel like they do not want to be devote the same position as he is at that time.

Spurlock leaves us at the end of the movie with a strong conclusion. Furthermore, he provides information by using "you" too much to make the audience feel like he's specifically dealing with him/her which really is a strong way to hook up with the audience and get their attention. He also links with the audience by giving us alternatives and advice about how to eat balanced diet by stating: "You will want to stay away from supersize options. Who needs forty two ounces of Coke, a half pound of fries, and just why not give us a choice besides French fries and French fries. That might be a great start!" He also leaves us with important information about the junk food industry that all they care about is making money and not about our health and wellness. "It's your decision to alter your diet plan" Spurlock brings. "If you keep living your life style you might conclude here [in a hospital]. . . Or here [in a cemetery]. " He concludes by leaving us to think about our life selections and how our bad eating habits can seriously harm our health and wellness. Furthermore, he says, "I think the big question is, is who do you want to see go first? You or them?" Spurlock is basically implying that if we do not stop the junk food industry from manipulating us their food will eventually wipe out us. Finally, he shows us pictures of him after he returned to his good diet plan which imply how happy he's to be back in shape. I believe he is looking to distribute the message that it is not too overdue for the audience to improve their eating style and live a wholesome life.

I think Morgan Spurlock's documentary is very persuasive in exposing the potential issues of eating fast food. Alternatively, there are some things in Spurlock's experiment i thought were extreme and inaccurate. I think that when a person eats a certain kind of food, not only fast food, but any type of food for 30 days, they'll eventually get suffering. The nutritionist informed him that he should eat a maximum of 2, 500 calories per day which Spurlock ate over 5, 000 calorie consumption per day. This increases the debate of whether he'd have gained a great deal weight or not if he hadn't exceeded the utmost amount of calories he needed in. Also, Spurlock on daily basis exercised and strolled to work but halted doing both when he started out his McDonald's "diet" which shows that his experiment was somewhat inaccurate. Weaver, someone who tried the same test as Spurlock actually lost weight because he exercised everyday for fifteen minutes. Therefore, the blame should not only be put on junk food. If Spurlock could have consumed "regular" food that included 5, 000 calories a day, he'd have still confronted health issues. Another example that demonstrates Spurlock's theory relatively inaccurate is Whaley, a female who lost 10 pounds and her cholesterol lowered 40 points from 237 to 197 during a month of fast food meals. She said following the diet, her liver organ was healthy and "generally, I felt very darn good. " Whaley points out that she ate less than 2, 000 calories from fat every day; "I didn't pig out the way Spurlock did. I would have had a 'McGriddle' sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese and some orange drink. For lunch I would experienced a salad dinner, well maybe I might have been around in the mood for a Big N' Tasty. "

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