Analysis On Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a more developed flag carrier of Singapore which signifies as an Hallmark of Singapore's long history of advancement and accomplishment. Using its well established & unquestionable reputation for quality and basic safety, consistently outperforming its opponents, it has built and now retains a company and strong living in the Asia marketplaces.

1. 1 Key learning objectives

The objectives of the report are mainly to know more about how exactly Singapore Airlines overcomes the troubles faced over time, and also find out about the many factors contributing to the progress and success of the company. Other objectives add a more thorough knowledge of the company's record, subsidiaries aiding them, rivals affecting them, successes of the company, and strategies involved to remain competitive in the impact of economic turndown.

Overview of Singapore Airlines

-History of the company

Singapore Airlines was included in January 1947 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore administration through Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd to provide air services for air travel, in-flight services, aero-engine services and ground services.

The history began in May 1947 when it started off with a twin-engine Airspeed Consul under Malayan Airways Limited providing air services between Singapore and Malaysia. Above the years, Malayan Airways Limited grew steadily and even more planes were bought. Malayan Airways Small was also later renamed Malaysian Airways in 1963 and Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in 1968. In 1972, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines was reconstructed into 2 entities; Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines.

From the initial Malayan Airways Limited to the current Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines has undergone many innovative changes to its management and services, allowing it to handle the swift changes and develop an enviable reputation in the aviation industry. Along the years, new advanced services were also developed to suit the needs of the clients through upgrading of expertise and modernising of the management.

-Company's motto and objectives

Singapore Airline's motto is usually to be an outstanding citizen of the world that contains a responsibility in every that they actually in building and sustaining its quality services and strong commitments to the surroundings.

The aims of establishing this company are to supply the finest airline services that could cater to different needs of every individual customer also to create a distinctively different airline that's international but also sustain its Asian personality.

Singapore Airlines, Retrieved from http://www. singaporeair. com/saa/en_UK/content/company_info/index. jsp

-Company's organisational structure

A company's organisational framework allows different departments to get together to work and deal in a co-ordinated and co-operative way towards the goal of the business.

-Company's culture

Singapore Airline's culture is situated largely on focusing on the global market, promoting the product quality services provided by the staffs and encouraging close bonds between your employees to work towards the worldwide, dedicating the best quality of customer service to the customer needs.

With regards to the provided quality services, Singapore Airlines look for new ways to distinguish itself from the challengers. The strategy used by the Singapore Airlines to differentiate itself is the improvements on the provided services, delivering betterment to the company's service. Singapore Airlines provide customers with a feeling of heat, friendliness and individual pride.

For example, passengers are cared for to excellent food and excellent services whereby they are served with lots of smiles, warm towels, and focus on details.

-Strong Personnel Support

Singapore Airlines workforce includes a diverse mixture of people, bringing a range of skills, qualities and personalities to the office. This is helpful to the business as the right combination of skills shows the ability of the personnel in the business, showing the strong personnel support shared among the company. Most importantly, there may be passing on of knowledge and skills between the staffs.

The World Airline Accolades, Retrieved from http://www. law. smu. edu/Registrar/Course-Schedules---Information/Spring-2011-Tentative-Course-Offerings. aspx

-Services provided

Singapore Airlines holders air transport and aero services which include in-flight services, surface services and aero-engine overhauling services, providing high degrees of innovation and excellent degrees of service to meet the customer's needs.

Being grouped as a style sender in terms of services, excellent in-flight services include air to surface telecommunication, including personal screen size television featured on the seats, caring stewardess providing food and drinks, providing customers with home elevators anything asked and a host of other assistance were unveiled.

Ground services include the handling of passengers, baggage which include ticket sale, seat reservation, examining in and baggage managed by the Singapore Airlines ground department.

Aero services include the various jet fleets Singapore Airlines uses for air travelling service.

1. 3 Strategies followed to stay competitive

There are various strategies involved by Singapore Airlines to constantly ensure its growth and maintain its competitiveness in this global market.

Company's adaptability

One strategy used by Singapore Airlines requires the flexibility and readiness to improve the company's measures and services in response to the client requirements. For instance, as the company develop over the years, the quality of services provided to the customers enhances, triggering the clients to be more challenging. Thus, Singapore Airlines are designated to adjust to the customer's needs by allowing the employees of the company to make decisions that changes the circumstances in the problem, achieving to the submission of the customers.

Increasing work productivity

The second strategy is to figure out how to cut down on the unnecessary damage, and educate the personnel to become more disciplined and scrupulous in their work, stopping costly blunder in times of the economic downturn. Training and educational programs are conducted for the personnel to update, uplift and improve on their performances which greatly assists with the efficiency and production of the personnel, upholding the wonderful customer support culture.

Technology advancements

The third strategy is focusing on the renewing of aircrafts and services. Singapore Airlines capitalize in engineering facilities to overhaul, repair aircrafts and earth services to be self-sufficient and consistently up grade of machines and computer systems, remaining strong and competitive on the market. Trainings and workshops were also recommended to the staffs to equip themselves with the abilities to use the technology, minimising the unnecessary reduction and maximise staff efficiency.

Airspeed-Consul twin engine motor aircraft, the first aircraft was used to provide air vehicles service. But after the reconstruction in 1972, Singapore Airlines was created, and there are a need of development in aviation. Hence, new wide-bodied jets were bought, producing the DC-4 Skymaster, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Super Constellation, Bristol Brittania, Comet IV, and the Fokker F27 aircrafts to reaction to the limited services provided by the first aircraft. These recently presented aircrafts not only respond to the limited services provided, it also further reduces the operating cost and are definitely more environmentally friendly.

Exploring new market opportunities

Due to the evolution of the airline industry, Singapore Airlines progressed by discovering new market opportunities like launching more advanced aircrafts, better technology and services, providing a comprehensive list of services, such as surface services and air services which includes, ticket sale, seat reservation, looking at in, baggage handling and in-flight services.

Singapore Airlines also lookout for new opportunities and analysis of the latest developments in overseas market developments, keeping its systems up-to-date, following latest trends, filling the passengers with modernize systems and services.

Retrieved from Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Modern culture for Travelling Studies, Vol. 5, pp. 545 - 556, 2005 http://www. easts. info/on-line/proceedings_05/545. pdf

2. Factors contributing to Singapore Airlines' success

This sector would cover on the factors that contribute to the Singapore Airlines' success describing how Singapore Airlines has achieved its success over the years based on the enhancements of its provided services, the continuous technology updates and the amendments made throughout to remain competitive on the list of other key players in the air industry.

2. 1 Maintaining up to date services

In this competitive modern culture, technology is actually evolving. Singapore Airlines is constantly developing to keep its survival in the industry by keeping up with the changes.

Advancement in technology used:

Changes have been made over the years in terms of the jet engines used to provide better services to its customers. For example, in the early 12 months, the Airspeed-Consul twin engine unit can only allow for 5 passengers and there have been no flight-stewardess to provide services, but with the evolution in the technology, Singapore Airlines launched more complex aircrafts (Boeing 747s, Airbuses 310's) and entertainment systems that enhance the in-flight services and therefore, better cater to the surroundings and the customers' needs. Get back, it results improved services and better customers' satisfaction.

An effective organizational structure:

The quantity of employees increases yearly in Singapore Airlines, so as to effectively handle the full range of Singapore Airlines' business. There is a need to improve its organizational framework and manpower for the company to be more organized as years passes. For example, there will vary departments for every department to be in fee of; this shows the capability of these different departments specialised in various skills, focusing in various areas, bringing out the best services it can offer.

Achievements within the years

(Profits, expansion in employee advantages, success's brief summary)

Time-line of Singapore Airline's accomplishment:

Over the years, Singapore Airline's has clinched a great deal of awards, coming to its attractiveness now. A number of the awards through the years include: Best cabin crew, best full service airline, Best airline for safe practices, Best Managed Company and much more

The sum-up of the successes from year 2002-2010

2007-2010- Best Airline, International

May 2010- Best Airline in the world

Oct 2009- SIA being the dealer with the overall highest customer satisfaction

July 2009- Best Cabin Service, aircraft/products, in-flight foods and earth service

August 2008- Airline of the year

July 2008- "First to Take flight the A380", Singapore Airlines

May 2007-Best Asian airline

January 2007- Top Asia/Pacific Airline

April 2006- Platinum Award (Singapore)

December 2005- Outstanding Overall achievement

Oct 2004- Best International Way Airline

May 2003- World's Best Service Awards

April 2002- Most Preferred Airline

Retrieved from Singapore Airlines http://www. singaporeair. com/saa/en_UK/content/company_info/news/achievements. jsp

Singapore Airline's Profit statistics of revenue grown above the years

Singapore Airlines has earned income when it first started in 1972 to now, 2010 even though there were some years where the profits dropped. During the gloomy current economic climate in the entire year of 1990 and 2008, Singapore Airlines is still making profit overall. Singapore Airlines has achieved success these years as its gains and sales have increased many folds since it first started out, making significant improvements over time and always preserving to keep in pace with the current trends in technology advancements. Most importantly, its motto of work to be on your toes in providing the best to provide its customers has which can work, as seen from its increasing market value.

Growth in staff strength

As the business enterprise expands and systems progressed over the years, there is a need in the growth in the capacity of the employees. This results in an increase of employees' strengths and productivity, handling the advanced technology and the business expansion.

Success synopsis:

Hence, as seen from the profits grown through the years, it instructs us of the improvement Singapore Airlines has made over the years. Improvement of technology and provided services has manage Singapore Airlines to excel from the other fierce competitors, attaining its success in retaining the quality of services as well as constantly moving with the market movements. These significant advancements are also the reason behind the increasing earnings Singapore Airlines has made over time. Not just that, the unrelenting hard work and efforts devote throughout these years in the air industry by Singapore Airlines is also being known and credit. Major awards are obtained by Singapore Airlines, ascertaining its highly acclaimed position. Singapore Airlines clinched the best airline in the world and getting the best cabin service, aircraft/products, in-flight dishes and ground service. Most of all, these awards helped Singapore Airlines to earn honour over its challengers, promoting Singapore Airlines' name and reputation, appealing to more customers.

3. Framework Research on Singapore Airlines - S. W. O. T Analysis

3. 1 Strengths

a) Strong brand reputation

Having one of the world's youngest fleet in the air, a network spanning five continents, the Singapore Girl as the icon of quality of customer service and care and attention and renowned because of its top services, has build Singapore Airlines a reputation over time, being one of the top 10 airlines of the world. For instance, Singapore Airlines was the first airline to expose hot foods, free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and hot towels with a unique and patented scent, personal entertainment systems, and video-on-demand in every cabins, providing the best cabin atmosphere and services to the customers. Being the first airline to provide high quality services makes Singapore Airlines unique and different from the other airlines, hence, is internationally recognized by people as one of the world's leading carriers. Beside this, stewardesses dressed in elegantly constructed Malay sarong kebaya through the early beginnings of MAL were also the building blocks of a unique feature for the strong brand trustworthiness of Singapore Airlines as this has created an enormous impact on the customer's attention of the 'Singapore Gal' image where heat, friendliness and professionalism of the assistance and health care Singapore Airlines provide are displayed.

b) Effective team both on ground and in the air

Singapore Airline's power mainly lies using its effective team on surface and air. Having a highly effective team on surface and air is the reason to its strong management Singapore Airlines carry to increase the work productivity, serve its top management services to the clients, going out of a good impression for the clients and to contend with the other airlines, putting the business in a better level in this competitive culture. For instance, on ground, refined and comfortable lounges such as the SilverKris Lounges and Partner Lounges are given to First and Business Course customers, permitting them to relax, work and relax. Same very high standard of service just as the air are given to the customers, achieving to the needs of the customers.

b) Subsidiary companies

Subsidiaries of Singapore Airlines such as SilkAir, Tradewinds Head to and Travel, SIA Anatomist Company and SIA Cargo allow Singapore Airlines to extend its business's networking and concentration upon different areas such as surface services, cargo services, security services and catering. Through this, it enables Singapore Airlines to expertise within its own specialised regions of operations and a variety of distinctive conditions/methods for the air travel and the customer's airlines. For instance, Silkair centered on the airline services where it serve the smaller towns and cities of South East Asia, Tradewinds offers an array of tours, special discounts and travel packages to many destinations round the world, SIA Engineering Company provide anatomist services to international air carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers and SIA Cargo functions to destinations about the world with its large fleet and most technologically advanced commercial freighters, providing overall flexibility to meet all types of needs to get cargo to all over the world.

c) Adaptability of the company

As being mentioned in the second half of the article, it has been clearly emphasized that Singapore Airline's adaptability is strong and they're ever ready for just about any challenges where improvements of technologies and services provided are completed to continuous look-out for new market styles, opportunities and to deliver a cosy and comfortable environment for customers to fly in. This effectiveness has demonstrated Singapore Airlines to flourish even in times of gloomy situations or surge in oil prices where earnings are still made through the years till today.

With the above mentioned advantages Singapore Airlines own, Singapore Airlines has the capacity to stay solid and competitive in this air travel industry with its unique positioning, blending of technology and romance, outdoing the rest of the players on the market.

3. 2 Weaknesses

In spite of the talents that Singapore Airlines has, it also has its fair share of weaknesses.

a) Travel cost

Travel cost, the most important problem Singapore Airlines face as providing the consumers realistic and affordable costs of flight with a quality service is the biggest menace. Therefore, this might be one of the reason why of customer's switching to the other low priced airlines whereby consumers could find the high quality services pointless and the costs of the reduced cost airlines are a lot more affordable compared to the Singapore Airlines.


Being the most common weaknesses among all working companies in the world, is challengers. Singapore Airlines definitely has its own competitors in this airline industry. Thus, Singapore Airlines lock out its competitors by always updating its fleet, using a great cash flow and excellent trip operations. Most of all, Singapore Airlines recognizes the differing needs and demands of the consumers conference to all the customer's requirements making their choice of airline as Singapore Airlines. These improvements allow Singapore Airlines to incessantly move towards development and outdo its competitors.

3. 3 Opportunities

a) Coalitions

One of the aims that Singapore Airlines is looking for is to constantly seek outreach with the other airlines company, widening its network of flights. One of these would be the partnerships with Delta Airlines and the Swissair. This partnership has anchored Singapore Airlines a new tactical gateway in South East Asia, allowing Singapore Airlines passengers venturing between Singapore and South East Asia countries have significantly more flights to choose from.

b) Acquisition of advanced technology/planes

As mentioned preceding, Singapore Airlines is usually on the move to update its aircrafts and systems to better meet its customers. It ensures that they have sufficient cash-flow to permit for the acquisition of the latest machineries and technology, in order not to lose out to its fellow opponents. One of these would be in 1997, Singapore Airlines launched impressive in-flight entertainments like Television set and air to surface cell phone services offering passengers with looking at and tuning in options.


Fear of retaining and attracting customers

Due to the countless competition in this industry, it is vital that Singapore Airlines can meet the requirements of customers, no matter how hard it may be. In certain circumstances where Singapore Airlines is unable to fulfil certain requirements of the clients, it is not hard for customers to change to other intensifying airlines. Also, airlines such as the European and Eastern airlines are enhancing their technology across the years. Therefore, these advancements may be the reason of not having the ability to keep/attract customers.

4. Conclusion

4. 1 Justification

Based on the accomplishments achieved and the enhancing performance performed over time, the examination in this article implies that Singapore Airlines is an effective company. Absolutely, Singapore Airlines still encounters several weaknesses and down sides, including the expensive travel cost and the highly competitive nature of the flight industry, threatening Singapore Airlines vulnerable to making changes. However, the advantages that Singapore Airlines possess as a corporation have successfully empowered it to advance and thrive in the industry throughout the years, expanding an enviable reputation in its industry which makes it accepted and trustable to the public. This is shown from the SWOT research, which shows how Singapore Airline's talents have enabled it to stand company in the industry. An example is the strong brand reputation of the 'Singapore Girl' where quality customer support and services are dished up, creating an enormous effect on the customer's attention of the 'Singapore Female' image where warmness, friendliness and professionalism of the assistance and treatment Singapore Airlines provides. Other includes having an effective team on earth, working with subsidiary companies, providing a variety of distinctive services for the airline, its great overall flexibility and adaptability that Singapore Airlines has exhibited in prep for less optimistic situations.

4. 2 Personal reflection

I will have to say that profiling of Singapore Airlines Company has really made me further understand the workings of the company systems, the nice organization, its earnings earned over the years and the accomplishments it has accomplished despite the fact that there might be external threats faced and economic recession. Making constantly changes, keeping the solutions up-to-date and adopting the most appropriate and proper methods that work best for the business has supervised Singapore Airlines to survive, compete and grow more robust in this flight industry. Furthermore, the interviews performed has permit me to develop a better understanding of the company's framework, operations and your time and effort devote that helped pave its successes. Most of all, I've learnt that the key to maintain/build an enviable reputable in its industry is not easy; efforts and efforts by everyone in the company must be put in.

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