Analysis Starbucks Operational Financial Organisational Marketing Capabilities Marketing Essay

The organisation chosen for the task is Starbucks Corp. and the statement would compare it with two similar companies, one being Costa Espresso and the other being Caffé Nero.

The article would identify the frameworks underpinning the competitive position of Starbucks and also would identify and asses the economical and the competitive position of the organization.

A financial model using appropriate percentage evaluation would also be presented in a spreadsheet format discovering the industry trends and their impact on the performance of Starbucks vis-à-vis Costa Espresso and Caffé Nero.

Both quantitative and qualitative data would be produced available so as to provide an understanding into Starbucks sustainable performance and potential customers.

Analysis of Starbucks operational, financial, organisational and marketing capacities would be produced available through software of PESTEL analysis and Porter's 5 forces model.

The record would also discuss the problems, the problems, the opportunities and your options open to Starbucks for future business growth, accompanied by conclusions to pull jointly all the variables identified.

Recommendations would be provided for the company highlighting the way it requires to try ensure business profitability with reviews on the suitability, acceptability and the feasibility of the options offered.


The Starbucks Company was founded in Seattle in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Seigel with a perspective to educate American consumers about the fine coffee taking in experience. In 1987 Howard Schultz took over the Starbucks Group, he wanted to create the Italian espresso bar experience in the us by creating a personal relationship between your customers and their caffeine.

In 1995, the company really took off with the beginning of its 676th store, and the extension strategy to Hawaii, Singapore and Japan being very successful. By 2000, 3, 300 stores were already in procedure and Starbucks experienced ventured into markets ranging from Britain to Australia. As ranking, Starbucks is number 1 in the industry, with an increase of than 12, 000 retailers in more than 35 countries.

Just within a couple of years they grew from a little caffeine business house to a multi-million dollars player in the speciality espresso industry by purchasing only the best coffee available and providing the people with an unparalleled store experience.

The Starbucks quest statement is "To encourage and nurture the real human spirit - one person, one glass and one neighbourhood at the same time. "

Freshly brewed coffee is the main product proposed by Starbucks and also other drinks such as frigid and hot teas, cakes and pastries. The Starbucks espresso comes in a many kinds each possessing another flavour, aroma and flavour.


The market right now for gourmet caffeine business is hot. All of the multi-national fast food chains and street-corner shops want in on the increase. Many big companies are concentrating on the supply of specialty brand name coffees and the scenario is heating up. Specialty espresso is one of the speediest growing food services market segments globally. Progress in the caffeine industry is continually peaking, with many new international companies entering the market using policies like special discounts and perks regardless of the doubtful quality of the espresso being utilized to increase the market share.

A notable tendency seen is that often a significant upsurge in sales occurs whenever a café starts off to use top quality consumables. The consensus is these coffee drinks would be a long-term craze, with concentrate on elevating the customer's taste for something that they are already acquainted with and then leading them to coffee residences to get it. Many companies are also tinkering with expanding the meals selections as well including an in-store screen of fresh baked goods, sandwiches and various confectionary items.

The newest development is the drive-thru caffeine stores. Starbucks has many such stores, all of which are witnessing continual progress and long lines. Another craze includes customer demands for organic and natural coffees, which has encouraged retailers to go towards the coffee beans growing environment. The array of products offered has never been as extensive, as vendors are adding more flavours to entire beans and creating versions to the fundamentals of espresso and steamed milk. The clever suppliers have added iced tea concoctions and caffeine shakes with their selections to outdo opponents. Most specialty retailers now also retail entire coffee beans and many such stores have added coffee grinders, espresso machines and other making supplies for add on sales.


This part of the survey would analyse the working of the business by application of PESTEL research, Porter 5 makes and the BCG Matrix.

PESTEL Analysis


Taxation policy

High taxes levied on farmers in the bean producing countries, would consequently improve the rate at which Starbuck would buy the coffee beans and such fluctuations in the taxation insurance plan would definitely be passed on to the buyer, who now would have to purchase the finish item at an increased price.

International trade legislation and tariffs

Trade issues would influence Starbucks immediately when exporting and importing goods. When the federal government of the trading country imposes a tariff it could not only lead to an efficiency loss for Starbucks but such large income exchanges can also become inconsistent with equity. This extra fee would need to be borne by the consumers.

Government stability

A change in authorities policies has a direct effect on the taxation and legislation framework. Also the countries in politics turmoil or civil battle should be approached with great extreme caution when considering new endeavors.

Employment law

A decrease in licensing and invite costs in the bean producing countries would lower development charges for farmers. This keeping would in turn be passed on to Starbucks when purchasing beans and finally to the consumers.


Interest rates

High interest levels would mean putting off the investment and expansion programs of Starbucks, which would lead to fewer cash flow for the company. Low interest levels should have the contrary effect.

Economic Growth

Consumer earnings would land in intervals of negative expansion leaving less disposable income impacting the sales for Starbucks.

Inflation rates

Business costs will grow in times of inflation which would finally need to be borne by the consumer.

Competitors pricing

Competitive charges from competitors would impact Starbucks pricing that would lower the profit percentage as they try to maintain their market share.

Exchange rates

If the currency value comes in a bean offering country, Starbucks would get more for the same price, when importing the goods. This cutting down would be handed down to the end consumer.


Population demographics

Identification of the target population at which Starbuck needs to purpose their products is a key point in the business operations. The advertising campaign undertaken would focus accordingly.

Coffee is more of an extravagance product, therefore the people with the most amount of throw-away income should be targeted.

Working Population

A large numbers of employees in big towns now venture out for lunch and meals. Starbucks can cash this to their edge and promote the shop as a place where people can meet and eat, maximizing the sales.


A good location which is easily accessible is essential to ensure that the clients visit the shop.


IT development

Starbucks launched its first-generation e-commerce website in 1998. Because of this, scalability and performance have improved upon, and the company now gets the tools it requires to account and focus on customers, analyse site data, and deliver new features to the marketplace in the shortest time possible.

New materials and processes

Developments in the technology of coffee making machines and the computer systems that Starbucks use to perform their cash registers will enable their employees to work quicker and efficiently. This will likely bring about customers being dished up quicker and create the actual to provide more customers in a day. .

Rate of technological change

The pace of which technology is improving is astounding. Starbucks would need to invest heavily just to stand still in the ever before expanding and producing market, and much more so to attempt to stay ahead of competitors.


Pollution problems

Starbucks customers create a lot of throw away by disposing off of the cup and the material incorrectly. The materials for the glass should be carefully considered to make it as biologically degradable as is feasible.

Planning permissions

Planning permission might not be granted to Starbucks if the building would harm the surroundings. The land may be shielded.

Work disposal

There are stringent laws generally in most countries regarding waste removal and non-adherence to these could lead to Starbucks being sanctioned, which would impacts them economically and also tarnish the reputation of the brand.

Environmental pressure groups

Starbucks should be aware of the physical and influential power of categories such as Greenpeace and Friends of the planet earth. Any violation of creature or environmental privileges by a company is usually accompanied by a swift and attention-drawing protest in one of the organizations. Brand image and customer bases tend to be irreconcilably tarnished because of the actions of these groups.


Trade and product restrictions

Starbucks need to be aware of the trade regulations in the countries where they have established businesses. They have to ensure they aren't in violation of any such regulations. Certain countries impose a tariff that has to be paid when goods are brought in/exported so this must be studied into account as well.

Employment laws

Each country has different work laws, like a limit on the number of hours a worker can work weekly, varying levels of minimum wage etc. Starbucks should become aware of such factors when considering business expansion.

Health and Safe practices regulations

By not maintaining high standards they might be liable for damages if within violation as it is a legal requirement of them to allow that their employees and customers are safe when they are in their stores.

Land use

Starbucks have to abide by the laws and regulations of the building authorities when constructing retailers or altering purchased sites and when found in violation of land guidelines, it could be panalised by the local authorities.



Starbucks is the leading merchant, roaster and make of specialty coffee in the world. Major competitors include Costa espresso, Caffé Nero, Seattle's Best Espresso and secondary caffeine providers such as McDonald's, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. Your competition is nowhere close to Starbucks level of functions and sales.

Consumption of coffee is not reliant on the price of the product but also on the differentiation between each product and many value adding variables such as the quality of customer services, brand, brand reputation and image of the company. Hence, Starbucks is not majorly delicate to actions of other companies in this portion.


Starbuck is the world innovator in its industry and has handled access to circulation channels. Starbucks have exhibited this control over distribution channels by establishing guidelines for his or her suppliers to check out. Starbucks is also constantly innovating and showing strong product differentiation to hamper the probability of new entrants.

However, the entry hurdle for the industry is relatively low and any big organization where capital is no problem is actually a potential entrant. A number of the more current and on-going hazards of new entrants include fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts which may become a problem in the near future.


A big threat to Starbucks is the absence of transitioning costs in the speciality coffee industry, customers face no moving over costs in turning from Starbucks to Costa Coffee or Caffé Nero for a cup of coffee. Another threat to Starbucks is the fact that their customers be capable of brew their own coffee. Starbucks has tried to counter this menace by offering Preferred Office Caffeine Providers as well as guidelines on how to make the perfect cup of Starbucks coffee at home, called the "Four Basic principles of Coffee". An ideal glass of Starbucks Caffeine includes, of course, Starbucks' elements!

Also with new entrants and competition such as McDonalds who declare to offer high quality roast coffee of realistic quality for cheap, it is clear that Starbucks customers involve some bargaining power on the market.


Coffee is the world's second major traded item. South and Central America produce the majority of coffee traded on the planet. Starbucks depends upon both outside broker agents and direct contact with exporters for the supply of premium coffees.

The quality of coffee beans searched for by Starbucks is high, proving to be always a potential risk to the business. Only suppliers who are able to meet Starbucks caffeine standards will be able to supply the huge company. The providing industry only has few businesses which can deliver the product quality giving them sizeable bargaining capabilities.

However, Starbucks counters this due to its considerable size and being the primary buyer and also as a result of need for Starbucks business to anybody supplier as it would account for a huge percentage of the total supplier's sales, thus lowering the bargaining vitality of suppliers.


Substitute products are the products that can present as a trade-off for the product being provided by a company. In the specialty espresso industry, substitute products can be carbonated drinks, tea, energy beverages, fruit drinks and other caffeinated beverages.

Here innovation would play an enormous role. To counter this Starbucks have given their menus a full revamp and also have differentiated so a lot of their products which are actually part of the primary product line. The menu includes various teas, hot and frigid coffee, cooked goods and various confectionary items.

The only true immediate substitute for specialty espresso would be the basic coffee, which is of lower quality than niche and as such will not present any menace.


This part of the report would identify the financial position of Starbucks using the total annual reports and thorough ratio research for the financial years 2008, 2009 and 2010 which are enclosed in the appendix.


In fiscal 2008, Starbucks experienced declining store sales in its stores, mostly due to lessen customer traffic. The weaker traffic was caused due to variety of on-going factors in the global economy like the higher costs of gas and food, rising degrees of unemployment and personal debt along with minimal access to credit.

In fiscal season 2008, store sales dropped a margin of 8%. Consolidated operating income was $503. 9 million in fiscal 2008, and working margin for the entire year was 4. 9% weighed against 11. 2% in the prior year. Roughly 260 basis things of the reduction in functioning margin was due to restructuring charges, mostly related to the significant US store closures.

EPS for fiscal 2008 was $0. 43, compared to EPS of $0. 87 per show earned in the prior time. Restructuring charges and costs from the execution of the transformation agenda impacted EPS by roughly $0. 28 per share in fiscal 2008.


Fiscal 2009 was a challenging time for Starbucks. The difficult economical environment acquired strained consumer discretionary spending in america and internationally, which negatively impacted company earnings, store sales, functioning income and working margins.

Starbucks responded by creating a business design that was less reliant on high earnings growth to operate a vehicle profitability. The principal initiatives of the strategy included rationalizing the global company operated store portfolio and reducing the price composition, while renewing the give attention to service quality.

Starbucks shut down down roughly 1000 stores. Initiatives focusing on reductions in the price framework in fiscal 2009 proceeded as prepared, with full year costs of $580 million removed from the cost structure.

The company taken care of a good financial foundation, without short term credit debt outstanding at the end of fiscal 2009 and with cash and liquid investments totalling more than $650 million. The solid budget and continuing strong cash flow era provided Starbucks with the financial versatility to apply its restructuring efforts.


In fiscal 2010, revenues risen to an archive $10. 7 billion. Operating income increased by $857 million from scal 2009 to $1. 4 billion. The full-year operating margin of 13. 3 % displayed the highest full-year consolidated operating margin in Starbucks record. Fiscal 2010 concluded with the highest full-year similar store sales growth that Starbucks have seen in the recent past, while the income per share also grew more than double from scal 2009.


Starbucks is a US chain whereas both Costa Coffee and Caffé Nero were set up in the UK. Costa Caffeine was installation in London in 1971 by Bruno and Sergio Costa and attained by Whitbread PLC in 1995. Caffé Nero was established by Gerry Ford in 1997 in the UK.

The comparability would be carried out using the financial information of the three organizations which comes in the appendix. The comparability would majorly be based on the united kingdom market.

There are 1, 175 Costa Caffeine outlets in Britain as compared to 731 of Starbucks and 440 of Caffé Nero. A thorough business analysis of Starbucks was already supplied in the above article; this part would concentrate on the business research of Caffé Nero and Costa Caffeine individually followed by a coherent realization of the conclusions.

Costa Coffee

According to the financial data available operating profit grew by 59. 5% to Ј36. 2 million; 312 world wide web new stores were purchased or exposed and like for like sales increased by 5. 5. Costa operates in 25 countries and is currently the number two international restaurant operator with 1, 600 stores: 1, 069in the united kingdom; and 531 overseas. Sales performance better strongly across the year, confirming the brand's resilience, even in a recessionary environment.

Caffé Nero

The groupings 60% equity is organised by the Ford family, the others 30% by an exclusive equity organization Paladin and 10% with the management. Caffè Nero has completed an effective Ј140m refinancing in a bid to fund the business's future growth ambitions.

The business, which includes 500 outlets in the united kingdom and internationally and has authorized 54 consecutive quarters of positive like-for-like development, is forecast to create Ј31m in revenue before interest, duty, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for the 12 months to May 2011. Income for the same period is forecast to attain Ј171m, an increase of 11% on the prior year. The new financial composition would supply the Group with a financial system to support its expansion ambitions and growth plans both in the UK and internationally.

Nero has a whole lot of ups including strong brand positioning, intensive marketing campaigns and a specific differentiation point. However, there are some weaknesses, one of these being insufficient experience in heading international, thus some problems could happen while penetrating overseas markets.

Though both companies Costa and Nero are more developed in the UK market, Starbucks is the industry innovator on the planet and is a major competition to them in the united kingdom. Financial turnover of the Starbucks Group is so significant that it provides them with all the capital requirements to innovate and differentiate their product from the two 2 opponents; it already has generated a sizeable market share in the united kingdom, but still must take over Costa Caffeine which it should be able to do in the near future, taking a look at the financial figures provided and the international global strategy used by the group which seems very encouraging.


The major task that Starbucks is dealing with is the existing financial crisis in the world economy forcing these to call closures of many stores across the world.

Another problem that Starbucks is coping with is competitors. You'll find so many coffee shops around the globe and being able to stand out to generate customers is important. Their main competition are Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, and Nestle in the US and brands like Costa Coffee and Caffè Nero in the UK, both major market segments for Starbucks. It's important that for Starbucks to know their competition and what they are currently doing.

Also Starbuck coffees are costed greater than other market competition because of Starbucks only purchasing the highest quality coffee beans because of their product, thus increasing the price tag on the drink. As Starbucks have many opponents, this can be a potential advantages to for such competitors.

Also Starbucks limited online marketing strategy on advertising is a hindrance available expansion opportunities. They would prefer to build the brand by promoting the beverages cup-by-cup with customers. The advert ends until they drink the coffee, reducing the probabilities to catch the attention of valuable customers.

Starbucks also will not highlight on distributing their products to supermarket because to be concerned with the quality of the espresso; if the coffees were packed into plastic carriers.

Also the demanding expansion strategy followed by Starbucks may take a toll on the companies brand image. As firms grow there may be a tendency to target too greatly on increasing end result and locations, and less focus on quality and brand image. Starbucks must stick with its values and ideals that have managed to get successful.

Also Starbucks insurance policy of not franchising can be a cause of matter for the firm. Advantages of Starbucks franchising would be to open a huge selection of new stores with less risk to the company, and make income in doing so. Furthermore Starbucks would have less research and development costs because the franchisee could have greater understanding of the neighborhood market in terms of demographics, psychographics, geographic, and local/point out/country restrictions.


Starbucks has to effectively pursue a Focus-Based Strategy in conjunction with differentiation and cost authority based strategy. Being a less expensive store will increase the difference between Starbucks and provide it with a competitive border. At the moment, Starbucks competitors are attempting to focus on the caffeine business, therefore Starbucks must follow focus technique to increase its durability.

Starbucks must reduce their product price by producing a new product of caffeine using cheaper beans or can come out with discount rates and promotions to reduce cost, thus increasing sales enabling Starbucks to type in new low cost markets and increase profitability. Also needs to concentrate on building alliances in new market segments/countries to reduce management concentration and take advantage of the local and experience curves.

Should concentrate on advertising the brand through internet services for users to gain access to, do street shows, hand out brochures etc. so that consumers become more aware of the brand's strong international presence and brand name. Market penetration and market development can help raise the sales. Gain access to unexplored distribution channels like making available packaged Starbucks caffeine for consumers by exhibiting it nationwide in various convenience and shopping stores and not just Starbucks stores.

Starbucks must adopt twin guidelines of Product Development and Product-Market Diversification to counter the stiff competition in international marketplaces. It's important to understand this in the product development period as they might need to focus only on making their existing products better. The company can demonstrate product and market diversification through research and development in conjunction with creativity and advancement. Product differentiation has proven a fantastic defence against hazards such as bargaining vitality of buyers. Growing services will offset such potential risks.

A strategy should be produced to tackle your competition by entering into agreements, long-term contracts, with the meals service companies they are competing against. In this manner their caffeine would be sold at these outlets and they would access new marketplaces and increase sales while reducing competition.

Starbucks should continue to be a first mover into markets with new products and ideas. Being a first mover of new products into new international market segments will be a fantastic method for Starbucks to build customer devotion and uphold its image as an ground breaking company.

Starbucks should continue to locate their businesses in high traffic areas, high visibility areas. The company should continue to take excellent care in picking locations. It is rather important that Starbucks' international stores reflect uniqueness in their location and structure. Having locations in a number of locations will ensure large market publicity.

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