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Benefits Of Manpower Planning

Reliance telecommunications LTD is an Indian telecommunication company founded by Anil Ambani in 2004. The head office of the business is in Navi Mumbai India. Reliance telecommunication is the 15th largest telecommunication provider on earth with 150 million users and the second largest telecommunication provider in India. The company has segments like cordless and broadband in telecommunication industry.

The company achieved a high development in telecommunication industry right from the start stage itself. Customer satisfaction and good company guidelines made these to competitive with others.

Reliance communications follows good human reference policies and methods though it has some draw backs.

Vision of the company-Providing information, communication, entertainment services and being the benchmark in customer experience, staff centricity and creativity is the main vision of the company.

Mission of the company-meeting beyond customer needs and wishes with a segmented methodology, relentless offering of services that are value for cash and stimulate customers, offer a network experience that is most beneficial in the communication industry, make reliance in to a global brand which really is a iconic brand by others and lead industry in concentrate on to purchase and faithfulness.


Human source of information management refers to a variety of regulations used to systematize work in the occupation romance and centres on the management of work and the management of folks who undertakes this work.

Therefore HRM is concerned with recruitment, selection, learning and development, pay back, communication, teamwork and boring management. Although it is not too difficult to list activities that make up HRM, It really is a topic that stimulates much debate and disagreement.

The hr process is recognized as important for the management of the buyer pleasure with individual recourses. The clients find comfortable and you will be satisfied when they understand the hr functions and how they can be linked and the hr steps interact. Modern hr operations are measured and sometimes analysed and recognizes the irregularities in the actions and it brings the improvements for the great things about the organisation.

The success of RECRUITING Management is at the connection of most HR operations as they provide the adequate works with to staff and the professionals. So the main aim of Individual Resource Management is to keep the human being capital ready to use it on the marketplace and the rational grouping of HR Functions helps to have interaction and manage the average person processes.

Every company has their own HR processes, but the key HR Techniques are always same in all companies as it's the market HR Best Practices.

Human Tool Management is considered as a relatively new method of Personnel Management. HRM emphasizes primarily on its strategic contributions and its own closer positioning to business, HRM is a vital component of any business, its engagement among other components of line management is notable (Paauwe. J, Jan 2009). Paauwe further suggests that HRM seeks on its ultimate goals such as High job performance, low lack and high cost effectiveness through the reliable utilization of the man power of the business. Human resource is actually the major component of any group, the success or failing of an organization heavily depends on its Man ability management. Maslow's need Hierarchy theory is considered as guiding basic principle for HR Management throughout the world. Maslow identified the basics of real human motivation factors. Third, principle it can be assumed that to inspire an employee HR manager should comprehend his degree of expectations, potential of the employee, and should measure the performance before and after certain motivational measures implemented.



Human Reference Planning is the crucial part of Human Resource Management Human being Resource Planning quotes the optimal level of Man power need on the basis of quality and amount. Thus HRP can be viewed as as the building blocks of Human Tool management. Although HR planning is vital it cannot be executed faultlessly in all instances, as HR would depend on various factors such as employment situation of the country, influence of scientific advancement, changes in the business buildings, Demographic factors such as age group, population, composition of workforce, lack of skill, multicultural labor force etc. Certain pressure groups will also have an impact on the precision of the HRP. Understanding of competencies of the People resource is essential in forming an effective HR structure work. Lengnic-Hall, 1988, Milliman et al. , 1991, describes the conditions Internal and External fit, "Internal fit" refers to the magnitude to which the manpower constituents are associated in a rational way and exactly how effectively they support themselves, on the other palm external fit mostly concentrate on the strategy of the business, external fit uncovers to what amount human resources systems are integrated.

Manpower Planning or Individuals Source Planning includes putting exact amount of people, exact kind of individuals at the exact place, exact time at an inexpensive. Personnel Planning keep an important place in the world of industrialization. Staff Planning has to be a systematic methodology and is handled in a couple of model operations. The procedure is as practices:

  • Assessing the present manpower in the company
  • Forecasting the future needs
  • budding career programmes
  • Organising training programmes


Manpower planning is very important part of individuals resource management. One or two need for man electric power planning are.

concentrated labour cost. -with the assistance of manpower planning there is certainly most favourable procedure of labour force in the organisation workers receive those jobs to implement for which they may be skilled (right person for the right job). it causes overall improvement of the person ability in the company.

Optimum utilisation of manpower: it helps to utilise the labour make in the company which helps in the expansion of manpower in the company.

Develops business plan-Man electricity planning can be an important part of overall business planning. No business can survive without having the right type and number of people doing the right just work at the right time.

Helps in job succession planning-with the help of better manpower planning it helps to produce a good career succession of employees which gives much business lead time for interior succession of employees through higher position through encouragement.

Development of the organisation- The person power planning assists with the expansion of your organisation.

Growth in overall business planning-Manpower planning is a main part of overall business planning. Efficient manpower planning will increase the business.


Recruitment and staffing is the procedure of choosing the right labours into the organisation. The main goal of recruitment is to look for and be a magnet for people with skilled to complete the vacancies. This technique includes job examination preparing personnel necessity sources of skilled employees.

Job analysis

Job examination is an activity of analysing the work in detail and providing the facts of job must the HR planning division they present details as job specification and job analysis. Job analysis is important in the whole organisation. And they'll provide the details of manpower requirements.

The main resources of recruitment are

Reliance marketing communications have two main resources of recruitment inner and external

internal external resources of recruitment(figure. 2)

Internal sources of recruitment are.

Promotion-This is a standard source of recruitment, this means providing higher position, salary and obligations to the staff. So the position of the work vacancy is packed by promoting the best staff within the company.

Transfers-It means moving one staff to the other company without change in salary and position, therefore the vacancy can be crammed by copy.

Advertising internally-Here the work vacancy is advertised within the company therefore the existing employees in the organisation can apply for the post. Therefore the recruitment is happen inside the organisation.

External sources of recruitment are.

Selective recruitment through job boards-This is a major way to obtain recruitment. To ensure most appropriate experienced individuals are being requested the major position. The firm considers the following details for each and every positions junior, intermediate, older, Degree of education degree, diploma etc. Using this info the business determines which job boards, communication channels, and advertisements strategies are suited to attract the right skilled candidates to apply for the work positions.

Management consultants-For the vacancies in the bigger positions in the company, management consultants are used to find the skilled and skilled employees. They act as a recruiter on the behalf of the business.

Advertisement for public-The Company advertises the vacancy in internet, newspaper publishers, Television etc. Which will provide the facts of the business, job and the certification required for the position.


Keep space with new development-New developments are occurring every day. A small business will have to keep period with new changes. This will likely be possible only if competent persons are used who can adjust as per the new situation.

Manpower Development-man electricity planning should be done in advance. The near future requirements of workers will be approximated quite beforehand. The new personnel will be recruited, people will be ready for discussing up higher responsibility careers, and all of this will be possible with a planned staffing function.


This function helps the employees to develop their skills and knowledge for increasing their result. This process isn't just done for the fresher's but also to the existing employees in the company to build up their skills and tasks. Human resource development really helps to improve the total knowledge, talents, skills, talents, and aptitudes of organisation's employees. Human tool development includes function such as training, profession development.

Training-Training offers to enhance the knowledge and skills of the employees there are mainly two types of training they can be on the job training and off the job training.

On the job training is a process of giving training in normal working situations using genuine materials or documents, equipment, actual tools trainees can make use when completely moulded.

Off the job training is usually provided from the most common working environment, it may include more basic skills and knowledge which pays to for the work. This sort of training is distributed by the specialised trainers or from an outside company who outsource the instructors.


H. Internet and distance Training - Internet training includes video recording conferencing and online training, distance training means traditional training newspaper and pencil correspondence course.

1. Tele training - where a trainer in a central location demonstrates to sets of employees at remote locations via tv set hookups.

2. Videoconferencing - allows people in one location to connect live via a combination of sound and visible equipment with people in several locations-another city or country or with teams in several cities.

3. Training via the web - the Internet structured learning programs are incredibly popular. Several companies simply let their employees for taking online training provided by online course providers while others use their intranets to help computer-based training.


Diagram demonstrating your personal development

Carrer developement of employees is an essential part of the organisation, It can help to identifies the entire acheivement of the employees. Profession developement is now an important part of HR departement anticipated to today's everchanging organisaton enviornment and workplace.

Reliance communications helps the employees to achieve a good carrer graph based on the business HR insurance policies and procedures. To begin with the company accumulate the strength and weakness of every individual, they provide different opportunities to develop their carrer predicated on the strength and weakness. The basic solution for the job developement is self consciousness every specific asses their own issues and problems and then the company will over come this issues. Nowadays people are changing their jobs to attain a good carrer success. Reliance communication recognizes this problem plus they possessed a good job sucession plan for each individual worker in the organisation.


Compensation and benefits is a basic motivational factor to the employees. Every employee will search for high paid jobs, benefits is also another important factor if the company provides good benifits the employees will get good connection to the business benefits include extra, medical care insurance, retierment insurance policies, life insurace, vacation etc. Reliance communicatons provide basic pay which is satisfiable for each and every employee to stimulate the employees and to attract to trained employees to the organisation.


Leadership development helps the organisation to attain the goals, through the introduction of good leadership in each staff reliance aims at the overall development of the organisation as well as the expansion in employees performing. Every employee in the organisation is gaining a better leadership quality through the authority development function. Each emloyees in the business are closely monitored by the management and if they're weak in the task the company will encourage them. As well as the staff are councelled by the management to increase work efficiency. And their will be a structured intend to generate a positive working enviornment. The main aim of command development is to leading do it yourself, leading others and leading the organisation.

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1. CASH AND Settlement ISSUES:

Cash and payment issues is a major problem faced by HR managers in reliance communications. There is more pressure on HR function to pay more incentives and basic pay for the employees. However reliance paying basic salary to every individual employees the business faces more pressure to meet up with the worker beniefits.


Most of the companies face the same issue of employee lay-offs. Therefore the organisation have to avoid the issue by keeping the employee by providing good working condition and benefits whichever the employees need. In reliance market sectors there are so many employees leave the business due to lack of co-ordination between individuals. The organisation tries to check the problem but fails sometimes.


The plocies and methods used by the HR professionals regarding their networking sector can be an important example. They brought some new plans in mobile networking sector like low call rate for mobile users, low internet surfing around charge. etc. , however the competition like AIRTEL communications, BSNL network, VODAFONE facilitated some more exciting offers than the reliance. In that situation the Reliance communication hesitated to change their HR guidelines and techniques.


Nowdays telecommunication industry is facing high competition from other telecommunication companies,

If the company has no good HR stratergies the business cannot are present in the high competative world. Reliance communication is facing some HR issues as stated above, to triumph over this problems company must do the right HR restructuring process in the company. The first main concern is ;

Cash and payment issues- Since it is a major problem the business must find a good solution to overcome this issue, the suggestion to resolve this issue is to pay cash and reimbursement based on the knowledge of the employees. As stated above the company is paying a simple salary to every individual, first of all the company must change this basic payment method, and the compensation and benifits must be paid in line with the experience and skills of each individual. So the company can reduce the price tag on labour therefore the company can meet up with the reimbursement and benifits of every individual according to the profit earned by the company.

Employee retention issues-Retention of employees is another HR issue faced by the business, nowadays a great deal of employees are giving the company scheduled to high pressure of work and lack of co-ordination between employees are the key employee retention issues experienced by reliance communication, to reduce this problems reliance must definitely provide good working enviornment to reduce the pressure of work, communication is another way to over come this issue good communication between the management and personnel can make a good understanding between your employees and management, this increase employees confidents and decrease the work pressure. A high rate of employees resigning their job and heading to some other companies who offer better working enviornment. Better co-ordination is the another way to improve employee retention, co-ordination will improve better romantic relationship between employees and management. Which will end result increase employees self confidence and work efficiency.

Poor HR policies-Due to high competition in communication industry plenty of companies introducing new HR ways to improve their company goodwill. Reliance communication is following the traditional HR plans and plans so the company is facing high market competition from other companies, to prevails in the competative market company must improve their HR stratergies and regulations. Nowadays companies are providing good offers to the employees so the company must appreciate the issues and make an effort to overcome such issues.

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