Brand Personality And Its Result Marketing Essay

Imagine that when you merely meet a fresh classmate in class room or meet a new colleague in office, and he or she want to be friend to you, however, you have no idea relating to this person, and don't if he or she worth to be a friend. Therefore, it is needed to know that personality of the person whether suited to you or similar together with you, and think about the image of the individual, finally, you can decide that if develop a further romantic relationship with this person.

Likewise, this can be a same situation to apply running a business environment. Right from the start of the brand, which is just a loaded term or mark (Bentler, 1990). Besides, it stands for more, exactly like most of idea, ideals and stories which have been included in it as time passes. It is a straightforward research for the gut sense folks have about something, some group, or even someone or some place (Chapel & Peter, 1994). Therefore, if suppliers wish to develop a good romance between customer and brand, plus they want to increase brand equity. They need to generate a brand personality from some brand images. Within the newspaper, to discuss

Brand Building process

Just like herein before detailed, people's conception of brand personality are an important part of brand equity. It is also known as a brand building process. Brand collateral mean what the brand is worth to a customer, it not only separate one brand from another, also make own brand to be unique (Bentler, 1990), it is an accumulated reservoir of goodwill and good impressions(Aaker, 1997). To improve brand equity, suppliers will use brand image to be a mental image that mirror the way consumers perceive the brand, including all the identification elements, the merchandise personality, and the thoughts and organizations evoked in the mind of the consumer (Bentler, 1990). For instance, just like make of McDonald, it have a tendency to build up the brand from point of "have a jolly time" with friend and happy.

Brand Personality

When brand image has been established, to deepen the impression of product to customer, it need brand personality.

Actually, brand personality is established from a couple of brand image, relating to Aaker (1997), brand personality is defined formally as "the set of individuals characteristics associated with a brandname. ". For instance, one of wine beverages brand, vodka, personified tends to be described as a very good, suitable for individuals of 25-year old, whereas Stoli's personified is commonly referred to as an intellectual, traditional, more mature man, it demonstrates brand personality tends to provide a symbolic or self-expressive function (Aaker, 1997). Besides, the symbolic use of brands can be done because consumers often require brands using their own personality traits and easily can think about brands as though they were reputations or famous historical statistics (Rook 1985) as they relate with one's own personal (Aaker, 1997). Exactly like personality of human that have a "Big Five" model, brand have five type of personality just as much, which is including sincerity, pleasure, competence, elegance and ruggedness.

Some strategies employed by advertisers to entail a brand with these personality features such as anthropomorphization( Pendergrast, Tag, 1993), to use in Hong Kong, like "M&M'S Chocolate Chocolate". The other way to imbue is personification, such as "Kellogg's Tony the Tiger", and the celebrity mouthpiece who is well suited for the brand, such as SKII work with Carina Lau to be the mouthpiece of brand. Through such techniques, the personality attributes associated with a brandname, such as those associated with an individual, have a tendency to be relatively long lasting and unique. ( Aaker, 1997)

Brand personality effect on customer

To discuss about effect of brand personality, it can't be denied that brand choice as a sense choice, just like descript in benefits, brand personality can affect your sense and sentiment toward the brand immediately, and affect purchase decision making of customer.

A good brand image and personality just like a good person who have a great personality, everyone tend to find something which is similar with do it yourself personality, if personality of brand are similar as target customer, it support to increase the first impression and gut sense effectively(Aaker, Jennifer & Durairaj Maheswaran, 1997), it is because of that individuals have tendency to trust everything of oneself, so increase the similarity between customer and brand personality, that will also improve the customer's devotion and safe feeling towards brand. Consequently it does increase the brand equity.

Moreover, every brand choice says something about focus on customer and do it yourself of customer, as well concerning other. It could say that the prospective customers are smart, successful, strong, or stylish, identical to the brand personality, this can increase customers' nice feeling that may condition desire, such as breakthrough, fun, reward, a sense of owed, increase self-esteem, on the other side eliminate their annoying the one that condition aversion, such as boredom, risk, pain, reduced esteem. (Alt, Michael and Steve Griggs, 1988) If additional strategy is added such as brand supports a high-level end user group seminar, or induces design type to its new product and services through a secure website. This may charm to customer's prefer to belong, or to feel linked and up to date, and they will tend to get this product of brand.

Beside, brand personality can link with ideal personal of customer (Alt, Michael & Steve Griggs, 1988), to apply in a single Hong Kong brand, "Bonaqua", which really is a drink normal water brand and have a personality as a "sporty", therefore if anyone who want to be image as sporty, they wish to choose Bonaqua when they are thirsty, because it can fulfill their actual self to be close with ideal do it yourself.


In final result, it is without doubt that brand personality is vital point of brand equity, and brand equity are one product of marketing, therefore supplier produce a good brand personality, customer have a tendency to be commit with brand, because as I said before, brand choice as a feeling choice.

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