Business backdrop and overview of Nestle

The Nestle is nearly 140 yrs. old company providing the vast variety of the products around the world. The business as it's very old and older in its category have its root base in almost every country around the world. Nestle is very famous diet and food products company it is very vast so far as their products are worried. In UK is likewise have a very much reputation and reorganization of its brands are sufficient. The employment in the UK of Nestle company is nearly 7, 000 at the many sites in the united states.

The Nestle has almost 6, 000 different brands which can be throughout the world displaying the reputation and appreciation of its products and brands worldwide.

The quality of the merchandise is the sign of the organization's commitment to build a product with care and commitment.

It is a common fact that it's the product quality which retains a company in the market. Nestle always considered this principle because it knows perfectly that customers haven't any tolerance for the quality of product. Nestle initiatives are to maintain highly client satisfaction products. THE BUSINESS implements a system approach that make sure products of highly quality. It time to time integrated its system of making producing quality products. In its research system that data is came into by the studies to visualize the quality of product. Previous studies conducted by the company demonstrates when quality is produced with permanent cost, a superior quality form like Nestle can undercut its competitors pricess and could think it is profitable to invest more on quality matching to market size. This is why that Nestle has been remained focused despite market progress. In the modern times Nestle products which are produced with preset cost, the average quality of produces increases with market size and the marketplace does not fragment as it develops large. Within the global markets only those products are survived that happen to be batter in quality and in competitive pricess. The Nestle always retains because that market trends and international quality expectations are taken care of. Nestle receives a great response from the shareholders because of its highly respected products and quality management. As a result of it's highly fame products it's market size increased manifold. Its romantic relationship strengthens between product quality and market size. Whereas result of a romantic relationship between product quality and market size familiarity of the products. In this report we reviewed all areas of the nestle products.

Nestle' Standards

The nestle quality specifications ensures its products approval and consider of the consumers in the merchandise. The wide range of the supply of the Nestle products through the world is presently working as the requirements of the quality are maintained by the Nestle Product management team.

Quality Assurance

The quality means the purity in the product manufacturing through the use of the suitable and necessary tools/ techniques which is good for health. The quality ensures the first rung on the ladder of product recognition as the purity/quality of the merchandise is most probably to understand by the consumers.

The quality of the products ensures the following.

popularity of the product

Acceptance of the merchandise by the consumers.

Health and environmental health factors are satisfied

Build group reputation in the market

Gives challenging competition to the competitors

Nestle has come to realize that current monetary down term and keen market competition it is not easy to catch the attention of customers without preserving product quality. Other rivals of Nestle under quotes the enormous need for seeking and knowing consumers view and ideas regarding product advancements and service quality besides rates managements. Nestle given importance the areas targets consumer's perceptions of product and service quality as well as the product prize. Nestle used to review the data which is gathered by using questionnaires, personal interviews, observations and data obtained from the market.

The Need for the Change

The need for the change in any of the company or organization is very much on the credit cards and necessary for the organization to keep itself at the high criteria and up at this point demonstration and working of the company.

The quality control is a process to ensure an even of appropriate quality of product. The office of quality control of Nestle continues a finished watch to maintain the quality regarding to international specifications. The product quality control department needs to be evolved time to time to obtain the latest equipments available for the process of quality assurance of the products t various stages of its development.

The various products of Nestle go thorough the intricate process after many lab examination and checks. Quality control entails the examination of product at various levels and after moving all the levels it is approved to be marketed. The Nestle understands very well that it is extremely hard for just a single one but it's the collective responsibility of whole team. The Nestle employed a team of professionals who work hard to maintain the quality of nestle products. The team work must be developed in the workable environment to get the goal at the natural grounds. The goal of quality control team of Nestle is to identify the products which do not meet specific requirements of quality.

The products of the Nestle need the correct advertisement and its presentation in front of the mark market to receive the appreciation from the marketplace. The change in the plan of the advert of the many products is becoming more necessary and vital for the merchandise appreciation and approval towards the customers.

The change in the management plans and the career enrollment process is also needs a revision in the company.

The ethnic and the contest difference should be removed and the identical opportunity career should be needed to be structuralized in the organization.

Identification for the change

If we are looking for the positive change in the business and making the performance of the business increasingly more better. The first step towards this is to create a team which identifies the various areas and locations on which the positive changes can be made and implementation of such changes are rational and relevant for the company.

The recognition of the changes requirement of the company at various levels is very much inevitable to build the understanding the future of the business and the future of the strategy of the business in the brief and the long term basis.

The identification can be produced possible by causing the proper analysis process and research of the history of the many products reselling and the future expected requirements and fads of the organization's various products and brands in the international market.

The change is not only the requirement in the development and the strategies of the brands and the products of the business additionally it is necessary in the management, employment and in the labor force of the business.

The id of the change in any organization requires the following steps to be taken

The analysis of the brands strategy and approval one of the consumers

The evaluation of the work satisfaction and performance inside the organization.

The evaluation of the buyer management relationship and its own outcomes.

The analyzing of all evaluation data and determining the malfunctioning parts and brands of the organization

Making a effective proposal for the eradication of the problems and the implantation strategy presentation.

the possible methods for getting the solutions of the ongoing problems and dangers that can cause the damage to the origination

Areas and Techniques/Methods for Evaluation

The company management can take up various methods and tools to analyze and examine its different areas for e. g. they can examine brands, consumer management relationship, work satisfaction and performance etc.


Business Environment

The analyzing the business enterprise environment is very much necessary for the business. The Nestle maintain the good business environment however the changes in line with the duration of time are also on the credit cards and should be taken time to time to keep up the healthy business environment.

Management Performance

The management has multi-dimensional obligations and really should present the sense of responsibility to perform their responsibilities with full determination and dedication. However the management done their part in the business's work performance and done with responsibility however the evaluation of the performance of the management of the organization is also very important as they need to might be totally devoted but should be dedicated enough to meet the needs of the business over time.

Employee's Participation

The employee's participation in the change and n the popularity of the changes is also a major thing to worry about, they are the one which I reality use the change in any origination. The career of the organization should be well aware and prepared to accept and execute the change in the origination to get the full participation of the business.

Product Marketing And Delivery

The product marketing and delivery is also a very key issue to go over if we discuss the changes and need to be made the changes in the organization. The review in the marketing and the online marketing strategy of the various products also needs to become a part of the change.

Product Appreciation

The analysis form the clients will make the company analyze the appreciation of the product among the consumers of the merchandise especially when the company is launching the new products the customer's analysis should be studied in profile as a priority in analysis.

Employment Satisfaction

The career satisfaction to the new changes adopted and the expected changes to be implemented in the future should be examined and researched. The analysis from the employment of the business is sufficient to receive the view that the career of the business is indented to the change or satisfied out of this kind of the change or not.


Evaluation Performa's:

The analysis Performa's are made to have the customer's judgment for a particular product and there should be another for the job that either they want the changes if yes which areas they require changes. This is actually the best way to obtain getting the immediate evaluation from the customers or the employment of the company at a short period of your time.

Product income/loss ratio:

The product acceptance in the market will receive a good business for the business and gives the earnings if not so it gives the loss. The examining the statistical studies on the profit or loss of this products separately will allow the management of the business to make an judgment that the merchandise is doing sufficiently for the business or not.

Market pattern:

The market movements also needs to be examined by the management of the company to make any decision for the brand or a product.

Consumer Behavior:

The consumer action is the also very must effective stimulus for the change strategy of any firm the individuals are those which can cause the changes in the merchandise and branding of the organization.

Diagnostic Change

After the short id and getting the clear picture of the needs for the changes in the organization the very next step of the management is to detect the strategy an efficient strategy that can be adopted in the foreseeable future for the implementation of the changes in the organization.

Change Management Process

To keep up with the quality of the merchandise the Nestle Change management team practices proper put together provided by the Nestle Company.

The process consists of the next steps

Analyzing the available resources of Raw Materials.

The change management team analyses the several available resources from where in fact the raw materials can be gathered and employed in the product making. The Analyses is performed by the team of experts which apply different tools/techniques to test. The quality of the raw materials in available resources. The very best and purest resources are selected to manufacture something.

Collecting options for Raw Material

The selection of method of collection of new material is really as important as your choice to select a way to obtain raw material. The collection of product raw materials is done with proper care and by utilizing hygiene tools/ Ways to make the merchandise look good flavor good and it will also be best for health also.

Product Manufacturing

The product developing is also a very vital and main factor for the quality of the product. The grade of the product can be influenced if not manufactured under the nice and hygiene benchmarks of the products.

The Nestle Company has adopted the appropriate methods accompanied by tools/techniques for the product manufacturing. The merchandise is genuine as come under the manufacturing process and the process is designed in such a way that it sustains the product quality and purity is assured at the outmost and best objective.

Product Packing

The product after processing process is exceeded to the consumers for the purpose to maintain the grade of the product the packaging of the product is performed in standard packaging which can guarantee that the quality can be retained over a huge time frame. The packaging of product by Nestle is performed in such high standard that whenever its products are used by the consumers the quality standards are managed and build the image of the Nestle product in the eye of the Consumers Specially food products are packed so that there are no slide likelihood of Damage of Nourishment.

Implementating A Change

The implementation of the change in the organization is vital and the execution of the change requires a well identified and sorted out strategy which brings the changes in the organization. The execution should be achieved through best available resources and methods and techniques.

Criticism on the Change

Although the changes in the business brings many positive improvements and progress for the organization but it can face different type of the criticism at various levels by the customers as well as from the employment of the business.

The customers will record or show their criticism if they're not likely to accept the changes in the brands, products or the other available choices provided by the organization.

The employment might also criticize the change in the organization if they're not use to execute such changes which they thought might not be good for them and the business.


Nestle Tries it's best to supply the products to there consumers keeping in view the full total Change management ethics. Followings will be the Talents of Its products

The High Quality and Purity of the merchandise.

The Standard packaging and high product image in the market.

Competitive quality products on the market.

Manageable pricess of the products.


It is said there is always remains space for the betterment so Nestle Products always needs improvement in regards to to quality and costs. Following will be the Weaknesses of the Nestle Products.

Nestle Products are high priced as compare to other companies products.

The cost of packaging sometimes incurred higher then your product.

Quality costs high and it becomes difficult for the company to compete in the market.

The prices of standard products transformed the consumer behavior.


The Good will of the company attracted the consumers.

A wide selection of the merchandise captured the market

Standard of the products is pleasing the consumer and changing their preferences.

Attractive packing is providing health competition.

Packing is hygienically very suitable to maintain quality.


Expansion of the market is a significant threat to keep up demand and supply.

High prices of fresh material will effect the cost the products

Nestle has extended the net work in other countries so administrative costs will increase.

Storage and supply will result the market


The change is what which is necessary and necessary everywhere in the world and the change for the betterment or the apace for the betterment is obviously available.

Nestle makes packing decisions keeping because the following reasons

Protection of Product -Scheduled to expand proclaimed of Nestle; International standard packaging is used to guard the product from damaging during transport and lessening spoilage.

Customer safety -A visible presentation design can be used to catch the attention of customers. This is also important for customers who aren't well-known with the Nestle Product. The Nestle will try you need to make its products visible among thousands of other products of other companies. For which its packaging designs stand out more likely to be appreciated future shopping.

Value added packaging -Though packaging designs and composition and value of the merchandise but benefits can be acquired from the bundle structure as it make the merchandise easier to use while stylistic designs catch more appeal of the clients. And appears beautiful in screen in the stores as well as at home.

Distribution Beautiful and attractive presentation attracts the clients and aid the storing.

Pricing Affect - presentation can influence a significant of something selling price. It really is experienced that some time cost of some product increased to 40% of something selling price yet people do not mind to purchase owing to high standard looked after quality. However smart product packaging minimizes the real price.

Research and Development section of Nestle consistently conduct studies and research to increase the quality of products and its own packaging. That's why the company evolves the revised packaging time to time in line with the wishes of its consumers and wishes of market. Whenever the company creates a new package deal it is frequently with the intension of experiencing the look on the marketplace for an extended period of your time. As changing packaging design for a brief period can have negative effects as compare to long lasting. In order to locate the product and may not mixed up in the transformed design.


By analyzing the facts and the annals of the business we can recommend the following

The change management strategy of the origination should be examined and restructured

The management and the customer's marriage should be built by different situations.

The new opportunities for the job and the merchandise launching are needed however the management change in terms of organizational patterns is important.

The ad of the merchandise should be launched with the new strategies and promotional strategies should be developed.

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