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Business strategies of Burger King

This statement is to target the overall business strategies of Burger King. In 1991, the Canadian fast food industry was at a period of declining sales and Burger Ruler had been outspent by its major rivals which McDonald's was spending seven times the maximum amount of on advertising as Burger Ruler, Harvey's and Wendy's were both spending 25% more. A counter-top strategy was developed for British Canada that centered on Burger King's flagship product, the Whopper, somewhat than make an effort to match the competition's multi-product advertising strategies.

The campaign got several key components. Individual promotional programs were developed for the franchisees and a much closer romance between your company and its own local and regional stores was placed into place. Another critical aspect was the press strategy. Burger King decided to concentrate on advertising.

By using advertising on tv, internet, guaranteed by strong promotional advertising in local magazines and radio, Burger King found ways to make its smaller share of voice discovered and noticed.

This report shows the value of experiencing a focused, countrywide strategy that localizes promotional to aid the business enterprise management.


1. 1 Authorisation

This record was authorised by Mr Adam McLamore and David Edgeton who will be the founders and current CEOS of Burger King Holdings, Florida US, on December 07, 2011.

1. 2 Objectives

Analyse the power and weakness of Burger King

Compare Burger King's competitiveness to that of its competitors

Present the studies of the Strategic Examination and suggested several strategic options for Burger King predicated on the results.

1. 3 Scope

This study shall cover the businesses of Burger King Holdings located in United States. It will cover all its stores surrounding the world. The company will evaluate the strategies used in the company, and present recommendations about how it can improve its operations. The swot analysis of the company will also be analyzed.

1. 4 Constraints of Study

As all the studies, this research also acquired limitations. Firstly, the information designed for Burger King had not been sufficient enough to get the correct strategies and be able to analyse it. Second Burger King experienced some of its information that could not get to the public; this averted us from entering depth with the article.

Background to the organization

Burger Ruler is one of the largest fast food chains on the globe, with an increase of than $2 billion in gross annual revenue. Burger King is the second largest hamburger junk food chain on earth, trailing only behind McDonald's. Burger King has over 12, 000 restaurants covering all 50 State governments and 73 different countries.

Some of the notable products from Burger King include the Whopper sandwich, hen sandwiches, chicken breast tenders, and fries. Burger Ruler also offers other selections such as salads, breakfast time items, and sweets.

The first Burger King, called "Insta Burger King" opened up in 1954 in a Miami, Florida suburb. About 90% of Burger King restaurants are unbiased franchises. The company went public with a short Public Offering in 2006. In 2009 Burger King introduced the Whopper Pub which really is a section of the restaurant that is similar to a bar that serves beverages and also offers Whoppers. Burger King has earned several awards including being named one of the top 100 Global Brands by Inter-brand.

Burger King's slogan is "just the way you like them" and the eye-sight is "we happily serve the best burgers in the business, plus a variety of real, real foods. . all freshly prepared. . just how you want to buy. " Their prices are to be fairness, diversity, esteem, caring, clear accountabilities, teamwork, high expectations, commitment to brilliance, celebrating their successes.

General environment analysis


Mostly located in urban residential area.

Target customer between 18 to 34 years old.

Target to the center income group.

Customer society growing.


Nowadays people in the culture always prefer healthy lifestyle to avoid any negative disease happen in it.

Working hours too much time caused people favor eat outside food rather than baking themselves.

Materialistic society

People like to spend since income per capital of Malaysia increasing this few years.


Technology growth leads the process of output more effective and also efficiency.


Malaysia government open business period for foreigner buyer to jogging their business in Malaysia. There are so many companies of foreigner we might saw in Malaysia such as Burger Ruler, Mac Donald etc.


The rising of petrol price in Malaysia influence the vehicles cost of every business become higher.

Prices of certain goods expand up and lead the expense of production increase.

Porter's 5 Forces

New entrants:

Recently, the existing players established are extremely powerful, so Burger Ruler wouldn't normally need to pay a lot attention in be concerned about the new entrants. Which means this kind of risk is suprisingly low. Besides, Burger Ruler is a one of the oldest fast food's brand, it was set up in 1953. Their reputation and the grade of food, the material they used were trusted by their customers. So if the new entrants wish to join and compete with Burger Ruler and want to gain the market talk about and task the existed players are incredibly hard. Burger Ruler is a franchised company. If you wish to enter the marketplace, you must have huge capital to invest and very advanced copyrighted technology. Due to these specialized property and the huge cost to exit, there is very hard for you to go in and exit from the market of the junk food.


There is many choices and low switching cost. It's very possible for customers to choose the foods from McDonald's, KFC and Wendy's Burger. In addition they can produce the very similar products, such as Fish Burger, Poultry Burger, Beef Sandwich, French Fries, dessert etc. Another example is the breakfast. It is possible for the clients to change from Burger Ruler Burger breakfast set in place to McDonald's Burger Breakfast set, it could be very subjective, such as, no car parking, too many people, the temperature too much or too cold in the restaurant and so forth can affect the customers to improve their head and decide to purchase the competition' substitutes to satisfied their needs.

Bargain of Suppliers:

Burger Ruler has more than 350 suppliers and vendors. They are named an important and integral dealer to the Burger Ruler System and they will continue to supply the Burger Ruler system with the excellence service and using the high quality marketing and sales communications services. Burger King is taking care of well in provider diversity programs and maintaining a diverse stock portfolio of suppliers. Restaurant Services Inc. (RSI), it's very famous and strong purchasing agent, they help the vast majority of products and services utilized by Burger King's owners in United States and is also the administrator of the system's resource string. RSI works and connect strongly with the restaurant owners, Burger King Organization, food and presentation suppliers, marketing businesses, equipment vendors, marketers, and information system providers in order to streamline and enhance their supply-chain and make the system more efficient.

Bargain of Customer:

They added salad bars plus some "light" menu for customers, and it can less fatty and much healthier image. It'll increase their customers' power and become stronger. It also can entice the olds to come and revel in the meals even the foods are are more healthy but these still delightful.

Managing inter-firm rivalry:

Their biggest competition is McDonald's, Wendy's International Inc. and Yum Brands and Owner of Taco Bell. Burger King's market stocks are lesser than McDonald's. Burger King has market share is just about 21. 9 % and McDonald has approximate 44%, which is double of the Burger King's market show percentage. Recently, McDonald is rapid of growing the branches in many under-developed countries, such as China and India. Burger King just only expanded in handful of international market, not like McDonald. So we realize that McDonalds gets the most of them market show and branch, means that they are having the market position now. In addition, it means that they are the leader on the market and they hold the powerful to set the meals prices and McDonald's expansion extremely fast also. Because of their product differentiation level quite low, so the rivalry is high intense.

Summary of environmental scanning

Burger Ruler is the one of the dominator in the fast food industry with high reputation and high market stocks. New entrants who would like to sign up for the industry and contend with Burger King and want to gain the market show and task the existed players are very hard. However, the primary opponents of Burger Ruler are still McDonald's, KFC and Wendy's Burger. Because there is many choices and low transitioning cost between them. So, Burger Ruler still needs to put effort to compete with this few main challengers. Moreover, Burger King is managing well in distributor variety programs and keeping a diverse stock portfolio of suppliers. Restaurant Services Inc. (RSI), it is very famous and strong purchasing agent, It works and speak carefully with the restaurant owners, Burger King Organization, food and product packaging suppliers, marketing organizations, equipment vendors, marketers, and information system providers in order to streamline and improve their supply-chain and make the machine better.

SWOT Analysis

Capital Market -

The durability of Burger Ruler on Capital Market is the business able to fully utilize their on hand resources. It creates their procedure more efficiency and brings the business expansion faster. However, the weakness from this company is their show at market is declining. So the available capital can be lower and also it provides them liquidity problem and directly influence the self-confidence of the entrepreneur. The company offers the opportunity to acquire some of the restaurants and growing the restaurants industry. It can contribute more revenue to company to be able to beat the liquidity problem. There involve some threat to the company which is the strict regulation establish by authorities. Besides it, the market downturn may cause the company not successful too.

Product Market -

For the power, company gets the strong brand and product profile. Their products are differentiated from other products. Burger ruler has major restaurant network over the world. For this reason, the customer, dealer and lenders are reliable to them. Furthermore, they could bring forth new ideas in their products constantly. Nevertheless, the weakness of the burger ruler in product market is less control over franchises. It could cause the business loss their goodwill or devotion from customer. On the other side, the chance of the business is launch of varied innovative products through their potential creativity. Additionally, it may improve their product and brand well-known. The danger to the business is outbreak of Food-borne Diseases. It could cause the buyer not reliable on their food. Besides, competitive marketplaces impact their performance on business. The costs of food are increasing higher than standard inflation and scheduled to loss of some earnings. Since, burger king is junk food restaurants, while health issues among public. So the earnings will drop too.

Organization -

For the durability, company has a organizational goal of success. So company's employees be capable of reorganizations achieve their goals. Moreover, company will give the achievements awards plus some incentives to the stakeholders who are employees or managers who've made significant contributions. This is a good way by giving rewards anticipated to increase employees self-confident that their personal needs will be attained and stimulate them. For the weakness, company management lacked target and path and has battled with marketing combine decisions. Service was slow-moving and preparing food was inconsistent and many stores needed remodeling. That is another issue of the assistance provided by the employees. For the opportunity, company must support, encourage and spend money on their career expansion by giving numerous training and development programs designed to help employees build useful skills and competencies. Hence, this is an opportunity for those to upgrade their skills and it allows them to perform to the best of their ability. Another opportunity is at every each year, global managers enroll in their gross annual convention to activate with the franchisees and notice about their proper vision, functions, development and marketing programs for the future season. For the menace, the outside competitive will impact company performance, so the mangers need to resolve the competitive problems and control the management in firm. Besides, another threat is the unemployment rate gets higher nowadays so it will lead employees are hard to find the jobs.

Summary of situation analysis

Burger Ruler Holdings, INC is focuses on its company strategies research and their performance within the fast food service restaurant industry. Therefore, company encounters countless inner and external issues in environmental evaluation, and these will influencing their business procedures which is dominant on the market analysis. Thus, Burger King Holdings identify its company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in three stakeholders group. Subsequently, each aspect impacting Burger Ruler is then applied into a SWOT research to recognize the company's strongest characteristics and areas in need of improvement to determine the firm's success of gradually increase the shareholder value. Besides, in applying the swot research is a essential that help company to minimize and avoid weaknesses and risks. The weaknesses in company must be scrutinized in order to modified them into strengths part. Similarity, in the other way round the threats should be became opportunities. Therefore, both advantages and opportunities will be matched up to boost company potential for accomplishes goals in the junk food industry.

Strategic Options

Strategic options are creative choice action-oriented reactions to the external situation an organization (or group of organizations) faces. Proper options would help Burger Ruler to take good thing about facts and stars, styles, opportunities and threat of the exterior world. Burger Ruler may use this tool 'Strategic options' to recognize and make an initial screening of different proper options or perspectives.

Burger King opened more branches in superior retail locations which would give them powerful capabilities over their opponents. They are able to have stores that face areas with much higher ft. traffic and better local demographic compositions. Also, given the high visibility associated with superior retail locations the cost of their marketing budget would be significantly reduced because of the incidental advertisements the storefronts by natural means offer.

When Burger King enters into older state, it should shift its concentrate from differentiation based superiority to cost-based superiority. Thus, low cost often becomes the entire driving push of corporate profit. Low cost advantage can be achieved through increased economies of scale. They should enhance their capabilities in their syndication network and maintain their industry business lead in low transportation costs.

Segment and customer selection becomes crucially important to preserving a high revenue margin. While the tendency in the niche burger industry is to target the general people, Burger Ruler should give attention to a customer segment that offers the biggest amount of price elasticity. This portion should compose of these customers most faithful to the Burger Kings' brand who are also in the highest income bracket.


Furthermore, Burger Ruler is utilizing new and various marketing associations which extend the corporate strategy of building up their brand image. The attempts for the strategic option include long-term branding promotions through radio and tv set commercials that have a period caption of 30 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. This marketing campaign strategy can better distributed the merchandise and service offerings aesthetically and on audio tracks to attain the mass customers. In addition, the strategic option of Burger King towards expanding their market show requires an advertising procedure concentrating on new product offerings as well as the existing popular products such as the Whooper.

The higher demand and level of popularity of eating among young and middle age ranges has provided a prospect of Burger King to increase its profits and with better market potential, the business has used the advancements in technology and technology equipment to provide better services which could attract these potential clients. In addition, the company targets training its personnel for better service offering and better planning of food.


BURGER KING'S key selection conditions is the requirements which burger king uses as a basic framework of evaluation and selection when making and deciding proper options. Here's but a few Key selection criteria that BURGER KING uses.

Alignment with center competencies

Alignment with proper goals

Internal rate of go back more than (a certain number say 15%)

Improve customer service



Core competencies are those capacities that are critical to a company achieving competitive advantage, these include technological/subject matter know-how, a reliable process and/or close interactions with customers and suppliers. It may also include product development or culture. Therefore when BURGER KING develops a proper option it creates sure that they have considered and factored in its core competencies to make sure it gets the capability to help in this strategic option.


When BURGER KING develops a strategic option it creates sure that this option is in line with its primary tactical goals and that the key goals and goals of BURGER KING are factored into this option, so that as the strategic option gives them an advantage it doesn't deviate from what BURGER KING is primarily attempting to achieve.


Is a rate of go back used in capital budgeting to assess and compare the profitability of purchases it can be an indicator of the efficiency, quality, or yield of any investment. BURGER Ruler uses IRR to judge if a specific tactical option is profitable, successful or of a substantial yield in comparison to their basic required rate of return which is set before evaluation and decision on strategic option can be made therefore not merely establishing a bench mark of go back but a basis of comparison between tactical options and alternatives.


BURGER KING is in the fast food industry, which is one of the very most product discriminate companies, because consumers have so many choices between other chains such as MCDONALDS, KFC, WENDY'S etc. BURGER KING has differentiated itself by providing what they call the 'CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE', which means providing superior customer support and they do that by making the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE a key and core element of most their strategic options. They use customer support as key selection requirements to make sure that all their strategic options increase the customer experience and hence provide them with a competitive border in their extremely competitive industry.


another key selection criterion is URGENCY this conditions analyses how immediate is the necessity for the tactical option and how urgently the tactical option can be carried out. That is done to make certain BURGER KING proper options are both responsive and effective thus obtaining strategic aim for.


Bases on the proper options, to open up more branches is known as inefficient strategy, since it need a lot of cash to start the new branches, but can implementing more other strategy to reach same goal which is raise the market show like franchisee system as well as the delivery system. Utilizing the low priced delivery system, more customers can benefit from the Burger Ruler product just about everywhere and whenever. It really is considered more efficiently than open up more branches. Inside the franchisee system, Burger Ruler can earn much more benefit from the transaction and increase the market show, but to focus on the merchandise quality, Burger King should put more attention onto it to keep the reputation maintain and increase in once. The franchisee training is vital onto it. For the franchisee system, Burger King also needs to control the location of the branch to avoid way too many branches in the same certain place, which can reduce the competition of all franchisee and market inefficient.

Low cost strategic is a good strategic to reach the higher earnings, with a good distribution network will hit the corporate low cost strategic. Maintain the quality and lower the development cost is a good way to raise the income but both component should be move in the same route.

For the "highest income mounting brackets" of the Burger King market segmentation, will certainly reduce the Burger King's customer populace, because the cheaper should be more attracted. By increase the customer human population, Burger King must do more promotion as well as the advertising for the short-term. Alternatively, to boost the customers inhabitants in the long-term, Burger Ruler should make the product differentiation by develop more product types and favorites which can entice more new customer. This development will raise the market shares as well as the competitive advantages of the Burger Ruler to make it through in this competition market.

Advertising is important aspect to attain the profit margin increase, Burger King should use the reduced cost advertising which can effective and also save an enormous of money. The populace lifestyle is transformed and the technology improvement Burger Ruler cannot using the traditional media to market their product, teens and adults are prefer internet more than the paper nowadays. Like using the web site advert is consider as cheaper advertising which also can filter the populace to reach the market segmentation far better than without filter it. You won't ever advertising the Burger King to a 80 years old, so we need to filter the population first to the target customer.


The last 1 / 2 of the twentieth century observed the development of several fast food chains, though Burger Ruler is the second largest hamburger fast food restaurant on the planet, but it still maximize the income and minimize cost.

With a general environment analysis, the business can see a longer horizon of energy, and be able to clarify strategic opportunities and hazards that the business faces. By looking to the exterior environment to start to see the potential pushes of change looming coming, Burger King can take the proper planning process from the area of today and in to the horizon of tomorrow.

By the effectiveness of the company to fully utilize their readily available resources, it bring the business expansion faster. They are simply differentiate their products, it make the clients, suppliers can reliable in it. By saturating almost every market it has joined, Burger King now envisions itself as a stabilized company, with getting into new markets as they are in exploiting those market segments atlanta divorce attorneys way open to them. The company is also more in a position to react to consumer demands that, earlier in its lifetime, would have been impossible. The best strategic options and key selection conditions that Burger Ruler has been using to fortify their company business management. They may be retaining the high earnings with the low-cost products provide to the marketplace, which can get the higher demand and level of popularity from the different periods of customer.

So by overall, Burger Ruler has the consistent business management to keep their business no subject on the products, promotional or business strategic, it bring the business to growth swiftly and globalize.

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