Campus Security Management

Campus Security is customarily defined as one of the most pervasive issues that a campus or school must address. There may be seldom has a campus concern, problem, or obstacle that will require the recruitment of everyone in the school to resolve.

Security Management is about protection of any building and other possessions of the building. Security management is has a field of management related to advantage management, physical security and human resource security functions. It entails the identification of an organization's information property and the development, documentation and implementation of policies, specifications, procedures and rules.

Security is an essential issue for every company i. e. federal government, private, commercial or educational establishment. Thus, university security personnel such as campus security officers and campus security officer need to have a strong understanding of campus security.

There are numerous important obligations are being brought out in owning a university. Among the most crucial is proper security management. Campus security is necessary in order to keep employees and their things safe.

All students and school community members should be fully alert to the basic safety issues on campus also to take action to prevent and to survey illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal recognition and applying personal safety procedures are the groundwork of a safe community.

Pursuant to the College student To Know and Campus Security Function, university monitors legal activity and publishes the security statement, maintaining a three-year statistical history on the campus, on the adjunct campus, with off-campus facilities used. College or university also distributes information about the report to students and employees. A backup of this article is also open to possible students and employees after request.

Various procedures and procedures relating to campus security are needed and it expressly reserves the right to modify or adopt additional regulations or procedures at any time without notice. Such changes can happen in successive issues of the security record. (Saint Paul College or university, 2009).

  • Statement of Research Problems:

For universities, it will always be an effort in managing the desire to welcome the general public to campus situations with the need to protect the basic safety of the school community. It is exposed to physical hazards and vulnerabilities as well as the vandalism because there are many people complete in and out to the campus include the students who stay off-campus.

University community such as students and staff as well as personnel who work in the campus area always feel unsecure or unsafe when the security system cannot reach to the magnitude of coverage. Unsecure environment will influence the students' academics. However, according to the statistics, the people attitude makes sense that "it'll never happen here. "

Thus, because of the lack of understanding on the security one of the students, staffs and guests of the college or university, this research study is to get a better understanding on the security management also to understand how important are the security management.

Besides that, this research will identify the students' satisfaction toward security management of University or college of Malaya.

  • Objectives of the analysis:
  1. To determine the current security system in University or college of Malaya (UM).
  2. To identify the amount of satisfaction among students towards current security system in UM.
  3. To conclude and make appropriate tips to improve on the current security system.
  • Background of the analysis:

The security is often an issues concerned by community. Inside the campus, even there is a security system, many students may still not satisfy with the current security system in the universities because many theft cases still happen, make loss on the students and staffs.

Thus, a good and efficient security management of any university is important so that to ensure all aspects and property of the building are maintained safe and defended from hazard or damage or damage. Security addresses all the devices, technologies and specialist materials for perimeter, exterior and internal coverage. This covers everything from sensors and closed-circuit television set to barriers, light and access settings.

  • Significance of the analysis:

This review will show a synopsis of Security Management system to people security administrators and other security employees as well as the staff and students about safeguarding campus possessions.

Through this research, people will more understand the current security system in University or college of Malaya and so the administrators and security employees could more concern on the current security system problem thus that will gives recognition to them so that protection of students and the campus better. By handling well in campus security, not only the university community will feel more secure, the tourists will also benefit from the benefits because the possibility to face problems will be lower. The students can also enjoy the safe and secure educational environment.

  • Scope of Analysis:

This study can look on the security management in University or college of Malaya. The area of analysis will focus on whole College or university of Malaya and also Security Office of University or college of Malaya. The mark segment of the research will mainly concentrate on the students of College or university of Malaya so that to achieve the objective of the analysis.

  • Research Technique:

In undertaking this study, understanding of the definition of security and Security Management of campuses and colleges will be completed from extra data such as periodicals, magazines, encyclopedia, journal articles and abstracts as well as the data mainly gathered from internet. Besides that, the current security system of College or university of Malaya may also be studied.

In addition, questionnaire surveys data will be collected from students so that can know the satisfaction level on security in College or university of Malaya included in this.

The data collection and information obtained will be put into graph in the most proper way. Thus, every data and information collected will be analyzed before the research can reach the final outcome.

  • Structure of the analysis:

This chapter offers a concise benefits to the topic of this review. It includes statement of research problems, targets of the study, background, significance of the study, range of study, research technique and the structure of the analysis.

In the Chapter 2, the Books Review, provide information to raised understanding on the security management of university or college like the role of security and types of security. Besides that, this chapter will also examine the importance of the security plan and the devices found in implementation of campus security.

Chapter 3 is the Case Study which will review on the current security system and management in University of Malaya. All information and documentations that related to the Security Office and the security of University of Malaya will be analyzed. This chapter will also take a look at the case study which appears on types of security system such as the traffic control, CCTV, gain access to control, issuing of vehicle sticker and special team as well as role of security guards.

Chapter 4 is the Conclusions and Evaluation of the study methodology. Before move forward with research, research technique will be briefly discussed. The quantitative research will provides the tabulation of the number review through questionnaire study. The result will bottom on the examination of the info accumulated as well as observation.

Lastly, Section 5 is the Conclusion and Recommendation. The conclusion of the analysis will be produced from the results and research done in earlier chapter. After of all, the recommendation and advice regarding improvement of security system will be made.

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