Cannibalization Sales Of American Girl From Barbie Marketing Essay

Mattel, the globes top notch toy organization, were only available in South California in a storage area class that produced mirrors. When the business started retailing doll house furniture made from picture frame waste products, they seen the industry probable and chosen change to toy creation. In 1959, Mattel designed their most well-known toy, the Barbie doll. Encouraged by newspaper baby dolls, Barbie items was a 3D toy with which "girls could play out their goals. " Throughout the ages Mattel has ongoing to produce and industry well-known playthings and video games, (Hot Auto tires and He-man) combine with successful producers, (Fisher Price and Tyco) spouse with kid's program organizations, (Disney, Sesame Highway, and Nickelodeon) obtain permits and protection under the law to produce well-known selections (Cabbage Place Dolls and John Knitter products) and find other organizations (Satisfying Company).

Since its notion, the Mattel Company has done too much to create sure it is known as a reliable group for kids and the city. The organization established a kid's charity, known as the Mattel Children's Bottom. In 1997 the organization designed the International Making Ideas, making them the first business to create a framework to ensure creation would be performed through continuous requirements on some sort of level. In 1998 they began a $25 million multi-year contribution to the UCLA kid's medical center, which is currently known as the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA.

However, Mattel hasn't always been in a position to maintain their picture of child-like purity. The organization has had numerous problems that they may have thieved ideas because of their toy-lines from kids who've joined their contests. In the mid Seventies, it was learned that organization government bodies possessed protect in press announcements and financial information to build it look like the business was continuing to increase corporately. The business has also experienced its show of remembers. Based on who you ask, the quantity varies from 17 to 28. And from Aug to Sept of this season Mattel has experienced the greatest remember in the business's history.

This circumstance addresses the following five questions:

Q1. Do produces of products for children have sociable responsibilities to consumer and world? What are these responsibilities, and exactly how well has Mattel attained them? Provide evidence of Mattel's talents and weakness in the area?

Mattel as a business is continuing to grow into a big entity with their wide selection of toy products which are brought in worldwide.

Social Responsibility is one of the key initiatives in relation to safeguard and harmful free product made by the Mattel's. In the year 1991 Mattel's initiated an employee volunteer program where they reach surrender their bit with their community as part of philanthropic vision, it also offers a great many other commitments towards aiding the children through its non-profit arm.

Few detailed initiative considered by the Mattel's as a in charge organization to be able to help the needy.

Mattel's children Hospital, Los Angeles

Fundraising occurrences for Children Affected from AIDS Association.

Barbie Cares: Encouraging Children in the Arts. (Support for Skill Education for children)

Providing free scholarships to children for education

Mattel's take on philanthropy is an investment that demonstrates the same beliefs of compassionate outreach to children in need.

They have found to the expectation, Mattel obviously suggest that it's not only about earning money; it's also about giving back again to the needy. Few instances mentioned above provides conditions that Mattel's are devoted towards philanthropy activities based on the society.

Mattel's internal audit report suggested that the organization was not using any child labor and those contractors who were found in violation of Mattel criteria were pressured to change their functions or quit the business.

Naturally Mattel instituted a code of conduct called" Global Developing Principles" and its own contracted with developing facilities which Mementos business lovers who are committed to ethical specifications that are compatible with Mattel's Methodology.

Mattel usually communicates with parents about its online marketing strategy. It requires legal steps to see both children and men and women regarding its Internet-based marketing tools.

Especially on Barbie. com website, parents are prompted to learn and follow ideas on Internet security by giving full explanation how it gathers information, how to consider precautions to protect information, and other issues relevant to parents and children.


Mattel does not have an insurance plan to keep any information online from site visitors or consumers until unless these are 13 years or aged and volunteer it, except in limited circumstances approved for legal reasons and explained in the insurance policy.

It strictly adheres to

Children's Online Privacy Protection Work of 1998

Guidelines of the Children's Advertising Review Product.

Q2. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of Mattel's primary brands (Barbie and American Woman). In considering Barbie specifically, has Mattel's Success with the North american Young lady collection cannibalized sales from Barbie? Explain?

Strengths of Brands-

Barbie as a brand is Mattel's flagship Endeavor and its number one with fetching great revenue for the Mattel's.

In the entire year 2002, Barbie was listed as the "Best 100 Global Brand"

American Girl is perfect for Teenage females Aged 7 to 12 years old. That is due to variants in the mark market.

Girls older 7 or below, which little by little resulted too much in demand and thus became popular.

The Sudden demand seen at the shops was not fulfilled according to objectives or forecast for several years.

The bestselling dolls generally in most global market with $2 billion in worldwide sales each year plus more than 1 billion dolls bought from four years.

Barbie has a type of clothing for children; pcs and digital cameras with Barbie theme developed in line with the years come across.

This Theory was implemented to expand their market also to attract girls following the time of 7 too.

When its American lady Product, they may have books, accessories and cafe for young girls.

This has resulted in an increase the product variety for both brands that generates more revenues.


Traditional Barbie has activated the probability of suspended in Malaysia by the Malaysian Consumers Relationship of Penang, credited to her non-Asian appearance and having less creativity but it had not been success.

Mattel's have been Very Inadequate in Foreign Market Customization

In Iran, and Middle East Islamic Countries, the non-Islamic characteristics of Barbie and american influences led to the confiscation of Barbie doll from toy stores.

Poor Global Strategy business lead to failing in marketing the product.

Limited Distribution systems for America Young lady Product, It's just available through catalogs, and few stores across United states like


Los Angeles

New York

Even though there is product development in Barbie, its recognition Depreciated and therefore the brand failed directly into make the on the top-five-selling dolls anticipated to Immense market competition globally.

Cannibalization sales of American young lady from Barbie

Analysis suggests that American Girl has were able to out-perform the sales of Barbie due to numerous reasons like some are described below.

Barbie was successful in focusing on or capturing to people aged between 7 years old and below.

American Woman has a good image comparatively to Barbie. North american Woman dolls have an educational image- As opposed to Barbie.

American Girl provides a well-known type of historical dolls, literature and accessories.

Due this success Mattel's have been highly successful in taking the interest of ladies of the older7 and above and it surely provides much prominence to the sentiments of the American Hysteria.

Q3. What exactly are the opportunities and dangers that Mattel encounters as it appears ahead?


Firstly, brand reputation; Mattel's brands are world's best-known ones, especially Barbie, and it has become a famous and recognizable brand worldwide. So Mattel may take full advantage of its brands effect to avoid the brutal competition in the domestic market and broaden its products and service into new world market.

Secondly, tactical alliance, after making an alliance with an Asian company, Mattel has usage of the new market. In Asia, there are extensive countries which can be huge and potential market for Mattel, and today it is easily nearing the marketplace and makes earnings.

Thirdly, innovation, the business has the ability to create the services and toys following the new and changing technology, such as Ello which is used to compete with its main competitor. Moreover, in line with the different cultures and customer requirement, for example, in Malaysia, Mattel should make the advancement and change its products' style to adjust to different civilizations and requirements.

Lastly, advertising, Mattel can use the new scientific method to promote its products. Like Barbie, it makes a well balanced and striking online promotion and can link the customers closely. Moreover, Internet, cultural media, and even electronic digital games are good way for Mattel to introduce the products and service.


Firstly, lifestyle switch, nowadays the American young ones lifestyle is changing, and it's rather a remarkable risk. The carrying on lifestyle change of American youth is of particular matter for Mattel. Actually, the young customers may have less time shelling out for traditional toys, and children and teenagers are more vigorous in extracurricular activities than previously and prefer to spend time with music, movies, or Internet. This switch has created troubles for Mattel, and some of Mattel's key brands have been declining within the last many years.

Secondly, rough and strong competition, as a global company Mattel has many competitors. For example, the dolls of Bratz have afflicted the sale of Mattel's leading fashion doll, Barbie.

Thirdly, distribution sites, this can be an issue for Mattel because of Mattel's reliance on Wal-Mart and Focus on, and as a result, it lessens Mattel's prices power.

Fourth, volatile petrol prices, oil can be used to make plastics and volatile oil prices affect the total cost of Mattel's products, and lastly the business may increase the playthings' price, reduce its profit, be less competitive, and lose customers.

Fifthly, stock price, due to change the first choice, fail in new product, bad performance and other reason, the purchase price level of Mattel's stock is not balance for years. Therefore the fluctuations may lead to lose investors and be trouble in obtaining money.

Lastly, cultural obstacles, in a few countries, Mattel's products meet up with the problems and the business fails in breaking cultural barriers. Moreover, some countries feel that the dolls go against their faith, so Mattel needs to reset its accessibility strategy and product style.

Q4. If you could make only one suggestion to Mattel, what would it not be?

Our group's suggestion to Mattel is that the business should increase investment and connect great importance to product development. We all know that Mattel has an extended operating history, a faithful customer bottom part, and a great development potential. However, Mattel makes many brands and products and didn't make significant change given that they were established as the customer's lifestyle is changing greatly.

Mattel has four key brands that are Barbie, Hot Rims, Fischer Price, and North american Girls. In order to extend to international market and keep the competitive advantage, Mattel may need to consider making the change and innovation to keep the company continually producing.

According to the data of Sales Growth Among Mattel's Center Brands, Barbie's growth rate reached the optimum in 2002 which is 17%, but it arrived down yearly and got the lowest point in 2005 which is -13%. On the other hand, the brands of Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price satisfied the cheapest and the penultimate sales development rate respectively in 2005 during the period from 2000 to 2005.

Furthermore, the young customers choose to spend time with music, films, or Internet alternatively than traditional playthings, therefore the children are moving further and additional away from playthings. New kinds of toys and games must be proven to catch the attention of the new customers and maintain the attention of their marketplace. So, our group suggests the business creates the new product and make the development of existing product to be able to follow the pattern of the times.

Actually, there are several known reasons for Mattel to help make the innovation. Firstly, the production technology can advertise the company and make a promotion. As explained above, Mattel is a well-known company, and has the loyal customers. So the customer will expect the creative products and become willing to acquire and play with them.

The other reason is the fact the business can enter into new market and increase its market show after making the development. The brand new products can create a huge potential target market, looked after can improve the company's competitive benefits. For instance, if Mattel can combine the gadgets and internet game it can gain access to in the adult market, and they have higher-level of purchasing ability.

On the other side, the change to Mattel also has some risk. Firstly, the client may dislike and refuse the new products; secondly, the invention may deviate from the customers' real demand; last but not least, the price of the innovation is huge and it may influence the company's financial balance.

Q5. How can Mattel reverse the decline in Barbie's sales? Should Mattel give up on Barbie and allow the actual fact that the brand will never regain its past sales position? Explain.

As the greatest toy company in the world, Mattel Inc achieved great successes in a lot of areas basic on its revenue, specifically for its Barbie product. However, in recent yr, it can be clear seen a trend is come from the sale of Barbie lowered markedly. Since 2001, the MGA launched the pop culture style---Bratz dolls series, which gain significant market share and compete immediately with Mattel. At this time, although Mattel has a world-class think container to help its company to make in-depth investigation of children's taste and analysis of cultural pattern base on a thorough research of sales article, there continues to be difficult to stop the declining sales momentum. As a result, there are two reasons lead to the decrease of deal in Barbie which show as following:

Slow to act

Just like talk about in above, the key competitor of Mattel---MGA Company create a favorite fashion doll Bratz to concern Barbie. However, when confronted with such situation, the Mattel exhibit a very gradually a reaction to market until after 14 months, Mattel still begin to establish a branch of Barbie products---My Field dolls, however, it is already too late. In fact, Mattel response little by little to this, probably is basically because the arrogant mindset of itself. They think the Barbie will always succeed no matter any situation. However, they are wrong.

New and impressive competitive

On the other hands, the poor development on personal image of Barbie is also one of reason which brings about the sale decrease of Barbie. For instance, the same instances come from Bratz doll. Different with the Barbie's dignified and commendable perfect modeling, the Bratz doll emphasis on "street gal" style image to customer just like the British super singing group " Spice Girls" which give people a refreshing feel, the natural look of the dolls attracted kids plus they started out abandoning Barbie dolls. This is seen that the MGA fully understand girls who going after self-psychological in flaunt personality of the times. Bratz series aired distinctive personality, cynical attitude and walking in the forefront of the tendency which cause its product become more and more popular even over than Barbie. At this time, the Barbie's image stills same with before. On the facial skin of it, it is just a competition between Barbie and Bratz dolls product style. Actually, there's a deep-rooted social and cultural factor. As is seen, the American culture is moving in a wide range of cultural culture which stimulates a big step forward in the pursuit of self-direction. Otherwise, the favorite culture style also changes rapidly. For instance, just like Britney Spears has already turn into a thing of the past, but the popular consultant becomes the bad young lady Lindsay Lohan. All of this means an alteration of value in contemporary society.

At this time, Mattel have to recognize the world already changing progressively fast plus they need to response immediately for just about any case of market change somewhat than dismiss it if Mattel want to reverse the drop in Barbie's sales. Furthermore, Mattel also need to give consideration on the value orientation and need to have a proper understanding of the mind of public if they want to leading in the market opportunities. Alternatively, Mattel should be most concerned is to combine existing customer loyalty for the Barbie rather than abruptly launched a new product just in order to cope with market. These existing customers are core power of Barbie, so the Mattel should try to understand their needs and through discussion to provide the satisfied program to sustain and maintain those customers. As a result, it will be help to combine the customer bottom, and prevent the competitors straight cut the market show. Finally, Mattel also need make an "innovation" for the Barbie; this will not mean a transformation such as the color of epidermis, hair and so on. This is means a completely reform. At the moment, Mattel need to produce a thorough review of the styles of the market and then looking for a suitable indicate re-entry market again. Often, it is necessary to hear the voices of devotion customer because they expect Barbie. If they're now do nothing like today's Barbie, what they like?

To summarize, it could be seen that Mattel shouldn't give up Barbie and accept the actual fact that the brand won't regain its previous sales status. Bottom part on the customer must renew their Barbie product, Barbie still have great chance to get back its previous sales status.


Mattel as an organization needs to treat many issues before the strategy substitute is implemented. The biggest concern is the cost.

The creation of new product lines, and the adjustment of others, demands significant financial support. Mattel not only must allocate funds to the research and design, recycleables, overhead and production costs, nevertheless they also need the managerial capacity to oversee the whole process. Although we didn't choose to implement an increased advertising budget on current lines, advertising will be essential for the new products.

All of the problems stated are overcome able with the proper research, and the capability to make it work. Together with the culture issues being resolved prior to stepping into there should be minimal level of resistance. With this Mattel's case is concluded.

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