Challenges IN THE Teenage Marriage TEENAGERS Essay

"In announcing on Monday that her little princess Bristol was five calendar months pregnant, Sarah Palin, John McCain's choice for a functioning mate, added a quick qualification that might, in another time, have eliminated the potential for embarrassment: The 17-year-old young lady was to be wedded to the 18-year-old father of the infant". (Kershaw, 2008)

"He'd be the gentleman, she'd be the girl, and with the backing of a strong family they might do what was expected of these". Since Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin released her princess is pregnant, young marriage and teenage pregnancy have been hot subject areas among parents. But it is teenage matrimony today, not teenage pregnancy that is the rarity.

Why am I writing newspaper on such a subject? Well I will let you know why. I chose to write my newspaper on teen marriages because I am very considering how the teens get themselves early on into the organization of relationship and face problems later. I'm also thinking about why they divorce at such an early amount of time in their marriage. The age and the reason of marrying today have transformed dramatically over time. Many young people today are beginning to get hitched at an extremely young ages and they're carrying it out all for incorrect reasons.

Young years today rush into marriage without even understanding what they are receiving into. Relationship is a lifetime commitment that your young adults don't take critically. Today's teenagers don't have confidence in the name of trust, beliefs and love. Teenage marriage has become a task in the today's time.

Instead of just conversing about how precisely much fun it'll be to live together, discuss the areas of daily life that won't be so much fun, and exactly how you will deal with this. Some teens want to get committed because they believe that it will give them more control over their partner to crush a lot of jealousy issues. You need to understand that matrimony is a relationship, it isn't about control. Various reasons leading to teen matrimony would be motherhood, freedom, ensuring marriage, religion, moving into together, etc. Because of which, teen relationship serves to be always a problem when a few has disagreements over money, over children and also physical or mental mistreatment.

Today's youngsters are wedded young, but their matrimony doesn't last for as long. For example, my friends, Mehraze and his ex girlfriend or boyfriend wife Khushnaz, hitched at the age of 17, nonetheless they are divorced at age 19. Their marriage lasted for just 2 years once they became aware that their love for each other was just a toss. According if you ask me, they shouldn't have thought of matrimony at that age group and that point of these life. Both of them were occupied in their own lives and both got chosen their future goals. Neither of these had considered engaged and getting married at 17. They required such a step because they thought that they were in love and really should just go ahead and take an extra step to get married.

I am not declaring that getting married at such a age is incorrect. What I am against will be the reasons which decides to get wedded. Reasons mentioned earlier aren't enough. People take love as grounds for granted, which almost all of the marriages derive from. But, unfortunately, it isn't.

"Oh no, there are a baby on the way. We must get married". This is one of the topmost known reasons for getting married. Teen motherhood rate is very high in U. S. Christie Silvers had written in her article "Can a teenager marriage last?" that in the U. S "there are 1. 3 million babies born out-of-wedlock every year. Of course this won't include all of the babies given birth to in a teenager marriage". "Overall, 71. 5 pregnancies per 1000 women aged 15-19 happened in 2006". (Facts on North american Young adults' Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2010). Guys normally feel that if they get their lover pregnant, then it's their responsibility to marry and care for her, which should never be the truth. If you're not ready enough to adopt the best step of getting married and supporting each other, the feeling of caring for your child shouldn't one thinks of. This will only cause bafflement for the kid and may in turn lead the child to hate their parents. Relationship is not a treatment for an unplanned pregnancy.

In the book called Teens in danger, Isabel Sawhill argues that stimulating teenage parents to marry won't solve the issues associated with young pregnancy. She grants or loans that children fare better when their parents are hitched than when they are not married, but records that teenage relationships have an extremely high inability rate. Furthermore, she boasts that by focusing their efforts on getting teenage parents to wed, authorities programs neglect to address why teenagers get pregnant to begin with. The best way to decrease the problems associated with teenage motherhood, regarding to Sawhill, is to encourage abstinence, but also to teach teens about birth control.

Births to teenagers have increased lately. "10% (10 %) of most U. S. births are to teenagers". (Facts on American Teenagers' Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2010). According to the data from the Natality Data Models, National Vital Figures System, "Teenagers accounted for 23% of nonmarital births in 2007".

Another most typical reason for the teens to consider relationship is freedom. They want to escape their parent's home. Most young adults do not like listening to their parents and feel they know more than their parents. Young adults don't like the rules placed by our parents. They have a feeling that parents expect a whole lot from them. If parents have denial for certain person, they might have their own reasons why they feel that way. However, many young adults fail to understand that their parents are really trying to help them. They think that parents are making their life unpleasant and not giving them enough freedom. Sadly, they don't really understand the value of parents.

Being married is definitely not about freedom. One has a whole lot of responsibility including home work, paying bills, etc. and most significantly responsibility and commitment to another person. If couple argues, nothing can just leave and leave home. You won't have liberty to look in and out as you performed before because other person will also be involved with his/her decisions.

Some teens could also want to marry to ensure their romantic relationship. They may feel that marriage would not lead your partner to ditch them. Well, that's not the situation. The high divorce rates are sufficient enough to nullify this assumption. "Figures released from the Country wide Middle for Health Figures found nearly half marriages in which the bride-to-be is 18 or young end in parting or divorce within 10 years". (Chan, 2002) Eleanor H. Ayer's writes in her book, Teen Marriage, that: "A girl wedded at 17 is doubly apt to be divorced as a woman 18 or 19. If a girl waits until she actually is 25 the probabilities that her marriage will last are 4 times better.

Another reason why people marry so young may be because of religious reasons. This means having sex the proper way. They find out that if they are going to have sexual intercourse they might undertake it the correct way by engaged and getting married. This will not be the reason for getting married. Marriage should be centered on how much you like each other rather than planning on something from each other. Marriages don't do well this way.

Another different reason for teen marriage would be of living in together. Teen may want to live in jointly before relationship but their parents may well not agree to the same. This reason would sometimes encourage their parents to hint the papers for his or her children to get wedded because they fear the teenagers will live alongside one another anyway.

Tradition and cultures in a few countries have also led to young marriage. For instance, the Brahmin community in India is known to practice early relationships. In this community, a girl is searched for the right suitor the moment she is given birth to. The girl's family negotiates for dowry and once the girl is eleven or twelve, she actually is forced into early on marriages to perhaps a guy of forty of fifty years. This tendency is however on a decrease with the government passing "The Child Marriage Restrain Work, 1929".

Some marriages work plus some don't. Today's technology live their lives diversely. Many marriages between the age range of 16-21 usually don't last very long. The reason is only the dash for matrimony without realizing the final results of it. For instance: When teens under the age of 18 get wedded, they are simply just leaving their parents caution and are not accustomed t taking care of themselves such as paying charges, groceries, car insurance, etc. Money is the most frequent which brings about divorce among young adults. Things change when one gets married. Never hurry into marriage if you are not ready usually the most detrimental is the future. The joy of the marriage may not last longer when one knows and recognizes the consequences from it.

The first and the primary problem that shakes a teen relationship are over money. Marriage consumes time and money of both partners. According to an old saying, "Money does not buy delight" but the fact can not be ignored that tight monetary situations could create tensions between couples. Youngsters will have to setup a home of their own and bear all the costs of running the home and taking care of the family. They generally do nothing like to adopt help from other parents as they have decided to venture out independently. It isn't easy for teens to endure all the financial bills at such an early age, as they are not so informed to earn a lot of money. Because of which teen relationship actually is an expensive affair. Also, if one person is frugal and the other is free-spending, the issue that arises can be extremely difficult to manage.

Financial problems in a teenager marriage would often lead to them residing in poverty. Living in poverty would influence the future offspring of the teenage few. Medical and psychological says of the kids of teen lovers would be afflicted. It is important to believe carefully before getting into an early romantic relationship so that such economic problems can't ruin what could often be considered a very beautiful romance.

Unplanned pregnancy is the most common problem that the young adults face. Teen's body is not ready for motherhood at such a age which might be dangerous for the mother. Brides of early marriage are in an extremely risky for fistulas and they have a higher risk of being infected with sexually sent diseases and at an increased threat of serious anemia and fatness. Francis Hosein claims in his article, "Romantic relationship - Teen Marriages" that "Some young adults are having gender young of 12 and becoming pregnant and having kids. " He further claims to "imagine kids having kids plus they (many of them) are experiencing difficulty in taking responsibility for nurturing their children".

Lack of experience in bringing up children could generate ill-feelings towards each other. Having to go on their own and without guidance from people can cause much pressure on the young couple, who have to handle children young. Young women don't do very well when raising a family group. The duty that will come in with the birth of a new life is not tolerated by the teens. How do they be responsible for their child if they are not settled in their own lives?

Another problem confronted by the young adults is that of physical and mental abuse. Physical maltreatment in the framework of dating associations includes punching, biting, slapping, stabbing, and some other method that one individual can use to physically damage another with or without the aid of a weapon. Teens at this age group are not mature enough. Immaturity often becomes a cause for a broken marriage. Insufficient personal maturity can make it difficult for teenagers to handle situations. They often times quarrel over petty issues, and sometimes finish up in an early divorce. Insufficient maturity or self-confidence and trust may also lead to jealousy and anger. Jealousy becomes an adequate reason for broken relationship. Trust is the main element in any relationship. Young young brains remain maturing and they're working through the different steps of expansion. Household problems may often lead to physical abuse, which may in turn lead for an unsuccessful marriage.

The next issue that they are likely to face is the problem of enclosure. Where are they going to live? Will they can pay for to buy or hire a house? Then your realization comes that marriage in their teens would entail the taking on of adult duties and quitting the joys of junior. Teenagers lose out on fun and play by marrying early. Since they have to shoulder responsibility at an early age, they do not have time for leisure and relaxation. Emotional and mental stress due to inexperience can create disharmony between the young couple. Managing everything on own at such an early era can be difficult and demanding.

Another important problem arising out of teenage matrimony is that the teens have to give up on their education after marriage. They cannot get enough time to spend for studies. They lose out on many opportunities in life due to this. The added obligations of family budget deprive them of concentrating on their education. Insufficient education also doesn't provide teens with good employment opportunities. The partners would have trouble buying well-paying job to support a family due to lack of a diploma. They are not offered with high paid careers, since their education level is low.

Teenagers should take into consideration that marriage comes in with tons of responsibilities which handling these duties is not easy. Young adults feel very developed and make a decision their life on their own. They often times feel marriage can bolster their relationship and solve the challenge of teenage pregnancy. It all looks very cool, but definitely there are extensive problems to be confronted. They might be an added burden to the population if they do not consider the implications of such an early matrimony.

Involving into matrimony is a real adjustment and even a significant challenge for most couples. Think about yourself at 15. Just how much had you transformed by 18? By 21? By 25? Those a decade between 15 and 25 are so critical to learning, to development of your respective self, and life success. It is simple to understand why those who try out the big step of matrimony in once period may well be in for a rough road ahead.

The Section of Health and People Services is exhibiting efforts to reduce young pregnancies through abstinence from making love. The division initiated programs such as the abstinence education program, grants or loans for community-based abstinence education, adolescent family life program, community coalition avoidance presentations, and school-based reduction work groups, among others (U. S. Department of Health and Man Services, 2002).

According to Christie Silvers, teenagers should consider some premarital guidance. This would help them take an important decision whether they should be hitched or not. She also claims that the prospective bride and the groom should talk to other experienced teens. This would give them understanding on what effects would their marriage have. She also implies reading teenage catalogs as a helpful solution.

Teenagers do become responsible with time. They are doing eventually grow and change. Some will increase apart after they are elderly. Some will learn that they really didn't love their spouse up to they thought they did. Some may also regret your choice of getting married.

The best way to cope with this issue is to hold back until you are older, mature and competent in life. One doesn't want to repent the feeling of lost young days. One should consider all the fun things any particular one gets to do if one marries few years later in life. Marrying young won't make you feel what it's like to live by oneself or to do things with friends the particular one won't do as a couple of.

It's not necessary that teen matrimony has to fail. But getting married is not really a game. Like a stated simple fact, life is challenging for married young adults. So it's a wise decision to be studied in the long run. If you enter this stage of life slowly but surely and know very well what to expect, then teen marriages can be as successful as other relationships.

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