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My elective was youth justice, in this elective I've chosen this issue of junior crime elimination. The preventative service I am interacting to service users in my leaflet is street-based junior work, this web links into risk facet of everyone teaching.

The audience that my leaflet is targeted at is 13 to 17 year olds who are socially excluded and are at threat of offending and turning to crime. My audience are also difficult to reach through other services and companies. My leaflet is advertising a preventative block based mostly service for young people. The reason is to draw in young people and offer them interesting and alternate interactive and challenging options so that they turn from involvement in crime. This service is a highly effective way of junior workers building a rapport especially with young people who do not use centres and have not been previously come to by other method of youth avoidance.

Government assistance has given me insight and understanding in to the links between block based youth work with crime prevention. Authorities guidance, Transforming Young ones Work: Resourcing Excellent Junior Services (2002) has recognized that young ones work is an integral aspect to prevention of crime. The direction sets out a 'contribution' of children service is 'tackling anti-social behaviour and crime'. (pg4). Emphasis is put on dealing with young people who may create a risk of committing anti-social behaviour.

The reason I decided this particular emphasis is that it is a preventative service already offered to young people in hopes of reducing crime, yet it is not as recognised and I feel that it can be a highly effective method where harder to reach risk categories can involved.

Research was posted by Joseph Rowntree foundation on the role of street-based youth work in linking socially excluded young people into education, training and work. Crimmins et al (2004) found that street based youngsters work had been successful in 'getting and working with many the most socially excluded young people' (pg 1, Crimmins 2004)

The Youngsters Action Plan was an idea that looks at tackling young ones crime. On talk of prevention, the Junior Action plan recognises concentration needs to get to an inferior minority and to early identification. Area of the avoidance is to 'tackle unemployment, increasing opportunities. . . in a much more targeted and specific way' (Junior Action Plan, 2008, pg 1) within tackling children crime, street based mostly teams of junior workers will maintain spot to 'tackle groups of young people involved in crime and disorder (Children Action Plan, 2008pg 7)

Street based youth work, encourages development, especially communal development. It really is made to be inclusive, empowering and needs led. It could be shattered into three distinct distinct branches these being mobile, outreach and detached youth work. My leaflet is promoting mobile and detached work.

In the leaflet my target is on activities that people provide as a service as well as opportunities that can be followed, for example, training, education, etc. This is to encourage young people to deal with our mobile device and this is where further work would be undertaken. By advertising potential benefits for teenagers when they use street centered youth personnel, like activities, for example, DJing, sports activities, bowling, is ensuring that hard to attain youths are also interested.

As a result of this, this content of the leaflet can be an description of what we do, why we undertake it and examples of what has been provided in the past. The designs is very modern-day and is designed to attract the eye of a young person so they may find it interesting enough to get, this is why I have included bright colorings with graffiti style writing and pictures to seize attention and entice the reader to reading the leaflet. I chose a leaflet designs that folds in 3 times again as a way to entice and attract the reader in by the cover. The leaflet is also directing the reader to an organization on face book and videos on YouTube. They are two known applications that young people use. This is validated by the teenagers I piloted my leaflet to.

There are various literatures that relate to prevention of youth crimes and threat of embracing crime. J Margo (2008) talks about three different levels of avoidance in offending. The secondary level is relevant to my leaflet. The secondary level is more specific which is aimed at concentrate on groups who present risk factors. The approach talks about different phases and looks at those who have offended and the ones who are likely to offend. Street based mostly children work is a preventive scheme which targets risk organizations in who are hard to reach through other businesses.

Risk taking is recognised as part of our development, and take negative and positive risk is very much indeed part of the individuals development. Sharland (2006, pg 254) argues there's been evidence that displays the 'mother nature and success of the transition to adulthood are much affected by category, culture, materials and cultural resources'. As a result of these affects 'those less privileged have difficulty harder, tend to be exposed to risk and much more likely to use it'. This is that there are structural disadvantages that lead visitors to take dangers and insufficient community resources that can be a factor leading young people to turn to crime.

These negatives can be related to insufficient parents career, educational skills, poor parenting, etc. These pre-existing factors can impact on young people and therefore young people with these structural drawbacks are at a risk of embracing crime. ( White and Cuneen (as cited in Young ones Crime and Justice) 2006 )

Issues of interpersonal exclusion of young people is relevant to why youth crime takes place, this exclusion is linked also to marginalisation and disempowerment. Due to risk factors discussed, young people can be at the risk of being marginalised because of their parent's status locally, this being for example, and lack of employment. As a result teenagers may feel disempowered and as a result change towards crime. (Youngsters Justice Panel, 2001)

To notify me on the leaflet I piloted my completed leaflet to several seven teenagers these included family and friends in this range of 13 to 17. In doing so, I collected opinions which led me to make alterations. Inside the draft, It was reported that the colours used were too shiny, there was too much information and not enough pictures. The final draft was piloted and positive response was seen. I have also searched to sources from the web and other similar services to be able to guide my path with the leaflet.

A source that prepared my leaflet greatly was information from a avenue established service that is provided by Derbyshire Children Service. This led my understanding of street-based children work and explored the idea of reaching risk teams. Derbyshire Youth service, see streets based youth work as creating a preventative goal but recognises young people and encourages those to get involved. The actions that are offered has given me an understanding in to the content of my leaflet and what activities I could offer.

When evaluating my leaflet in retrospect I came across some positive and negative points. The content in my own leaflet is very basic and readable and understand. That is deliberate, as pointed out when piloted. It really is designed this way to ensure that those reading will be able to read the entire leaflet without sacrificing interest and it is also supposed to encourage teenagers to want to seek further information. However, this may also have a negative impact. The essential information could get the youngest of my aim for group but may isolate the eldest, as they may prefer more depth and fine detail. I have also found that in retrospect the colors and background artwork used may overload the reader and could be off putting when trying to learn this content.

In designing this leaflet, there have been issues that got an impact on what was included. Due to the limitation in space, all information could not be built in. Due to restriction, there is not a possibility to aim the leaflet and specific from different diverse backgrounds, this is the reason I attemptedto keep carefully the leaflet neutral as you can. Within my market, there can various sub audiences determined, for example, class, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, impairment and gender. These interpersonal groups are also significant when making a leaflet and each group has issues that need to be addressed and impact a service however anticipated to space constrictions, it was impossible to handle these individually. In my own leaflet, I had been alert to these issues indirectly and held them at heart when making the leaflet and content.

Overall, I feel that my leaflet will reach my target audience and will draw in them to involvement with street based youth staff.

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