Commentary Text On A Robbery Report British Language Essay

From what have been analysed above it could be seen that the written text covers in precise information a dramatic storyline of an adolescent boy who was simply robbed of £250 by two impersonal men. It can be seen that the mode of the written text is (written text), tenor are (media newspaper- reader), the field is (information reporting) and the genre of the written text is "the favorite written genre"

(Eggins, 1994:26). Furthermore, the dialect used in the written text is simple and often used to spell it out two sides in the case, the teenager son and the two men. Thus, create the image of good and evil where it could be easier for the reader to go with the nice area. Furthermore, the writer appears to be sympathy with the son, because he is made to occur as a goal for the two men throughout the written text.

SPOCA examination:

It reveals that the text has a significant amount of pre-modification of mind words, post-modification at (qualifier ) and get ranking shift (R/S) the reason behind this, is to provide complete information and present the chance to the reader to think in the event deeply. For example,

Pre-modification such as, (He previously a pale complexion) here the pre-modification is the modifier (a pale) of the head noun (complexion) which contains [determiner (a) + epithet (pale) ], Post-modification such as, the qualifier (of his neck of the guitar) in the sentence (the right area of his neck), [the right ( modifier) - part ( head noun) - of his neck of the guitar ( qualifier)] and the get ranking shift is found for example, in the word [He was putting on dark coloured jeans, on his left hands]. ( on his left hand) is the list change (R/S). Furthermore, it appears clear that the text doesn't have any nominalisation (grammatical metaphor) except in the sentence (following the robbery), because there is no tendency to cover the information or compress it. In other words, the writer tends to express what occurred to the teen boy in details.

The tense of the text:

It is mentioned that the written text used days gone by simple and continuous in order to describe what happened and shift for this simple and ongoing when speaking of the implications of the incident. A good example because of this includes the following:

The 16 years - old was going from Shirley to kings Norton.

Detective sergeant Neil Timber said.

The other think is Asian.

Police are appealing for help.

On the other hands, there is a lot use of passivisation. It is worthwhile noted that the article writer commenced the first word in the text with the passive words in order to make the reader wanting to discover the actor (criminal) and complete reading the storyline. Such as for example, (A teenager was robbed of £250). Additionally, you can find another reason behind using the passive, for the reason that the copy writer maybe needs to avoid the repetition of talk about the actor in the sentences. Fore illustration, in the phrase (He was made to withdraw the money at LIoyds TSB in Pershore Street. ) here the actor is hidden by the passive, since it is mentioned in the previous phrase (when the men threatened him) through the active at the same time the reason behind all the repetition in the sentences is employed through ellipsis. As Thompson (1996) reveals Ellipsis functions to avoid the entire repetition of a clause or its elements. That is found in the text, for example, in the sentence (He was also wearing red Nike tracksuit bottoms, a black hooded jacket, dark-colored trainers, black foundation ball cap, and was holding a black satchel carrier).

The clauses in the written text:

Clauses are mixed in the written text between the free clause and sure clause. Typically, the free clause is available per paragraph and in most sentences to provide a simple logical meaning. It could be clear in the next:

Bus robbers aim for teen.

A teen was robbed of £250.

He was made to withdraw the cash.

On the other hands, destined clause is appeared to have three types. Firstly, destined adding clause which is called elaborated clause such as, in this phrase [A teenager was robbed of £250 after the two men required him off a bus] here it is ( following the two men compelled him off a bus ) and its role to give more info about the free clause which is (A teenager was robbed of £250). Secondly, destined contingent clause which provides known reasons for the free clause. For instance, in the word (Police are pleasing for help to trace both men pictured above). Here the bound contingent clause gives the reason why the police are fascinating for help. Thirdly, destined reporting clause which is called projected clause. Such as, in the word (Detective sergeant Neil timber, said "This was a traumatic ordeal for the teenager guy. ") Therefore, it should be noted that the technique utilized by the variety in free and destined clauses in the text is to add the function through free clause and then provide more details about any of it by bound clause and the writer in the written text applied it well. For instance, the sentence [The first man was white, aged 17 to twenty years old]. The free clause is (the first man was white) and the certain clause is (aged 17 to twenty years old) here the first robber is identified by the free clause and his precise information is given through the bound clause.

Experiential aspects:

Language in systemic represents external fact by happenings and claims, entities and circumstances where they look White (2000). These can be seen in three types as processes, participants and circumstances.

5. 1. Individuals:

At the beginning, it seems that the text has three main members in the robbery incident that are (the bus robbers, the teen boy and the money), however the writer has placed another participant in the storyplot given him an important position in the written text through the description (Detective sergeant) to (Neil Solid wood), the reason behind this to provide the reader some kind of suspense and maybe because of his significant position as a law enforcement officials authority in interpersonal context.

On the other hands, it is noted that the participant made an appearance in different types based on the kind of process used. It occurs as senser in mental process (Bus robbers goal teen), actor in materials process (The 16 years of age was travelling), sayer in verbal process (Detective sergeant Neil Wood said), behaver in behaviour process ( before having to choose the men cigarettes), possessor in relational process (He previously a pale complexion) and carrier and identifier also in relational process [ He was wearing red Nike tracksuit Bottoms (here's carrier) ], [The other suspect is Asian (here is identifier)]. Furthermore, maybe it's noted that some individuals appeared in the elaborated clause due to the use of passivisation. For instance, [A teen was robbed of £250 after two men required him off a bus] (two men) is the actor inside the elaborated clause.

5. 2. Processes:

The text can vary in its processes in order expressing the robbery occurrence. There's a significant degree of material functions about eight in the written text. This is come because of this to provide a description to what took place to the teen youngster, as Thompson(1996:79) points out material process is " one of the most salient types of techniques are those including physical actions". So because the event had many of physical actions, the utilization of material process was required. Also, using the materials processes indicated through the passive is to present the youngster as a goal and then supplying the reader creativity about the son as a victim. Such as, an adolescent was robbed after two men required him.

Goal Actor Goal

On the other palm, there's a volume of relational and verbal procedures. Getting the relational process in the text to recognize the robbers and the verbal process, due to subject matter of the text is a robbery so there is a need to provided information from the police authority. For example, (Detective sergeant Neil Wood, said) and (DS. Solid wood added). Also, it is observed that there is a small variety of mental and behavioural techniques about one for mental and two for behavioural this is due to the nature of incident handles the materials world by verbs to do and happening rather than with the inner world of the real human brain through verbs of feeling and sensing (White 2000).

5. 3. Circumstances:

According to Butt et al (2003) the role of circumstances is to illuminate the procedure. It may within the written text as a prepositional word, adverbial group or even a nominal group (ibid). That is developing in this content material as much of circumstantial clauses are located to clarify the functions used. It really is noted that there is an assortment in the circumstances used. For instance, circumstance of location such as, (they acquired out at Bordesley Green Street), circumstances of location in time such as, (on Thursday October 7 between 7:40 pm and 8:10 pm), circumstances of manner such as, (with a Birmingham highlight) and circumstance of accompaniment such as (with the offenders). The reason for use a significant amount of circumstances in the text to help members and techniques to work together and then provide additional information about the event.

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