Company Evaluation Of Tony And Man Hairdressing Salon

Tony and Person hairdressing salon is a multinational company, which handles hair treatment business. The business hasn't only qualified management team but also experienced, dedicated and committed. The company has more than 200, 000 employees worldwide. The Dubai branch has two branches with one of them performing poorly credited to lack of planning and proper management (http://www. toniandguy. com/).

Toney and Guy's experienced employees are well trained will usually ensure the success of the business. Tony and Man hair service salon's mission affirmation is to ensure that, the wild hair caution services reach all the folks all around the globe. It also seeks to ensure its customers and potential clients get high quality services that are reliable, accessible, and universally satisfactory. The hairdressing salon business, since its inception, has had the main goal to become the leading provider of hairdressing and care services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The salon, as the business is known, shows unquestionably its capacity and potential so it can perform success, if it is provided with the required financial resources. It is one of the leading international scalp care companies in the world and it includes a committed action and ongoing service improvement. It dominates the market because it gets the largest market share and customer base on the market, in every the parts of its operation. The business is driven by the profits it is focusing on and this has made it to gain progress and success by providing relevant and reliable hair care and attention services to its esteem customers. In addition, the business offers variety of locks dressing services to its customers depending on the needs (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

Though the business has not been doing well, there are recent records of trivial improvements attributable to much better economic growth, leading to increased customers and subsequently increases in income. Its services have attracted an incredible number of customers and prospective customers, who have made certain a consistent blast of earnings to the organization no matter the numerous obstacles it is facing. The company is targeting everyone on the market irrespective of this, gender, cultural group, tribe, faith, or nationality.

The hair attention firm has established many salons in major and proper sites in Dubai, where customers must locate with ease and they are accessible to all. The firm advertises its products and services through it, radio, beauty magazines and the firm's well-established website where people can get access to it wherever they can be. There exists stiff competition in the industry because of rapidly changing fashion fads, people's taste, and desire. The organization is strategizing to ensure it outperforms its opponents and gain a competitive advantage. Its services are of high quality that matches the customer's requirements and requirements.

The company should improve on the marketing strategy to appeal to many customers to accept the services of the business. An hostile advertising and promotional campaigning in every multimedia, both locally and internationally should be prepared and intensified. This will ensure the firm's services are provided and marketed to many people (customers and customers). For the firm to grow its operations, it needs one million All of us us dollars ($1000000). The funds will be used for campaigning, opening new salon centers, training employees and purchasing new equipment that will ensure the customer's hairstyle is done matching to his or her expectations for him to get satisfied. This will in the end, ensure that, the firm retains and preserves the customers for a long period.

Building trust and commitment in customers requires total dedication and commitment from the employees and the most notable management. The success or failure of the firm's services will be measured based on the customer increase or reduction in number, earnings, and remarks from the clients about the firm's services and products. If the amounts of customers are increasing, then, the company is becoming successful and vice versa.

The established goals, goals, and goals of the company can be used to measure the firm's success or failure. The organization should open several branches in strategic locations that the clients can easily discover and serve relating to their anticipations. The management especially the individuals resource section should employ long lasting employees with the required skills, knowledge, competencies, and experience. The employees should be constantly trained to provide them with new technology and any changes on the market, which are considered important (http://www. toniandguy. com/).

2. 0 Introduction

Tony and Guy is an international hair care business, that was founded in London, United Kingdom in 1963 by both brothers Giuseppe (Person) and Gaetano Mascolo (Toni). Their two young brothers Anthony and Bruno later became a member of the two brothers. The business has more than 400 salons and it's been able to win many hairdressing accolades for quite some time. For instance, in 2006, it received the THE WEST Hairdresser of the Year and it offers earned the London Hairdresser of the entire year (11 times) consecutively.

The firm has its own in-salon television stop known as Toni and Dude Tv set and a UK Journal. Furthermore, the organization has opened many salons and academies surrounding the world in countries such as Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, Pakistan, UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, and United States of America. The company companies its own wild hair maintenance systems such as styling, hair irons, and shampoo. The company's primary goal is to develop its services to all parts of the world by giving quality services. The business has a sister salon group known as Essensuals headed by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck and Christian Mascolo; both are Toni's children (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

The Dubai branch was established in the year 2000, which offered everyone a wakeup call as the new salon, which was the first ever to be opened in UAE. It was not only the best salon but reasonable and reliable to all customers depending on the income level and ability to use the assistance. The color division at Tony and Man do many color corrections from other salon's work that that they had not performed as per the customer's targets.

After a couple of years, the performance in one of its salons was adversely affected in that performance targets were not met. The salon possessed hairdressers who have been unqualified because they had not undergone the mandatory stringent London Academy training. With the indegent services provided, it includes led to poor reviews about the services provided about the salon; hence impacting on its image and trustworthiness of the firm adversely (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

3. 0 Situational analysis

Situational research is concern about internal and external environment, immediate and indirect competitors (local outlets with cheap prices), target market, and the setting the company would take.

3. 1 Marketplace and positioning of the firm

The firm focuses on the complete United Arab Emirates, and further development of its operations to other continents to be able to end up being the market leader. The firm focuses on all the folks irrespective of their age, gender, race, ethnic community, religion, monetary status, and place of residence (urban or rural). This marketplace will ensure that the company dominates the marketplace before the competitors venture in. By targeting everybody in the market, it will ensure that, no one is discriminated and every one will feel satisfied. That is a placement strategy that will ensure the firm gains competitive advantages over its challengers.

In addition, the organization has establish different charges for the product so as to ensure people with different income or financial status are reached. This is a placement strategy because the company is intended to serve all people rather than other salons (competition) who only aim for the urban abundant people. The company is therefore, setting itself by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The services have been made readily available, reliable, and accessible to all at the required amounts (http://www. toniandguy. com/).

3. 2 Internal environment

Internal environment is about microenvironment; what is happening within the firm and that can be manipulated within. It handles the explanation of SWOT Research. SWOT is the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect the business businesses from within. The firm's strengths are: the firm has planned for customer training on how to maintain the several hairstyles after it's been plaited. This is strength because the customers will be educated on how to keep up the hair for a long time before the next hair hit the market. The salon has its own products sold at cheaper prices than its rivals in the industry do. Those with low income can afford because they are filled in small items that they find the money for because of their meager earnings. This is durability because no customers are discriminated based on income; hence attracting more customers.

The services of the salon are of high quality than the rivals. It has helped the salon to gain the competitive advantages and dominate the marketplace since 2000. The well-trained, competent, and experienced employees have made the salon to preserve its customers and increase its income. The courtesy, esteem, dignity, and openness with their customers have made most of their friends and workmates to seek the salon services. Customer's claims are taken very seriously and corrected or improved where needed, to be able to ensure they get satisfied with our services and products at all times. The company prices the clients because they determine the success or failure of the company.

Though the organization has numerous talents, there are many weaknesses would have to be tackled and corrected. The location where the salon is situated is surrounded by a packed area. The streets leading to the hotel where the salon is within has many businesses therefore; the actual customers may not recognize it as a result of congestion due to its poor location. Some of our customers and potential customers sometimes wrap up in the hands of your competitors due to our poor location in the street. It has made the saloon lose some customers because of plenty of sounds, hooting, people shouting and dust particles which is not health for our customers as they take their way to the location of the salon.

The branch's career criterion where employees are on a contractual basis has affected the firm adversely. Our customers continue getting new employees also to get accustomed to them will need time; and the moment they get accustomed to each other, the worker quits forcing the company to get another expert. Customers choose to be handled by one employee for some time because she or he will be used to him or her. Most of the customers have shifted to the other branch and to some of our competitors since it has experienced proficient and everlasting employees that can be relied upon. Employees on agreement have offered poor-quality services to the customers because their target is usually to be paid and go (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

The high rate of worker turnover is a weakness in the medial side of the management (human being resource section) and therefore, they should concentrate on employing long term employees with the relevant skills, competences, and experience. This has afflicted the firm's reputation because after the customer's expectations aren't met; they'll look for same services from the opponents. That is a weakness, with the same times a hazard because the competitors will capitalize from the same weakness.

Our major risk is our competition who have exposed many branches in every strategic locations within the town; but the organization has a long-term strategy of extending its branches to all or any strategic locations to be able to counter your competition. The other threat is from our rivals who have lowered the prices of the products and charges for their services. A few of our customers have decided to improve; hence, this is a threat because the company can close down.

The salon's opportunities are numerous, and the company has utilised them totally. The firm's competitors focused the marketing of its services in the major cities only; however the Tony and Dude salon has broadened its services to the rural growing centers and cities in order to reap from the large easily available market. Our products are of high quality than the rival; hence, it can be an opportunity to maximize returns.

3. 3 External environment

External environment is also called macro environment examination. This entails factors that are beyond company's control. These are political, economical, communal cultural, scientific, and legal (PESTEL).

Political analysis is approximately authorities change and politics stability of a country. If there is political balance in a country, then business will prospers because there are no interruptions such as wars and issues. The federal government usually presents new insurance policies and guidelines in the industry, which sometimes affects the business functions negatively. The plans may be costly and time consuming because of the procedures and operations that must be followed during implementation. The federal government has been supportive and cooperating on various insurance policies; in that, the federal government specialists and departments responsible for the industry has been participating all the stakeholder for talks, discussions and consultations in case there are new suggestions and procedures to be released.

Economical factors can be a major task to the organization if it is not stable fiscally, when income are lowering, or when it is making losses. Since there is no taxation in Dubai, the lenders increase rates of interest without consultation because it is vested with power and authority to do so. If the firm's results are unstable, the business may conclude making huge loss due to the costs associated. When the labor unions pressurize the firms to boost the employee's wages and other remunerations, the firm may close down if its success was not steady. This is because; it is from the profits that the company will increase wages, repay the lending options and to expand its functions (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

Social ethnical factors matter the change in flavour and preferences, fashion, cultural values and norms and needs and wants. When new styles and fashion hits the market, the salon has to change even if it means incurring more costs. Changes as a result of the fashion and tastes and choices require further training and expenses for the employees. Some of these changes are inescapable, and the firm must adjust to be able to fit into what the clients want in every market sections.

With hairstyles and its hairdressing products, most people want what is in fashion, and for that reason, hairdressers must be up to date to learn the new hairstyles so that customers may be retained and to catch the attention of new ones as a result of quality services offered. Different people, races, tribes, gender, and religions value certain hair styles and products; this therefore, demands the salon management together with the employees to understand what different customers' needs.

Technological factors are crucial in hairdressing because technology keep on changing speedily. Different hairstyles require different equipment and machines to be utilized. Technological advancement is costly and the already existing technologies become obsolete. The brand new hair styles and fashion requires new machines and equipment to be used so that the customer gets satisfied. Technology also requires employees to learn on the utilization of new solutions.

Due to the stiff competition and fear of losing customers, the company has to adapt its budget to buy new equipment. While using new technology, the firm can provide quality services, and also to gain competitive benefit. Customers are sensitive and need to get value from their money by getting services from salons with the present day, advanced technology.

Legal factors are essential external factors available operations. Laws are the guiding principles in any business. Laws must be honored, otherwise, the business enterprise will be deemed against the law if it does not comply with them. Execution of laws and regulations is costly and sometimes the federal government can set strict guidelines if it wants to you from the market. In hairdressing associated with salons, the government can set laws and regulations banning the use of certain hairdressing products or certain hair styles; hence impacting on the firm's sales and profitability. Some of these laws and regulations can make the organization lose its customers and close down. Some of the laws can deter the organization from widening to certain locations or from transacting certain business dealings.

3. 4 Marketing Strategy

Tony and Man salon is working marketing strategy that would permit the business regains the control of the scalp treatments market globally. More so, the business is working towards reviving and rejuvenating functional the Dubai Branch that has not been performing well. The business has set aside $ 1000000 for the processes in the marketing strategy.

The conventional, limited marketing budget will pass on among such activities as marketing initiatives renting showrooms in high-traffic areas in locations where there can not only be more visibility of the Tony & Dude products, but also its professionally trained staff will offer wild hair treatment services at subsidized rates, and show case the organizations product and services. Apart from the existing outlets, the activities will be conducted in decided on well-traveled, popular malls situated in high human traffic areas.

Although, it'll be costly to rent these locations temporarily, as they are charged above the standard rates, part of the high cost of rents will be offset of the sales made during the exercise. The other proceeds will be used to fund more visibility through sponsored marketing situations and activities such as highway shows and alternative activities. The online marketing strategy is composed of the next activities:

Advertisements: there will be Adverts in country specific and international mags, journals, magazines and other publications. Those publications that have vast readerships among women and young ones will be give main concern since these organizations the biggest junk of the prospective market sections.

Since not all the target marketplaces may be reached by advertisements in magazines, alternatives method of reaching them will have to be decided. A method will be using large billboards in major roads feeding major world metropolitan areas.

Electronic mediums such Tv set Advertisements, radio and Internet

Sponsored occasions and streets shows will be another marketing strategy to be utilized.

3. 4. 1 Mission

The major objective of marketing strategies will be to inform the clients and those potentials customer that Tony and Person products and Salon Services are not only available locally, but also that the company is committed to providing affordable, convenient hair-styling and the business exists to catch the attention of and maintain customers. Their services will meet or go over the expectations of the customers and finally result in guaranteed and safeguarded future markets.

3. 4. 2 Marketing Objectives

The marketing strategies will increase do it again customers by at least 9% per 1 / 4.

Product visibilities and understanding is usually to be boosted by 14%

Non-performing branches such the main one in Dubai is to keep positive, steady development every month.

3. 4. 3 Financial Objectives

Ultimately, the marketing goals of the online marketing strategy must result in sales. Upon full implementation of the marketing plan, the following effects are expected or targeted sales:

10% increase for products sold per year.

Growth of the profit percentage by 3% per year.

Full restoration of sales and ultimately success in the Dubai branches and other branches in the beginning performing poorly throughout the worlds; one year because the inception of marketing programs.

3. 5 Focus on Marketing

Target marketing within the strategy will enable Tony and Man; to attain different market sections as exhibited below:

Men: past statistics show that men at least 70%-75% of men use scalp constitute, thus implying significant customers potentials. Relevant communicational tactical advertising will to attain these groups will be used.

Upper-end and lower-end women marketplaces: The biggest proportions (about 90%) of the profits to the head of hair industry come from female customers. Women have generally been found to be keen on discovering themselves with stylish, expensive, and popular products and services. Although they can be discriminated by class and prices, the grade of services and functionality of different brands of Tony and Guy brands will greatly effect this portion of the marketplace. There therefore, great potential market in the ladies populations.

Young Mothers with Children: Small children are an rising market in the hair treatment industry. A typical family salon has playing facilities for children, where children carefully spend their times as they await their parents or as they hold out to be served in the Hairdressing and treatment.

Each of the three teams will be targeted separately. The Tony and Guy stores and the new-leased promotional centers will put together its staff to offer quick and convenient services to the male customers. Stores will close later during the night 8 pm in high traffic centers and security services will be purchased from security companies. Through the entire periods, no meetings will be needed, and most of the salon services will be on first come first provide basis but quick, convenient, and satisfactory to the customers.

As for females, research shows them to choose the allure of stylish salons, although pretty much not everyone are able such luxury. For this reason, Tony and Dude will provide the various head of hair treatment services but totally within the standard range prices. Tony and Man will concentrates their marketing strategies on these customers by put emphasis on the classy, super media hype styling that Tony and Guy will offer at almost all their outlets across the world during the campaign period or enough time of applying the marketing strategies.

Entertainment will be offered. To reach both the top quality and low-end market at the time while pleasing wit classy but affordable services and products, Tony and Person' ad will be made to appeal to all. The advertisement while conversing the classiness of the products will also emphasize of the affordability. Most importantly, advertisements will show that creating and treating one's scalp with company's products and or services is essential, as basic as clothing. It will communicate that it no longer a secondary need but a simple need for each woman.

With the latest finding confirming that there surely is an appearing market in children for the locks industry, Tony and Man cannot disregard the segment. To earn the kids market, Tony and Man, will focus its marketing strategies towards young mothers visiting the Salons with children by investing in kids toys, participating in facilities, and offering hairdressing services friendly to children. Furthermore, the children will acquire special rates that could entice the clients to visit the salons again. The tactical advertisement will be tuned to appeal to this group while getting other segment with the same message.

3. 6 Positioning

Tony and Dude Salon marketing strategies will position the organization on the market strategically to be always a one stop-shop convenient and affordable place for products. While reaching individuals a corporate entity, the salons also will appeals to people with all the shops ready to offer quality services and products at competitive rates even following the promotional times. Tony and Dude will be offering one-stop services and building it competitive edge by striving to accomplish its desired placement through;

The staffs are incentivized to provide quality consumer services throughout. While Tony and Dude will invest time and money into training the employees, other concerted work will be organized to ensure that clients have the best possible experience that would make them faithful to the Salons and eventually turn them become long-term clients eventually resulting in improvement of the business's services and products reputations. Through its superior customer support, Tony and Guy will be in a position to effectively and competitively out-perform its competitors both retail and big dealers operating on the market.

Excellent customer services throughout all centers: Tony and Guy's competitive edge depends on superior customer service. The company recognizes that the mane treatment industry has crowded market with challenging situations id differentiating its products and services from those of the challengers. To stand out in the market, Tony and Person, take good thing about its put together, concerted efforts to sell the mane products while at the same time operating salons. Both activities not only give an possibility to customers to try the products and services but also allows them experience the quality of services and products the business offers. Tony and Guy's have been trained in the London Academy in quality customers' services. This will enable the company, throughout its branches spread across the globe, to consistently offer or provide superior customer attention. The personnel will be as much as possible be versatile to the needs of the customer.

3. 7 Strategy Pyramids

To build a change, the old marketing strategies, with rejuvenated initiatives, the solo most apparent aim is to position Tony and Guy to be always a primary one-stop hair-service shop for the family internationally. The pyramids marketing strategy attempts to first furnish all customers on the market with the available products and services at the Tony and Person Hairdressing and Salon before creating a firm's customer foundation and finally working towards increasing customer recommendations and commitment.

The meaning that Tony and Guy will be reselling will be communicate and recruit the complete family into quick, professional services that include excellent customer support at affordable rates. Various mediums will be utilized to speak the message. During and after the promotions, the messages will continue to be communicated through in-store and storefront displays through all the retailers and partnering retail salons. This will be convenient and cost effective method that will entice potential and existing customers that walk around the or nearby the outlets and retail centre. This will likely complement the primarily and normal strategies of using publication and printing mediums local and international regular magazines newspapers.

4. 0 Marketing Mix

Tony and Person marketing mix will carefully perform general market trends too selectively to affect customer behavior and only the services and product of the business. Theoretically, a typical marketing blend model is made up of the 4'Ps of marketing namely: costs, Place (distribution), Campaign and advertising, and Product.

4. 1 Pricing

Tony and Dude Salon costs system will be founded on a competitive prices model that while making the services and products affordable remains competitive in accordance with rivals' prices. This costs strategy would be the most fundamental aspect that needs serious concerns in each market. Even though pricing of products by Tony and Guy will be guided by the existing levels and the ones of the opponents', the business will strive to offer ideal prices, affordable and compelling to the client, yet giving reasonable returns.

During the special offers, the costs will be subsidized, but at a minimum, the revenues must offset the promotional expenses. Thereafter the new set of ideal prices will be offered for the merchandise. Each markets retail outlet will be given with pricing recommendations. Tony and Man acknowledge the difficulty in standardizing prizes in all the markets considering the versions in income and financial levels. For this reason, each portion of economic segregated by national boundaries and currency will have specific charges model rules.

Independent salons franchised to provide Tony and Person products and services will get discounts to together with customer recognition to the loyal ones (Westwood, 2000).

4. 2 Price Policy

While Tony and Person Company Salon say that costing is the main element that affects customer or rather buyer habit and the same determine the profitability of any business, the company intends to develop policies that would assist the managements and retailing retailers in setting maximum pricings that are tempting to customers. These prices will be so proper that that it'll affect the overall performances and the future competitiveness of Tony and Guy. Attracting new customers and keeping the customers, would be the key agenda in the pricing guidelines to be developed. Due to these affordably but competitive prices, Tony and Person use other strategies increase its market. Greater sales amounts will compensate the low prices. In this case, the most practical method that the business sees as exactly what will entice customers and keep them. For the costs to be competitive and appealing to customers, the organization devises strategies and conducts feasibility analyses of customers' encounters at different rates scenarios. This requires some market research and testing to find out customer tendencies at different selected rates.

The Tony and Dude Scalp products and locks treatment services will use the permanent price in specific regions, with similar market segment explanation such demographic, ethnical, and economic situations. This plan involves determining the purchase price for customers who are happy to purchase the merchandise with the same prices, given the same-shared market conditions and environment. Though it seems discriminatory in character, the costs will be fixed in such a way that it will be super easy for the company to manage and in the end be able to maintain a good will within the clients. This strategy will enable the company to use a higher rates in better economical markets to pay the nominal rates priced in the marketplaces, whose financial and average income levels are lower. That is one of the strategies often recommended for company multinationals functioning in countries having different financial performances (Westwood, 2000).

4. 3 Place (Host to Distribution) and Worldwide Marketing (Campaign)

Tony and Man Salon as an international company that handles locks treatments products and services, has a proper marketing plan program for its product and services with a world wide scope. Since the birth of the organization in UK, the company has always catered for the demand of its customers throughout the world. In keeping with this global reach, the company is definitely aware of its customer around the world.

In series with this component of the marketing mix and regular to the online marketing strategy, the strategy has always been to formulate and invent products exceeds the needs and preferences of the company customer wherever they are really on earth. With much investment in research and development of Tony and Dude salon products, the business has already recognized the specific needs required in most parts of the planet, including the rigid Islamic Midsection East (Perry & Sherlock, 2008).

Following adaptation of its products to meet the specific locks needs of customers in another part of the globe, Tony and Person has received high approval rating from clients. This talks about the successive accolades the company has won. For instance, in 2006, it received the South West Hairdresser of the Year and it has received the London Hairdresser of the Year (11 times) consecutively.

While sensitive to such cultural issues as racism even though making efforts not to conform to beauty concepts of every culture in the countries they may be functioning, Tony and Person has taken into account colors valued by its customers. The business offers its customers opportunities to adopt diversity among them while improving their personal features and appearance. Tony and Guy Salon employees are another great deal of diversity. With the majority of them being women and multi-colored, they are believed a 'minority' implying an excellent team out of your affirmative action and symbolic of the mark global market. To Tony and Person Salon, embracing people civilizations is the best method to reach and to serve the interest of the consumers, wherever they can be.

Situating the Tony and Guy Hairdressing salons and product stores in high individual traffic department stores will considerably effect visibility of Tony and Man brands. A target advertising campaign will also talk Tony and Person Salon has desired communications. The company intends to make use of various media to attain its marketplace. Research will be made so the right media is decided on which is better and even more reliable. The promotional activities that the company intends to set up place include; creating a chain of circulation that is well coordinated and whatever can offer the right route to the marketplace that is targeted. A number of the channels, which are available in Kenya, include use of media, papers, the internet, and personal selling. Through these methods, the company can reach many people at the same time, and set up a strong market in Kenya (Kirsch and Goldfarb, 2002).

4. 4 Product and services

A practical online marketing strategy is not complete without the product component of the marketing blend. One of the ways Tony and Dude Salon have made certain appropriately blending its mane treatment products and services. Customer support is on a strategy that has been used to deliver quality to customers worldwide. All of the Tony and Dude Salon staff have been equipped with outstanding customer service skill at the London Academy. The partnering retail salons are also given strict guidelines on the quality of customer support.

Tony and Man is recognized for its dedication in continual pursuance of studies that ultimately enhance the quality of the business's products and service. One of the strategic plans has had has always been to take into account the best interests of the clients wherever they can be. Giving a wider variance of products and services, the business has been able to provide customers a wider range they can choose from, corresponding with their needs and personal preferences. The merchandise and services are prices so that it attracts the needs of all the customers, which though geographically separated, are united by the Tony and Man products and services. Regardless of years, whether affluent or poor, whether in Africa or Asia, Tony and Guy offer product and services that suits the needs and are affordable to all of them.

To continue to be competitive, the company keeps abreast of the latest styles on the market. Tony and Dude continually upgrade their brands and react to the dynamics of the industry. To enhance this process, the business has an ardent team that pursues research and product invention. The major aim of all these attempts is to combine a stronger clients basic among diverse civilizations around the globe.

Since the introduction advertising and offers, Tony and Man have commissioned several posters about the major places to publicize the business products. Because the advantages of advertising through movies in the 1950s, the business has engaged it also as a medium of achieving customers. Tony and Dude also have sponsored major Cleaning soap Operas in Europe and Asia, that happen to be also transmitted or sold to other continents. Usage of movie star personalities in adverting has not escaped the business marketing strategies. The famous actors and other personalities have enabled Tony and Person to associate their success with great personality lives with their corporate, brand images, and consequently boast visibility and sales.

5. 0 Honest Issues and CSR

In any marketing program, honest issues normally emerge. One major moral issue will be of great matter in this marketing plan for Tony and Guy salon. The honest issue revolves around the traditional use of advertising using images of beautiful women. The head of hair treatment industry being just part of beauty and aesthetic industry, has conventionally been using images of women to market. This is because, the core aim for audient is the ladies populace, and images of other popular or star women can send a message of advert to them.

The underlying moral issue in Tony and Man marketing strategy is within the utilization of using ad that carry beautiful women. It has recently drawn criticism with critics claiming that use of images, way more explicit or very exposing women images, not only degrades the stands of morals in the population but also decreases the dignity of women. Furthermore to these criticisms, the images are reported to be offensive to traditional cultures. According to Blaire (1994), advertising using feminine messages whether aesthetic or otherwise, delineates from the natural and local civilizations key points; and instead are pressured to see herself through the eyes of another 'ideal' woman in an ad image (Kirsch and Goldfarb, 2002).

A review in adverts with feminine contents unveiled that femininity is constantly on the dominate the advertising industry attaining larger support in among consumers. Adverts information promoting Cars, tobacco, cosmetics and so on use feminine content to market. Respondents in the analysis established that the aesthetic value derived from the advertisement image establishes how convincing the ad is. Like in makeup, advertising hair make up styles using of beautiful women boosts an ethical matter where while the ads serves to depict excellent results from responding an advertisements, the common primary theme is attaining power, love and respect from the contrary love-making. Moore (2004) reminded the advertising industry "Advertising shouldn't only be centered on things people buy but rather it should consider how all the stakeholders experience the used medium".

Having came to the realization these dilemmas, Tony and Guy Salon reactions are revolved around commercial responsibilities. While it is not justified to trade off ethical issues for Corporate and business Sociable responsibility, Tony and Guy Salon have set up programs that enhance the status of ladies in the culture to demystify ethical issues. One such strategy is the introduction of women who've stood out in neuro-scientific scientific studies by awarding them scholarships. More than six women have been granted with the sponsorships.

6. 0 Finish and Last Recommendations

Before the beginning of executing the marketing plan is planned, the initial stage of the program will include investing detailed research for the existing customer action. Through focus groups, Tony and Man Hairdressing Salon will gain more and specific insight in to the buying habits of possible customers within Dubai and the globe most importantly. The 10% increase in sales per year is recommended and strategies place by the business to attain it must be followed to the later. The study should target a broader range of coverage include extensive audient to include youths, men and women drawn from different market sections and demographic factors. The prospective market should be examined in depth to comprehend what the clients want (Emert, 1994). The costing strategy of the company is fit for the organization because it will catch the attention of more customers.

Tony and Dude Hairdressing Salon should increase its service provision and extend its market segments to the towns and rural areas in the united states. It will also aim at achieving the marketing and financial goals. The growth rate should be higher than 12% per annum, for this compete favorably on the market with other salons. It will permeate into new markets and take up new technology to be able to offer quality services to its customers. The salon should be built-in a strategic place where customers and potential customers can notice quickly to avoid getting rid of customers to its competition (Kirsch and Goldfarb, 2002).

The Tony and Person Hairdressing Salon should train its staff for them to gain competences, skills, and knowledge to offer quality services. They should be told of the value of being courteous to the customers all the time to be able to increase the reputation and image of the salon.

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Soft System Methodology
Information Technology Andrzej Werner Soft System Methodology can be described as a 7-step process aimed to help provide a solution to true to life...
Strategic and Coherent methods to Recruiting management
Business Traditionally HRM has been regarded as the tactical and coherent method of the management of the organizations most appreciated assets - the...
Religious Healthcare Organisation
Health Religious Health Care Introduction I help the firm of consulting. Spiritual HEALTHCARE of Middleville community have appointed us to identify and...
Enterprise Rent AN AUTOMOBILE Case Analysis Business Essay
Commerce With a massive network of over 6,000 local rental locations and 850,000 automobiles, Organization Rent-A-Car is the greatest rental car company...
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