Connecting And Contrasting Literature English Literature Essay

For the final essay, two brief reports and one poem will be utilized to illustrate evaluations by looking at the character types as their respected authors explain them, and how this is utilized to draw viewers into their tales and poems. Both stories being utilized are, A Rose For Emily, by William Faulkner, plus the Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, by Stephen Crane. The poem getting used is, The Road Not Used, by Robert Frost. Issue and prejudice will be highlighted as the common thread among the list of three works. Evaluation should come from using the individuals in the experiences and poem, and how the creators use descriptive writing to get their readers in to the testimonies and poem.

In A Rose For Emily, the description of Miss Emily's house by William Faulkner is a big square structure house that acquired once been white (DiYanni, 2007), and how Miss Emily seemed as she strolled in to the ending up in the Board of Aldermen, a little, fat girl in dark-colored, with a thin gold chain descending to her waistline and vanishing into her belt, leaning with an ebony cane with a tarnished silver head (DiYanni, 2007). The finish of the storyline locates William Faulkner giving great detail about your body of Pass up Emily's suitor Homer Barron and the area decked and furnished for a wedding night, and how the body of Homer was described as fleshless and once laid as though it were within an embrace, how he previously rotted beneath his nightshirt (DiYanni, 2007). The vibrant description allows someone to get a specific view of the room and the decomposed body of Homer. When he writes about the indention on the pillow as if someone experienced laid their brain there and they find the strands of gray or silver locks, one can visualize Miss Emily resting next to Homer in a macabre way.

The design of writing William Faulkner uses in this story, allows him to understand among many things of view within the storyline. William Faulkner's use of third person allows for flashbacks and the ability to dig deeper in to the history of the city. By also using symbolic dialect such as discussing Emily as Pass up Emily (DiYanni, 2007), William Faulkner is able to send the reader back in its history when the story actually occurs. This allows the audience to get a better understanding of the bigger conditions that were at play in the South about the flip of the century.

The language used in "THE STREET Not Taken" by Robert Frost is quite moving. Robert Frost speaks of getting close to a fork in the road. He must choose which road to move forward down. He decides the one that appears less traveled only to find that it is traveled about the same as the other road. Robert Frost's delicate use of explanation when he identifies the two roads being a comparable, let's one know that they may be close, however, not exact. Many of the streets chosen in life look virtually identical at the access but change quite often because they are traveled. His use of the term sigh and difference in the fourth stanza can mean either positive or negative thoughts, but because the author mentions that little or nothing will be known before future, we do not know which impact these words mean. Robert Frost talks of possibly coming back to visit the first street at a later date but doubts this as life is too brief. Robert Frost infers that he will report again on his vacations down the second road at some point in the future.

The character in this poem must choose a highway to use without knowing where it could lead. INSIDE A Rose For Emily, Pass up Emily had to produce a choice as well. Her choice was to poison Homer to keep him from departing. Another area of the poem that attaches to Pass up Emily is where her decisions would lead. This may be what Miss Emily was considering when poisoning Homer. Emily may have thought quickly as to what the town would say about her actions. Perhaps this is the reason why she held him upstairs in the bedroom so she experienced him with her all the time even though he was not a living respiration being he was still with her. As long as she kept him hidden inside your home, and managed to get look as if he'd marry her, the townspeople would be satisfied. Many questions happen with the storyplot as to the reasons Pass up Emily would do this. Perhaps Pass up Emily thought she'd not die only. Despite the fact that she could not talk to Homer he'd be there with her when she passed away.

The poem also pertains to The Bride Involves Yellow Sky. Jack port had alternatives to make in The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky that included whether to leave town and get married, notify the townspeople before he still left, inform them before he returned, and whether or not to come back to Yellow Sky following the fact. I believe the area of the poem where he states, I took the main one less traveled (DiYanni, 2007), could summarize the choices of Jack port and his bride-to-be as they boarded the teach. How Jack went to San Antonio and married a girl he thought he liked without enabling the townspeople of Yellow Sky know what he was doing could be compared to the series in the poem, I shall be showing this with a sigh, someplace ages and age ranges hence (DiYanni, 2007).

Jack's escape route from the place in Yellow Sky would require the decision of two streets. The first could have been to get off the coach and face the town. The one Jack chose was the second road or choice that was to plan his break free from the coach to you shouldn't be seen by the townspeople before he could think of a plan to expose his bride.

Just as Neglect Emily liked Homer, Jack treasured his bride and married her if the townspeople would like it or not and Jack liked his town, but cherished his bride way more he hitched her without speaking with the cities people. There are numerous correlations between Jack port and his bride-to-be and between Emily and Homer. Both Jack port and Emily are deeply in love with their significant other, and both Jack port and Emily choose the street of deceit. Jack keeps his relationship a technique from the city and Emily maintains the fatality of Homer a secret from the city.

The two short stories chosen hook up in a manner that shows the reader how people judge and are prejudice towards others. Inside the story, "The Bride-to-be Comes to Yellow Sky", there are several prejudices in the story. For example when the porter bullied them with skills in ways that did not make it ordinary to them that these were being bullied (DiYanni, 2007). The porter on the train treated them with all the unconquerable kind of snobbery. He oppressed them in ways they had small knowledge of him doing this (DiYanni, 2007). Within the storyline, A Rose for Emily, the cities people thought the Griersons were snobs in their own right, the cities people thought the Griersons placed themselves a little too high for what they really were (DiYanni, 2007). Another area of the story finds Neglect Emily's neighbor complaining to the judge about the smell via Pass up Emily's house. She relates to Neglect Emily as a high and mighty Grierson, and needs the judge to do something about the smell coming from the house (DiYanni, 2007).

When Neglect Emily's dad dies, the cities people are thankful in a way, saying Neglect Emily would somehow now be humanized and find out what it was prefer to live on little money (DiYanni, 2007). It seems Faulkner and Crane must have been treated with some form of prejudice in their life. Perhaps Faulkner and Crane were prejudice towards others also. You can speculate that both these writers reveal many personal life experiences in their writings.

Prejudice has been around for such a long time that it may never completely disappear completely. It is unfortunate that people have to deal with this in their every day lives, and you can argue that this is why is some more powerful and makes others weaker. The reports here both take place in the South, which would make sense as the South is still noted for harboring prejudices. Both creators consult with an apparent understanding of the South Even though one of these was not given birth to there.

Stephen Crane put in quite a while in the South and found folks and towns very interesting. He was at first from New Jersey and instantly fell deeply in love with a woman from Florida. This could have led to his authoring Jack's instant love for his bride from San Antonio. William Faulkner came from a traditional southern family and grew up in Mississippi. Being from the south, his writing knowledge and style are ever before present in his tales. He explains southern family traits and traditions that are still used today. Some of these is the hospitality and community atmosphere.

Communities do not only have an effect on the vocabulary of the writer however they also provides the community of the author's work. Some areas' become an extended family and an publisher may choose to show that aspect. Sometimes an creator may wish to reveal a close-knit community that has learned everyone else's business. Ordinarily a writer will write about their community, illustrating certain ethnic aspects that they keep dear. Many of these can be examples of the writer's community coming alive in their own reviews.

In A Rose for Emily (DiYanni, 2007), William Faulkner shows a community that is very involved with each other. These are constantly discussing what Miss Emily will, what she says, and whom she views. William Faulkner talks for the city using the pronoun, we, throughout the story. He describes how the community responds to Homer Barron looking to court docket her, "At first we were thankful that Pass up Emily could have an interest" (p. 82). Everyone becomes very enthusiastic about Pass up Emily's love life. When she will buy poison they become anxious that she was dumped and will now commit suicide. They hear that she bought things for a man plus they become happy on her behalf again. That is probably an example of the type of folks William Faulkner was around.

Another example of a community that is close comes from; The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. In such a storyline the marshal, Jack Potter, is illustrated as a very important amount in his community. Because he is a prominent number he feels he committed a crime by departing Yellow Sky to get hitched. On top of that, the townspeople speak kindly of the marshal when a former outlaw, Scratchy Wilson, goes on a drunken rampage, "I wish Jack Potter was back from San Anton'" (p. 487). Jack is responsible for caring for Scratchy when he gets drunk. Stephen Crane resided briefly in the Old West and probably witnessed similar events compared to that of Scratchy Wilson.

Many folks have been told they might never make anything of these lives by someone who experienced judged them before they recognized whom these were. They then go on to show them to be wrong by getting a level and making for themselves a good life. This is exactly what makes so lots of the writers stories highly relevant to their readers. They are able to draw the visitors in using some of their own life activities, which make the readings more interesting and can help the audience relate to the stories. In addition, it enables the reader to become a area of the story. The readers can actually place themselves as a identity in the storyline because many experienced some form of prejudice aimed towards them at some point in their lives.

If you have ever resided in small town America, the information of the way the town's people take action in both tales "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" and "A Rose for Emily" are right on the money. Being one from a little town, it reminds me of both reviews on how people judge relationship, there is something wrong with a person if they are not married by the certain age group and then if a few of the elders in the town do not approve of the relationship comments are created. Both reports in so many ways compare to life in small towns, where folks have nothing better to do than to spy on you to definitely see what they can gossip about. As a youth, it didn't subject which friends home your were visiting, the adults for the reason that home were your surrogate parents when you were there. Even today, people are observed and dissected regarding to what they do and do not do as it relates to what is expected.

Robert Frost was born on the western seacoast and then relocated to the east coast. His poems offer more along with his life in New England and with rural America. His life was hard and riddled with death and major depression. Only two of his kids outlived him. His have a problem with life and the many crossroads he confronted are apparent in his poem, THE STREET Not used.

Reading this poem reminds me to the fact that I am at a fork in the street and I have chosen my way. At this time, I do not know where this street will lead, but am restless to learn. I found Frost's poem to be very complicated and very deep. The greater I read it, the greater I enjoyed it. I may have to save that one as it really spoke if you ask me about options we make.

I found myself apprehensive at the beginning of this category. My ability to learn and maybe interpret poems has expanded since starting this program. I got never much into poems, but at least I am starting to feel as if I can understand what the author says by using imagery and elements. As this course has progressed I've found through the readings in the category that I appreciated the majority of the readings. I have found I now read with an open mind, nor judge a booklet, short account, poem, or play by its subject. I read a story through and then read it again and find that it makes more sense the next time around.

In conclusion, I feel the two brief stories and one poem I chose can be likened in many different aspects. The three of them tie in perfectly with one another through discord and prejudice. Despite the fact that the authors result from similar, but differing backgrounds of life, they all wrote with the life experiences in mind. The authors had a skill for drawing visitors into their reports and poems and held the reader's attention throughout the readings.

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