Consider How Changes In Political Ideology Impact Sociable Work Essay

Social policy is approximately social well-being and its policies are designed to promote this, communal well-being is for everyone and it's to ensure that everyone gets cured impartially and regarding to their needs. This may include areas such as cover, education and sociable care. Based on the HM Treasury's spending review 2010-11 almost all money was allocated to Welfare and Health this illustrates that these two sectors especially welfare are major factors within our culture and are a priority. However some politics ideology can have effect on social policy in regards to how money is put in and in what ways.

Social welfare and insurance policy is provided by the government and social guidelines are developed for the public and certain groupings who need them. Community welfare on the other side is given to individuals who are seen to be in need and could be seen as people who need a general population service. Welfare services and health care are the key services in sociable policy. Cultural services and the medical system are in place and are provided to give a service to help aid with people's well-being. For instance these include folks who are going through a crisis or serious personal issues to do with their health or personal lives. Sociable policy is incorporated with communal welfare provision; communal welfare provision is about the needs of the individuals. The government performs a huge part in sociable welfare because they decide on what to devote to such as housing and education. Friendly Policy is made by the federal government which are made of party's politicians and get-togethers that deliberate and determine on how to regulate the country and its politics needs. Politically speaking Social policies interact with employees of public welfare such as social staff as well as medical care and regulations. All these organisations help to make up social insurance plan and focus on and for the state of hawaii. MUNICIPALITY are councillors which were locally elected for example a local MP and also local government bodies, these may include people such as college governors and users of the city health councils, these determined people work together to govern and apply what key regulations are needed locally, and these are tailored policies designed for their local neighborhoods. The local federal government may make decisions on cover and other local factors such as improvements which may be needed and transport. The private sector is made up of businesses individuals, local and central authorities who purchase welfare services such as private care homes and utilize carers privately to care for service users. Public staff as well as the healthcare workers are involved in social policy for the reason that they will be putting whatever is set in social coverage used. Central authorities is the political party who is elected nationally in the united kingdom. At the previous countrywide election the traditional party were voted together with this arrived their own politics ideology in running the country and many changes were made.

Political Ideology is a variety of ideas and thoughts which can range between public wellbeing to regulations being made it is also beliefs on society and sociable welfare. This can come from the right left wing procedure of pondering politically. This influences social policy and exactly how social insurance policy is contacted because the decisions that is manufactured results people's lives. For example when new labour was elected in 1997 its method of social policy was a mix and right and kept wing perspectives. The new right perspectives to public policy contain views such as distinguishing between the deserving and underserving poor. What is known as the deserving poor are those who find themselves thought to deserve to receive welfare, a good example of this is someone being poor through no mistake of their own, while an undeserving poor is someone who may be poor because of their laziness such as not attempting to work. The title of deserving and undeserving varies in one individual to another, this is because everyone's circumstances are different therefore it is harder to ascertain who's deserves to get benefits from who does not. The new right approach shows that the welfare system was making people rely upon benefits and making them sluggish. This was generally known as the nanny state, however those who are welfare such as solitary parent families have difficulties and what is given is actually only enough to live on because benefits are seen on what the government believes will do for individuals to live on off. David Cameron the existing Prime minister stated that he wanted to "end the "culture of entitlement" and a greater debate into welfare would be needed as the wrong indicators were being delivered to unmarried and solitary parent families. This advises even more slashes for those who are dependent on benefits in an effort to get people off benefits and back into employment. Politics ideology affects social work because these principles have an effect on practice. Ideas of politics ideology condition practice and action, these actions can also effect ideas of ideologues which react to the environmental stresses which encompass them. (Marquand 1996, 6. )

Marxist acquired the view that the welfare express was biased and favours the working category to avoid a revolution. For the modern day welfare express this couldn't be any truer as we have seen with the conservative's party that the largest spending cuts have hit the poor the worst. it appears as though especially to those who find themselves worse off, for example young families who get benefits such as taxes credits etc. They are the folks who are feeling the reductions the most while the rich experienced far fewer reductions being made. Last year we saw that most of the changes being made were influencing the indegent and working class the most, as the rich got their tax reduced. This is indeed an unfair change when it comes to welfare because the changes appear to favour the rich more. The Guardian newspapers online reported that the poorest households would be struck the worst by benefits reductions, in reported authorities programs and the Division of Work and Pensions. It also explained that in a bid to save 3. 1 billion working benefits would climb to 1% hitting the poor hardest.

The guardian online highlighted a notice by MP Michael Meacher who remarked that the recent welfare benefits studies bill and its percentages on cuts leaving the rich richer by paying less percentages in tax as the unemployed acquiring benefits like the job hunters allowance were being lower. It also argued ministers possessed failed to realise that the 20% slice that was going to be imposed would work out as less money for individuals to go on. The trim was argued to be employed since it was seen to be unfair that those unemployed got possessed a 20% climb while the lowest paid only had a 10% pay surge. Even so those who are in less paid jobs are still financially better off than those on JSA, so again why are cuts being designed to the poorest people in need. It was also pointed out that the richest that are on over 3000 annually had their income tax slice to almost 3bn per annum, also the richest increased their income and riches over the last year based on the Sunday Times Affluent List. With cuts being made and expenses growing how is people going to afford to eat and live? There's a struggle for the presently unemployed to get back in employment due to the lack of jobs. People are being pressured into either living an extremely poor life economically or working for wage which they may again struggle to go on and then being given an extremely low pension when they stop working. This affects cultural work practice because more folks will maintain turmoil and in a prone state which may lead to treatment by pros such as interpersonal workers being needed for well-being and support.

The slashes to social care and attention have observed only the ones who are able to pay for care being able to receive care. The reason for this is finances being minimize for social treatment going out of those without financial security looking for support. Matching to ADASS in their budget study (2011) councils were minimizing their costs by 991 million. They were also lowering their spending by 169 million for support for people. The implications and outcomes of these reductions are that some council will have to make cutbacks to services in order to balance out their budgets. For those who cannot manage services this can serious implications as well as on effect on sociable work practice because of the intervention which may be needed. In addition, it affects cultural work in the sense of how it is implicated as well as using the best options for service users. According to this survey it increases more spaces within Social Care and attention funding. The care and Support Monthly bill 2012 abolished the neighborhood authorities' right to remove a person in need off their homes. The explanation for this could do with the slices being made out of in social attention and as a way to cut costs have abolished this to save financing which would otherwise be spent on giving care to service users.

The Just umbrella offers an information into austerity the coalition and policy. The just umbrella pinpoints many actions the government at this time and how society is treated in regards to spending welfare etc. In addition, it discusses the London riots and how they could have been an fundamental factor as to why the riots occurred. The riots stemmed from a guy of cultural minority who was simply shot and killed by the police, therefore the family required answers as to what happened and as to the reasons their family member was shot. There is many speculation concerning if the victim was armed or not or whether it was regarding racism. A peaceful march began by the family demanding answers which soon escalated to the riots. The riots were blamed on gang culture and folks taking benefit of an regrettable situation. However nothing at all of unfair treatments of folks and tension between your youths and the authorities were resolved. The riots may have been a cry for help which might have been the chance for many more deprived users of society to possess their say. Also the riots may have been due to frustrations developed as well as other underlying communal factors that have been not addressed. Such as most of the folks who were engaged were part of less privileged areas who had been worse off in terms of employment and property. The finding s of the riot research found that over half 59% of rioters were from the 20% most deprived areas in the UK. The riots seem to be to experienced much more of meaning than just that of the taking of Tag Duggan. According to the Reading the riots report (2011) its studies were very interesting in regards to its contents. The study was to find out what have powered individuals in the riots and who have been responsible of which came these findings of the research. 87% of the individuals who have been interviewed out of 270 said that policing and tensions between your police and general public were to blame as a result of treatments they had from officers. This demonstrates policing and open public frustrations were indeed key contributing factors as to the reasons the riots took place. This combined with anger and frustrations with regard with the relationship between the police force also added more gasoline to the riots.

The Blackwell friend to cultural work, cultural work and politics focuses on public work and ideology and the role where social staff have. It argues that communal staff have a power have a problem with family and service users and they are due to politics ideology which social service and personnel are politics activists. Both the Just Umbrella the Backwell partner discuss changes and the state moving away from the neo-liberal economics when it comes to Labour and Margaret Thatcher's approach to politics. Both explained that the new right approach to social coverage was centered on making the welfare talk about specifically better in regards for what works. However Blackwell argues that gives room for politicians to go away difficult topics to pros to suggest solutions. The just umbrella also reviews on what is known as the Big Contemporary society which of the effects it has on culture as well as the coalition insurance plan. According to the Cabinet Office the best society is about giving more capacity to the people to assist in improving their lives, Transferring electricity from Whitehills to Local Neighborhoods. While the just umbrella recognises failings in the big Society and its local ideas, Blackwell points out ideology behind this and how it affects sociable work practice. It seeks to put the point across that cultural work is intensely influenced by politics and ideology. " The sociable worker who says to be above or beyond politics is one who has rejected him or herself access to a set of conceptual tools which are directly necessary to a properly enlightened conduct in today's sophisticated world of practice". What's exactly recommended by this statement is that sociable personnel cannot fulfil their full probable of practice without acknowledging they are an integral part of politics. Accepting thus giving social workers the knowledge and power to practice effective service. That is a matter of opinion however since it eliminates from the public workers individual key beliefs. In case a social worker does not trust some areas of political ideology this does not mean they don't have the tools to properly practice communal work.

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