Cross Cultural Comparative Evaluation UK vs Mexico


In today's global economies communication is the energy house of most businesses. Due to globalization the buying, retailing and working with in the different cultural is inevitable. It's important to understand the International management mix cultural dimensions and its own impact on management and communication in the business. Just to have a over advantage than the competition the businesses have leaned that in order to grow nowadays cross social management skills are very critical. The communication between the several civilizations both internally and externally has to be effective and there have to be a good understanding of cross cultural sizes because they can effect success, when you are ahead in the abroad market with better cross cultural understanding which include a better cultural diversity management too.

In this essay the author talks about the cultural proportions, and international management techniques in both United Kingdom and Mexico. This is a guide for the managers of those countries who've not yet thought of these countries within business. Author shows Hofstede's Five Measurements of Culture and Fons Trompenaars cultural dimensions.

Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

According to Hofstede, each culture must offer with questions that can be resolved regarding to some dimensions, which results in a unique gestalt for every single society, with regards to the intensity of its trend towards one or another end of every culture dimensions spectrum (Longatan, 2008). Prof. Geert Hofstede have most comprehensive study on the culture and exactly how it may influence the office.

From 1967 to 1973, he has been collecting and studying massive amount data from over 100, 000 people from 50 countries and 3 regions. Originally there were four sizes fifth dimension came on later, after him conducting an international study with a study tool developed with Chinese employees and professionals (Teacher H. Michael Boyd, 2004). There were five cultural sizes that were identified by Hofstede are:

Power Distance

Individualism Collectivism

Uncertainity Avoidance

Masculinity versus Femininity

Long term versus Short term Orientation (Evidently Cultural, 2009).

Power Distance: Electric power distance(PDI) relates to the unequal circulation of power, There is big gap between your people (unequal) in the population. Ability and inequality, are the fundamental facts of the world and anybody can tell a notable difference between a equal or unequal electric power distance world generally, power distance is what sort of contemporary society addresses inequalities among people. Power distance norms are mirrored in the financial and ethnical lives of humans such as parent-child relations, husband-wife relations, politics, religion and economics (Tian, 2004).

Individualism-Collectivism: Individualism-Collectivism(IDV) identifies the amount to which individuals is available to other people of group regardless of race ethinicity faith or gender. (Hofstede, 2009). This Dimension shows the dependency in group, work or part played in group(team) and other part it is reverse, individual is dynamic and independent rather than like the individual who is dependent on the organization or society or group. In words of Adler and Gundersen, individualism versus collectivismis how the employee adress them self, could it be him/herself mostly as a separate individual or it is different the opposite being collective part of an organization whose needs should determine behaviour (KohL, 2007).

Uncertainity Avoidance: Doubt avoidance(UAI) deals with a society's acceptence for uncertainty and doubt. Businesses and companies establish formal rules, accept the true facts and provide employees wiht higher carrer stability and rejecting deviant ideas and behavior.

Masculinity versus Femininity: This dimension pertains to gender differenciation. In some countries women are very ambitious assertive in some men are morecompetitive and ready to take chances in order to attain their goals. It's the over-all performance result making the country Masculine or feminity driven. In countries women prices don't differ much as compared to the men from different countries, men are very assertive and competitive while women's beliefs on the one aspect, to modest and caring and similar to women's worth.

Long term versus Short term Orientation: Long-Term Orientation is the fifth sizing of Hofstede, it was added following the previous four ethnical dimensions to distinguish the difference in thinking between the East and West. This dimension actions the person's devotion towards his/her work ethic and the value for the tradition.

Hofstede Cultural Measurements in UK and Mexico

Figure : Assessment of cultural sizes in UK and Mexico (Modified from: (Hofstede, 2009))

United Kingdom consists of four countries Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England but England by themselves is more effected by the feelings towards individualism and masculinity. The others three measurements are noticeably on lowest list in Britain. This inclination of looking after self and immediate family(Individualism) and least botheration for population is seen in UK. THE UNITED KINGDOM shows report of 85 (Sims, 2006). It really is detected that Mexico shows the credit score of 30 (IDV) in individualist ethnic dimension, which is some what higher than other Latin countries who've score of 21 (Hofstede, 2009).

The desire for materialistic things and money the man depicted as a brilliant hero or saviour of family while women deals with the psychological concerns and family needs, Male prominent society, UK appear to be on more roughly similar rating regarding gender differentiation (MAS social dimensions), it has the rating of 66 where as in Latin America, Mexico gets the second highest Masculinity (MAS) which is 69. In Mexico men dominates a major part of the modern culture (Geert Hofstede, 2009).

The electricity distance(PDI) in Mexico credit score much more than the united kingdom, Mexico vitality distance ranking is 81, which displays a more unequal syndication of wealth compared to United Kingdom population (Taylor, 1998-2008). THE UK on the social scale suggest large amount of equality between various societal levels and organisations positioning the credit score of 35 (Clearly Cultural, 2009).

Uncertainty avoidance in the Mexico is relatively high, which can evidently be looked at through the countrywide cultures. The highest report of 82 indicates that population has continuios hazard and anxiousness and precision and punctuality is strong. United Kingdom scores 35 upon this cultural dimension. UK has turned into a country with diverse society which makes it more versatile to the changes, more available to impressive ideas even if they require risk (International Business, 2008).

Fons Trompennars Cultural Dimension

Trompenaars, a Western european researcher conducted an intensive research with 15, 000 managers from 28 countries representing 47 countrywide ethnicities. His system got seven proportions the first five were related to relationship between people the others two deals with are about orientations toward time and the environment.

Universalism vs. Particularism





Internal vs. Alternative Control

Lewis Monochronic and Polychronic People

Fons Trompennars Cultural Dimension in UK and Mexico

Universalism-particularism: The establishing the universal expectations and rules which helps in the economic activities of country on both Macro social level as well as micro-social level makes a country general (Nawojczyk, 2006). United Kingdom is a Universalist country, as it pertains to business negotiation they apply the guidelines (Universal aspect) and ensure that everything should go according to guidelines. There is no changes needed in the rules as they are general and accepted by all. Countries like Mexico do as there superiors dictate them with no opinion, they take the purchases and put into practice them, there is a particularistic approach (Aswathappa, 2008).

Individualism-collectivism: The emphasis is groups, the activities taken by person are collective or even more of single advantage individual, specific benefits versus the group. UK is an individualistic culture and tends to have lesser quantity of bonds; they stand in as a person. Family or organizations aren't that relevant or of that significance in world, each person battles for personal (Handy, 2010). Mexico positioned 29 of 39 is the cheapest in individualism; they are on top of collectivism (Yates, 2010).

Neutral-affective: Related to excitement, thoughts control of feelings. Neutral (do it yourself control) restrain while affective, feel it is natural expressing emotions. Some Civilizations show their feelings some subdue their emotions. In United Kingdom people, try to keep there romantic relationships and work distinct. they don't promote their thoughts and make an effort to repress there feelings and feelings they prefer more solitude when it comes to emotions One cannot blend personal concerns with business, as it might hinder the progress (Mate, 2010). Mexico can be an affective country because there emotions are natural and openly expressed. Being truly a collective culture they express and promote their emotions and talk about it (Williams, 2005).

Specific-diffuse: In United Kingdom there is absolutely no mixing up of the private life of person with the work or business life, Private life is separated from public in order to accomplish healthy working environment they have confidence in more specific culture. Mexico has more of diffuse culture since there is not much difference among private and public space (Workman, 2008).

Achievement-ascription: This dimension is about how precisely status and electric power are decided in the culture. Uk is a accomplishment oriented culture, in UK the position or status are given on basis of the average person achievement of how well they perform, they have achievement dimension as there platform. Mexico can be an ascription oriented society where the status is approved on who and what (get older, school, gender and education) position is the individual holding.

Internal vs. Exterior Control: This dimensions relates to aspect. Country that employs the internalistic culture will over vitality and control the nature and environment. They take them self to be more advanced than the environment. Externalistic culture lives in harmony with dynamics, community and accepts nature as it is. United Kingdom (internalistic culture) is often on the look for ideas and measures to be studied in order to lessen mid-air and normal water pollution. Most of the countries are choosing to much greener options to be able to conserve the natural resources.

Time orientation/Sequential vs. Synchronic: Each country offers its response time, some are Synchronic culture where a lot of things are done concurrently whereas in Sequential there's a detail by detail instructions for work, they have confidence in planning. In Mexico, people usually do multiple things at the same time rendering it a synchronic country (Workman, 2008). UK has Sequential culture as individuals target one work at a period they consider time as tangible and divisible (Carol Kinsey Goman, 2010).

Guidance for the Manager

Building connections in various countries is also in ways a cultural dimensions of diversity in the culture. Professionals always face issues with the motivation, framework and strategy developing in line with the countries cultural variances. Some thing that works for UK might not exactly help Mexico. While using the Hofstede model can offer the professionals with a starting point. They can put the cultural proportions against the country and examine their strategy, decisions, and actions, how the society might react to them. Managers always consider both ethnical sizes when they design sales strategies where both the buyers and sellers come from different ethnicities.

Trompenaars ethnical model and Hofstede cultural model share many similarities which can easily confuse the manager and can interfere in the success of the tasks. Out of Trompenaars seven sizes two of the dimensions are just further divided from Hofstede measurements, which can be Collectivism/Individualism and ability distance. Trompenaars collectivism is equivalent to Hofstede's Collectivism/Individualism. Trompenaars success/ascription, which handles position, is also linked to Hofstede's vitality distance index.

Both models submit a couple of cultural dimensions along that your central value systems can be disciplined. Trompenaars model is merely a one step forward in a few of the Hofstede model, it help managers get to know the trans-national jobs and which reduces the number of social misunderstandings. From Trompenaars model (Individualism-collectivism ) managers need to notice that if the country is individualistic or collective weather incentive has to be given to the average person in team or even to the whole team.

The Managers should do research on the national culture along with both cultural sizes and be sure weather the country utilises these ethnical sizes or not. The managers need to recognize and identify the differences between your civilizations because certain ethnicities may or may not match the culture. They need to recognize that certain dimensions can overlapped and this might need more work. The managers need to retain in consideration certain cultural proportions, large versus Small Electricity Distance; unequal circulation of ability, this affects the behavior of both less powerful and more powerful people. Strong versus Weak Uncertainty Avoidance; from what limit a certain modern culture or country would feel safe. Masculinity and Femininity; the gender differentiation and their role they play in line with the culture and last dimension, the Long versus SHORT-TERM Orientation, time orientation, individualism and collectivism. Controlling the cultural dissimilarities in a diverse business environment is a significant task for international managers; both of these models are mere recommendations.


There is no best way, straight way to manage the cultural differences; the managers have to be alert to how these differences affect the business. They have to think strategically as both the countries Mexico and UK have different social dimensions. The importance of the cultural sizes is catching up, because of the increase in the multinational business activities.

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