CSI Lab Analysis

Case Research: Redcott Cottage

The existence of the two cups of gin and tonic on the refreshments table in the lounge indicates the likelihood of two different people being inside at this time of the harm. Carrying out the cyanoacrylate fuming method, the fingerprints on the glasses will become obvious and so they could be gathered and further set alongside the police records to be able to identify the individuals located inside the house around the time of the assault. Moreover, there could be traces of saliva left on the margins of the spectacles which is often discovered using the RSID ensure that you then further analyzed for matching the DNA using the STR/Y-STR method.

The CSI Lab Analysis exhibited that the bloodstream retrieved from around your body and the bloodstream retrieved from the drinks table participate in the same bloodstream group - . A deeper evaluation of the bloodstream samples must be completed in order to identify and compare the DNA contained by each one of them. I expect the result of this test showing that the DNA from the examples do not match, therefore indicating that there have been indeed two different people inside the house at this time of the attack, which would be constant with the way of the pellets shot and would also make clear the path of blood remaining from the refreshments table to the back door and outdoors.

The Cobalt Thiocyanate test applied on the white powder determined at the criminal offense scene returned a confident result for cocaine. However, it is known that other substances such as Diphenhydramine and Lidocaine, known as fake positives for cocaine, also give blue organic levels under this test. Therefore, the substance should be examined in more depth using the GC-MS method. Additionally, the stomach content of the victim as well as his bloodstream should be tested in order to find out if the victim was under the influence of any substances before he was killed.

The information show that there have been two attackers. The first attacker contacted the home from the east part and started firing through the lounge home window, with a shotgun using Winchester Super Two times X Magnum pellets, focusing on the person who was simply seated at the stand. The actual fact that several shotgun cartridge wadding were found directly underneath the windows and inside the piano demonstrates the attacker terminated at least double, one of the pictures being obstructed by the piano, thus explaining the a glass shards and pellets found imbedded in its body work. Some of the pellets reached the drinks table as well as the person position next to it, who was simply injured, started bleeding, and most probably fell to the bottom.

The attacker then went to leading door and broke into the house by forcing the access. Utilizing the cyanoacrylate fuming method any potential fingerprints on the door take care of and on the area surrounding it will be revealed.

The second attacker contacted the house from the north aspect, positioning himself before the kitchen screen and targeting the person who was positioned in doorway between your kitchen and lounge. He fired at least double, with a shotgun using Remington Premier HEVISHOT pellets. One of the shots hit the person in his upper left arm, causing his loss of life, and others hit the wall membrane south of the door and the doorframe.

The hypostasis being typically on leading aspect of your body shows that the sufferer was lying down face down. Additionally, having his head directing towards east and feet towards west signifies that the man was facing the lounge when he was taken dead. Hence, considering the trajectory of the pellets, the places where these were found and the actual fact that the sufferer was taken only on his kept side, we can conclude that the attacker was situated on the kept hand side of the topic, briefly behind him, position that helps the hypothesis of the intruder shooting from outside the house through the kitchen window.

By using optical methods and specific chemical testing (AAS/NAA) on the victim's body, particularly round the wounds, we'd get information about the existence, the quantity and the design of the firearm shot residue, thus having the ability to evaluate the firing distance. In this case I expect the assessments to show that the gun was terminated at an intermediate range, around a few meters. This consequence would also be steady with the exterior facet of the victim's wounds including the diameter of the shot structure, the area of superficial abrasion, the dimensions of the exit and re-entry wounds and having less stippling or fouling grades surrounding the entry wounds.

It is important to understand the composition of the trail of footprints which starts off from the doorway between the kitchen and lounge and brings about the front door in order to recognize the access route of the first attacker. Using Luminol, we can establish if the footprints were made in bloodstream. If this test comes back a negative effect, we can further use mass spectroscopy to recognize the structure of the footprints and compare them with dirt samples from beyond your house. In case the test correlates both samples, and realizing that the footprints start only from the kitchen door, the final outcome that the attacker came into the house through your kitchen windowpane may be drawn. Moreover, the task surface and kitchen sink situated below your kitchen window should be carefully inspected for footprints or any other signals, such as fingerprints, fibres, hair, blood that may indicate the windows to be the attacker's gain access to way to the home and lead in any way to his recognition.

After the attack, both intruders left the home through the front door, hypothesis furtherly recognized by the path of footprints seen exiting through the front door. Later, the individual injured raised from the ground and left the house through the trunk door, thus giving the path of blood bought at the crime scene on his avenue.

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