Cyber Crime The Online Banking Fraud Information Technology Essay

Wow! We are moving into cyber or robo age group, where internet and pcs have major influences on our way of living, cultural life and just how we execute business.

Just as everything has positives and negatives, usage of this modern technology is effective as well as insecure. With all the development of the internet, Network security is becoming major concern.

Cyber Crooks are doing everything from:

Stealing money.

Hacking in to the other personal computers.

Stealing intellectual property.

Spreading viruses and worms to damage computers.

Now a day's internet banking scams became common practice for cyber scammers. It is merely a scams or theft devoted using online technology to illegally remove money from a bank account and enhance money to some other account in another type of bank.

Internet Banking Fraud is a form of identity fraud and usually permitted through techniques such as" Phishing".

Internet Bank is trusted to:

Check accounts details.

Make acquisitions.

Pay expenses.

Transfer cash and print statements.

In this case due to some ignorance and foolish mistakes we can certainly fall into the capture of cyber criminals.


One financial Institute authorized a crime proclaiming that some participants or people ("perpetrators") have perpetrated certain acts through misleading messages ostensibly emanating from one of the bank email ID. Such functions have been perpetrated with intention to defraud the Customers.

The Inspection was completed with help of these e-mails received by the customers of this financial Institute and caught the accused, the place of offence was sought out the data. There one Lap Top and Mobile Phone was seized that was used for the commission of the criminal offense.

The caught accused experienced used wide open source code email request software for sending spam email messages. He has down filled the same software from net and then used it as it is.

He used only VSNL messages to spam the email to customers of financial Institute because VSNL email company don't have spam pack to prevent the unsolicited emails.

After spamming messages to financial Institute customers he got the response from around 120 customers of which 80 are genuine among others are not correct because it do not have debit greeting card details as necessary for e-banking.

The financial Institute customers those people who have received his email sensed that the e-mail was comes from the financial Institute loan provider. When they crammed the private information and posted that time said information was directed to accused.

This was possible because the active link was presented with in the first web page (Home page) of the fraudulent site. The dynamic link means when people go through the link provided in spamming email that point only the hyperlink will be activated.

The dynamic hyperlink was coded by handling the web Explorer clicks and the information of the form will be posted to the web server (Where the fake web site is hosted). Then server will send the data to configured email address and in cases like this email configured was to the accused email. Etc submission of the confidential information the info was aimed to email Identification accused email. The everything after fishing (end user name, password, Business deal password, Debit cards Number and PIN, mother's maiden name) which he had received through internet connection


Here are some simple tips to avoid you from falling into the capture of cyber crooks. Remember, a simple ignorance or oversight can make an enormous dent in your hard- received cost savings.

Obtaining account:

Always our account details should be well anchored and we should remember properly. We ought to not write in a diary or a bit of paper. Online banking should be achieved very carefully and should not be achieved from unsecured internet or wi-fi systems. Always try to do from your home PCS. we should not tell password to anybody. Change the password frequently. If any mails come from lender for quieries, we ought to not reply them and really should not notify any personal accounts details. Usually do not keep our personal username and passwords in any general public computers or messages.


Phishing is a system where crudely or unknowingly access the people's online banking details or their personal data regarding online banking. In this system where phishing e-mail will concentrate on some online customers or some online public sale sites or other online repayment or money transfer facilities. This phishing email will ask online bank customer to check out a link in order to upgrade their personal bank-account details like username or password. If the customer follows the hyperlink for downloading or carrying on the program which captures the person's banking login details and directs them to a third party.

Phishing emails mainly create such situation which floats a similar to that of someone's bank. In this fraudsters become bankers for your created site. On the basis of database upgradation, they'll ask the whole person's account details, user name or password. They will carry out transactions when they will get our online banking account details without our knowledge.


Spam is a unwanted email or information or message or it is like a electronic spam. Actually these mails or messages will be keep on sending back. These communications or mails will be varying but they are incredibly commercial and their sheer volume will be continue differing. In these messages they will tell you firmly to buy a product or they may persuade to buy something or service. They will tell you to visit their internet sites where buys will be happening. Whenever we are doing purchases, they will try to get our personal online checking account details or bank card details.

Nigerian Scam:

It is a lottery structure in which some overseas personnel or some Nigerian staff are involved to cheat some innocent folks or online banking customers by promising to give some great amount of money by nominal fees or by doing normal schemes. Their main motive is to grab money in the proper execution of fee up against the lottery award by showing large amount of reward money.


Spyware is another software or Trojan horses in which. Spy ware may take personal information, business information, bandwidth; or processing capacity and secretly offers it to someone else.

"Trojan Equine" structure unfolds when this destructive software introduces in to the consumer computer or his own Personal computer. These Trojans often come in links or as attachments or as different format from unidentified email senders. After set up the software detects when a person accesses online bank sites and uses the username and password to transmit to the offender or to make online orders. People using general population computers or outdoors internet cafes, are often susceptible to Trojans like malware or spyware and adware.

Check sites URL:

Our banks internet site Link should be always examined and should be verified. Fraudsters can make you to go into your user ID and password or other online banking details at a fraudulent website that resembles your loan company. If you see anything other than the bank's genuine Web address, it has to be fake or something wrong. In cases like this please validate with the bank.

Never get into your user Identification or security password or such online bank information or details without confirming that you will be on the right website. Always type the Web address of your loan company into the browser address space or use new web address for getting into the online bank. Never go through the link in the email or never directly download the attachments in your email.

Fool-proof security password:

Online banking password and other important details should be altered at regular intervals. Avoid easy-to-guess passwords, like first titles, birthdays, kid's or spouse's name and cell phone figures or friends names or any important superstar names. Make an effort to own an alpha-numeric password, the one which combines alphabets and volumes but that should not be written in some paper or shouldn't be stored in some e-mails or personal documents.

Never use the same online bank password for all those several loan provider accounts. Never select the option on web browser that stores or keeps end user name and password or other online bank details. Since it can easily be cracked or recognized by cyber thieves. Also, never paste your password, always type it in rather than store password in email messages for immediate access. This little amount of `finger exercise' will go a long way in safety and it'll save lots inside our life.

Always check 'last longer logged':

Most of the lenders will have 'last logged in' -panel on their websites. In case your lender has it, check the -panel whenever you log in and check the data when you last logged in. If you notice irregularities (as if you are logging in after three times, but the panel says you logged for the reason that morning!), report the matter immediately to your standard bank and change your password immediately or try to block the online transactions.

Always log away when you leave the online banking website or after completing online banking orders. Close or shut the browser to ensure that your secure time is terminated. Never exit simply by concluding the browser or shutting off the PC.

Keep your system current:

Daily or regularly look for security improvements for your personal computer operating system or for personal computer. Most security revisions are aimed at reducing risks to your computer like detecting the files that have computer virus; these may be data-related or otherwise. Make sure that your operating system and browser hold the latest security areas installed or latest upgraded security systems. And, always mount these only from respected websites or well known sites.

Install a personal firewall to prevent hackers or fraudsters from getting unauthorised usage of your personal computer or your personal data, particularly if you hook up to the Internet through a cable television or a DSL modem.

Open public gain access to can be injurious:

Don't leave the Personal computer unattended after keying in information while transacting on the website or making online orders or replacing data. Avoid accessing or doing your bank online loan company transactions at cyber cafes or on the share or general public computer. Also, avoid locations that offer online associations through wireless systems (Wi-Fi), where level of privacy and security are nominal and maximum do not make online banking trades there.

Follow Lender instructions:

Banks say that appropriate up gradations are completed from time to time by their IT departments for risk mitigation but ensure that these up gradations are exactly coincided with loan company rules and regulations. They issue instructions or showing demo to the customers to manage their accounts through online keyboards by way of which the people or some characters or quantities typed by them aren't identified by code hackers. SMS notifications are also an important tool since any transfer completed on profile is reported to the consideration holder via an SMS and in cases like this please keep your mobile safely along.


Learn the many ways to safeguard yourself from online banking fraud techniques or various hacking or phishing systems. Detect Trojans that show up on your computer in the form of viruses, spyware and adware or malware through Antivirus Software, anti Spyware and adware, and Adware and delete all these documents for minimal safety of your bill. Also, figure out how to keep your credit cards, documents and passwords safe, and keep an eye on always your things very safely and securely. Safety is the principal thing in each one of these cases.

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