Definition Of Technology AND ITS OWN Importance Business Essay

There can be an increasing attention or support to Technology, that invention development is paramount to create/maintain/improve economical/organization competitive and secure firm sustainability expansion. "Innovation is powered by the capability to see connections, to identify opportunities and also to take good thing about them" [Tadd, Bessant, 2009, p1]. The majority of business or companies today face an easy rate of technology and market external change, and these exterior changes haves push organizations and even financial expansion. Some organizations' successful have few feedback are they have 'competencies, backgrounds, and sites of relationships compared to their competitors or earlier incumbents' [Birkinshaw, Bessant, Delbridge, 2007]. Advancement became even more essential for organizations towards new century. And driven by advance machinery and excellent labour resources, and these products produced by people's innovative suggestions to use exterior and inner resources and gain edge and opportunities in the market than challengers. Management development and changes Therefore, technology is increasingly seen as a powerful way of protecting competitive advantage and a more secure approach to defending proper positions, and success.

In response to massive increase demand, the necessity of products or services increase and the majority of corporation seek to use innovation solutions to get proper advantages. As innovation can helped organizations to better identify market opportunities and exploit them effectively and build a sustainable competitive gain. For example, the majority of organizations have R&D office to incorporate market trend habits with interpersonal and ethnical observations on a daily basis, and provides innovative ideas and analysis to help corporation hit upon the top ideas, setting products and services apart from competitors. Advancement usually from trial and error experimentation, 'R&D performs a considerable role in the product development process. Indeed, you can find often continual relationship with R&D throughout the development of the product' [Trott, 2005, p305]. Advancement not only limited by produced products and also includes services.

Innovation contributes in a number of ways, like research facts suggest a strong relationship between market performance and services. In contrast, technology identifies taking different new ideas and creativeness is one of element of innovation process by which new ideas lead to new products, methods, or services. Excellent performance of company can reveals overall organization's operation perfectly and sufficient and new products invention can help take and keep market shares and increase profitability over competition. Innovative not only require generating new ideas and making use of into development or management system. Additionally it is involve opening new market, new products, new methods, new management system ect.

Innovation can effect individual organization and even to 1 countries economic development. There are lots of new market for some companies in china, especially, china's monetary dramatically develop and also have rich labor resources and character resources as support. Many organizations and organizations approach to Chinese language market through applied ideal strategies and also change and innovation the management style in china.

Innovation is important but the key is to making invention work officially and metrically. 'Technology is the successful exploitation of new ideas' [Development unit, 2004]. Continuous improvement of the study development by organization and then can improve product quality and output through received technology ideas about new products/ services, or management system, to be able to gain sustainable development during the fierce competition.


Innovation and development is not merely about products or alternatives, additionally it is about creating a transformational change in the way people live, work and play said by Joachimsthaler ( Hidden in basic sight, Chapter 26).

Innovation also offers two aspects incremental and radical. Incremental technology is a process daily change to continuous boosts quality and efficiency through innovation. Like Phone, electric lighting. They all depended upon the regular incremental improvement in a range of associated technologies like wine glass blowing, bacum pumping and so on. 'Incremental innovation is vital to continuing pharmaceutical breakthrough' [the temple university or college report]. Almost all clinically important drugs developed during the last 50 years and have resulted from an incremental process, which engaged multiple, small test, successive advancements within the pharmacological [Wertheimer, Levy, AND Connor, 1994]. The pharmaceutical industry must starting on incremental innovation, credited to incremental changes' edge and radical innovation's potential dangers. Therefore, most of drugs or drugs are considered to be incremental innovations.

Radical creativity is total change the ways we think about and use the merchandise or produce new products compared to earlier series. This is fundamentally dissimilar to incremental enhancements and concerns on exploring new technology, it is one of another way to 'start up new opportunities and struggle' under the new conditions [Todd, Bessant, 2009, p29]. Radical innovation has a popular effect on our lives and it completed by many different individuals and organizations through accumulation small improvement innovation. Therefore radical invention involves incremental development to an existing product, process system. So an seemingly, improvement on small change on exiting precuts, process also can increase its impact to group. It creates a substantial change on the merchandise / services that changing from existing market or creates new products/ service.

There are four types of advancement such as: product invention, process creativity, position creativity, and paradigm development. The next paragraph has an release about four types of invention:

Product creativity is to provide or offer to customer or business new products/ services. New product technology or development is an important capacity as the environment is continually changing, therefore, firm need to improve or offer new products to consumers in order to keep advance in the market. However, opponents also may expose new products which is a major menace to existing market position. Organizations need the capability to respond through new products or new services technology. For instance, since Starbucks launched Iced coffee in 2006, and create a fresh coffee refreshment section of the ready-to-drink coffee. Corporation can create significant value for the customers and superior income for company as well through product development earlier than opponents and create competitive edge. Innovative and interesting products offer by Starbucks really helps to fortify the brand and reinforce the reputation and dedication to advancement, like Frappuccino coffee (1996) Two times shot Espresso drink (2002)[Business Wire, 2006]. The other example about Apple is the fact apple has put together many features including a wrist watch face in its tiny new Ipod device NANO, Which has been dubbed as the Watch. [Mintel 2011]

Process invention is about how to produce and delivery new products/ services, which can be an improvement in the business and/ or approach to produce that often brings about reduced resource costs. For instance, after several years of production, the amount of steps involved with producing computer had been reduced and the labor time also reduced. Not surprisingly the price tag on the computer also dropped down than prior period. Each one of these process innovation can lead to a dramatic fall in the production costs, and also include the sales price. Invention and growth is not simply a fuzzy procedure for screwing around vigorously but can be considered a organized process.

Dell's opponents never thought this creativity would work out and provided opportunities to increase market show by striking the sales information. Apple's innovation includes in products and process. Apple has built an innovation manufacturing plant one that harnesses unbridled creativity from its people, revitalizing vivid & enterprising new ideas, and introducing successful, profitable new enhancements. From Apple statement 2010, it becomes one of the greatest technological corporations on the planet by revenue and is a highly ground breaking company [Annual survey, 2010]. Apple leverages its diverse ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, associates and global systems, proven innovation process, and also apple size the new opportunities in the marketplace and develop its businesses.

Position innovation is approximately what are aim for markets, consumers for the services or services. For instance, Starbucks did not invent coffee; the company merely transformed the notion of the merchandise. The sonny play station cellphone, rumoured for release in Apr 2011, will be one of the key Smartphone developments this season. Leveraging the play station brand could show a shrewd move for sonny, considering that it could appeal to a high amount of 'gamers' to the Smartphone market. The device could help boost sonny Erickson's position in the Smartphone market which, so far, has been hindered by an incapability to distinguish its product range. [Mintel 2011]

Paradigm invention is about how to shape the ways to extend into new marketplaces for services by the creative or technology.

Innovation life routine - different emphasis over time

Product invention and Process creativity shows the difference over the time in the Development Life Pattern.

LG'S optimums 2x, scheduled for release in March 2010, is being billed as the world's first dual key android run Smartphone. Higher computing power will allow for faster mobile internet speeds, further opening the door to live loading of sport and TV shows, possibly demonstrating attractive for more sophisticated mobile users. [Mintel 2011]

Another illustrative example is Swiss Watch industry. They changed from mechanical to digital designer watches; the industry was eventually re-vitalized by setting the watch as a luxury good.

Resource foundation view:

[Barney & Clark, 2007]

In an increasingly globalizing knowledge-economy, competitiveness source comes from differentiated capacities to innovate. Competition among product market position performed by organization is another means of competition among reference position kept by organization. Most organization try to gain competitive benefit predicated on the resources and develops or purchased to implement product market strategy. In another world, this is about how to stick out of competition among source controlled by different organizations. 'An organization has a competitive advantage if it is in a position to create more economic value than the marginal rival in its product market' said by Peterfaf and Barney 2003. From Wernerfelt's 1984 said that competition for resources among firms predicated on their resources information may have important implication for the ability of firms to get advantage in applying product market strategies. From Resource-based view theory, demonstrates competitive advantages created by business or businesses to provided a good services or products between competitors which are from organizations innovation ideas, and they gains or identified different degree of benefits from that [Barney & Clark, 2007, p25].

According to the resource-based view, to be able to develop a competitive advantage 'the firm will need to have resources and functions that are superior to those of its challengers' and use these resources with innovation ideas create more value than its rivals. Without this superiority, the rivals simply could replicate the particular firm was doing and any gain quickly would go away.

If organizations or businesses want to create greater benefits which need to provided superior differentiation and /or lower costs. For instance, the same cost or the same benefits products or services sold lower prices through a lower cost, or produce high value or quality of products at similar prices.

Since 1990s, intangible resources became an integral driver of development. Intangible resources include brand, reputation, knowledge, skill, and also can only be accumulated over a period of time. It provide

Slack resources can encourage technology too.

New product development and development:

Innovation means everything from extending a familiar strategy in an improbable way to creating a new category where non-existed before [Mintel, 2011].

As the amount of consumers and the demand for ground breaking products increases, 'a company's ability to efficiently identify and release new products' has become one of the significant key to success. 'New Product success is vital to the growth and wealth of the present day corporation' [Cooper, 2009]. The development of services and functions has enabled many organizations or companies to continue to grow. There's a wide strategy for organization to develop their business, new products development depends on innovations and resources and functions. Skype has already established very since by producing and launching new products - Skype, as Skype offers desktop sharing and conferencing abilities at a fraction of the cost and its own choice and video tutorial services are superior quality than competitors and most people choosing Skype. Especially like Some official working plus they can catch up face-to-face with an increase of people at the same time on an organization video tutorial call with Skype. These creates a lot convenience to those people who are not at the same country or same city but still can communicates or meet by simply use Skype. Because of more and more people start work at home or distance learning style, the demand for group conference and meeting call occurs and increases. Skype likewise have yet another features is seminar cell phone calls which is can speak to more than one person simultaneously and also is free if you are all on Skype [Skype home].

PESTLE Research:

PEST is one of Tool using to investigate the environment changes, this tool covering politics, economical, communal, and technological. On this Dynamism environment, many organizations or people need to increase their convenience of discontinuous innovation in order to catch present state of environment. The following PEST examines the way the exterior environment changes and how originations respond to that by using innovation.


Political change this means an alteration in government or in federal government plan also occurs and shapes the opportunity to organizations. Political include federal government insurance policies, legislation and international influences, specifically from the WTO. For situations, the improvement on the occupation law like salary limited and working time limited provides help to some low-paid workers and also help their more understand their own rights in the task. Such the immigration this policy changes in the UK have positive and negative for UK businesses and the current economic climate [UNISON, Times].


Economic changes relate to changes in the wider overall economy, a growing market economy cannot always stay in equilibrium due to change of economical and other factors. such as people's living requirements have increased and the demand to products and services also improve, the demand to new, good, quality products also growth. Such as for example luxuries products contests between different business or brand.


Social change link to changes in wider society such as changes in lifestyles, consumer's behavior. it isn't easy to As major social changes has been that many people are working from your home today using Home Laptop or computer to communicates using their office buildings. This changes has been change the style of tranditional work way. This also offers led to a decrease in demand for office let, transportation, cause there are many people move by rail, bus or private car. For example, Primary's success business comes from interacting with these customers needs by causing clothes with popular design and sourcing products efficiently and sell these clothes in an ethical and good way with reasonable prices [Primark, N. D].


Technological play complementary role along the way of development and change for organizational, bettering management, producing high technology product or services Technical changes relate to the use of new inventions and ideas like the development of the mass media (radio, Television set, internet, Newspapers), as these are organizations tools to explore new areas. Fast changes in these communication technology have already made the earth economy more interconnected than previous history. Technology plays an important role in enabling radical new options. The changes in Technology means that on some of organizations, consumers can see the development of high quality or performance goods and services, as pioneered for example like------

Through research the exterior environment changes by PEST and forecast the near future movements. Then Organizations capacity to act in response these changes increased through applied inventions and be more assurance. However, the most successful inventions often result from technology this system.


Technology is one of the main activities that will draw innovation and organizations development. Existing product and market can benefit from technology invention, and also can potential lead advancement across the corporation. Several watch companies have integrated technology into their designs. For example, Japanese watch vendor Tokyo flash has unveiled a USB rechargeable watch and Kempler & Strauss has launched a fresh GSM cellphone wristwatch featuring a touch screen that can been used to listen and store music, make telephone calls, text, take photos and also to store words recordings, photos and videos.

"Importantly creativity and competitive success aren't simply about high-technology companies". Small or Medium size of companies likewise have successful example through development.

"The skill to identify opportunities and create new ways to exploit them reaches the heart and soul of the advancement process"


Apple's competitive push is come from design and marketing. Set alongside the other competitor's competition, apple experienced very good product like MAC, ipad, and iphone. Apple profits innovation products ahead of other competitors and first appears in the market and draws in people's attention and interested. Sonny and Toshiba, HP comes close after Apple's new products upload on the market. However, apple has the best-designed hardware from an aesthetic viewpoint of any supplier, but the other competitors cannot copy it. For instance, Toshiba have ever before used many of the same components to create the computer but still fails.

How will other organization learn to disruptive development?

To identify customers organizations to learn disruptive advancement,

There a wide range of means of working within the procedures process to improve one organizations' performance which including quality, product packaging, designing, providing. 'The quality of design and management within businesses is thus seen as an important part of invention management' [Trott, 2005, 137]. Technology change is a key to continuous improve one organizations performance and are a core available process. For example, Apple's success has been founded upon pioneering the design led adoption of disruptive technologies [datamonitor, . ----------WRITE MORE-----DETAIL-------

PACKAGING DESIGN-JUICES- as an successful product plans will result from the subjection of

Advertising is one of the choice function for consumers to becomes endogenous part of an evergrowing economy looked after changes continuously to adapt to evolving technical conditions in the modern culture and at exactly the same time influences consumers and organizations habit. Ie Yahoo, one of the companies that has been synonymous with the verb 'search', is an internet technology and advertising company. Yahoo generates the great earnings through advertising. With Google's tremendous resources and record of disruptive technology, Google TV has been watched closely by all individuals through Google's advertising. [Datamonitor, 2011]

EBay was founded and arranged as a current market for the deal of goods and services for folks. EBay build an online person-to-person trading community on the internet, using the World Wide Web, when online shopping began. EBay also applied the business enterprise Model similar to the reality; people can bit items on the internet. This model is against transitional innovation changes which creates new market and very successful.

From Data monitor's review of food and beverages completed the packaging improvements from the health, convenience and green/ethical motorists organizations development [Raithatha, 2009].

Even innovations are extremely important to organizations, but business people is necessary and important resources of creativity. As different kinds of situations and obstacle call ---------------------------------

There are some useful tools and techniques can be deployed to market innovation and encourage constructive and appropriate change in organizations. ----------

There are a variety of innovative solutions and types being employed by many organizations or companies to create more value or income to consumers and business.

Innovation Strategies:

Since that competition from the other cellular phone brand comes out and provide similar Smartphone brand using applications. However, high customer demand for Smartphone has helped Support Company up retailing strategies, there are several illustrations about how cellular phone company using technology strategies:

At the 2011 gadgets show, Samsung proven a versatile mobile design display which can be bent into an arc or even rolled up. The development is indicative of the stylization of the market lately, with research because of this report displaying that about one in three customers want their cellular phone is popular. [Mintel, 2011]


Generally development offer progress, some match existing ways of doing things and also have a sustaining effect for a technology or an industry. Organizational technology, that is obtaining competitive gain through reconfiguring firm [Tidd, Bessant, Pavitt, p332]. It is very important to recognize that organizational technology is not confined within the company but is significantly being applied to inter-enterprise associations.

In order to succeed in the fierce competition, organizations need effective execution mechanisms to go enhancements from idea or opportunity to reality. AND MOREOVER, innovation depends on having a encouraging organizational framework which strategies can emerge and be effectively deployed [Tidd, Bessant, Pavitt, p360]. Sometimes, some development can lead to significant changes in organizations and even in modern culture.

There are three extensive strategies approaches to innovation, which are create it, co-opt it and buy it.

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