Difference Between Desire Satisfaction Inspiration And Manipulation


Motivation is the driving force which causes us to attain goals. Motivation is reported to be intrinsic or extrinsic. Matching to various theories, motivation may be rooted in a basic need to reduce physical pain and take full advantage of pleasure, or it may include desired object, goal, state to be, ideal, or it can be related to less-apparent reasons such as selfishness, morality, or staying away from mortality. Motivation relates to, but unique from, feeling.

This attitude provides your team close mutually and your ability to stimulate others is often named a great virtue.

Seven Rules of Motivation

Set a major goal, but follow a path

Finish what you start

Socialize with others of similar interest

Learn how to learn

Harmonize natural ability with interest that motivate

Increase understanding of topics that inspires

Take risk

Motivational theories

Incentive theory

A reward, tangible or intangible, is presented after the incident of an action (i. e. habit) with the intention to cause the behavior that occurs again. That is done by associating positive meaning to the patterns. Studies show that if the person receives the compensation immediately, the effect would be increased, and decreases as duration lengthens.

Drive-reduction theories

The Drive Lowering Theory grows from the concept that we have certain biological drives, such as appetite. As time passes the effectiveness of the drive rises if it is not satisfied. Upon fulfilling a drive the drive's durability is reduced. The theory is based on diverse ideas from the theories of Freud to the ideas of feedback control systems, such as a thermostat.

Cognitive dissonance theory

Suggested by Leon Festinger, this occurs when a person experiences some extent of discomfort resulting from an incompatibility between two cognitions. For instance, a consumer may seek to reassure himself regarding a purchase, feeling, in retrospect, that another decision might have been preferable.

Types of motivation

(1) Achievement Motivation

It is the drive to follow and attain goals. A person with achievement inspiration wishes to achieve objectives and boost up on the ladder of success. Here, fulfillment is very important to its own shake rather than for the rewards that accompany it. It is comparable to 'Kaizen' procedure of Japanese Management.

(2) Affiliation Motivation

It is a drive to relate to people on the social basis. Persons with affiliation desire perform are better when they are complimented because of their favorable behaviour and co-operation.

(3) Competence Motivation

It is the drive to be good at something, allowing the given individual to perform high quality work. Competencemotivated people seek job mastery, take take great pride in in developing and utilizing their problem-solving skills and make an effort to be creative when confronted with obstacles. They study from their experience.

Types of motivation

(1) Accomplishment Motivation

It is the drive to pursue and attain goals. An individual with achievement motivation wishes to accomplish objectives and advance through to the ladder of success. Here, success is very important to its own shake rather than for the rewards that accompany it. It is similar to 'Kaizen' methodology of Japanese Management.

(2) Affiliation Motivation

It is a drive to relate with people on a social basis. Folks with affiliation desire perform work better when they are complimented because of their favorable attitudes and co-operation.

(3) Competence Motivation

It is the drive to be proficient at something, allowing the individual to perform high quality work. Competencemotivated people seek job mastery, take satisfaction in developing and using their problem-solving skills and make an effort to be creative when confronted with obstacles. They learn from their experience.

(4) Ability Motivation

It is the drive to influence people and change situations. Vitality motivated people desire to create an impact on their organization and are willing to take risks to do so.

(5) Attitude Motivation

Attitude drive is how people think and feel. It is their self confidence, their notion in themselves, their attitude to life. It really is how they experience the future and exactly how they react to the past.

(6) Incentive Motivation

It is in which a person or a team reaps a reward from an activity. It really is "You do that and you simply get that", frame of mind. It is the types of honors and awards that drive people to work just a little harder.

(7) Fear Motivation

Fear desire coercions a person to do something against will. It is instantaneous and gets the job done quickly. It is helpful in the short run.

Difference Between Inspiration, Satisfaction, Motivation and Manipulation

Motivation identifies the drive and efforts to gratify a want or goal, whereas satisfaction identifies the contentment experienced when a want is satisfied. On the other hand, inspiration is causing a big change in the thinking design. Alternatively Manipulation gets the items done from others in a predetermined manner.



Hence, manipulation or external stimulus as well as motivation or interior stimulus serves as service providers of either demotivation or desire which in turn either results into dissatisfaction or satisfaction dependant on.

Dilemma about motivation

Managers generally have many myths about inspiration. As health-care professionals, it's important to evaluate and understand such misconceptions in an effort to are more effective managers and not perpetuate misconceptions about motivation. For example, research signifies that managers typically make wrong assumptions about what motivates their workers. Morse (2003) declares that "managers are not as good at judging staff inspiration as they think these are. In fact, folks from all strolls of life appear to constantly misunderstand what drives worker motivation. "

The following is an enumeration of many of these myths.

Although I'm not motivated by extrinsic rewards, others are

This idea is mentioned by Morse in his overview of Chip Heath's analysis of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. The final outcome is that an "extrinsic incentive bias" exists which is, in truth, wide-spread among professionals and employees. That is, individuals believe that others are motivated more by extrinsic rewards than intrinsic ones.

Some people just aren't motivated

Everyone is determined by some-thing; the condition for managers is the fact "that something" might not exactly be aimed toward the work. This creates obstacles for professionals who must make an effort to redirect the employees' energies toward job-related behaviors.

People are motivated by money

Compensation motivates and then a spot; that is, when payment isn't high enough or is known as to be inequitable, it's a de-motivator. In contrast, when it is too much, it also seems to be a de-motivator, what Atchison calls the "golden handcuffs, " and ends in specific performance being tempered to safeguard the higher settlement level.

One-size-fits-all reward and recognition programs encourage staff

People, being people, are different, act in several ways, and are encouraged by different things. Tailoring rewards and recognition can be regarded as a way to give attention to and understand the average person and his unique attributes.


Managerial Activities For Employee Motivation

Immediate Feedback Works

Managers who establish clear performance benchmarks, become more proficient in employee performance, and provide fair and appropriate informal opinions on performance talents can significantly improve individual performance.

Manager-Led Staff Development

By analyzing the worker development activities of the highest rated professionals, we see that some activities have a much more positive influence on improving staff performance than others.

Target Fewer Activities

Similar to the results of the performance management survey, managers have a far greater chance of significantly improving employee performance by concentrating on their efforts on the much smaller set of employee development activities.

Effectiveness at Worker Development Increases Employee Performance

Survey responses show some amazing disparities in perceptions between employees and managers concerning staff development. Almost all employees seek to learn and grow throughout doing day-to-day work and want their professionals to make a learning environment for the reason that context.

Leadership Competencies

Organizations normally designate a set of management competencies that explain success for its professionals and typically use 360-level evaluations to assess managerial behaviors associated with these competencies. After examined the results of the 360-degree assessments of practically 1, 000 professionals in a huge government agency and discovered that the most successful managers did not get high results on all the 21 designated command competencies. .

Improving Certain Authority Competences Can Increase Control Effectiveness

The associated conducts of these two competencies relating to worker development and performance management are: 1) creates an environment and technique to support ongoing on-the-job learning, and 2) strategically uses communication to create excitement and foster an atmosphere of open exchange and support.

Employee Engagement

Many organizations carry out periodic surveys that probe employee, and sometimes customer, attitudes and opinions associated with productivity, profitability, retention, and job/customer satisfaction. In their groundbreaking publication, First Break All of the Rules, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman of the Gallup Firm argue that the main reason people thrive within an firm is their immediate supervisor and it's the number one reason they quit.


Motivation of employees is a difficult business. Managers often don't realize the concepts, principles, and misconceptions about motivation well enough to place them in practice. Managers can enhance their success rate by giving extrinsic rewards that will help their workers to be intrinsically determined to become top performers.

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